Sunday, February 9, 2020

Rainy Day Sunday

Me and My Papaw. I made this scrap page from kits of all sorts. Some from Rosie's Designs, Bellisima Designs and some from my older kits that came from our group several years ago. I love combining elements and have a Mod Podge look. Thank you for looking.
 This is my great niece Jewelz. She is just a little over two months. This is my sister Linda's  and her husband Darrell and Jewelz is their actually their Great Granddaughter. I just now realized my mistake! Oh well it is what it

 I know that it has been a little while since I have been here. Well I tried but the deck of cards were against me.
 Last Monday morning around 4:00 in the morning I awoke and felt like something was on my left eyelid. You know the little dried flakes that sometimes gets in your eyes when you first wake up. I didn't give it much thought other than it was annoying and it was dark. I didn't turn on the light I just took a drink of water and rubbed my eye and went back to sleep.
 I am not sure when I woke up the second time but I saw a huge black blob in my left eye. It really didn't concern me very much. I made my coffee and went outside where I talked to my son Matthew and I had to cut our conversation short. I could feel something in my eye by this time and I had never seen this before so I called Karyn to ask her if I should call my eye specialist. 
 She said No I will take you to the ER. and I will be there in a half hour.
 When she got here I told her that I would rather try to get in with my specialist and she said that if I couldn't get a appointment that we would go to the ER. I convinced her that would just be a waste of time because all they could really do is tell me that I needed to make an appointment with my doctor.
 So I called my Retina specialist and they gave me a appointment  for 12:30.
 Karyn and I took an Uber. She had loaned her car out to Laurie and David and she intercepted them and they picked her up and brought her here but they had to leave as they were supposed to be at David's doctor appointment as well. We were hard pressed for time! and we were going in different directions lol.

 It wasn't to long before they called me back for my first set of pictures of my eyes. My doctor ordered photos on both eyes. These tests are very important because it shows the eye before and after type of photos. It also shows him where he needs to do an injection if needed.
  I had the first set done and then waited forever or what felt forever for the second set. I don't know if the doctor had to look at the first set or not because I was called back for the contrast photos. They put this dye in a small butterfly IV and I wait for 10 minutes and then do the second set.
 A half hour after that I was called back and they dilated my eyes, put some numbing drops in and moved me to a darker room where I waited again. I couldn't see either. I have never had problems with dilation before but now every time they do it I cannot see diddly... And it does not wear off fast either like some people have told me. I have to sleep mine off lol.
 I knew I would have to wait because they are so busy and they were great about getting me worked in but I can honestly say that it is always a long wait but that is how busy they are. Only once I was lucky to get in and out in a reasonable time and I am also assuming that another reason for the wait is for the tests to be read. I think that they have someone else read the photos first before my doctor gets them. Again I am just guessing.

 Anyway the doc comes in and tells me that I had a really bad bleed in the back of my eye and that they were going to have to do an injection. 
 Oh wow that hurts so bad and really the numbing drops do not  work on me. They do special things with my eye. They use different numbing agents and that takes time before they use what we refer to as A Stick In The Eye. It truly is a stick in the eye. They put a clean stick with a sponge on the end of it, dip it into some other kind of numbing agent and stick it in my eye for at least 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes a little longer.
 Well darn I thought. I told Karyn I need my pain pills. I took it too! 
 Well after the injection my doctor and I had quiet the talk. It seems that this bleed is not going to heal very easily. I have to have laser surgery on it this coming Wednesday. 
 I have had it before and it is uncomfortable. But it is usually fast. Well depending on what he is going to do.

 I have another blood vessel in the back of my eye that is not looking so good. It is swollen and the eye injection didn't help it because the one I had was to stop the bleeding and with all of the blood in my eye they couldn't really see the area for an injection. 
Hopefully when I go back they will be able to see it better but in the meantime....

 This is sad to write and even sadder still when I called Miss Edna to tell her that I may not can fly to Florida. If I did I could aggravate the blood vessel causing it to rupture.
 Even tho cabin pressure is amazing these days he still doesn't want me to take that chance.
 The big black blob is still in my eye and my specialist said that my body has to absorb the blood on it's own. That can be a month or two. I will know Wednesday if I can go to Florida or not. 
 It makes me very disoriented and dizzy at times. I am still having to wear my sunshades a lot.
 So my people... This is why I haven't been blogging. I can't see well. I need the light on to type and the light I need to use to see the computer and the light from the computer it really hurts.
 The eye patches cause my eye to itch like crazy. The good news is I can take them off usually 12 to 24 hours. I only wear them now when I have to go somewhere or at night. 

 It has taken me most of the day to type this blog post. I haven't been able to read many blog posts but I will catch up as soon as I can. 

 I had so many other things to blog about but it is time for me to get up and make my dinner. 

 I will talk to you all soon. In the mean time... Take care of yourself!!! BB

Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Sun Is Shining

Kit : Circle Of Friends. Free kit from Private Group...

Hello and Happy Saturday,
 The sun is shining and for that I welcome it. Today is a bitter sweet day. My kids are packing up and if all goes well they will leave for California.
 This is hard for me but I know that they have to do what they have to do for their family. So while the sun is shining I am going to smile thru my tears.

 My neighbor Emily was called for a commercial. They wanted an athlete in a wheelchair so we are rooting for her. The kids totally wore Maple out today. They tossed the ball to her at least a hundred times today and it was so funny. Kids, Maple and the ball went flying while we chatted.
 Then Julie came out and we all chatted some more. I noticed Julie's water hose was missing so I asked her if she had come and taken it and she was like... No and I said Well somebody must have taken it.
 They left the kids car seats but taken the water hose. Isn't that crazy?

 I apologize for such a short post but I am totally exhausted so I am going to get something quick to eat and lay down. My hands are shaking so I better check my sugar and quick...

 Have a fantastic day and I will be back soon...BB 

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