Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday Blues... Maybe Not!

Another photo from Photo Lab….. My little Foxy. I have the perfect kit to use this photo with.

 Would you look at my little Foxy laying up on my pillows like a Diva!!! Isn't she just beautiful? I just love my little girl. She's so sweet as long as attention is focused on her.

 So What I have been up too? Not much and everything. In between my neck hurting and the medication I have been yawning my way thru the days. I am so sleepy but I can't rest at night and I can't afford to nap during the day so when my body knocks out I am down and out for a long time. Up long enough for breakfast and insulin and morning meds and sleep again. It's not an ideal situation but I really just do the best I can and hope for the best all around.

I finished my book and it was so good. It lost it's funny part when it started getting serious but it did have a pretty good ending. I wish it had a different ending but I am not the author, just the reader. Still it ended alright but just not the way I was hoping. Oh Well.

 This afternoon Nathan came to my room and said "Mama come quick" so I jumped up and followed him and he opened the patio curtains and door... Rain... Beautiful rain... Oh and it was so pretty with these huge white and  dark bluish gray puffy clouds with the sun light shining thru leaving the clouds looking misty and silver and the rain drops a darker color... and the sound... it was hitting the metal awning. Music to my ears.
 I know why he said come quick because soon it was over. Now all that is left is the sticky mugginess. But for a brief 10 minutes it was beautiful and all of the plants and critters were able to have a drink.

 We almost missed garbage night so I went into the kitchen to refill my glass and seen it and said... "Garbage night" so the boys bustled to it and got it out. Yay for them. It wasn't much but I like to get it out all of the time and not miss a night. I can't share my house with little critters of the yuck kind. No thank you.

 Karyn isn't feeling well and I worry about her. I wish that she would go for a check up but since she isn't due for her yearly until November she doesn't want to pay the huge co-pay for an office visit. If it is an emergency they will only charge her a small co-pay but I want her to get in for a regular check up. She is always sick to her stomach. I wonder if this dang job she is doing isn't giving her an ulcer. So much stress related. 

 My sister and I had our mammograms done a day apart. Both of ours came back abnormal and we both had to go in for more testing. Mine came back alright but not hers. They got her right in for a biopsy and thankfully it was benign It was the same breast that she had cancer in 14 years ago so we were worried and really relieved when it came back nothing to worry about. We have so much cervical and breast cancer on our side of the family so we take care of our yearly check ups and screenings. It is important to do that for yourself and FIGHT with your doctors if they try and talk you out of it. My sister is 73 and she refused to listen to her doctor 2 years ago tell her she didn't have to have them done anymore. Just goes to show you that they found something and it turned out alright but it could have turned out badly as well.

 Well even this short time has started my neck to hurt so I am going to close. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow. I don't have anything to do..... Take care of yourself... BB

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Rest In Peace Senator John McCain 8-25-18

A personal kit from my friend Rosie for our members of our group called Citrus Fresh

It is a sad day. Yesterday evening I was resting when my phone went off with a Breaking news story and when I looked and it said Sen. John McCain I knew. In my heart I didn't even click on the story for long minutes. I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 
 A few days ago the news said that he was discontinuing his medical treatment and so I expected that he would enter hospice so this news, well I found it so very sad. 
 I don't keep up with all of the Senators and Politicians but I did follow John McCain. 

 I haven't been to bed all night. I think that I was over tired yesterday. We were busy really all day. Jonathan and Nathan started tearing our house apart cleaning. Yes I was shocked too lol.
 Nathan pulled his sleeping area apart, dusted, wiped down furniture, swept and rearranged the living room plus he did the dishes and pulled everything off of the bar so I could scrub it down really well. He also did the pantry.
 While he was doing all of this Jonathan said he was doing laundry. All of our bedding was stripped off the beds, and we washed everything. I was glad that I was home with Nathan.
 Jonathan has a certain way to do laundry and it is not my way so I left it to him and Nathan and I did our own thing lol.

 I took a break and called Miss Edna but perhaps she was outside or had gone somewhere. I am not sure but she might have had other plans and I not remember them. I swear I cannot remember anything these days. But when my break was over I got busy with other things.
 Karyn stopped by to get her bathing suit that she left over here and she had friends coming over and everyone was going to the pool. She invited me to go down but I had finally finished everything that I needed to do and I knew that Jonathan would be back with our laundry and I wanted to get mine put away and my bed made up so I said I might join her later on but I didn't. By the time that I got my laundry put away and my bed made it was time for me to have dinner which Nathan had cooked earlier in the day and we just heated our own plates up and ate when we wanted to. 
 Jonathan put the food up and my neck was starting to hurt so he put some cream on my neck and I turned off the ringer on my phone and laid down and just read for a while.

 Oh my book is so darn cute that I am giggling my hiney off. I will give you a glimpse of it.
 This woman Mojo was married to this guy that was a very big jerk. Rick and handsome of course with a mother that was the mother in law from hell. He was killed in a car wreck with his girlfriend and a couple of years later while she is sleeping she hears his voice and opened her eyes to find him sprawled out beside her. Of course she is freaking out. Doubting her sanity and when her cat appeared who had been killed when she was 4 years old she couldn't believe it. No one can see or hear them but her. And to make a weird situation even more crazy and to her utter disappointment neither the ex-husband or the cat can stay. Right now they are stuck in limbo until she forgives him. He is really trying hard to make things right but she doesn't have time to work on forgiving him as she has a killer tracking her every movements, an uncle she hadn't seen since she was a little girl is a big wealthy Senator and he tracked her down and she is asking all of these questions about her parents that her half brother killed along with her cat who is out of prison and she thinks that he is out to kill her.
 Her boyfriend is an under cover cop and he thinks she is on drugs since she is acting really crazy with putting cat food and water out for the cat and then she bought a litter box and litter and he is like... why the cat food and litter box for a cat that you don't have?
 Her boyfriend is really concerned but she has other problems as well. Her memory is returning from when he parents were killed and her foster sister and best friend are going crazy with issues of their own.
 It's just a cute cute book because some of the things she does and says is just so human. I can see what she is thinking is something I would think too.... lol.
 I am not quiet halfway yet. I took this book to Florida with me this past spring but only managed to read about 4 pages. I would fall asleep every time I tried to read it. I have finished all of my other books so I actually found this one in my bookshelf. I was looking for another book when I found this one and I thought... Hmm I forgot about it so I started reading it. Here is the front cover.


 Oh it is written in the first person so to me it makes it even better! 

 I had several days where I was lucky if I could make it out of bed. A stomach virus made the rounds here and I had it twice. Jonathan started off the first round and Karyn started off the second round. 
 My neck and shoulder has really been giving me a hard time. I will be having injections at the trigger points. Not the neck it's self. And not deep injections. Just a little injection right in the office. The other procedure is done in an out patient clinic but this isn't as it is not that invasive. But I really have to do something.
 Just wiping down the counters today I was stretching with my right arm and felt it pulling and starting to throb. It was all that I could do to make my page a little while ago. 
 My doctor asked me what my pillow was like and I started thinking that mine really isn't helping. I remember Miss Edna bought a new pillow and I may can remember to ask her about it and get the information and order a couple. It can't hurt right? Right.

  Well I am going to go to bed now. I am yawning so I can probably rest. It is 8:20 am and my coffee cup is empty so I have had my fill so far. If I drink more then I will be running to the bathroom instead of sleeping. 

 Have a wonderful Sunday and take care.... BB

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Egg Salad Hump Day

My handsome boy Matthew.....

Good Morning,
 I decided that I had better get my butt over and blog so here I am. Right now I have my coffee and I have some eggs boiling to make some egg salad. I decided to make it on a whim because the idea of scrambled eggs or poached just didn't appeal to me but then I thought egg salad and that was that. I will enjoy that for my breakfast.

 Yesterday was horrible. By the time that it was over I was mentally and physically exhausted. I cannot remember the last time that I felt like that. I have been mentally and physically tired before but not like yesterday. Plus I was upset and that didn't help.

 I called my primary care doctor last week to set a appointment up for my daughter Karyn to have her and Jonathan's FMLA  (Family Medical Leave Act) paperwork done as they have to do it every year.
 When I made the appointment the lady asked me what it was for, was I sick or another reason. I told her it was for the FMLA paperwork to be filled out.

 I have an appointment on Friday. Well we got there and the nurse said "Where are your meds and blood sugar logs"? I told her that this appointment wasn't for me but for Karyn and why and she said "Well it looks like this appointment is to go over your blood sugar labs".
 I told her that I had done that on my last visit and my next visit is for diabetic foot care.
 She took us to the room and another nurse came in and said she would take over and she said "Her blood pressure is high but she just had coffee" and I said "No I hadn't. I made a cup of coffee but it's too hot to drink as I was making it when you called us back".
 I felt she was rude and I was irritated.

 The doctor finally comes in and said "I need your blood sugar logs and to see your medication. Why didn't you bring it as it is a requirement".
 I did not care for her tone at all. 
 "I told her because this is not an appointment for me but for my daughter and FMLA paperwork and that I was coming in to see Katie on Friday for foot care. 
 She shook her head and said that it was to go over my blood sugar log and labs and medication.
 I looked at her and said "Don't you remember that we did that at my last visit 2 weeks ago"?
 It is too much to go into all of it but she insisted:

1. I did not have an appointment scheduled on Friday so I felt like she was calling me a liar!

2. She insisted that she had never met my children before and Karyn said I was with her when she had the reaction to the medication that you gave her and I have been several times with my mom. She couldn't place Jonathan ever coming with me.

3. She said that millions of people have diabetes and they don't need FMLA paper work.
 Karyn told her that she agreed but I have more than one serious issue and that added to it I suffered from complications of Diabetes.
 She told Karyn that all of the paperwork was not there and Karyn told her it was front and back.

 She said she would have to think about it and needed more documentation.
 4. Karyn said "We have been coming to this clinic for 4 years and I have never had an issue getting FMLA paperwork filled out. Look back at my mother's file and note where the 2 previous doctors signed it and read their assessment. 
 Guess what? She found one but not the other.... It was missing from my file. So Karyn called Jonathan and he used his break to go upstairs and get a copy from his file and faxed her a copy. 

5. She accused me of wasting her time for not bringing my logs and meds and Karyn for wasting her time without all of the paperwork.

 I have seen Karyn mad before but I have never seen my girl this mad. We left and have to go back on Friday "For My Appointment" and I said we already had my follow up. Why do I have to do it again. I am supposed to be getting foot care on Friday!
 She said I would have to reschedule that appointment and Karyn said No we are not rescheduling. She accused me of not having an appointment on Friday. 

 We came home and Karyn called into work. She then got on the computer and she started a letter of documentation. 
 Then she pulled up Legislation on the FMLA Act and high lighted key parts to it where it stated a number of illness's I had that  made her and Jonathan eligible for FMLA.

 She put me to work too. I was on the phone having every appointment I have had from January 2018 to August 14th 2018 emailed to us. Same thing with  the hospital. (That occurred because she said that she didn't see in my chart where I had ever been to the hospital in 2018).  

 So I had to take a break and make my egg salad and she called me. She was faxing her letter.... Actually it is not a letter it is just a lot of documentation and her views on the visit yesterday.

There was more but I can't remember it all. She did not go home until 9:00 last night. She searched and found what she was looking for and when she was done she came and gave me a good night kiss. and she and Foxy went home.

 But I was so tired mentally from one phone call to the next lol. So then I took myself to bed.

 My egg salad sandwich was so delicious I think I will have another... Take care and be safe... BB

Sunday, August 12, 2018

More Rain For Us

An older page I had stored on a private site.

 I won't keep you as long today as I did yesterday. I am sleepy as a cat but the house is quiet. I awoke thirsty so I decided to get a drink and remembered I forgot to blog today so I thought that I would before I go back to bed. I don't want to start missing again and so I am here at the pc until my eyes get to droopy to stay open lol.

 We had the most wonderful thunderstorms today. The rumble of the thunder and the lightening was just brilliant. It was so white that it lit my room several times. 
 I love the sound of thunder and rain. I always have. It must be the nature in me that loves it so much. Now if there are tornados and straight line winds associated with the storms I find myself not liking them so much, but yes I do indeed love a good old fashioned thunderstorm.
 We had almost 3 inches today! Our lakes were low and the dry grounds, trees and flowers and the wildlife will have loved cooling off and having a lot of water puddles to quench their thirst too.

 I really didn't do that much today. Chatted on the phone for awhile and decided to go ahead and get my kitchen clean.
 I have to call the office tomorrow and have them send someone out. I found a bad leak under my kitchen sink. It is coming from the garbage disposal. I put a pan under there to catch the stream of water pouring when water is in the sink or the dishwasher is going. I hope that they can come and fix it fairly early because I want to clean out the fridge and wash up the dishes in there. I really need to have one of the boys pull the stove and fridge out so I can sweep and mop back there. It has been about 3 or 4 months since I have done it and it is time for it to be taken care of again.

 And also my bathroom sink is getting slow to drain as well as my tub. I am sure it is from all of the hair that Karyn and I shed and Jonathan used my bathroom when I was taking care of Mr. Ken and his hair is getting long too. That way he and Nathan could get dressed and out the door as both had the use of 2 bathrooms instead of one.

 Karyn and Foxy went home for the weekend. I will get my girl back tomorrow. My girls I should say.
 Miss Foxy has wound herself around my heart and has me wrapped around her little paw! Just those adorable brown eyes are so beautiful when she looks at me like she is starving. I do give her a tiny bit of treats but not much. She was not raised on treats and they don't agree with her and it is odd but she will have the worse breath ever from people food. So she gets doggie treats and every great once in awhile she will get a bite of something. She had a couple of pieces of popcorn the other day. Mostly she just played with it. 

 Well I am going to bid you a good night on my end. These eyes are wanting to sleep so I am heading back to my bed... Take care and have a wonderful Monday.... BB


Rain Rain (Ohhh YES)

Another page for Linda's Day Planner.

 It has been a nice few days and today we had almost 3 inches of rain and it really cooled us off. 
 We have had triple digit heat for so long that I have forgotten what it is like to be able to sit outside and just enjoy the outside natural air. But I made up for that this evening with my daughter Karyn. 
 It was so nice and tonight it is still raining and the temps have dropped down to... (Drum Roll)…. 77 degrees..... It was and is awesome.

 Well fighting with Blogger hasn't been easy but at least I think that I have it fixed. For now anyway. I sure hope so because it is so frustrating not to be able to get in and blog.
 I have planned a couple of days to blog but a series of events have kept me from it and today the thunderstorms brought large strikes of lightening so I had to shut down my computer and unplug. People say "Oh you don't have to go to all that trouble" but I will keep shutting down unless said people would like to buy me a new one. 
 I lost a brand new computer during a thunderstorm. We lost power and my computer crashed never to be the same even under warranty and repaired it was never the same and it was less than a week old. So the lady that came to repair it told me to be safe if there are thunderstorms in the area just to shut down and unplug. So I do.

 Karyn and I are looking for a new place to live. She and I talked about it and we were looking at this double wide but we have changed our mind on it. It would have been nice but we want to save money and by the time that we pay the down payment, taxes, insurance and lot rent plus the house payment we might find ourselves struggling so we are looking at other options. 
 She also looked over her current lease and had signed a 13 month lease so that means she is in her apartment until the last of January. Not December like she thought. That buys us a little more time because we want this move to be a good one. 
 I will wait until the first of the year to get my Therapy Dog letter from my doctor because it has to be current year to year. I am glad that I talked to my doctor about it. She is delighted to write the letter for me so I will not have to come up with a deposit. YAY!!!
 I have had Foxy and she and I have just cuddled and loved up on one another morning till night lol. I do believe that she is becoming more spoiled by the hour.
 Today she was shivering from the thunderstorms so I got out Cisco's thunder jacket and tried to wrap her in it but it was too big for her. So I got out his baby blanket and wrapped her tight in it. It did the trick and she was a happy camper and then we laid down and had a nap. Mine was much shorter than hers. She snoozed while I ended up reading.

 Karyn came to wake me up and found me awake. She and I decided to go out and have an appetizer and Peach Margarita's. We invited Jonathan but he declined to join us. 
 I am a very hot natured person so I wore slacks and a short sleeved top. The place we went to was like an ice berg. By the time that we got our food ordered we were freezing. I was shivering and said we should go outside. It was very wet out as the outside seating is under a pergola and she got some towels and wiped down our table and chairs and so we ate our taco's and drank our Margarita's outside. We wouldn't have left when we did but it started to rain again so we decided to go before we got soaked. I left my phone at home but I borrowed some photos from the internet to share...

This was soooooooo good.....

And this was soooooo delicious...…………

There is just something about peaches and East Texas peaches are the best in the world. I might be a tad bias but I do love a plump juicy ripe East Texas peach. 
 From the peach its 'self to peach ice cream, pie and cobbler my taste buds are in heaven... 
 The tacos were great too. She loves hot and spicy and I do zero heat and spice. I have to because I don't want to aggravate the stomach ulcer. I don't miss it tho. I enjoy the flavor of the meal or appetizer better than trying to cool off the burned taste buds lol. 

 I have something else I want to share and I really hope that you enjoy it and that it brings back some great memories for you.
 I have had a love affair with music all of my life. Some songs are just my favorite and these are really two that I will never get tired of and it brings back a lot of memories.
 When I was growing up we lived in a city that was zoned really strange. Instead of being able to go to the school near us we were bussed to a town about 20 or 25 miles away. 
 That meant we (my sisters and I) were up at 5:00 in the morning. We had morning chores to do. Make our beds, get dressed, have breakfast, clear the table and help clean the kitchen, feed the animals and get everything ready to get out the door and to the bus stop by 6:15.
 On the way to school we would spend the ride with all of the other kids and sing. This is what we sang every morning to and from... 2 songs.... Here they are...


 I really hope these bring back a couple of great memories for you....

 Now I did a bit of searching as American Pie had always had me wondering and it turns out a lot of others wondering what the lyrics meant or if they had any significant meaning to them. It turns out that yes it does.....

 A couple of weeks ago there was an article in the newspaper where Don McLean had sold the original manuscript of music. He received a whopping 1.2 million dollars for the 16 pages of music and lyrics.
 I found the article fascinating and in it they asked a few questions so I will try to the best of my memory and notes I jotted down to what the article said to fill you in. Perhaps I can find the original article post tomorrow.

 The eight and a half minutes details the state of America at the time. The day the music died was a tribute to the tragedy of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P Richardson AKA (The Big Bopper)….

 They chartered a plane from Clear Lake Iowa February 3rd, 1959 to Fargo North Dakota.
 Buddy Holly was tired of traveling the Midwest in dirty clothes and only wanted to find a washing machine to do his laundry lol.
 Waylon Jennings was an up and coming country music star and he gave up his seat to Buddy Holly. 
 Tragically the pilot was inexperienced in flying in bad weather and not certified to do so and it was very bad weather at the time. The crash killed all on board the flight. 
 Buddy Holly was just 22 years old at the time and Ritchie Valens just 17. It didn't mention the age of The Big Bopper at the time. 

 Don McLean didn't write American Pie until thirteen years later. 

 The lyrics speak of a jester, king, queen, good old boys drinking whiskey and rye, and references Miss American Pie herself as a reference to real people. 
 We already spoke of the ones that were killed which was a part of the actual inspiration of the song. Side Note (The actual words of Good Old Boys drinking whiskey and rye is ACTUALLY whiskey IN rye....).

 Here are a few other characters that were also referenced.... Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, (John Lennon), The Fab Four, The Byrds, James Dean, Charles Manson, the Rolling Stones.

 The widowed bride Jackie Kennedy and (The Vietnam War). The stage is the world stage, all of the news in papers and tv were of the Vietnam war, many soldiers killed, the protests and the deaths.

 The state of the world was changing. It was a farewell to the fifties and sixty's. The ideals of the 1960's turned into cynicism of the 70's. Bob Dylan was also waxing poetic in a way of his own but Don McLean put the words of counter culture into a more mainstream way that allowed the listeners to be able to understand better.

 So this is all that I have for now. I had asked a lot of people before... "What do you think the lyrics mean"? I have also received a lot of answers but one or two of them I actually had right. 

Oh and one more thing.... There is a part in there talking about the court room was adjourned, …. That is reference to the stones... Mick Jagger and another, his name escapes me at the moment... brain fog I suppose... but they were they were busted for smoking a marijuana joint and sentenced to a really long long time to prison. They actually only spent one day before the charges were dropped and they were released. 

 I know that your in love with him I saw you dancing in the gym, you both kicked off your shoes... another reference to the idealistic times of the 50's with the sock hops.

 He did say that he had written some of the lyrics to be interpreted to the listeners own interpretation because it left a feeling of ambiguity. 

 Good night and I hope that you found this as interesting as I did..... BB

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why Does Blogger HATE Me????

How about feeling like a sad clown???

 Blogger Hates Me!!!!

 I know this because I have worked for the last 2 hours trying to get back into my blog.
 I was accused of posting "Porn" on my old blog. Now those that know me know that I DID NOT.... I would never post nasty stuff on my blog but there you have it so they terminated my account.
 So I made another and things have rolled along nicely for a while and now my old blog appears to be back online!
 I don't know how it happened but in doing so it has not been letting me back on to my current one. I hope that I have it fixed now but who knows for sure.
 In addition to fighting to get back into my blog I have been sick today. Not sick as in a cold or a virus or anything like that but sick as in A Fibromyalgia Attack.
 I hurt from my head to my toenails. Meds have not helped me today at all. I thought something was up yesterday but thought if I tried to ignore it perhaps I would be able to dodge it but it didn't happen.
 I stayed in bed all day. Finally with the help of my daughter I was able to get a shower and she and her sweet hands put cream onto my back and shoulders and my boys went to Chick-Fil-A and brought me a bowl of soup. I was so surprised and thanked them both multiple times for their thoughtfulness. 

 I have been planning on doing a few things different with my blog to perhaps spice it up but it will have to wait until my next post as I am not feeling well enough tonight to blog what I had planned.
 I really don't know why I don't have followers. It really discourages me to be writing to myself. I shouldn't care because my blog is for me but still I don't understand. I have it set on public but other than my sweet friend Edna and sometimes one other that is all that I have coming in.

 Enough Whining... 

 I am mentally exhausted from doing nothing today I guess. I did enjoy my shower. It was the one thing that I had looked forward to doing today. Actually the only thing really. 
 I just tried to sleep and I did manage a few cat naps so to speak. I had some crazy mini dreams too. It is really strange how when I am not feeling my best that these dreams come to me. I have no idea where they originate from.
 One that I remember was a doozy. I was living on a Naval Base in Hawaii and trying to get rid of a ghost. 

 We were promised rain but I guess that some promises are meant to be broken and so far that one was. No rain for us. I was really hoping that we would have a good soaking rain and cooler temps to go with it. 
 Yesterday was really hot. 
 Matthew picked me up yesterday and we went over to the library and I picked up a couple of books then we rode around downtown and then picked Jonathan up from a meeting he had to downtown for and then we went out to eat.
 I had chosen Applebee's but traffic was so bad that Jonathan suggested our little Mexican place and I said yes to that but traffic was so bad that we couldn't get over for our exit so he named another that was easier to get to so we went there. 
 The food did not agree with any of us. This is a world famous place and we have always loved the food, but it was really off yesterday. Matthew barely touched his.
 Jonathan and I brought most of ours home and this morning he was feeling sick to his stomach and I had knots in mine even tho I chose something light, it still didn't agree with me.
 I think that the chicken soup I had tonight was the best choice for me. I think that tomorrow I will put some things in the slow cooker and make some soup. Jonathan said that it sounded good to him as well. 

 Nathan goes back to work tomorrow (Thursday) and Karyn is working the rest of the week at the office so I will be home alone tomorrow. I have tons of things I need to do. Mainly I need to make some travel reservations for a few doctor appointments and I have one coming up in November that I need to see if I can get moved up and I am trying to help my friend Tena with her situation. She is really having a hard time of it right now. So I will make a couple of calls for her and contact a few other people to see if I can help her get some legal help. Poor thing fell and busted her head open. I was under the impression that she fell while drying off after a shower which she did but she told me tonight that she is also blacking out and she doesn't remember if she blacked out and fell while drying off or if she just got dizzy and fell. She is going to see a neurosurgeon tomorrow for a brain scan. The ER doctor said that she could be having mini strokes due to her brain injury.
 She was kicked in the head 23 years ago by a horse and has had a lot of re-learning to do.

 I am going to bed now. It is late and I don't want to sleep to much tomorrow. I want to get up at a decent time and get my calls over and done with and spend some time with a good book!

 Take care and I hope to be back soon without having to have another battle with Blogger.... BB



Thursday, August 2, 2018

It's Been Awhile

I love being a girl.... that is the name of the kit that I used. It is one of Patsy's new ones and she sent it to me. I will have to make sure that the kit is in the store before I post links to it but she said I could go ahead and put the page I made onto my blog so I am doing just that.

 I know that it has been a long time since I have been blogging. I almost didn't keep my promise to Miss Edna tonight. I said I would blog but we had someone to hit a Transformer and we were sitting in the dark for a long time.
 I was yawning my head off and wanted to just go to bed but a promise is a promise so I am trying to keep it. 

 I really haven't had anything to blog about other than a few doctor appointments and the heat! It is so hot and sticky. We have had several days over 110 degrees and then add the humidity in on top of that and we have had Miserable!!!! In triple digits. 

 We need rain and a lot of it. The trees are turning brown and losing their leaves due to lack of water. The lakes are down and the ground is splitting in a lot of areas so we really need the moisture. 

 I have been working on my sister's planner. I am getting all of the pages organized and put into the binder. I will make a few more pages but for the most part it is pretty much ready. It has kept me busy.

 I have had Miss Foxy. She is such a diva. Jonathan said tonight when he came into my room and she was perched up on top of my pillows like a little Princess, he said "Wow look at her on her Throne" lol. It fit her. She is such a cutie. 
 Joe is with his mother so Karyn has been here with me. She went home last night but heard noises so Nathan walked over and walked back here with her and she slept here. I am sure that she was just hearing the normal sounds of the apartment. And I had Foxy so she was alone. But it is good to have here with me too. 

 I played with a program on my phone last night and did up some photos of my grand kids and Miss Edna.
 I will share them and then go to bed. I can't stop yawning so maybe I will be able to sleep....

I really like this one... 

This has sparkles on it. I think that it is such a pretty fantasy photo.

Another of my favorite.... I am using the same photo as that is what came up in my phone. I need new pictures but this is one I took in Florida so it worked.

I really love this one. I was going to try and make a scrap page of this photo tonight but with the electricity out I ran out of time. 
 Now for the last one.
 I call this Miss Edna on Safari.... LOL

I will say goodnight now. Have a wonderful evening and I will be back soon. It is time that I start blogging again... BB

Miss Edna

 Hey,  Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as...