Thursday, August 4, 2022

Happy Birthday Jonathan (A really Belated Greeting).


My grandson Damien and I having a surprise visit! Well sort of a surprise. I knew Laurie was coming but not this little guy!

  Here we are taking selfies. Or at least he is. It is great to have a camera on my phone that sometimes turns out to be a great entertainment tool.



 Goodness, it has been ages since I posted. I started this one and never finished it. I don't know what interrupted me but something sure did and I never finished posting.

 June the 30th was Jonathan's birthday. He took off several days for his birthday. It is the closest to a vacation that he gets unless he gets lucky like this past Christmas and the office were closed because the holidays were on a day the offices were closed.

 Well Jonathan put in our 60-day notice to vacate. He has been house hunting. He is looking at apartments, houses and I am sure he would look at a barn if he found one. He doesn't want to get caught in the nothing to rent anywhere saga again. I can't blame him. 

 First of all, this place is very expensive. Our little town is like Mayberry, but you had better have the bucks of the Beverly Hillbillies to live here. It costs a arm and leg!

 The day that the photo above was taken, Laurie called me and she said that she would come and take me to the store for some medication that I was needing.

 Karyn had just got her walking papers and was free finally of the nasty bout of Covid that hit her. In fact, it hit everyone in her small family unit. Her boyfriend, his little boy and few days later her boyfriend's mom Pat got it. 

 Pat and Karyn both ended up in the hospital. They were so sick. Pat is still sick. She is out of the hospital now, but she said that the virus is just lingering on, and she has zero strength, bless her heart. I call or text her every day to see how she is doing.

 It has been bad here. Everyone I know is either sick with Covid or getting over Covid or has a family member or friend down with it. I remember it started with my next-door neighbor and just kept going! I have been lucky not to have caught it, but I wear my mask, keep my distance and wash my hands and bought 2 huge bottles of hand sanitizer with a pump just to be able to refill the bottles that I have in every room. 

 I just got home from going to Target with my daughter Laurie. This weekend is back to school Tax Free shopping, and it is going to be Crazy in the stores. Adrian missed out on the Tax-free weekend because he was given a lot of back-to-school clothes, but they were all too small, so we returned the items and he and Laurie and I went shopping for him today. He had $130.00 to spend so he got 6 nice shirts, a sweatshirt with Levi on the front and 6 pairs of pants, 2 shorts and a pair of shoes. Not bad for a kid shopping. Of course, Laurie helped him pick out things for him to try on. 

 I need to close for now so I can get some things done here in the house and then call it a early night. Take care and Be Safe... BB

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