Friday, December 27, 2019

The Ending Of 2019

The Tree before Santa comes.....

Santa still hasn't gotten to our house just yet. Just checking the tree out with the lights!

 I hope that everyone is well and had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Does anyone have plans for New Years Eve?

 We had a really nice Christmas. The kids had a blast with all of their presents and I had a blast watching them.

 I loved all of my gifts from Miss Edna and love watching the cat play in the little house that was supposed to be for Foxy but Stormy decided he wanted it.

 Oliver loves his treats and his puppy toy. Foxy has gotten to the point that she has accepted Oliver and Stormy. 
 Never thought that I would see the day where she wasn't attacking one of them. I guess she figures that they are not going anywhere and to be a better friend haha.

 I haven't been blogging because I only have one comfortable place to sit and be able to use my computer and that is at the kitchen table. It is a pain to shut down and restart my laptop all the time. 
 We want the kids to eat at the table. My laptop does not have a working battery so I just have to plug it into a wall outlet. 
 I tried to use it in the living room, but the coffee table is to low for me to sit comfortably. 
 Since Jonathan is working from home two and a half days a week he is using the only desk that we have. It was to high for me sit at comfortably anyway.
 I have been looking at thrift stores for a small desk or table that I can use. I haven't found anything just yet but I will keep looking.

 I am sorry this is so short because I have to take care of a few things. Maybe I will be able to come back in a little while and update this post... 
 I can't believe that I am having to leave after I am just now getting into blogging this blogpost... but until later I really do have to go... BB



Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Spirit 2019

Elegant Christmas kit by Rosie from our private group. Images from free site.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at my house. We have some secrets going on around here lol. I love this time of year and so far it is better than previous Christmas's. I think that it is because we have the kids with us for the first time in several years. That always makes it better!

 We are trying to decide where to put the tree. We moved the living room around, or I should say that Nathan did and where I had the tree last year will not be able to go there this year. 
 So we are thinking that we will move the chair more into the center of the room by the sofa and use the space where the chair is now.
 I want to go to the dollar store and get some new decorations for the tree. I also need to get some stockings and stocking stuffers. I am getting really excited!

 Oliver is in the house with me and laying by the patio door. I am letting him stay with me tonight. He is my buddy. 

My latest photo of Oliver.... excuse the debris in the back. I didn't crop this one.

 This isn't the best photo of Oliver but he is camera shy lol. He is such a sweet dog. I am very attached to him. He makes my heart smile and Foxy is doing better around him. She has learned for the most part to leave him alone and I am happy that she is.

 I also have a photo to share of my Christmas Cactus. This is the first time it has bloomed since I got it. This was a gift from my son Matthew almost 3 years ago.

I have it in a foil pan since I brought it inside. It doesn't like a lot of water and I have to repot it into a larger pot but I was afraid if I tried to repot it a couple of months ago that it wouldn't bloom. Anyway I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and the side of the pot broke off and I didn't have anything else handy and I figured since we were just going to throw the foil pan away I would use it so when I water it the water wouldn't make a mess. What ever works right? 
 In a couple of weeks after the blooms fade I will repot it. When I do I will take some cuttings to use in smaller pots for my friends Julie and Emily for a little Christmas gift. I already have the pots and soil. 

 Things have been crazy here. Jonathan had to go to the doctor and he tested positive for the flu. 
 Laurie now has it and she went to the doctor today. They both have different symptoms. 
 I really hope that I don't come down with it. I have been sick enough this past year and I have taken a lot of precautions trying to stay healthy.
 Having a compromised immune system sucks. 

 Back in 1982 I caught mono and it attacked my immune system. It also attacked all of my internal organs and since then my immune system has never recovered. 
 It didn't help that while I was recovering I found out I was pregnant with Jonathan and my doctors were very worried about him as well.
 I still don't think that I ever really recovered from that. I know that I use to have so much energy that I could run circles around everyone and still had lots to spare.
 Ha.. that vanished lol. My energy level never returned and I catch everything under the sun. So that is why I catch colds and illness's so much.

 After Christmas is over I am going to be planning for our Florida trip in March. I am so looking forward to spending some time with Miss Edna and Pogo and hopefully Audrey if she gets to come. 
 It will be just wonderful to see my sweet friend and to relax for 10 entire days and enjoy having a beautiful place to do so. 
 Last year I didn't take anything other than my laptop and tablet. I bought new clothes while I was there and mailed everything home so I didn't have to deal with luggage on top of everything else that I had to have with me like my walker and my carry on which is my laptop bag, medicines and personal items. 
 It cost less to mail the box home than what my suitcase would have cost so I will do that again this coming trip. 
 I took my walker and suitcase to Reno this year and that was such a pain in the butt let me tell you. And the airlines actually lost my walker and my suitcase. They went to Baltimore Maryland when I had to change planes in Las Vegas. It was supposed to have been a direct flight but we ended up having to change planes.

 It is getting late so I am going to close and try to get some sleep so I will chat with you all again soon... Hugs to all. Have a Blessed day... BB


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Out Of The Fog

Photo is from Google Free images.

Hello and Happy Wednesday,

 I am happy to say that I am feeling better other than a sore throat. I really hope that it goes away and stays away. 

 I want to Welcome TJ Davis. I really enjoyed reading about your family and how you grew up. It is really awesome to have come from such a large family. 
 Both of my parents came from large families. My grandmother (Maw) had 10 children. The first one was my Uncle Sam and he was born July 31, 1900 and my mother was the last of the children, the baby of the family and she was born July 31, 1925. They were 25 years apart. I just can't imagine.

 My dad too was from a very large family. He was the next to the youngest out of 22 children from 3 wives.
 I grew up hearing how his last wife poisoned him. Now that could just be a rumor, but he was a very mean man and from the stories told it was that the entire town was relieved that he was not with them anymore and the woman was never charged. If that story is true I don't actually know but remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes?
 Every time I see that movie I think of that man. I don't actually want to call him granddaddy lol.

 We have been having some beautiful foggy mornings. I love the way things come out of the fog. Trees with their ghostly branches and people walking in the misty shroud. It's something beautiful and it lingers...

 Thanksgiving dawned wet and damp, with a light drizzle in a very foggy morning. It stayed that way all day, and it was chilly out doors so it made staying in even better for a while. 
 When it finally stopped with the drizzle I bundled up the kids and took them outside.
 I was banned from the kitchen so it turned out to be a great day lol. I did help a little. I started the lime Jell-O salad and I made it different than I ever had.
 This recipe called for heavy cream and marshmallows. Where my original salad was more condensed, this one was light and fluffy and very delicious.

 I didn't make my Elote Salad. We had so much food that it was ridiculous. But it provided several meals that we didn't have to cook.

The main chefs... Karyn and David. You cannot see the bar where more food lined the counter space. Our kitchen is tiny so not a lot of room for people to actually help.

Matthew, Adrian, Damien watching something on tv.

Nathan kicking back. He was very tired. He worked in the yard the day before and was just resting. He had a good Thanksgiving as we made sure that almost everything was gluten free. I thought that I had photos of Laurie and Cathy but maybe I don't. I wanted a group picture but I gave up trying to get one. They are such scrooooooges… lol.

On the 23rd my great niece and her husband was blessed with a beautiful baby girl... 

Great Great Grandmother meets Jewelz Nicole. She is 4 days old. This next picture is of her is after GGGgrandmother got finished with her lol....

All of those lipstick kisses... Someone was stealing sugar from our little girl!
 She was very alert at birth. I love that she has all that dark hair. I really hope that she doesn't loose it. Both of her parents have thick dark hair so maybe hers will be nice and thick.

 She was born the day before my sister Linda's birthday. We was hoping that she would have waited just a little longer but she was in a hurry to meet the world. 

 I was outside in the fog when my sister called me and sent me a picture of the baby at birth. Linda wanted to be there so bad but she was really sick and so she stayed home and out of the way so she didn't expose anyone. 
 As Linda and I were talking I was watching the moon try to come out of the foggy night with the billowing clouds and the peek a boo images. It had warmed up some but the misty fog was still wet and damp. 
 It is burning off and leaving beautiful blue skies for the last 2 mornings. I am enjoying it...

 I better get off here. I have to get ready for yet another doctor appointment.... 

 Take care everyone and have a Blessed Day.... BB

Miss Edna

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