Sunday, April 19, 2020

It's A Dreary Sunday

Time is so important.

 It has been so long since I have been online. We have had some rainy weather with lots of thunder and lightening storms. The last time I used my computer was when I posted last. I shut it down and unplugged it. 
 It is still dreary, drizzly and gloomy. This has been the gloomiest Spring I can recall in a long time.

 I have been too sick to even have the energy to turn it back on and so I just left it.
 So I have been sick again. I am so sure that you are all tired of hearing about my sickness. And I can assure you that I am tired of being sick. 
 This bug was really hard but not near as hard as the Covid-19. At one point I sneezed so hard and so many times I burst another vessel in the back of my eye.  This time in the right eye and thankfully not as bad as the other time. It is lower in my vision so it is easier to deal with.

 I have been self isolating and I am thankful that no one else has picked this up but 3 of my family members have a different type of bug. They are throwing up and I was so worried about Laurie that I was tempted to have her go to Urgent Care but she wouldn't have gone in fear of bringing home a different bug. 

 My doctors took care of me over telemedicine. At one point they were going to send me to be tested for Covid-19 but since I was only running a low grade fever I chose not to get out. I am feeling better but not a 100% just yet. I still don't have my voice back completely. 

 Nothing much has been going on in my neck of the woods. I keep my can of Lysol close by and I made some wipes from my little bottle of brown Lysol to wipe down the bathroom when I enter and exit. I was really lucky that when I ordered things online I was able to get both and a small quart of bleach. Most all cleaning supplies are depleted at this time. I have a half roll of paper towels and I don't know when we will be able to get anymore of that either. Kleenex and other tissues are also non-existent but we have been fairly lucky on food. 
 The first couple of weeks of Shelter In Place we were a bit worried because all shelfs were empty but our local supermarket is getting a truck every night. They just do not know what will be on them.
 The kids are trying to get things with a good shelf life in case things get scarce again. I don't complain much because I am just grateful but we have plenty of food for the moment and plenty of water on hand.

 I bow my head when ever I hear a siren going past our home. I pray for all those fighting this illness and all of those that are responding to those sick or hurt. 
 Last night a town over from us, three policemen were ambushed by a suspect who killed one of the officers and 2 others are in critical condition. This breaks my heart. Our Governor is supposed to have a conference later on today. I pray that the other two will recover from their injuries.

Karyn's roommate Tina made me a face mask. She is making everyone a mask so I want to give her some money so she can order more material.
 Cathy has roosters on her mask, Karyn has puppy paws and mine is colored flames.
 Karyn's roommate is such a nice lady. And she is good to Karyn as well.
 Right before Karyn moved in Tina went to our supermarket, HEB and found a stray dog. She named him Heb. Obviously on the last visit Foxy had she and Heb got along great. Karyn took her home with her so we shall see how she reacts this visit. 

 I will close for now. I am getting tired and I think I will have some lunch and rest. Take care everyone... BB

Monday, April 6, 2020

A Muggy Monday

One of my favorite scrap pages..... Lins Creations.

I did this page when I was on Lins Creative Team. She has some of the cutest kits and I really enjoyed working on her team but after that bout of flu that I had about 3 years ago I just couldn't keep up with all of the teams I was on. I think that with the flu and just plain burnout I stopped creating for a long while. But working with this kit was just super fun.
 Before I close I will try to find the name of it and the link to her stores in case anyone is interested in downloading this kit and take a look at all of the other kits she has.

 Today is hot and muggy. We have had a lot of rain and it looks like it is going to come down again. Every time I decide to go out and at least sweep the patio off and to clean it up a bit it starts raining.
 It is also smelling really bad out there too. I have looked and the only thing that I can find is a couple of bags of leaves that have gotten wet and we need to get them thrown away but our compost bin is not large enough and they charge us $10.00 a bag if we set them out on the street. So I think that we just need to wait it out at least until we can get it all cleaned up at once.
 I called our lawn guy to ask if he could come to mow our grass again and he said yes he would try to come today. I called him back to cancel because I just looked out and it is pouring. Of course I probably didn't need to call him but as a curtesy I did.

 I am working a bit more in my bedroom. I need help getting everything unpacked and put in place but I had a conversation with Nathan and Jonathan and they are wanting to move. They are not happy here and it is because of all the bugs. Roaches, spiders and ants. We have sprayed and bombed and fogged but they are seeming to just get worse and we will not live with the roaches. We have never lived in a place that will not call an exterminator to come spray. But when we mentioned it to our landlady she dropped off some Home Defense and said we had to pay for pest service ourselves. 
 They were not really bad until a few months ago and so that was really one of the reasons that the boys have issues about staying here and I have the same issues.
 This place has become to have more issues than we are happy with. Our dishwasher is horrible, the venti hood on the stove has stopped working and the landlord came to look at it and said he would be back and never came back. The bathroom tub had been resurfaced when we moved in but we cannot set bottles of shampoo or conditioner on the side of the tub because it will eat off the pain. So we are careful not to do that but I pulled up my shower mat a few months ago and it pulled up most of the paint in the bottom of the tub. I called to let them know but they didn't respond so that is another problem.

 But moving is not really ideal at the time because of the coronavirus. Also another thing is ... do I really want to unpack my things only to have to repack them again for a move?
 It is what it is. 

 I am going to have to get off of here and post this. It is now turning into a thunder and lightening storm... 

 Stay Safe and stay Home and stay Well... Love to all... BB

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Karyn gave us a coffee maker... This is one way we are staying busy...

 I am hoping that each and everyone of you are doing alright. I worry about everyone right now and everyday I am a little more scared than the day before if possible.
 I don't know who to believe anymore. Trump says all news is Fake News... The media says Blah Blah Blah… So I am believing the people that I follow and praying for everyone. 
 Please stay safe!! Please just a small comment to say you are safe and well please.

 Edna you and Pogo are in my thoughts and prayers. I have not been able to call because I have been having problems with my phone freezing up. 
 Nathan and Jonathan said last night that I am probably going to have to wipe it clean and that I am going to have to write down all important numbers because it needs to be set back to factory settings. I have had so much trouble with this phone freezing.

 RoseMarie I have been thinking of you and I hope that you got my message but if not I will say it again.. You and Your Family is just awesome. 
 Don't worry about your son hunkering down. He is just fighting right now for all of those that can't. I have each of you in my thoughts and prayers...

 Steve How Are YOU??? I will try and catch up on your blog as soon as I can. I can only read a little at a time and right now I am going to have to take a break from the computer. 
 It's not much fun trying to focus:(

 So what are you all doing during this time to stay busy? We are working on some much needed cleaning and rearranging. 
 My granddaughter Cathy has been such a big help to me.
 I took the photo this morning of the coffee machine that Karyn gave to us.
 We put it in my bedroom so when I get up before the house awakes I have my coffee close to me!
 Also Cathy and I have tea every day. I have wanted one of these machines for years and am so happy to have it.
 I have the tea and coffee on another stand but when I woke up this morning and saw how she had laid out everything for me I had a lump in my throat the size of Texas!

 This is some photos of my boys!!!

Coffee time with NaNa...This was taken one early morning... I had to play with these photos because they were so sweet...

 Then there is Cathy the toad girl and the CAT... LOL

Sometimes I just marvel how Stormy cuddles with her. Sleeping, playing together and funny how she can find frogs all the time. She actually seeks them out!

 Edna I made this for you with the help of Cathy. I tried to send it to you but I just couldn't see my phone and so Cathy tried to help me but I am not sure you ever got it and I just forgot about it... But this one is for you.

I actually think that we all forgot about St. Patrick's day until it was over lol. I think that we were all focused on other things and I was going thru some major changes with my eyes during March.

 Well I need to get off of here. I want to catch up on some blogs even if I just have to read one at a time! 
 I also need to make some phone calls so I will wish you a very happy and healthy Sunday and also stay in, follow social distancing and stay safe!
 Love to you all during this hard time... BB 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I will Forever LOVE You!

My darling Cisco,

 It has been 2 years Monday that my little Cisco left this earth and went to the Rainbow Bridge. But in my heart he still resides and we talk about him a lot. Especially my granddaughter Cathy and I.

 My heart is still so heavy. I miss him at my side, I miss talking to him and I miss so much about him but I think that I miss his eyes the most because those deep brown eyes knew my soul inside and out and I believe that I knew his.

 I am still having eye problems but wanted to update as much as I could. It is hard to type while wearing sunshades lol.
 I am not having more surgery for a few more weeks so hopefully I will be able to stop in more often...

 Take care friends... Stay in and stay well.... BB

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