Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Nice Day

New Beginnings, kit from Rosie H

 I hope that this Saturday afternoon finds you doing something fantastic and joyful.
 For me it is bittersweet. We have sunshine but it is going behind the clouds on and off and we have wind.
 I stood out on the patio today and closed my eyes as the sunshine fell onto my face and the wind flew thru my body and caressed my skin. It was wonderful and brief. The clouds started forming then the sky became a slate gray and I went inside.
 Not long after the sunshine peeked out again so I was in and out enjoying the day until lunch time and I decided to work on my blog so here I am.

 The bittersweet is that my son Matthew caught a plane at 6:10am to Reno Nevada. I know that he needs to be close to his children and I really hope that this is a good move for him. My heart breaks for this Man/Child of mine. I know he is a grown man, but he is still my child and I worry about him. 
 I worry about all of my children. That is what a mom does I suppose.

 I decided to make a page today. I want to get back into scrapbooking but I am going slow at the moment. It will be easier since I have the living room back. I didn't want to disturb Matthew while he was sleeping and folks let me tell you... my son went to bed at 8:00pm and was asleep by 8:01pm I kid you not. He could roll over and close his eyes and sleep like a baby. He was an early riser. He would get up early and start helping by making sure things were done before I got up. 
 I appreciated all that he did. I will miss him terribly as well. But I know that he misses his children as much as I miss mine when they are not close to me but that is a part of life. 

 My friend Patsy is at her church Bible Retreat. I can't think of the name of the town but it is slightly north of where she lives. I know that she is having a fun time. We were chatting a few minutes on messenger last night instead of our usual phone calls because her roommate was already sleeping but we still giggled over things like little girls. She is so funny that she makes me laugh so much. 
 She said the food was so delicious that she was stuffed and then sent me a sticker of a guy with a fork and knife over his plate and then another one of a stuffed person who ate too much... They were so funny. She has such a happy heart and sweet spirit. I am so lucky to have the people in my life that have filled a deep void in my own soul.

 Miss Edna is the best friend in the realm of Beth's world. I love her and I am amazed at all that she has accomplished in her life. She is this type of person that fills up my heart. 
 I rarely use the word "Best Friend" because how can you choose more than one to be a best friend. That was in my early days when I had friends in my life that numbered more than I can say. 
But Miss Edna is a Best Friend to me. Really she is more than a Best Friend to me. She is family in the real sense of the word.  I always call her just to listen to her speak. She is one in a million and I love her more than I can say.
 I can call Miss Edna and ask her a million questions or I can just ask her for advice or for her to tell me a story... something just clicked with Miss Edna and I.
 I am so blessed to have her in my life and I am so happy I stumbled across her blog. 
 Oh and Pogo... My little buddy.. I have missed those sweet cuddles and kisses. He forgets me but it doesn't take long for him to remember me when we see each other. I cannot wait for cuddles and kisses. They may be short and sweet but I love them.

 Patsy is also a Best Friend. She and I have been friends for a long time. She remembers our Friends Anniversary every year haha... Yeah I know. I never remember the date but she does!
 I love Patsy like a sister because in some ways she and I both have experienced lack of sisters. Sometimes she needs the support of her sisters and they are not there for her, (Like Me I Guess) and she will call me or vice versa. I call her too when my family isn't available to share things that we can share as sisters.
 Patsy and I both have chronic illness's. She has a disease that is very horrible and how she does what she does takes such strength.

 We both have this sleep thing. For both of us, if we are having a busy day or a busy couple of days then we just crash the next day. 
 Mine is due to the exertion that I get when I am having a really good day I get super busy. I clean, cook, work in the yard and a ton of other things because I never know from one day to the next if I will be hit with a Fibromyalgia flare up.
 Since I have started this medication about 4 years ago I haven't had a really bad attack in almost 2 years now and about 4 months ago I was feeling like my medication needed to be adjusted because I was having problems with pain in my elbows and really all of my joints and skin feeling like needles poking me or a feeling like I had a run in with a cactus. She left me on my medication and added Lyrica. It has really helped me a lot.

 I found this on the web one day and it really fits all of us who has this chronic illness.

Yep this is just how I feel. About 7 or 8 years ago I woke up during the night crying. My skin was on fire with stabbing hot pricks that felt like needles. I had a red rash and every joint felt on fire.
 My boyfriend drew me a warm bath and that didn't help so around dawn he carried me to the emergency room. They just said it was probably a reaction and gave me a shot and something for pain and sent me home. 
 Looking back I now know that this was my introduction to Fibromyalgia. I lived with this horrible pain until about 4 years ago. Maybe 5 now. 
 I went to see my internal medicine doctor and she said... "Have you ever been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia." 
 Oh the head disease I thought. I had always heard that it was always in your head. 
 She said that I should see a pain management doctor. I left her office thinking that I needed a second opinion.
 As luck would have it or fate, what ever before my next appointment the insurance company that I had at the time informed me that they were dropping my clinic and the hospital. So I had to find a new doctor. 

 Anyway I ended up changing my insurance because it was just better coverage and just a better choice. 
 At my first appointment I did not mention what the other doctor had said about Fibromyalgia. Truthfully I had just forgot about it. At my first appointment they do what they call a new patient annual physical. He told me that he was sending me to a Rheumatologist.
 When I went to see him I asked him if he had my records and he said not yet actually. I sent for them again this morning and I should have them by the end of the day. 
 Oh wow I really loved this guy. He was so awesome to me. I sure missed him when he left the clinic but he really had a job offer to good to refuse... 
 But he said... I am going to order a series of blood work and some x-rays. I have a feeling that you have Fibromyalgia. 
 So okay... And when my blood work came back he confirmed it. He also had me choose a pain management program. 

 My pain management team is really awesome. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are on top of their game and they don't have a time period for an office visit. Most give you 15 minutes and they are done. But not my doctors at the pain clinic.
 The head doctor of the clinic and I shared the same birthday. I saw him just after our birthday. He told me not to leave without getting a piece of birthday cake. Well I walked right out and forgot about it because I had to see him first and Cathy after I saw him.
 A week later I received a text message saying he had passed away and time and date for his memorial service.
 Oh I was so heartbroken. 

 Anyway I don't know how this got so long but I better get off and figure out what we are doing for dinner tonight and a few other small things I need to do, but nothing big. Nope this is a lazy day.  

 I have a couple of funnies to share with you. I hope that they will bring a smile to your face!!! Have a great weekend and take special care of yourself..... BB
Found on the internet...

Found on Pintrest... this is so adorable...

All from the internet... have a great day... BB

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Do You Believe In Fairies?

Good Morning,
 I believe in Fairies and I have been reading about them. A part of my studies is researching topics that interest me and I am always looking for answers to questions that pop into my brain at any given time.

 So many Fairies and so little time. There are as many Fairies as there are days of the week and months of the year and more.
 Not all Fairies are nice ones tho. In our minds we picture tiny little Fairies like Tinker Bell and that simply is not the case. 
 They have as many different shapes and body sizes as we do other than they are a lot smaller than we are.
 We have Garden Fairies and they are actually akin to Gnomes. Although it wouldn't be wise to call a Gnome a Fairy just as calling a Garden Fairy a Gnome.
 But they do the same job. They help tend to your garden. Gnomes are more likely to tend to your vegetable garden while Garden Fairies tend to your herbs and flowers.

 The House Fairy keeps your home safe and comfortable by keeping the peace in your home.  These Fairies are known as Brownies. There are also other names they go by.
 Contrary to popular belief they do not like bells or chimes, mirrors or any thing made with iron. They will not come in no matter how many times you invite them in if you have a horseshoe above your door. 
 There are a lot of  things about all of these Fairies that are interesting.

 Take the Garden Fairies. A nice circle of stones in the garden is really nice. They enjoy these circles and if you want them to stay make sure they have a home. A small birdhouse settled in the middle of the circle is great shelter. Pets and small children should never go near as to disturb their home. That makes sense as we would not want our homes disturbed either.
 A nice tree stump or a wood pile that is not used is great shelters for the Gnomes and close to vegetable garden is a perfect place that they can monitor your garden patch.

 Never thank a Fairy. They do not like or want to be thanked for their work. Instead they would appreciate a meal or a food offering.
 For a Brownie for instance, you can leave a small portion of your evening meal on the table. They enjoy wine among honey, baked offerings, milk, butter and mead or ale. 
 It is best to leave your offerings in the same place each evening. A step near the front door or the back door is good. They also like variety. You would get tired of the same food offering daily and they do as well.
 If you are lucky enough to have a Brownie, make sure that it is a place as high up as you can find. The cupboard above your refrigerator is a good place. Just make sure that you put in a small blanket like a baby blanket and a small pillow. You could put other things in their as well such as a battery operated candle for light, they can turn it on if they wish so leave it in the off position so as not to run down the battery.

 Anyway I hope that you enjoyed these little tidbits. You can search the internet for Fairies if you wish. Like me you might just find conflicting information so I stick with the articles that I find that say close to the same thing. Sometimes researching certain things I find that too much information can be confusing.

 Also we will soon be saying goodbye to Google+ as it is taking down the site due to low usage.
 Our photos that are backed up on Google+ will still be available but it is advised to do this before April. 
 Already Google has made a huge change to Blogger. I am rather glad they took away the Google comments. I don't have very many people coming in now as most of all of my people came from Google+ so I am going to try to get my blog in tip top shape and that means blogging more.
 It has just been chaotic here at my house for the last month or longer. With the move, then the sickness of all of us and just every day things. Nathan is off Tuesdays and Wednesdays and so I have been busy on those days. 
My son Matthew is here and has been sleeping in the living room and it has been really cutting down my computer time as my computer is in the living room and that boy is out for the count by 8:00 pm most nights. 
 Tonight I am sitting here listening to him snore with the hall light on so I can see lol. I realized this tonight as I went into the kitchen to make a glass of water and turned the hall light on and he never moved a muscle ha. So unless I am going to bed super early or sick I should be able to use the hall light for a few more days. He is moving back to Nevada to be closer to his kids. He also has a job interview as well. And the trucking company that he use to work for has called him back wanting him to come back to work so that is good too.

 Speaking of Matthew we had to have a trip to the Emergency Room yesterday. He has Gout. 
 I knew exactly what it was when it hit him really hard and all of a sudden and his big toe.
 The medicine was really expensive but they also gave him a shot to get the medication in his system as soon as possible. They also gave him a really nifty looking shoe to wear. He can drive and walk with it so it doesn't cause as much pain as trying to wear a regular shoe.

 I didn't realize it was so late so I better say goodnight now and try and get a few hours of sleep. Take care and enjoy your Thursday. BB

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ohhh Whiplash Sore

 I hope this Sunday finds you doing well. I am doing alright I suppose. Just tired. I haven't slept much since my accident. I am so very sore all over my entire body. My neck and shoulders especially. I am suppose to see my doctor in a few days. Presidents Day is tomorrow and my doctor office is closed. 

 I don't have any plans for today except Karyn is going away for the night so guess who is coming to spend the night with me? You guessed right if you said Foxy! I will have my little cuddle bug for the night and possibly tomorrow night too. I am going to try and get some pictures of her. 

 Everyone has asked me if they thought that it was my sugar that was low that caused me to pass out but actually no one really knows. We went back thru my monitor and my sugar was alright. So it wasn't low blood sugar. I would say that it could have been my blood pressure but it has been running a little high. It was wicked high at the hospital. They wouldn't let me go home until it was down a lot before I went home. At least that is what Karyn told me. 
 I really don't have much recollection of very much. Glimpses of light and voices mainly. I really hit my head really hard. Karyn said that they kept trying to keep me awake and saying that I wasn't going to get to go home unless I stayed awake but I don't remember that either. 
 I just hope that it was an isolated event and doesn't happen to me again. It was scary especially when I think back to how little I remember.

 Nathan brought home some green beans from work last night and some brisket. Oh my it was delicious. I only had a tiny bit of brisket as I was really happy to have the green beans. They are fresh green beans that they get from some one that has a booth at the farmers market. I am never lucky enough to get those in my box from the farmers market. But I do get a lot of other goodies that I won't complain.
 I can't wait until ours start back. I know that those ripe tomatoes are calling my name! We got lucky this past year on produce and winter squash as well as some other goodies. I am not really sure when we they will start delivering again. 

 We are getting new neighbors. Our land lady text me the other day and let me know so if we see people over there it is alright. I am glad that she got her property rented out. 
 It would be nice if some nice lady my age would move in next door but I don't know. I haven't seen anyone over there as of yet. Maybe they are planning on moving in on the first of March.

 So I downloaded this app on my phone called Cool Fun Facts and it said that if you started with a penny and doubled it every day for 30 days at the end of the 30 days you would have 5 million dollars... so I told Jonathan.... we should do that and he said... "Impossible for us mom. You realize that your not just doubling the penny. When you get up to about a 100 dollars then the next day you have to put in 200 dollars and the next day 400 dollars etc... what are you going to do when you hit 250 thousand dollars and the next day you have to double that?"
 I laughed and said...  "I would have to stop before I even reached the 100 dollar amount."  Haha... But wow wouldn't it be fun to have that kind of money just to play with and see how far we could get?
 Ahhh but to dream.

 It is supposed to reach into the 60's today. The nights are going to start getting cold again too. It is supposed to start raining again tomorrow. Just when the ground was drying out. 
 Matthew swept off the patio for me this morning. I am glad he did. My shoulders will not tolerate the sweeping motion. As a matter of fact sitting here is really starting to hurt so I am going to get off and try and call Miss Edna. 

 You know yesterday I was feeling pretty rough and I turned the ringer off of my phone. I missed 3 calls. I wish now I hadn't turned off my phone but I knew that if I didn't I wouldn't rest. So today I will try and return the calls. One I can't because the person doesn't own a phone and was using a friends phone to call me. 
 How is it possible in this day and age a person doesn't have a phone? But some people just don't like them. I cannot imagine not having my phone. I use my phone for so many things. 
 I have my lunar phases on my phone. I have my appointments and herbal plants and medical uses on it and I have my little programs and Facebook and a ton of other things. 
 I would never have believed that one day I would have a phone glued to me like a second limb but I really do like my phone. I am as addicted to it as my computer lol.

 Well I am off here. It is time for my medication and my pain meds so I am going to get off here and have some lunch so I can take them. 

 Have a fantastic Sunday to all.... Take care. BB

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Weekend

Image From The Internet


 It is early Saturday morning and I am up only because I wanted to write my blog but kept getting distracted and every time I sat down to do my blog I ended up doing several other things first... such as....

 My mail. If my kids check the mail they put it all on my desk. They don't even sort it to see IF they have any mail.
 So that little chore took about 15 minutes, then I had to open my mail, shred the letters I didn't need and then file what I did need away.

 After that I decided that I would refill my water glass and so I did that. Then I thought that I had better use the restroom before I sat back down and that done I plopped my butt down in my chair but Nathan asked me a question so I turned my attention to him and we looked up the question on Google. That done I remembered I had to look into my notebook for some information on a password for a site that I needed and kept forgetting to do it so I had to get up yet again.

 But finally here I am and hopefully I can get this blog done now. Not that I have that much going on. It is rather mundane around here for most part. But today was out of the norm.

 Karyn worked from here Thursday and Friday. I happened to be up going to the bathroom when I heard her car alarm go off. I was just coming out of the bathroom so I opened the door and let her in.
 We talked for a little while as she had my little girl with her. Of course we were both delighted. 
 What better way to start the day than with Foxy kisses? So she and I had a nice little visit before she went looking for the boys. Matt won. She woke him up with Foxy kisses too. 

 Karyn said she heard me in the bathroom testing my sugar. I went to start coffee and apparently I passed out. I am not one to just pass out. According to Karyn I just fell backwards and landed hard. I hit my head on the kitchen floor. She said that I was out for about a minute or minute and a half. She tried testing my sugar but after 6 sticks she finally got a reading. She couldn't get me to bleed.I don't remember any of this and I spent most of the day in the emergency room.
 They kept me because I hit my head and being on blood thinners is serious with a head injury. 
 A mild concussion and several hours later I was back home. I don't remember much of the experience other than drinking some orange juice and the interns  taking me in for a cat scan and the ride home. 
 I had Karyn stop and get me something to eat and I came home and laid down.
 I had several phone calls so I had Matt to turn my phone off.  I don't know if I ever turned it back on or not. I will check it when I go to bed in the not so distant future. I am really tired and they warned me tomorrow I will feel like I have whip lash all over my body so that pesky phone may just stay shut off until I feel better.

 My vision is really blurry but that is from the concussion. It should clear up in a day or two. As a result it is taking me a bit longer to type so if you see any mistakes I hope that you just overlook them.

 One of the things that my son Nathan and I share is our love of the night skies. When he was around 11 or 12 I bought him a small telescope for Christmas one year. Wow did we and especially he have a wonderful time with that instrument. 
 He wore it out actually and I was thinking of replacing it when he decided he wanted to go to Reno to school. By the time he graduated he decided to come to Texas instead of back to Vegas with me so I never got him another telescope. Tonight we had to go out and take a look at the sky. 

 March 3rd, the day that we all get to Florida, that night we should be able to see the International Space Station as it fly's over head of us. 
 I hope that we don't forget about it or that we are not to tired to go out and look up. 
 If all goes as planned I should get an email telling us what time it is to fly over us. As long as it isn't too late or in the wee hours of morning we might get a chance to see it.
 One year Nathan and I got a chance to see it really close to earth. We could make out various parts of it although we didn't know the technical names of the parts but we really enjoyed it. It was stationary at the time so we were really lucky to have been able to see it. We bemoaned the fact that we didn't have a telescope lol.

 Well Matt just got on to me for being up so late. It has taken me over an hour just to type this little bit because of my vision so I guess that I should go to bed now.

 You all take care, have a fantastic Saturday and be safe... BB

Monday, February 11, 2019

Another Late Night

Playing around.... 

 Hello Monday,
 It is late here. Nearly 3:00 in the morning. I am going thru another insomnia round of not being able to sleep. But it has been alright.

 My son Nathan and I don't really get to spend much quality time together because of his crazy work hours. So when we get a chance to do so we make the most of our time together.

 He eats really different from the rest of the family. He cannot have gluten so he gets frustrated when Jonathan is really inconsiderate and orders a Pizza for dinner and knowing he can't have any.
 So to combat this we have been preparing him meal portions and freezing them. I have joined him in not eating gluten when it is he and I and frankly I think that we should all eat gluten free foods. It tastes basically the same as regular foods. Gluten free foods just cost more. It is a shame but it is the truth. 

 Tonight we chopped 4 different kinds of bell (sweet) peppers. Red, yellow, orange and green. We bagged them separately in Ziploc sandwich bags and then put them in a larger bag into the freezer. All he has to do is just reach into the freezer to get a few spoons of how much he needs and not have to spend the time washing and chopping. And the biggest benefit is that the produce doesn't go bad.
 We have onion and mushrooms cleaned and bagged as well. He has gluten free bread loaves in the freezer too. He just has to thaw and back the bread. 
Last weekend he made pasta with gluten free noodles so we rinsed the noodles after they cooled and packed them into single service size along with containers of pasta sauce.
 He also have stuff for making really nice omelets. I have also been hunting up some recipes for him too. He is buying the foods to make some soups next time we go shopping. 

 Anyway so that took a while for us to do. I was going to bed but I saw him in the kitchen and we started talking about ideas and what not and we ended up chopping and bagging and it was a nice couple of hours that we spent with each other.

 Other than that I have just been sort of lazy. Cold rainy and damp weather sends me to snuggle up in bed and read. My mama and I used to love days like this. Since I was a little girl. It is a good memory of mama and I that I really enjoy.

 A dense fog has moved over our area. It will be this way until almost noon tomorrow. They say that the sun could peek out at us tomorrow if this storm moves out of the area. I will believe it when I see it lol. They have been saying that for 2 days now. But just maybe the sun will shine for a few hours.

 I have one more thing I want to say and then I am going to bed. I really need to get up at a decent time in the morning. I need to wash my bedding and make some phone calls.

 Last night I checked my email and I had a letter from the U.S.O. I support our troops and signed up for one of their newsletters or emails and I opened the email and read it and the stories and so forth and at the end of the letter it asked to take a quiz for feedback. I love quiz's so I took it and asked the usual questions like select A-D for the best answer for yourself. The questions were  How important to do think support for our American Troops is... A: Very Important B: Important C: Somewhat important and D: Not important and so on.. this is not exact just an example from the top of my head.
 I answered them all and got to the last page. It was the very last question that just ticked me off.
 Of course they were asking for a donation amount and A-C was a donation amount. Then came D: No, you don't want to support American Troops.
 YES I DO!!!!!!
 I just cannot afford another donation. It has nothing with me Not wanting to donate to the cause!
 In my opinion they could choose different wording such as.... I cannot afford to donate at this time.
 I cannot make a monetary donation but what other ways can I support my Troops....

 Anyway I emailed them a letter and in it I expressed my opinion. I am not sure if they will respond or not but at least I got it off my chest. 

 Now I am going to bed... Have a great Monday and if you see the sun... say hi for me lol.... BB

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Winter Weather, Snow In Austin

Image From Free Site

 I hope that you will have a wonderful Sunday. In my little spot in this big old world, I am awake. I will not say wide awake because my eyes are finally getting a little droopy. 
 So I decided to spend a little while with Blogger and a cup of coffee. It is preferable to sit inside my nice warm house on this very cold morning. It feels like 29 degrees according to the weather app on my phone. Actual temperature is 34 degrees. 
 We have freezing rain and wind right now. Our high isn't supposed to get out of the 30's today. 
 Just this past week we were near 80 degrees for several days and now... wham.. Cold and Icy!
 Well... I knew this would happen when I put my bushes in the ground the other day. So I covered them with large paper sacks but my trash bags I planned to use to go over the paper sacks were too small.  I really hope that they make it. But if they don't then I guess it wasn't meant to be.

 Tonight I took apart my stove and cleaned it. I cleaned all of the counters and later today if I feel like it I will take apart my refrigerator and clean it as well. Last week I thought that I was out of one of my insulin. I called the pharmacy and they took the information down.
 Karyn and I went out to Cheddars for a bite to eat and stopped by the pharmacy to get my insulin. The girl said that it wasn't due to be refilled for another week.
 I spazzzzzed….. Karyn and I tried to figure out what the problem was and the girl said I needed to call my doctor because the insurance wouldn't pay for it until the 9th.. today!
 I said I would call my doctor and we left.
 Once we were home Karyn said "Mom are you sure you didn't just over look it?"
 I told her that maybe I did but didn't think so. She looked into the bottom bin and pulled out my unopen box of insulin. 
 I was relieved and annoyed at the same time and at myself. I looked in the bin. That is the only place I keep it so I know where it is. I still don't know how I over looked it but I was very thankful that it was there!
 Anyway I have caught myself over looking a lot of things. I keep misplacing things. I don't know how this happens. It just does. I still haven't found a couple of items just yet. It is aggravating. 

 I chose the image above because it is so beautiful and I just love pictures of the moon. Even as a little girl I was fascinated by the moon.
 Today I was playing a game when a quiz popped up. It was for a small Wicca shop so I decided to take the quiz.
 The name of the quiz was "What Kind Of Witch Are You?"
 It had 7 questions and I had to choose the answer that mostly fit me. They were fun questions and I really had to think because there were really more than one answer that fit me. But I didn't just click the buttons hoping for a higher score because I really did want to see if the description fit me. So I really had to think and visualize myself in these situations to see how I really felt.
 Well at the end of the quiz I was wide eyed with amazement. That answer fit me perfectly. 
 I am a Night Witch and my special connection is the Moon... not only that but I tend to work my spells, casting and cleansing during the moon phases rather than at any other time.
 I cannot tell you how many times I really do this. The last full moon I was really sick but that didn't stop me from taking my tools out to cleanse and charge. I also made a jar of tea with mint, chamomile, lemon and ginger. I was so sick with a stomach bug and that really helped me. 
  I am a night owl by nature and I have tried to reverse my schedule but I always end up right back up at night. 
 I do love the night.

 When we lived in Las Vegas it was a city that never sleeps. I loved the fact that I could grocery shop at 2:00 in the morning, or go and get a hair cut at midnight, or go to a specialty store, or out to eat any time I wanted to. I could go and see a show or a movie. And I worked all shifts so I could pick and choose and my boys were old enough that I didn't have to worry about them being left alone. Plus I had neighbors that watched my boys like their own.

 Even tho Austin is a big city and is always awake as well, it is still different. We have a 24 hour Walmart but not close to us and a grocery store but a lot of stores just are not open on weekends or they close early like 7 or 8 pm. It is so crazy that it is this way considering so many people work during the day and can't always get off in time to do things. 
 Jonathan is going to have to take a day off to go down town to register his car because the Department of Motor Vehicle's is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Right now they are discouraging people from taking off of work because they are working mandatory over time. 

 Anyway I really thought that was a cute little quiz and I don't take these little quizzes to heart most of the time. I usually take them with a grain of salt, but today it really did fit me. 

 Another thing that I have to do tomorrow is purge my stack of mail. I have a couple of bills I have to pay Monday and file away my important stuff.
 I don't get very much junk mail for which I am really thankful for. I get a couple of magazines and a few doctor statements. Most of my statements are all paperless and sent over the computer. I have been lazy with it the last few weeks. I toss it up on the bar after I glance thru it and now the stack has gone from a small hill to a mountain so I have to deal with it tomorrow. 

 I think that I am going to try and go to sleep now. It will be daylight real soon. It will be cloudy, gray and cold so I think that my bed will feel really nice. 
 Take care and have a great Saturday... BB

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets. I love this flower!

Good Morning,
 I really love this flower. It is our state flower. The story goes that First Lady, Ladybird Johnson when Lyndon Baines Johnson was President made it her mission to beautify our roads and lands. She had bluebonnet seeds spread all across Texas. 
 Today we can see the bluebonnets nearly everywhere. When we see them popping up then we know that Spring has truly arrived. A while back I posted about taking a trip to Fredericksburg with my daughter Karyn. We are going down during the Spring so we can enjoy seeing these gorgeous flowers everywhere in masses. 
 I have another photo but decided not to post it. It was  an April Fools joke but it sort of back fired. People actually thought that it was real. It went crazy over the internet for a couple of years. 
 It is of a rattlesnake called the Bluebonnet Rattler. It is gray with blue markings said to have evolved since rattle snakes are very prevalent in bluebonnets.
 It is scary but I do believe that beauty comes with a price and that in our case  is rattle snakes. But as with everything we just have to be aware of our surroundings and be cautious. I am not a fan of any kind of snake but if you want to take a walk in the bluebonnets please do! Just take a long stick with you and make a lot of noise.
 I truly believe that some creatures are more scared of us as we are of them. Just use your stick to hit the blue bonnets as if your thrashing wheat as your walking and they will go the opposite direction if any are close. 
 Most people that are bitten are the ones that sneak up on them. So don't let the thought of rattle snakes scare you away from enjoying these gorgeous flowers.
 Oh and by the way, Texas blue bonnets are not the only types of flowers that snakes of all kinds love. Lavender fields and tulips and many others are also homes to creatures of all kinds. 

 It is damp and dismal in my corner of the world. On Monday I rode with Jonathan to pick Nathan up from work and we were so surprised. The sun peeked out from a few clouds for about 2 or 3 minutes. We were like... Look it is the sun! LOL.... 
 I have never seen this much damp and rain since the month of June 1983 when my son Jonathan was born. It rained heavily every single day that month. 
 My son Jonathan was one of the first babies born in the new hospital and during his birth they said that the storm was so bad that it blew in the revolving door in the lobby. 
 It hasn't been that bad for us this month tho we have still seen a lot of rain, the last couple of weeks it is just drizzling. Today is the last day of warm mild weather. It is supposed to turn cold and miserable starting tonight.
 Matthew is home for a few days. Sad to say this job didn't pan out for him. He is so mad at himself for turning down an offer from Tyson Chicken to go with a friend (Not a good friend either). 
 At first everything seemed ok but the truck kept breaking down, and his friend has anger management issues and Matthew has no idea how to deal with that. 
 The owner doesn't want to pay him for the last 3 days that he worked and Matthew had to threaten to call the police to be able to get his belongings out of the truck. 
 Well anyway he is going to move back up north to be close to his kids. He has several job potentials there so I really hope it works out for him... but I regress...

 Yesterday Matt and I raked the front and back yard and he planted my two bushes. I was a bit leery of planting them knowing it could get really cold but I can cover them if I have to with some paper bags and burlap. 
 They were going to die in the pots that they were in so they had to go into the ground. If they don't make it well at least I did what I could with them over the winter.

 All of that work really wore me out and that isn't taking into consideration of the cleaning I did. When I did get ready for bed my son Nathan was in miserable pain with his mouth. He has a couple of teeth that are hurting him. When he gets up we will call the dentist office and get him an appointment. He has been up most of the night and I right along with him. I went to bed several times but I heard him up and then I was awake. I will be going back to bed soon. I am really tired.

 I have some things that I have to do first before I can rest so I will close for now and get my calls taken care of and my chores done. You all have a great day and I will talk to you all later on... BB

Saturday, February 2, 2019

I've Been Rising and Shining Most Of The Night

Snowmen need to listen to their Snowwomen! LOL

 I slept so much yesterday that I could only rest a little while before I had to get up and move around. I think that I am trying to catch cold. I have been hot and sweaty and then cold and chilled, but for now I am up.

 I caught up on the news, read some blogs, watched a few videos and played a game so I thought that I would blog for a bit before I lay back down. I wanted to wait until some of my family was up so the light wouldn't bother anyone. Now that I can see to type without making a thousand mistakes I hope I can find something to blog about.

 I will be going out soon to see if my bats will be coming in from a night of hunting. I am not betting on it because it has been misting rain and it is still gloomy and damp. I dried off my chair but it didn't do any good because my chair was wet again when I walked out. I was just so hot I needed some cooler air. 

 The fish tank has to be cleaned today. I asked Matthew to do it for me yesterday but either he forgot or he forgot on purpose! I am betting on the latter. He is going to do it for me today tho. I need for him to do it for me. I am still feeling a bit sluggish.

 So my friend Patsy sent me a 65 bit memory card for my new tablet only for us both to realize that we need a micro sized card and also a micro size wireless mouse. I will be sending this one back to her as she will probably need it at some point. 

 So I will have to go on to Amazon and order them. I wish I could order both of them and they be delivered at the same time but they don't work that way. One is free shipping and the other has a fee. But before I do that I am going to see if Karyn will take me over to Fry's or Office Depot and see if I can get one. I know, I know, I want instant gratification. 

 I need to do some cleaning sometime today but I am thinking that all I am going to get done is my laundry and some dishes. I just put a load of laundry on, so I am a step ahead of myself. It's going to be a long day I do believe. As my family is stirring I should start my dishes but I think that I am going to go out and look for my bats and hope that they are out. I really do enjoy watching them.
 So until later, I wish you a fantastic weekend.... Starting with today! BB

Miss Edna

 Hey,  Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as...