Friday, June 26, 2020

Tequilla Thirsty


 I hope that this finds you doing well. I am good. Just been trying to fall asleep and it isn't happening. 
 Right before I took my shower tonight my neighbor Julie text me and asked if I would call in a noise complaint. She had just called one in on the people behind us and I said it would be my pleasure. These people are so inconsiderate that it is driving us crazy.
 So I called one in and then I went to take my shower and right afterwards Nathan and I went out to the front yard for a little while and were talking when two police officers walked up to us and asked if I was the one that had thrown a flower pot and I said "No it wasn't me". 
 The male officer asked Nathan if he knew anything about it and he said no he didn't so they went over to Julies.
 I think she must have been either in the shower or maybe she put her earbuds in and didn't hear them at the door but as they walked past us I told them that Julie didn't seem the type to throw a flower pot, that she would just call the non emergency line and they thanked us and said if we had any more problems to let the department know.
 I told them that the 4th of July was coming and it gets really loud every year with them setting off fire works and the male said that they are not supposed to set them off in the city limits but if they do to please contact them so they can come out. 
 I am not sure what good it will do since they have to come out every year and I told both the officers that. "You get called and 10 minutes after you leave they set them off again. You should just circle the block a few times and you will be able to see and hear them for yourself."
 I really hope that they do not act crazy this year but I will not hold my breath on that one.

 I really am having a hard time getting use to this new Blogger. I am usually fine with change but I can honestly say that I don't care for the change they have made to Blogger.
The space where I put my title is nowhere to be found right now. I will try to add it again after I finish this post. I just found it.

 I planned on taking a nap today but I never did. I think that I mentioned that I decided to get Kindle Unlimited and I started reading a book a couple of days ago and I decided to read for a little bit and before I knew it Jonathan was asking me if I wanted dinner.
 He and I had some leftovers that we wanted to eat so they didn't go bad. Then I listened to a favorite comedian that he enjoys that he has wanted me to hear for a while now.
 I ended up listening to an entire show. I enjoyed the laughs. This guy is really funny. I usually don't listen but I promised him that I would. His name is Dan Cummins and you can find him on YouTube if your interested.

 We have been having some really bad thunderstorms and on Monday we had a bad one come thru and we lost our power. 
 Jonathan lost his ability to work and so he just took the rest of the day off. It was getting really hot in the house as well and he came in and said "Mom would you like to go to a bar and have a few drinks and sit in their A/C?"
 He didn't have to ask me twice lol.
 It is really awesome to go drinking with my son! Or at least I think so.
 We didn't go to a bar tho. We actually went to one of our favorite places which is Chuy's World Famous Mexican Restaurant. 
 I had the special which was their nachos and Jonathan had chips and queso and we split my nachos since they were huge. I'm glad that I just ordered a half order. Along with chips and salsa it was more than enough.
 We each ordered a Mexican Martini and then we split another between us. 
 We happily stumbled out to the Uber lol. Yep Yep Going out drinking with my son is awesome lol.

 Jonathan is a Rum and coke drinker, he really likes Captain Morgan and I am a Tequila girl. I will drink my tequila with salt and lime, or in a margarita preferably on the rocks or a Mexican Martini.
 My daddy drank it straight from the bottle and chewed the worm. I will give the worm away lol. 
 Both Matthew and Nathan are beer drinkers. 
 None of us are big drinkers. If we do drink it is in moderation. I hadn't had a drink since this lockdown started. Even a couple of months before that to be honest. 

 It is getting late so I am ready to go to bed. It is a little after 2:00 in the morning so I will say goodnight and you all please take care of yourselves and I will be back when I can. BB

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Evening Post

A Scrappage I made for my daughter Karyn in 2015 when she went to Puerto Rico

 It is Saturday evening and a very hot evening. It's a bit muggy and the mosquitoes tried to carry me away. Even my little hand held mosquito zapper was no match for those blood suckers.
 Tomorrow is supposed to be 4 degrees hotter and that will put us at 99 degrees. Our poor A/C has been gasping all day lol and running non stop until around midnight and it finally catches a break lol.

 Not much going on here. We have been busy doing nothing today. I slept a bit today because last night Matthew, Jonathan and I went to get a bite to eat and my son Matthew took our drink cups to get our drink and I was following him and fell. 
 My left shoulder, leg and hip hit a counter going down and I know I rolled because I rememer trying to protect my head so the right side and arm hit the concrete floor. Thankfully nothing was broken other than my pride. 
 But I am sore as hell all over. It could have been worse tho because I could have broke something.
 I didn't have my walker. It had jammed when I tried to use it Thursday so I called the company and left a voice message but no one returned my call.
 Miss Edna thank you for suggesting that I call my insurance. I will do that Monday. I need to call them anyway to check on this insulin infusion pump and also to place an order for a blood pressure cuff and a few other things over the counter. I like that I can order what I need and Walmart will deliver it all to my front door.

 Speaking of doors the boys have been packing away everything in the house. I might have a new door in a few months.
 We are in combat battle with cockroaches and everything that we have been using is not working to kill all of them. We are cleaning up dead ones but there are thousands more that are under the house and yard and in the house and Jonathan and Nathan said that we are looking for another place to live. Possibly a house and I am in complete agreement as I also know the battle that we are fighting is useless. 
 So I have my fingers crossed that we can find a nice house somewhere that has a great big back yard where Olly can run and play.

 I signed up for Kindle Unlimited and have been enjoying reading. Before the pandemic lock down I would not have really looked to e-books but since I have not been able to go to the library I finally gave in.
 I started reading just the free ones that were with my Amazon Prime but I got caught up in one of the series and the last 3 of the books were ones I would have to purchase and just one book cost more than the unlimited each month so I went ahead and decided to join and I have really enjoyed it so far.
 A little while ago I went to see what was offered and I found a book that I might enjoy. I think that I am going to start a book journal. At least keep a list of the books that I have read and maybe aing small description of each.
 I had the same teacher for 5 years. The last year of junior high and all 4 years of high school.
 She was awesome and I loved being her student. I went to a very small school. My graduating class was very small. Less than 20 students. I dropped out before graduating however. I had gotten married and if we were married we couldn't continue going to school.
 Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard of? Well up there with the most ridiculous things anyway.
 I knew it was policy but I was na├»ve enough to think that I could talk my way through it. The joke was on me. 
 I either had to drop out or be expelled for the rest of the year so I dropped out.

 Still I look upon those 5 years as the best years of my education along with a few years in middle school where I went to a very large school. Going from a huge school to a small town public school was a shock. It was a total culture shock.

 My granddaughter Celeste called me a little while on video chat and we talked for at least 2 hours. She loves playing with the little characters. I love them all but the dragon and the unicorn is my favorites. 
 She has such a great imagination. Celeste is the granddaughter that I went to see in Reno Nevada in October. 
 I wanted to go spend the 4th of July with her but am just not up to the trip and actually I am not comfortable with being closed up on a plane even with wearing masks. 
 Those masks are not that comfortable to wear after a while of wearing them and I am not sure that they can actually social distance on a plane. Some of those planes are small to begin with and the 6 foot rule for social distancing would mean only 1 person each isle by the window and what about the people in the front row ahead of you and behind you? 
 It doesn't seem like that would really work but I don't know. I haven't talked to anyone that has flown lately. 

 It is later than I thought and is now Sunday morning. Happy Father's Day to any dads out there. Have a wonderful day and to all Son's and Daughters, if you still have your dad make sure to give him a call and wish him a great day and say I Love You... 
 I will be wishing my dad in heaven a Happy Father's Day.

 Have a wonderful day everyone and take care of yourself. BB

Friday, June 19, 2020

I need to make a correction

This is a page that I did for a challenge back on Daisy Trail one year. It has been at least 5 years now. I found this in my memories over at Facebook today and it sure brought back some awesome memories.
 I had several phone calls t
the morning I found out that I had won the daily challenge and also the main challenge I had entered.
 This was totally out of my comfort zone (Which was the point). Mainly I used a kit from Tiny Turtle and the name of the kit is Pensando En Ti and also Color My World by Lins Lindsay.
 If you look closely you might can see textures.

 Good Morning,
 I have another photo I want to share and this one is of my great niece Jewelz.

 Isn't she precious? I just love that little pout! I cannot believe how fast or how much she has grown!

 I also came across some more of my scrap pages so I have been trying to save them to albums but I really need to organize my photos. I have just been lazy.
 We have so much that is going on in our family. 

 My sister Linda has been seeing a ear specialist and she has had some bad issues with her ears. Ever since she was a little girl she would have bad earaches and she would just cry they were so bad.

 Our mother had the same problems with hers. My mother suffered with her ears and my sister Susie found her a specialist in Dallas not far from her house and I would take her to see him. 
 He found a tumor behind her ear and removed it in 1997 or 1998. 
 Well Linda made an appointment to see the same doctor as our mother did and he said that she had so much fluid behind her ear drum that he couldn't see if she had the same tumor as our mother did.
 He put a tube in her ear and she went  ack in 2 weeks for him to check and see if the fluid was gone. Well the fluid was still there and on top of that her ear drum tissue grew around the tube. Not once but 3 times. 
 She suffered too with the surgeries he was having to do. But they couldn't be helped. The last one she had done was so bad that she lost a lot of blood. 
 She went back yesterday and he told her that her tests have come back and she has lost 55% hearing in her ear and 35% in her other ear and it is not going to get any better. She will continue to lose her hearing in both ears and he can't do anything more to stop the hearing loss.
 I feel so bad for her. Hearing aides will not help either because she has too much fluid occurring and that would ruin any hearing aid he was to put in.
 So we talked today and she said that she has filed for her disability because she can't do her job because she cannot hear over the phone. 
 We facetime now so that she can read my lips a little. I suggested that she look into the college and see if they have any sign language classes because I know she will go nuts not working. If they offer them and she can get the classes then she could work for the police department or even the tv stations or courtrooms as a translator. It's a option at least. 
 I really feel so bad for her and I know that this is hard for her. I wish there was something, anything that I could do for her.u

 Our Governor has issued stay at home orders again for certain businesses and also everyone is now required to wear a mask. My family always wears them when they go out. He should have not been in such a hurry to open things up. I blame Trump for that.  Sorry Miss Edna, I don't want you to be mad at me because I know that your a big supporter of him but I don't like him at all. So scroll down or close your eyes...

 I will make my voice heard when I vote but he will not have mine. I wish we had more candidate's to choose from because I don't like Biden either but I honestly don't think that our country can take another 4 years of Trump.
 Ok I will get off my soap box now because I don't want to get into a rant on here.
 Actually it is late. I stayed up to wait for Nathan to get home. He sent me a text that he was taking a Uber home because he was having some beers with some co-workers. He knew I would worry because he was going to be late. 

 Matthew is coming in tomorrow for a few days and I can't wait to see him. It will be awesome to be able to visit with him. It's been several months now. We usually talk several times a week but it isn't the same as being able to put my arms around my boy.

 Have a great day everyone and take care... Talk to you soon... BB

 Oh I forgot to put in my correction....
 Several months ago I was talking about making sure our bees had water and I gave the wrong instructions...

 Our bees get thirsty too and sometimes they do not get enough nectar so I read about a way we can water our bees so they will not drown.

 A pie plate is a good dish to use. You don't want anything really deep because they may have trouble getting out of a bowl. 

 Fill the pie plate or shallow baking dish with some marbles or some rocks until the bottom is even and fill with water just barely covering the marbles or rocks. This way the bees can land on the rocks or marbles and not fall into the water and drown. The water can get hot in some places so thru out the day add a few cubes of ice to keep the water cool.
 The best place to put the dish is in the shade and close to some flowers where they will be looking for the nectar.

 Ok so that is it... Have a great day and take care of you... Blessed Be...

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Midweek Blahs

One of my favorite pages. The little boy is from Pixaby

 I am just stopping in really quick. I didn't make it to my Diabetic appointment this morning. I started getting nausea about 4-ish yesterday and so I had to cancel it this morning and called my doctor and they wanted me to come in for fluids. 
 I went but just chose to get an injection. Karyn was stuck out in the car because she isn't allowed in and it was going to take 5 1/2 hours to give me the fluids. 
 I decided to come home. Karyn was ready to whisk me off to the ER but darn sure didn't want to go back to the hospital so here I am at home. 
 I was able to keep down a couple of icy pops and I wanted to try and eat something and finally settled on some soup and dropped the entire thing. 
 After that I just gave up and laid down for a little while. 

 I hope everyone is doing well. I hope to be able to post more tomorrow... Have a awesome day... BB

Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Delightful Day

A Touch Of Gold.
 A page done during a challenge by two ladies that did awesome kits but eventually went on to other things. The name of this kit is A Touch of Gold. I left the name of the kit as the name of my page.

 It's been a lazy day. I awoke around 5 this morning and got up to take Foxy out. Karyn stopped over last night and brought her to see me and she decided that she wasn't going home. She cuddled with me and I told Karyn I would just keep her.
 I am not sure how long she will stay. Since it is Sunday I am not sure if she will pick her up tonight or not. If Karyn has to work in the office then she will stay with me. We don't like leaving her alone for a whole day. This way I can make sure that she has food, water and potty breaks.

 I heard from my daughter and grandkids and they are in Northern California seeing the Sequoia National Park. Laurie said the baby was the only one that was really homesick and missing me. 
 The others are older and understand but at night he cries for me. That tears at my heart.

 I talked to my granddaughter Celeste today and she is doing fine. One of her cousins had a birthday party and she told me all about it and showed me her party favors and party hat.

 Nathan is working and Jonathan is finally watching a Star Trek movie that he hasn't had a chance to watch while doing laundry. Tomorrow is back to work day.
 I was going to do my laundry today but I really don't have enough to do yet so I will wait a few more days.

 Tomorrow I have a full day. I have a tele visit with my kidney specialist. It will be the first one since I got out of the hospital so I have a few things I need to discuss with him.
 Tuesday I have another appointment and then I am good until the 22nd when I have to go for a scan to see if I have a bacteria that is contributing to all of this nausea. 

 It is hot as blazes here. It is 96 and very humid today. We will be needing some rain soon. Actually we could use some now but it doesn't look like a cloud in the sky here.

 I have finished one of the books on my kindle app. It was really good in a fantasy way that deals in such things but most definitely not for teenagers lol. Too X-rated for that age lol. 
 This girl goes to college in Colorado and meets up with a pair of werewolves who are brothers and a vampire. She can't decide who she likes the best and decides to date all three of them lol.... Ahhh such choices! 
 It was pretty good. Enough so that I had to search for the next book in the series.

 Well Jonathan is calling me so I guess I will go and hang out with him for a while.
 You all have a splendid Monday and I will talk to you soon... BB

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Facebook Friends


 Hi everyone,
 I just wanted to pop in and say hello and ask Steve and Paddy if you have Facebook?
 If so then why are we not Facebook friends and why the heck are we not doing a a 3 way chat????
 Come on guys let's get chatty!!! Of course we will have to work out Mr. Steve's hours but it is not a problem for me as I am up all hours day and nights and Paddy you and I can most definitely work out our hours... what do you say?

 Miss Edna I didn't include you in this because I know that you do not use Messenger on Facebook and I don't know how your Portal works but you know that you can video chat with me anytime and I am wondering why we are not chatting too...

 It's been a hard week. I had a eye injection on Monday and it was stressful and on top of that the eye wasn't numb and when he put the needle in I jumped and hit his hand and the needle scraped my eye all the way across and it is still bothering me but I can finally see well enough today that I decided to stop in and post.

 So how are you all doing? I hope that your doing well. We are ok here. So far at least. 
 We are pretty exhausted but we are getting everything back in order.
 It is really different here without the kids. I miss the little rug-rats and miss having the baby up with me during early mornings when I have my coffee. He loved pushing the button on my coffee machine and some mornings he wanted hot chocolate when I had my coffee and so I miss those kind of moments.

 Today Laurie called and he was crying in the background yelling Nonnie Nonnie and it broke my heart. Laurie said he cries for me at night and when he gets tired. I heard Adrian saying I was on the phone and he settled down once he heard my voice. 
 I asked Laurie why he was crying and she said he was tired and missed me and out of his routine. 
 He will settle down soon I think. He is just at a hard age where routine really matters a lot.

 Nathan is home from work. He and his friend came took a load of things to the recycling center and have come back for a second load. We will be getting new furniture so we are trying to get as much taken care of as we can.

 My neighbors Emily Julie and I are going to have dinner one night next week. I am still trying to decide on what to make. I am thinking of making a large chef salad and then having cut fruit for dessert. 
 I have 3 small tables so I will take those out, one for each of us and distance ourselves 6 feet from each other and then use another table to hold the food.  I even thought of making Karyn's corn and black bean salad. 
 I think that it will be fun and we have been planning this little get together for months now. So I am getting a little excited.

 I am ready to call it a day and get my shower and get ready for bed soon. Maybe find something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. What ever I choose to do it will be relaxing. 

 Have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all later on... BB

Thursday, June 4, 2020

CBD Oil and More

I bought this one.....

 Good Morning,
 I hope that everyone is doing well. I am ok. I had a rough night last night. My legs twitched and caused some aggravation but I finally fell into a semi restful sleep.

 Well I just went out to the kitchen to get the coffee creamer and it is just pouring rain.
 My grandson was standing with his back facing our parking lot with his umbrella. The water was streaming off the back of the umbrella. I ran for my camera but the moment was lost, I am never prepared I suppose.

 My kids Laurie and David bought a really nice van yesterday so that they can head back west. I don't think that they are going back to California tho. They have been talking about New Mexico. Laurie has a great job opportunity that she is really wanting to take.
 It is going to be hard on me to see them leave but at the same time our home is just really to small for 9 people and 1 bathroom. Sleeping on the sofa, pallets and a bed and box spring in the living room. 
 We have done the best we can as a family and to see 6 of our family leaving is really bittersweet.

 So when I came home from the hospital I was trying to organize my medication, my new medication and also trying to arrange my meds in my daily pill box.
 Somehow I threw away my pain meds. We have looked everywhere but they are gone and we can only assume that they were accidently thrown away.
 I have been in severe pain so yesterday I had Karyn take me to the CBD store right up the road.
I bought a starter pack with 5 pre-rolled joints... )Talk about a flash of my past) lol.
 I was able to build my own pack so I got 2 of the white CBD which is great for chronic pain and it inhibits the growth of tumors.

Here we have a chocolate bar that Karyn bought me along with some honey sticks and some taffy. I dont have a pic of the taffy but here is one of the honey sticks for my tea or biscuit. I can buy in different CBD strength.

 Karyn bought me the Colorado Hemp Ginger soothe. She took the lemon.

 I am having problems typing so I will just have to use it as the way that it is typing...

They have so much to offer. Even for our fur babies. The prices are a little high but if we sign up for their rewards program that helps and also they have a great website. 
 This store was created by 3 sisters and they are really helpful in the ability to tell you how their products work and it is all LEGAL. 
Texas is a Republican state and they will never make Marijuana legal here so being able to use the CBD oil and products is very helpful.
The name of the store is called...
 I have tried to add a link but so far I am having trouble. I will try once more.

 This is a post that disappeared and thought was totally lost. 
I have been super busy with things, a couple of doctor appointments and Laurie and David and my grandkids left yesterday to go back out west but they are going to Arizona first and then probably back to San Diego area.
It was so hard to know that they were leaving but our house was just way to small and so now we have been trying to clean it from top to bottom.
 It is so strange to not hear the kids playing and the tv going and tons of dishes and laundry machine not running all day. 
 I had to go to the doctor yesterday and I said my "See You Later" with hugs and kisses. They were gone before we got back and that made it a little easier on me.
 Bedtime was harder because I didn't get the good night hugs and kisses and little Cathy wasn't sleeping with me or here for our morning coffee and hot chocolate. 
 But it was time for them to move on to their future. I am sorry it didn't work out here in Texas for them, but they really need to be able to find a good VA hospital for David and get their family settled and we needed our home back.
 Still it hurts. I will miss them.

 It is time for lunch and Jonathan and I are having grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and basil soup.
 I will talk to you later.  I didn't mean to disappear but I am still trying to get my strength back. I just cannot believe how easily I get tired.
 Take care and I will see ya later... BB

Memorial Day 2023

  My brother James when he had Lung surgery.    Hello,   This man in the pics above is my brother James. One before going into surgery and t...