Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just A Short Post

A page that I made back in 2015 from several free kits from friends.

 Just a quick post. I am very tired. I have been cleaning my house and trying really hard to get things back in order after my daughter and grandkids were here.
 We all have our own routine and things that we enjoy and we packed up some of those things to make sure that they didn't broken accidently.
 I guess we really didn't need to do all that because the kids didn't meddle but we really ended up liking the minimal look. It was easier keeping the house cleaner, but little by little we begin to need our little things of comfort.
 I know that I did. So I spent the day sweeping and dusting and then I began cleaning my room. Oh gee I didn't realize how much stuff Karyn has. I didn't realize how much stuff I had! But I started little by little taking away some things and putting back some other things.
 Now I am Tired.... More tired than I thought that I would be because I didn't really think that I did that much. Also my blood pressure meds do tend to make me tired at times.

 I found the cutest  motel to stay at on our trip. Karyn had reservations at another place for $126.00 but I told her about this one and she said she would see if she could cancel.
 Anyway when she got home tonight I showed her the place I had found and she said book it mom so I did. I got a 2 queen size beds with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi for $51.00 and some change. So I saved us some money.
 I read the reviews and there were more positive than bad. Some of the things people were complaining about was really dumb.
 It was too small. The bathroom didn't have many shelfs etc... But I told Karyn that we are going to be there for such a short time that it should be fine.
 I really hope that it is. It is really a quaint place. The building is over 75 years old but the pictures online were really nice.
 Everyone did say in the reviews that it was small but it isn't like we are a lot of people. Just me, Karyn and Nathan. I am not sure if Jonathan is going or not. He probably won't but I got us double beds instead of a single and a pullout bed.
 It has a pretty courtyard and private entrance from the parking lot and benches and tables to sit at. They have several bird feeders and one of the reviews said that it was really nice to take their breakfast and coffee out and watch the birds and squirrels.
 The room also has a mini fridge and microwave and a full coffee pot with complimentary coffee. So I will enjoy that.

 Tomorrow I have to find out what shops are open on Monday and Tuesday. We have to check out at 11:00am and we plan to go home the longer way and check out a few other tourist places along the way.

 But right now I am ready for bed so I am going to say goodnight for now and have a great Friday everyone...  BB


  1. What a great bargain! The room sounds really nice. I know you are going to have a great time. Remember to take some photos. In a few minutes, I have to start getting dressed. Deanne will be picking me up so we can go get our nails done. Gosh, my nails are such a mess!

    Pogo is doing just fine after his long day yesterday. All his labs came back normal so that is super news. Right now, he's wanting to go out onto the porch for a bit to sniff some fresh air. I think I'll do that and then get dressed. I'll call you later. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Hey this is cool im going to bed luv yall

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