Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Flight Booked For Vacation

A scrap page of my grandson Alex and his brother Connor and sister Bella.

Good Morning,
 I went to bed very early last night. I am having some allergies and I found some Benadryl and I took one and it knocked me out. I bet I was asleep by 8:00 pm but unfortunately that meant that I woke up during the night around 2:00 am and could not go back to sleep.

 I have a test today, an ultrasound on my solitary kidney and the area where my other kidney use to be. My kidney specialist wants to check for scar tissue and renal function.
 I have an appointment to see him when I get back from Florida on the 22nd. So I have to have the labs and ultrasound tests done before I leave so they will be back by the time of my appointment.

 Karyn and I booked my flight this morning. We didn't want to wait as long as we did but money was an issue and so we had to go with what we could and when we could.
 I really wish she could have joined us. But perhaps another time. Since becoming management she has more responsibilities and I understand that but I know she was disappointed that she couldn't come.

 I still have to pack yet. I have things sitting in a spot so I will not forget them. I have to do laundry today and go ahead and pack what I am going to wear which will not be a lot. There is no need to pack a lot. We have access to a laundry so I can do what ever I need and I plan to buy a few things. 

 I have an eye injection early tomorrow morning. I am dreading it. But after this one I will not have to have another for 8 weeks. I understood him to say 12 weeks but Jonathan said that my surgeon said 8 weeks. I will find out for sure tomorrow as he will tell me when to schedule my next injection. My eye will be red for a few days. I will come home tomorrow and lay right down as it will be hurting and I will be ready to lay down.

 Then the next day I will go for my dentures. Ohhh boy... Finally! I can't believe that it will be time for them. 
 I do have some questions. My sister Linda has had dentures for years. My oral surgeon told me "Do Not Sleep In Your Dentures". My sister Linda said that the stuff she uses to hold hers in is like cement. They do not just come out. 
 I know that when I tried on my dentures that the suction was really strong. He had to break the seal before they came out and they did not just pop out. He said that was good because my top gums had healed and shrank well. Yeah I suppose because the top gums had over a year to heal.
 My brother in law had his teeth pulled years and years ago and he had to wait 6 months before his dentist put in his dentures. He had all of his taken out at once and they did not put a new set in right after. 
 I know some that have had their dentures in right after they had their teeth pulled. My daughter in law did. She says they do not fit now because her gums have shrunken and they are too loose. 
 Maybe it is good the way that they did mine, I don't know. I do know that they told me that they could not take all of mine at one time since I was diabetic and of course my insurance would not cover it all at once. They couldn't do good impressions with a few here and a few there, some on top missing while others were still intact. 
 What ever the reason I pray that they will fit and that I will not have a problem with them... Please, Please, Please let them fit and let me eat some great food!

 It is almost 9:30 so I am going to get up and take my shower and get my laundry ready so I can do it as soon as I get home. I have to do my bedding today. I wanted to do it over the weekend but I didn't really feel up to it then so I decided that I will do it today.

 I have a cute photo to share that I came across on Facebook... enjoy ...

Isn't he just too cute????

 This is about it for me today. Have an awesome day.... BB

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Packing For Florida!!

Another great freebie kit from Rosie H for the members of our group called Sketchy Blue. This will be used for the outer cover of the planner for my sister.

Hello and Good Afternoon.
 I am late today. I couldn't sleep last night so I was awake until around 6:00 this morning. It is so hard on me not being able to sleep at normal sleeping times. 
 I also received a gift card from Karyn for a massage for Christmas. We are planning to go sometimes this week so I can use it. After I have the eye injection, and the ultra sound and labs, (It is going to be stressful the next few days) I think that I will really enjoy the massage. I decided on the Swedish massage as it is the most relaxing. 

 There has been a change of plans regarding staying at my sister's house before leaving for the airport. Her husband is going to be out of town and she is going to have to work that weekend so they will not be able to help me get to the airport if I fly out of Dallas. 
 I will probably just fly out of Austin, but if I do I will most likely have a layover or have to change planes and we were trying to avoid that. But what ever we have to do we will do because I cannot wait to get to Florida! I will make sure that it is set up as Handicapped so I will not have to walk anywhere! And I will put some snacks in my carry on just in case I do get stuck with a layover. 

 I received a call from the office over the weekend that I had a package so I asked the boys to pick it up for me. They forgot and so I called the office and they delivered it to me. 
 When I opened it, it was a pencil sketch of one of my old friends that someone had done of him. I think that the artist did a great job. 
 I was surprised to get it because the last I had heard from him, he was going back into the hospital and since I had not heard from him I figured that was where he was. The date of the package was stamped on the 16th of March. If he did go perhaps he is out now.

 The weather has been dreary. Not too much rain, but there are no blue skies or sunshine either. It is always a mix of mild and cold. One minute it is cold as heck and the next it has warmed up 20 degrees. I am not complaining. It beats the bitter cold that a lot of people are having to deal with right now. 

 Next door to us is a little Mexican place and they have the best street tacos. The beef are my favorite. It was a surprise to wake up and find that Nathan had bought some for me. They slow roast their meat until it really just melts in your mouth. They don't use a lot of seasonings so you actually have true taste of the meat. They top it with lettuce and tomato and add a slice of lime that I drizzle over the tacos. The lime actually brings out the taste of the meat. 
 They have pork and chicken too, but the beef is my favorite. 

 I love trying new foods. It has always been a huge interest for me. I wanted to be a chef and trained for 2 years until my incident with shellfish. Who would want a chef that couldn't work with seafood? 
 But I know that when God closes one door he opens another. I learned from the best and while I worked with every day foods and not the fancy stuff right off the bat, I have always enjoyed learning and making certain dishes. 
 I don't do much of that kind of cooking anymore. It costs so much to do some of the dishes and some of them are just so loaded with fats and calories that I have had to adjust. 
 Sometimes I will experiment with something but not like I use to do when I could afford the ingredients. These days I try to stay away from high alkaline foods and watch my pennies but there is a few different ways to do green beans lol...  By the way I don't care much for green beans! I do love the fresh green beans from the garden.

 My grandmother always had a garden and early in the mornings we would go to the garden patch and she would select the days meal. My job was to wear a little apron and she would place the days selections in my apron that I would hold out. 
 Then we would go back to the house and she would clean and prep and start cooking.
 The main meal was always cooked early in the day. A pot of beans soaking from the night before was put on to simmer. Squash was washed and prepared and those off the vine red tomatoes were so good. 
 My uncles were farm hands and would come in at 12:00 (Noon) on the dot. The table would be loaded down. Fresh greens of some kind, corn bread, beans, meat sometimes, but more often than not without. A chicken dinner was reserved for Sundays. A melon would be chilled and cut, cucumbers and her my Ma's canned chow chow for the beans. 
 We had a lady that I loved dearly named Dovie. I would sit on the steps and wait for her to come with bottles of fresh buttermilk. I have never had buttermilk that was as good as hers. I haven't had any in years now. The store bought stuff is just not as good but I think that I might buy a small carton later on. 
 Ma had a huge table cloth and after the noon meal, the dishes were cleared the table was reset and covered with a table cloth. She would heat up some things and serve others cold, but there was no more cooking for the day. The next days meal would start out with a trip to the garden.
 I have wonderful memories from my grandmother. My mom was like her in a lot of ways. 

 Now my dad's mom.... Oh what a witch she was and I mean that literally. She had a mean streak in her that 58 years later I still don't understand. She used her power in a bad way. That is one of the reasons I have such great respect for doing good in all things. 
 She had her favorites in the family and made it known. She never cared for 4 of us, nor did she care for my father and mother but that didn't stop her from taking money from my dad and giving it to another son. 
 She could be very cruel to my sister Linda and I. I was 9 and Linda 7 when my mom was hit by a car and in the hospital for 9 long months.
 She would tell me that I was going to be able to go and see my mother and I would get my bath and get dressed and be waiting to go and then there would be some kind of infraction (Mostly made up) that I had done and so I would be punished and had to go to bed or do some huge chore that no child knew how to do. 
 She did this to my sister Linda and I all the time. But my sister Susie would be the one who would get to go and visit my mother. She never had to do anything but she kept Linda and I in trouble all of the time. She was just 4 but she was my grandmother's favorite and could get away with all kinds of things. 
 My older sister Sharon had a family of her own back then and her youngest was just a few months old and when she would come I can remember how happy I was. 
 But she never could stay long because my dad was so mean to her and her children that she stayed away longer and longer and I cannot blame her for that. She had to protect her own children and herself from my dad's irrational anger. 

 It is amazing the differences between 2 grandmother's. It is amazing as well the differences between sisters, and families. How we are shaped and why we view things the way that we do. While I have these awesome memories of my mother's mother, I have negative memories from my father's mother. 
 That has been one of the ways my life was shaped when I had children of my own. I made mistakes but I was never cruel. Of course that depends upon which of my children you ask lol.
 But I must have done something right because I have awesome kids and grandkids!

 Whew this turned out to be a much longer post than I had intended so I will get off of here and go and do something fun. I might call Miss Edna and check in on her and little Pogo. 
 I do need to start packing my suitcase so I should get started. Take care and have a blessed day... BB


Monday, February 26, 2018

Counting Down!

Kit used is an Elegant Season from Rosie H, a personal freebie to those of us in our group. The gorgeous young lady is my great niece Alyssa.

Good Morning,
 It is early here, just a little after 4:30 am. I woke at 3:00 this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep. After tossing and turning I just got up, started my coffee and thought that since I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday I would do it early this morning.

 Thank you for looking at my page for my sister. This is her oldest granddaughter Alyssa. This is the most recent photo of her that I have. You cannot even tell that this young girl was in a horrible motorcycle accident just a few months ago. She had an amazing surgeon and oral surgeon. We are so thankful that she was alright due to what could have been a horrible alternative. 
 Her dad is doing pretty good from the accident as well. He has to wear long sleeved shirts until the skin grafts heal but it is winter so he is okay with that. They were both very lucky. 

 Not much news to share other than it is count down to Florida. Miss Edna and I both have our Lysol cans filled and ready to spray anyone who comes close. 
 I am still coughing and blowing my nose and going thru Kleenex tissue like crazy but I know that now mine are mostly just allergies. I told my kids that I am allergic to Texas. This is the only state I have ever lived in that keeps them ramped up most of the year. Maybe I will dry up when I get to Florida! That is a nice thought.

 I am sure that this week is going to go fast. I have to have an eye injection March 1st. Then the next day I have an appointment at the dentist and then I have an ultrasound and some labs that I have to have done this week if I can get them scheduled. The labs will not be a problem because I can go anytime but getting the ultrasound may be trickier. 

 Jonathan brought Cisco home a really cute stuffed Alligator on Thursday night. Nathan threw Ali away Sunday night. I dug her out of the trash and put her with Baby. All is left is just a few scraps and her tail. When Miss Edna or Pogo sends him something, he doesn't annihilate it, he takes his time. But if Jonathan or I buy him something, it doesn't last past a few days. Go Figure that one out! 

 I was on Facebook yesterday watching videos and I came across my memories from a year ago. I had made a scrap page of my mom and my grandmother when my mom was 16 with one of my mom's nephews. My grandmother is holding one of her grandchildren. 

 Oooop's she is holding 2 of her grandchildren.... The picture of my grandmother in the chair is the last photo taken of her before  she passed away! I did this as a collage.

 How does my coffee cup get a hole in the bottom of the cup sooo fast? I can't believe I just drank the last of it. I have to go and get another cup. Be right back.

 So I have told this story often. But it bears repeating one more time. When my mom would baby sit for me I would call to check on the kids and ask her if they were being good and she would always say "No, they have been bad. I had to beat each and everyone with a feather". 
 Since Mama has died and I find myself missing her I would find odd feathers here and there. 
 The other day when I was so sick and running fever I had to get up and go to the bathroom. When I got back, I found a feather on my pillow. I had been missing her so much and wanted to see her so bad. There is nothing in my home that has feathers. Not one thing, yet I found this feather lying on my pillow. I saved it and took a photo of it and sent to my sister.

Mama's Feather

It is a bit battered, but I have it in a safe place. I took it out so I could lay it on something flat so it would show up. I didn't crop it. I was going to but I like it as it is for now. 
 All of my pillows are poly filled and Cisco's toys are stuffed with fuzz. So I say this feather is from my mom. I find them when I am going thru a hard time, missing her a lot or worried about something. I have found feathers in the oddest places before. Usually no logical answer for them. Like in this case!

 Today is back to work for my gang. Nathan went back yesterday. He works today and then he is off Tuesday and Wednesday. I guess Karyn is working here today. I have only seen her once since Friday and that was just for a few minutes. She stopped over to talk to Jonathan. I just happened to get up fairly early and went to start my coffee and she was sitting at the kitchen table. I went to the bathroom and came back out to get a cup of coffee and she was already gone. In and out....

 So I went to see my endocrinologist (My diabetic specialist) and got some great news. My sugar is down 8 points.... That is a big deal for me. So we discussed my diet in Florida. She said that I can have anything that I want in moderation. Work on single servings and portion control. 
 I was afraid that she was going to chew me out because there have been things on the diet that I haven't been able to eat and she said I just needed to find a balance. She even gave me a pass on some desserts. There are rules, but for the most part I will be a happy camper. 
 She said, "You and your friend can order a dessert and share it, providing your friend agrees to share." lol.
 Now I am not so sure if Edna is willing to give up some of her dessert, but she can always have more. I can't. Always choose a fruit over candy or cake, I can have Graham crackers, animal crackers or vanilla wafers.... Of course I can have anything sugar free, so I will get me some of those sugar free Jello's. I like those and some fruit.
 I have a couple of cute things I snagged from Facebook yesterday to share and then I am going to get off of here and try and lay back down.

This was me last week....... hee hee

I stole this from my brother in law. I told him.... This happens to me more than I like to admit to lol....

And last of all, leave it to the minions to say what you really think........... haha....

Have a wonderful day everyone.... Take care and stay warm and be kind to one another. It is the greatest gift we can give to one another.... BB

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lysol, Bleach and Doctor

Today I thought that I would add a bit of summer to help chase Old Man Winter Away. The scrap page is of my sisters on the ocean somewhere. They are big on scuba diving and snorkeling. I just sort of revamped it with Art Play by Anna Aspens Designs. 

 It's been a couple of days since I have even turned on my computer. I don't think that my precautions helped at all. No amount of Lysol or Bleach helped me from not getting sick.
 It is viral. No antibiotics because I have had so many in a few short months and too much is not good and also since it is viral then an antibiotic would not help anyway but I do have some things to help me out. I have something for the cough and an inhaler. The inhaler really helps. 
 I ran out of Tylenol last night but my fever is low grade. I should let my body use the fever to help fight this off. 
 I am feeling better because I am up. That is a great thing for me because I couldn't hardly get out of bed yesterday and I slept a lot. The night before I lost my voice. It came back last night as a croak but at least I had it back.
 I feel that I am on the road to recovery now. I am having coffee and I am  up! That is more than I have had so I will take it.

 I am home alone today which none of the kids are happy about but Karyn had to work in the office today and Nathan is working doubles the next 2 days so here I am with all of this peace and quiet. I am not sure I know what to do with it. LOL.

 I got a text from my sister last night. My brother in law had open heart surgery about 10 days ago. Maybe less, but we all thought that they released him too early. 
 Anyway he passed out twice so the doctor wanted to see him back and they admitted him into the hospital. They are doing tests but said everything sounded good except his heart rate was way to fast. They are thinking he needs a pace maker but will have to wait on the tests to get back and see. 
 I tried to call her immediately but she didn't answer but called me back. Between my croak I told her I wouldn't keep her and let her talk. She was alone when he passed out twice and said it had scared her so bad. I am sure that it did. He is not well. We are all worried.

 Jonathan cooked dinner last night and put up the food, but the kitchen did not get cleaned. I am not going to bother with it today. I need to get my strength back so I will just let it be. There is enough left over's for dinner tonight so I won't have to worry about that. I have everything that I need. I have soup already and Jonathan can have dinner when he get's home. I will have some for lunch and soup for dinner. What doesn't get eaten today will be put in the freezer for another day.

 I guess this wraps it up for me right now. I am heading to bed to rest. Oh I have some calls to make that are important so I will do those , but not all in a row. lol. I want to keep my voice...

 Have an awesome day to all.... BB

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doctors And Coffee

Page made with several bits and pieces from Salt Town Studios. The fur baby is my Cisco!

 I can't believe that it is Tuesday, but it is. I dislike it when we have 3 day weekends sometimes. Not that I don't want people to enjoy the extra day off but it screws me up. I think that today is Monday and it isn't lol.

 As you all know, Jonathan was very sick and ended up having to go to the doctor. He kept to his room and I used bleach on everything, sprayed Lysol on everything, even added a little bit to my dishwasher, and yet yesterday I ached all over, had a headache and slept most of the day. Last night I woke up sneezing and coughing. I am in panic mode here as Florida is just a few days away.... So Jonathan is taking me to the after hours clinic tonight. I am not taking any chances. 
 Emergen-C is my friend!!! I keep telling myself that plus I am also taking some Super B vitamin complex. But I want to make sure that this is not the flu because I won't be able to go to Florida if I am sick. I couldn't do that to Edna. 
 I know that they are going to tell me that this is viral. Jonathan was better in 3 days so I am thinking positive here. I just want something to dry up this drainage and something for this cough. 

 I didn't have any pages made for my sister's planner. I have ran out. I have some older pages that I am going to add to her planner but I thought that today I would showcase my Cisco with his baby Chicki.  Poor Chicki is pretty battered now but he loves him still. 
 His little orange toy Baby is packed away. There isn't much left of him now but I couldn't throw him away so I put him in a zip lock baggie and packed him up.
I don't have a hard time throwing things out. I can clear and clean clutter like no one has ever seen, but some things I just can't part with and Baby is one of them.

 My girlfriend Jessica and I are in this co-op on our game and last night we brought in over 7,000 eggs for our Co-op. It showed that 24 people were playing but most of them just played once and got off line. I am not sure who was left playing but Jessica and I finished it off. We chatted as we played. But we finished early and Jonathan helped me make my bed and Cisco would not get down.
  He thought that it was a game and kept rolling into the covers. We would try and move him as we made the bed. No luck. So Jonathan grabbed one of his toys and started walking out of the room with it. Cisco was like Oh No You Don't so he finally got down and we made my bed. He slept in his bed most of the night but around 4:30 I had to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water and he wanted up with me so I put him in with me. We snuggled into a great sleep. 

 I am going to get off for now. I need to send an email to my friend Rosie, the one that makes the wonderful kits for our group. Her husband has been very ill and I haven't had a chance to really check on her. She sent me an email saying that every day her husband is closer to coming home. I am so grateful to hear that news. 

 Take care to everyone, have a great day. I will talk to all soon... BB


Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Little Of This And That

Kit used is Spring due by Anna Aspens. No links until I can learn to do them properly. So sorry but for some reason I haven't managed to do them right. I made the note paper and liked it so well that I made several copies, different colors and embellishments.

 Sunday arrived quickly for me this past week. I had some plans and then life happened so some of my plans fell by the wayside, but others were a nice surprise.

 My kitchen is very nice and clean. That always makes me feel good. Joe and Karyn stopped in today, minus Foxy. They had lunch with Jonathan and I and Karyn worked on her taxes and so that is out of the way.
 After they left, Jonathan and I spent some time together and watched a movie. We watched Dr. Strange. He had been wanting me to watch it so we did. I miss our weekend movie dates. We use to do it every weekend when we lived at the other place. Once we moved here we stopped as we got rid of our sofa and love seat. Now we just have a chair in the living room because it doubles as Nathan's bedroom.
 We haven't decided exactly what we want to do in that room yet. Until Mr. Piggy Nathan decides on what he is goin to do, (He doesn't want to sign another lease here) in the meantime I have a tv in my room and just watch that. 
 I am not a big tv watcher. I will make sure I get my tv fix in Florida! 

 Speaking of Florida, I am getting more and more excited. I might even take my swimsuit this year. 
 I am not sure if Karyn is going to be able to join us or not. She had 2 weeks leave approved, but then found out that is our spring break and half of her employees had taken time off earlier than Karyn did so they took a week back that she can take after spring break. She can't leave her remaining team in the lurch at this time.
 There is more to it but she is going to do her best to join us. I really hope that she can figure out a way. She wants to meet Miss Edna and Pogo really bad. I think that she just needs a good break away from work and home. But we will see. 
 She had problems getting one of her forms for her taxes and planned on using that money for Florida but since she couldn't get the form in time, it is going to delay her refund so that is a crimp in the budget. 
 I am not going to have as much money to spend this year as I did last year but that is ok. I don't need much. The sunshine and the back porch is really all I need! Oh and special cuddles with Pogo. I hope that he let's me. He did last year but in 12 months he may have forgotten me.... :( sad face here and hoping that he will give me a chance to grab lots of snuggles and kisses!

 So Nathan did my laundry last night. The rest of my cleaning plans fell to the side. I didn't clean my bathroom or vacuum but that is ok. I did pick up some fur balls and some bits of stuffing from Cisco's toys and some strings. I will have to dust and vacuum tomorrow for sure. I also have things that I have sorted for Florida. I will have Matt bring me his suitcase next week. 

 Cisco and I have had a really nice day. I found him in his corner. He moved his blanket that Miss Edna crocheted for him Christmas and he has it on the other side of my bed, his toys and he is laying there! Well actually he is sitting there keeping an eye on me haha. I might move his bed to that corner since he really likes it there and it would be a better place than where I have it now. I have to be careful not to trip over him in the middle of the night. My room isn't as roomy as the one I use to have and I really do miss having my computer looking out my window. I just have no other moving around options tho. 

 Patsy and I are talking about her next visit. We are thinking the middle of November. That way she will be home for her granddaughters birthday and be back before Thanksgiving. So we will see. I can't wait to see her again. I really enjoyed her visit last year. 
 She called me a little while ago to tell me that she went to a site and bought me 3 kits that were on sale. I was so surprised but she said that they were on sale for just a few pennies each and she thought of me.  She and Miss Edna are always thinking of me. What sweet friends I have.

 When I get to Florida I want to find something perfect for Miss Edna for Christmas and her past Birthday. The one thing that I got for her never arrived and Christmas came with a couple of unexpected expenses. But Florida will be different and I can get her what I had planned then. In the mean time I better hush!

 It is almost 8:00 pm and I am so ready for bed. My left shoulder and neck are bothering me so I think that I will take a hot shower and call it a night. I am getting rather tired. 
 Have a wonderful evening and take care of yourself and stay warm. BB

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A New Look

 Kit used is Beautiful moments. Background is made by me.  Lady and word art from Lynn Anzlec called 1910 Fashion. My links are not working so I will not bother with them at this time. Thank You.

 Well it has come to my attention that with the design of my old blog that some of my posts were not being seen because you had to click on 2018 to open a new month. I went in and checked my settings and decided to use a new theme that showcases recent blog posts on the left. It might not be fancy but I hope that it works.

 Karyn and Joe and Miss Foxy just left. They walked over this morning and visited for a little while. They are gone now. They breezed in and they breezed out lol. That is the way my family does!

 I talked to my sister yesterday and her husband is doing very well since he had his heart surgery. In 4 weeks if all goes well and he can get a release from his doctor, they will make a trip here to visit for a few hours and she has to come anyway to give some papers to her boss so they will stop here. I have a lot of things for her so it is good that they will be coming.  I talked to Matt and he isn't going up there anytime soon so I guess that I will just see them when they can come down here.

 Cisco is doing fine this morning. He and Foxy played. They chased each other around the apartment and she would jump up on something (Cisco can't jump anymore) and then she would jump down and the race would start again. 

 I didn't sleep well again. I tossed and turned but slept a little. I got up at 4:30 this morning and stayed up for about an hour and went out on the patio. It was nice and cool out there, maybe a little too cool as I started to get a bit chilly so I came back inside. I debated on turning on the coffee pot and staying up, but in the end I just decided to go back to bed. I must have fallen into a good sleep because I was sleeping when Foxy raced up onto the bed and  up on to me. She does love to give kisses. I cuddled with her for a few minutes and then she was ready to go see everyone else. 

 My plans for today: Vacuum my bedroom, clean my bathroom and strip my bed and do some laundry. That's it. I might clean out the fridge today. If not then I will do it tomorrow. 

 Gotta go... apparently I have screwed up my blog... again.... BB

Friday, February 16, 2018

Coffee And Blog Reading

kit used is "Feeling The Beauty by
This is a photo of my sister Linda on her first cruise in January 2018

Good Morning.
 It is early here and hot and muggy. Jonathan got up at 1:00 am and turned on the a/c. It was that hot and muggy. I had my bedroom window open and couldn't sleep with it open so I was so glad to have him turn on the a/c. As soon as it cooled off I was able to go to sleep. (I shut and locked my window when he turned on the a/c).

 I wanted to update my blog yesterday but I just didn't feel well. I wasn't sick. It was just one of those Blah days. I had breakfast then went back to bed and did a bit of reading in a magazine, then I played my game and took a short snooze. 
 After I had lunch I laid back down but couldn't rest so I got up and made this scrap page and notepaper. I have a couple of them done now. My niece is in cahoots with me. I am sending them to her on messenger and she is printing them out for me and will send them back to me so my sister doesn't see them.  I will at least have help getting them printed out. Thank you my sweet niece who I shall not name at this time!

 I got up early this morning. I had to go to the bathroom and I heard Jonathan up preparing to go to work. I was awake. I wasn't sleeping well so I just stayed up. 
 I had just turned on the coffee pot when I heard Karyn at the door so I let her in, Nathan was still sleeping so he was able to sleep during the packing up of Karyn's computer and stuff. He is up now so he will probably lay back down for a nap a little later on. 

 I just took this photo of Cisco. He sleeps in such weird positions.....

 I see where he has pulled a pair of my jeans down from my table. He does that. He wants my scent. His blue blanket Miss Edna made for him is on the other side of his bed. He must have been hot too! 
 The other day I couldn't find him. I knew he had to be in the house some where. Well Nathan moved his little house under the computer station in the living room. He was snuggled up in it sound asleep. I think he likes it better in the dark so it is a good place for him, but most of the time he is right here in his bed. 
 He still gets in mine, but he isn't there long. Well he was when he was sick. He needed his mama. 
 I am so glad that he has had a good life. 

 He came to us by my daughter Laurie when he was not even weaned yet. They moved from Texas to Nevada and Laurie had already claimed him. She bottle fed him the entire trip and then when she came to my house we took turns feeding him. 
 Laurie and Jonathan kept my house when I moved to a few towns over. Then Jonathan moved to my town as he got a job where I was working and Laurie was alone. Her husband was working out of town.
 She went to her girlfriends house for a birthday party and was on a bus and the bus went down a hill really fast and she was having to stand and the bus slammed on the breaks and she fell forward and hit the seat in front of her. 
 She spent the night with her friend and called me really early the next morning asking me if it was normal to have a lot of blood with labor. It was actually her due date.
 I said Laurie is it a lot of blood or a little blood that looks like a lot? and she said it is gushing down my legs.
 Oh my heart was in my throat but I didn't want to scare her so I said, You have to go to the hospital right now. I was calm on the phone. How I don't know.  I told her, honey your like me, you are just going to have a fast labor. Inside I was in a panic. I was throwing clothes on as fast as I could.
 When I got to the hospital she was in hard labor. My girlfriend drove me to the hospital in Las Vegas because my vehicle was in the shop.
 We barely made it. The agreed to give her an epidural and the relief on her face was so worth it. They were trying to control the hemorrhaging. 
Apparently when that bus hit it's breaks, it pulled her placenta away from the uterine wall.
 My grandson Adrian was born less than ten minutes after the epidural. I was there to cut the cord and the first to hold him. They handed me the baby and I walked over to Laurie and placed him in her arms. I was also lucky enough to get a special band that would allow me in the nursery. I carried Adrian to the special newborn nursery, helped give him his first bath and carried him back to his mother who put him to her breast. Adrian went with her to her room. The only time he went to the nursery was the second night when fatigue finally hit Laurie. They gave her something to help her sleep but Adrian refused the bottle and I was fixing to leave to go home with my girlfriend who carried me to the hospital to visit her and the baby  so they brought him to her but said they were worried she might drop him or something even if they put pillows around them it still wasn't safe and they were also worried since they had given Laurie something to help her sleep that she might roll over on him  so I said I would stay the night so she could sleep. Adrian snuggled right next to her and stayed that way most of the night. 

 To make a long story short, they knew that they couldn't afford the house anymore. She decided to stay at her girlfriends house and the land lord cleaned the house out for her. She had no where to store the furniture and just wanted her personal clothes and stuff and Cisco. Her friend told her that she couldn't bring Cisco. I didn't have transportation to go and get her things and Cisco. My vehicle was in the shop. 
 She called me and I talked to Jonathan and he caught a bus and went all the way to Vegas (26 miles) to go and get him. Cisco wasn't allowed on the bus and so Jonathan called a cab. It cost him $60.00 dollars to bring Cisco to his house and he has had him ever since. 
 He is a spoiled little boy! 
 When they moved to Austin, Jonathan could walk to work and he walked Cisco before he went to work, and on his lunch break he would walk all the way back to take him out. So Jonathan never really had a real lunch break to eat. He ate on the go! 
 But Jonathan was making sure that Cisco was taken care of. Many times he would call me, where ever I was on his lunch break and tell me he was home walking Cisco before going back to work and that is when we had our chances to talk. When he got home at night he didn't want to talk to anyone lol.

 Gosh this is the longest post I have written in a long time. It is good to travel down memory lane sometimes. 

 Karyn is working in the office today and Jonathan went in to work, even tho he had a note from the doctor to have the day off,  his boss is sick too so someone had to go in and since he is a supervisor he went in so his boss could take care of herself and I think she was needing to go to the doctor too. 

 Nathan is at home today and tomorrow. He goes back to work on Sunday. Jonathan and Karyn get Monday off since it is President's Day and a holiday for us.

 I don't plan to do much. Since I didn't sleep well I think that I will just go back to bed.
 Take care everyone. Stay warm too. For us we are going to enjoy the a/c today until the cold norther comes in late today or tonight then we will need the heat again.... Talk to you later on.... BB


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vaentine Pagees For Linda

pages made with Vivacious Valentine by:

Hello and Happy Tuesday.
 Today I decided I had better hurry and do a Valentines page and notepaper for my sister Linda's planner.
 I am behind. I don't have anything that I can go to on the spur of the moment right now. I used them up when I was sick so I guess I will just have to get busy with making some more.

 Sleep didn't come easy for me last night. I had to go for labs early yesterday morning and then I did a few things here that I needed to do and by the time that I could rest I wasn't sleepy but I was mentally tired. I did fall into a good sleep but it didn't come easy for me.

 Somehow all of my music and play lists have disappeared from both mine and Karyn's music app. We are both sick at heart over it. So we both have to fix our music. I think that I will work on mine tonight and let her work on hers first. This just breaks our hearts. We know what happened but it would be too hard to try and explain here. Well I for one have been wanting to clear some songs from my play list anyway so perhaps it is good that this happened for me, but not so good for Karyn as she had all she loved on hers.

 It is a chilly 45 here this morning. Yesterday the winds were howling. March is so windy here but we do get a lot of wind in February. I was listening to the wind howl last night and I was very glad not to be out in it. 

 I can't think of much more to say so I will go for now. Karyn is making a roast with all the trimmings. I am not even hungry but I did have something earlier. I hope by dinner time tonight that I will be hungry.
 Have a great day to all...... BB

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Sunday!

Background paper for top scrap layout is from and the embellishments are from a kit called "Silent Garden" from

Hello and Happy Sunday!

 I hope all are well. I know that Miss Edna is trying to recover from a nasty bug and here is hoping that she will be better soon.
 It is too early for me to know about me and Cisco. I went to the dentist the other day and there were sick kids in there. Just great... now I am hacking, sneezing, coughing and can't get warm.
 Cisco isn't feeling all that good either. As a matter of fact, he and I went straight to bed last night as soon as I called to check on Miss Edna, we cuddled up and stayed that way most of the night. The only times we moved was when our body heat got a little to warm and for me to go to the bathroom. 
 Jonathan is doing the same thing I am doing. He is not a happy guy this morning. On Wednesday he was training a new hire. He said the guy was sick. But since he was a new hire he couldn't call in sick. But Jonathan sent him home and he faxed over a copy of a doctor report where he has the flu!
 He is sort of quarantined to his room! I loaded him up with tissues, and Lysol spray and Tylenol. 
 Groan, Groan, Groan.... 

 Ohhh I have Happy Happy News to share.... Night before last I was getting ready to go to bed and I heard a knock on my bedroom door. Thinking that it was one of my boys I said "Come In" and in walked my Foster/adopted son! I haven't ever officially adopted him but it doesn't matter. He is MINE regardless. 
 He lives in Ohio now and trips are few and far between. I have a photo of us. Now my boy is over 6 feet tall so he has to scrunch down low to reach me! I was so excited. Sleep didn't come for a while on Friday night!. We had to talk and talk and talk of course.

 Some kids are just not born of our blood and our bodies. Kevin is one of these kind of kids.

 He has kids of his own now. 3 boys. I miss him but I am glad that he is doing so well in Ohio. He has a good job and a new life. WTG Kevin....

 Cisco is feeling much better. He is racing around here with his little yellow toy Miss Edna and Pogo gave to him for Christmas. He is guarding it from Foxy. 
 Yes Miss Foxy came flying in like a bullet this morning with Karyn. She was so sweet for at least a few minutes lol. Cisco let her know that HIS bed was off limits when she headed for it. Too funny.
 She is with the boys right now and Cisco is in here with me.  Well he was. He is gone again. I am so happy to see that he is feeling better. His nose was warm and he didn't eat last night be he has eaten breakfast now.

 I am making stuffed peppers for a early lunch and a early dinner. That way we can just eat when we eat. It will just be me and Jonathan here today. Nate is back to work the next two days. 

 Everyone have a great day. News is short so I will close for now. Have a fantastic Sunday! BB

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Been Busy On My End

Kit used is "Angel Baby" from

 Hi and Happy Thursday.

 I hope that all are doing well. I have been busy these past few days. Nothing really big, but I did take a computer break. 

 On Tuesday my son Matthew came and picked me up and I went over to his and his room mates house and had a very nice day. We took Cisco with us and he was smiling the entire time.
 He had lots of new places to sniff and explore, even a covered porch where he could go out and enjoy. It was rainy so I enjoyed stepping out on occasion and enjoying watching the rain. 
 We talked a lot. Matthew's room mate has a hearing aid but he is mainly deaf but that didn't stop us from having a great conversation. We talked about the genuine old movie stars that actually had to work for a living based on talent and not just their pretty looks. 
 We watched City Confidential, and a couple of older crime shows that I hadn't seen in years. 
 Matthew made us brunch and it was really good and Cisco got a piece of bacon and some eggs so he had a good meal as well.
 Then it was nap time. Matthew fixed his bed for me and Cisco and we went to sleep. I didn't sleep well the night before as you know the boys kept putting him in bed with me. The nap felt wonderful.
 We were both invited back to visit or even spend the night. Perhaps we will one night. 

 By the time I got home it was time to figure out dinner and I took the time to play a game with a friend of mine and chat for a little while.  Then I went to bed and slept pretty well.
 Yesterday I had to be at the dentist early. I tried on my new dentures... The wax version and I was so happy with them. There is an overbite that has to be corrected and the final process, so I will not get them until March. 
 If I hadn't caught the darn flu I could have had them before going to Florida but I was so sick that I couldn't make the appointments. 
 Yesterday while I was in there a woman had a 2 kids in with her, hacking, sneezing, coughing and the receptionist handed all 3 a mask. I noticed another woman holding her sweater over her nose and mouth so I went up and asked for 3 masks. One for me, Matthew and one for the other lady.
 Why do people bring their sick kids with them to appointments? Or better yet why do they go to appointments that can be rescheduled when anyone is sick?
 Just what I don't need is to pick up any other bug with my immune system so weak and low as it is.

 So I play this game on my tablet called Big Farm and I am in a co-op and last night we had to get 32,000 ears of corn before the time limit. We made it. We were so excited. Even tho we have 30 members in our co-op only 6 of us were playing. We rocked it.
 I am not sure what the next challenge is. Probably apples. It is going to take every member to play when we hit the milk and cheese challenge because it takes so long to get the milk. 7 hours. But this is such a cute game. It is called Mobil Harvest Big Farm if anyone is interested.
 I have the cutest little pigs and ducks... They are so cute...

 I am making a pot of tea, so I better get off here and see to it. Have a safe and warm day to all and I will be back later on... BB

Monday, February 5, 2018

Business First

A new kit from Bellisima Designs called Shabby Sweet. Find yours here:

Hello and it is still Monday. Sorry about that but I knew I wanted to get this post out for in the morning so today I have two posts. You just have to go to the one before this one, called I spoke too soon... 
 Other than that, not much is happening. I had a craving for something sweet so I had to see what was on my diet.
 I had the ingredients I needed to make peanut butter cookies so that is what I did. I only had 2 because that was enough to satisfy my craving. 
 Cisco got the first one because I dropped it...  now he is licking his chops over here wanting more. 
 Too bad, so sad Harry! umm I mean Cisco.

 Blogger is telling me that I am having a problem with my blog post and to try again so I am not sure what is going on.  Oh well it will either post or not. 

 I want to share this photo of my sister with the story she told  me tonight while we were chatting.

I love this photo of my sister Linda. I made a page using this photo with a photo mask for a page that I did for her, which I think that I posted earlier but I will post it again....

Linda and my sister Susie traveled to Europe for a month. This was taken in Germany. She said that they were freezing that morning. I sent her this picture on Messenger tonight and she said... "Oh I remember this place, I want to go back."
 She said she loved Germany. She said she wished she could take this trip over again. All the churches and cathedral's and the castles... I hope she gets to go again...

 Well this is it for me... I am tired and really ready to go to bed. Have a great Tuesday to all... BB

I Spoke Too Soon!

Kit is called "Angel Baby"
Note paper is mine with image from "Angel Baby"

Hello and Happy Monday,

 I spoke too soon. On my group blog I said that it was a beautiful morning filled with blue skies and even if it was chilly the sun was shining. I got a bit warm in my room so I turned off the heat and cracked my window. It is dull, gray and cloudy all in the space of a half hour. Looks like I spoke way too soon! But that is Texas weather. One minute it is sunny, the next gray! 

 I went to bed really early last night. I started reading a story from The Guideposts and never finished it. I turned off the lights and went to sleep. I dropped off in no time. 
 Around 11:00 pm I felt this jumping on my bed. I sat up and it was Jonathan trying to get Cisco off of my bed to go out to potty. He wasn't even in my room when I went to bed. I had even shut my door.
 Cisco finally did go out to potty, I went back to sleep. Then around midnight Nathan was in here with Cisco back in my bed and playing with a toy and giving him a bone.
 I said "What the hell are you doing?" He said he was putting Cisco to bed. I sat up again and said "Look he has his own bed. Just open the door, let him in and he will go to bed on his own. "
 It was too late tho. I was already awake and couldn't go back to sleep until after 3:00 this morning. 
 I don't mind when Cisco sleeps with me on occasion, but he has his very own bed and he usually sleeps in it. Why the boys are putting him in with me, I don't know but I am going to tell them tonight not to do that anymore.
 He will get used to sleeping with me and I don't want him to get back in the habit of doing so. I don't rest well and he doesn't either. 
 So this morning Karyn came in and I was fixing to fall off the bed and I said "Oh Karyn, I am so glad to see you. Move Cisco so I don't fall."  She moved him but he was grouchy about it. She said Jonathan had taken him out to potty earlier but put him right back in the bed with me.

 I am home alone today with just Cisco for company. Karyn had to work in the office today. It is the start of another work week for them. Nathan is off tomorrow and Wednesday and Jonathan and Karyn are working late for over time. So for the most part I will be left to my own devices.  I need to make some phone calls and work in my room today. 

 Patsy has a new kit out so I will make some pages for her. She has put her heart into this so I will help her. She would do the same for me. I am just not good at making foo foo pages lol... Oh well I shall give it a try!

 Other than that I suppose that that is all the news I have to share today. I hope that everyone has a super day. BB

Miss Edna

 Hey,  Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as...