Sunday, May 23, 2021

Rain Snow And Birthdays!

 Happy Birthday Caleb!

 So Friday was Caleb's birthday. Caleb is Courtney's younger brother and we gave him a small birthday party. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. Courtney, Celeste, Caleb and his young son Braden was the only ones here Friday night so they finished the birthday party tonight.

 I wasn't feeling well so I was in my room sleeping but I had to get up and go to the bathroom and Caleb had already gone home because he had to get ready for work but Bryan, Megan and the kids were still here and they took Celeste home with them to spend the night. 

 But here are some highlights from Friday night.

Courtney is going to send me some more pics tomorrow of Caleb and everyone. I gave him my present early because he was supposed to have friends come but at the last minute they had to cancel and I wanted him to have his gift from me in private because of the nature of the gift. It might not have been appropriate in front of people I didn't know but he got a kick out of it and when I said that he could take it home early he smiled and I got an extra hug for that alone! I got him some edible Sour Appletini gummies and a couple more type of edibles to go with it.

 Bryan and I went to the dollar tree so I could get him a card and I picked one up for Karyn since her birthday is June 9th and I will get Jonathan one next week and get them mailed out and we also have Bryan and Megan's daughter Lily's birthday on June 6th Caleb's little boy Braden will be 2 June 12th and Father's day is coming up. So it is all going to be a busy June.

 We are going to be so busy next week. We have the apartment building to come and do a pest control bombing and spraying on our apartment. We have to move all of the furniture 3 feet from the wall and some of the furniture is to heavy to move. We are going to pack up a lot of things and put in storage to make room for things that we want to keep but we need the room for other things. Dishes that we are not using at the moment, clothes and toys that Celeste can't wear anymore or are still too big because her mom is smart and buys things an extra size larger so she can grow into them and toys that she wants to keep or toys that just cost too much money to get rid of at the moment. 

 I have some things that I can put into storage as well. Karyn is bringing some more of my things when she comes to visit so it will be nice to have some extra room and we are seeing bugs that are coming in and up thru the sinks and bathtub drains so we want to make sure that we get rid of them while we can. We are seeing them in the oddest places. I told Courtney where we see one then there are 50 we are not seeing. UGH... but one good thing is that we just called the office and reported it and they put us on the monthly schedule and they sent us a reminder notice that they will be here to spray and set off the bug bombs on Thursday.

 So on Thursday I had a appointment for a echocardiogram and I hit it off with my Taxi cab driver. He was listening to a great radio station and so I took my notebook out of my purse to jot down the station and I guess that I took my phone out as well.

 Long story short, my insurance did not cover the echocardiogram at the location that I was at so I had to be rescheduled to have it done out at the hospital. I was a bit aggravated and then I was in a panic because I couldn't find my phone.

 I must have taken it out when I pulled out my notepad. The sweet lady at the front desk contacted the taxi company and I explained to her that I had to have left it in his taxi. She contacted him and he came back to pick me up and yes he had my phone. 

 This is the second time I have done this so today when Courtney stopped in at The Home Depot to get some plastic bins with lids she found me the neatest thing. Ir is a phone tether. It attaches to the back of my phone and then hooks onto a loop on the strap on my purse or jeans, jackets or even to my wrist.

 She was like.. "I'm not saying you can't keep track of your phone, but... " 

 I was happy to have it. Funny thing is that her sister lost her phone today and I told her to go back tomorrow to get her sister one of these because she has lost her phone twice this year as well. She will be coming up with Courtney's mom in June so it will be a perfect little gift for her as well!

 Well this is about all of the news that I have for now so I am going to close and go to bed. I have to help Courtney tomorrow and I also have paperwork to file and then I have to get ready for a new week with appointments. In the meantime everyone, please stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead... Hugs to all... BB


Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Little News


My grandson Damien and I at naptime back when they were living with us in Texas, He and I always had story time and naptime together, I sure miss him...

 I Updated my post  Tuesday so please go back and read that post. Hugs to all and be safe,,, BB

Tuesday, May 18, 2021




 This morning is fast leaving and lunch time is creeping up slowly. It is ok I guess. I am still not able to eat much at all but I did get my Bragg's apple cider vinegar late yesterday from Amazon and I had my first tsp in a little Pedialyte this morning. My stomach is still not doing feeling well and I had some soup last night and sad to say that I lost it about an hour later but one thing good happened  and that was that was I was able to sleep all night last night.

 I said goodnight to Matthew and I was afraid that he would be gone if I awoke during the night and of course when I got up this morning he was gone. I knew that he had to be at the shipper early this morning and he is heading to Portland Oregon and he is going to be heading into that winter storm so I called him and we chatted until he had to get off the phone and get ready to be loaded. He is hauling cases of water this trip. He brought in a shipment of Coke products Sunday. 

 So I am not sure what happened with my last post but it did not publish all of it. I have had that happen before but usually the entire post is lost, not just part of it but it is what it is and I also have some new notifications. As long as I can post then I am happy for the most part.

 We have been looking at houses but so far they are way out of our price range and Courtney contacted the office to see if any 3 bedrooms are coming open for rent where we are and there is one that might be coming open the end of June and it is on the first floor.

 I am having problems navigating the stairs. They are a beast for me and each time I have to use them I feel horrible pains in my legs and walking is extremely difficult.

 What I will miss about where I am now is the awesome view of the mountains from the balcony and the cool breezes late evenings and mornings. We have direct sunlight and a metal door and it is so hot that when we have to go in or out the heat sucks the breath right out of you. 

This isn't a great photo but Saturday we had snow on the mountains. This is actually Lake Tahoe from our balcony.

Packing will be hard and it is going to be a bit of a financial crunch, I think that it is so sad that apartments don't want to work with disabled people. I guess that if they rent to you at all then we should be lucky. I know that in Austin we were turned down several times because the units were not handicapped accessible, but we were lucky to be able to get first floor most of the time.

 Speaking of which, my kids are not finding anything right now that is renting or leasing, and Karyn and her guy are not even finding a house to buy that fits their needs. I have visions of my kids pitching a tent somewhere but Karyn assures me that they will go to a motel if they have too. I don't find that funny in the least because they have been looking since March and have spent so much money on application fees and hold fees and nothing is available even in the outskirts. 

 I was going to go home for a visit in the next few weeks but since I might not have a place to go to visit I decided against it. Also the heat and the fact that I am just not feeling my best all made me decide that my case of being homesick is just going to have to be that. A case of homesickness, and I do miss my kids. I miss Foxy so much. No pets here. Courtney is allergic to cats and dogs and that is so sad to me because Celeste wants a Dalmatian and has since she was just a little thing. I wish that I could just have a little baby like my Cisco or Foxy but I know that it is not possible with all of the allergies that they both have. 

 Well it is time for me to get off of here and figure out something to eat other than saltine crackers and ginger ale. Have a great day to everyone. Stay safe and wear your masks when you have to. BB


 Thursday: Update

 Good morning,

Brrrr it is cold here. The photo I posted of the dark sky I mistakenly said that it was of a winter storm. I stand corrected. The weather app said that it is a Late Spring Storm moving in from Canada. Well it is here and the wind is really kicking butt and taking names. I actually got caught in a huge wind gust and sand storm yesterday. I was standing outside waiting for my taxi to get here and suddenly the wind started blowing and loose gravel, sand leaves and twigs came bombarding me but the temps were not bad. I didn't even need a jacket but wow it is a different story this morning.

 Speaking of wind gusts, I went out this morning because I was really hot. I get those darn hot flashes! Anyway I heard this rattle as a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere and I grabbed hold of the railing to keep from falling over and I turned to look over my shoulder and our neighbors lawn chair was flying up and almost went over the railing but fell back down as fast as it went up.  It was funny in a way and not the first time that it has happened.

 On Monday I think it was, I had to go out as I was having a package delivered and Celeste wanted to go out with me. She was wearing this really pretty dress with a full skirt and I had witnessed the chair flying earlier but I didn't think much about her coming out until the wind caught her skirt and she looked like Mary Poppins without the umbrella lol but thankfully she didn't fly away but she agreed to go back inside lol. 

 Well I will have an adventure today. I have to go for a echocardiogram and I think that I am going to be sort of lucky in one way. I have been trying to get a appointment with an endocrinologist to manage my diabetes. I have called and called and the all I get is the answering service, so yesterday when I was at my PCP I told him what a time that I was having and he looked up the address and asked me which location I was going to and I told him and he smiled. "After your finished with your test just walk right into their office and tell them you want a appointment. They are in the same building." I am so happy to hear that. BUT... after I do that I am going to have to go back to the ER. 

 I am not sure if I mentioned it or not but I had to go on Sunday since I was so sick and I already knew that my electrolytes were low since I had seen my doctor on Friday I think it was. With all of the throwing up that I was doing I knew that I was dehydrated and my doctor said yesterday that I am still dehydrated. With only one kidney he said that it is a HUGE concern. When I got home Courtney said that she would take me and I told her that I wanted to wait just a little while. She had a horrible headache and Celeste was throwing up so perhaps there was a little virus going around but she was better after a little while and we cuddled for a little while and I fell asleep.

 I woke up around 3:00 this morning and when Courtney got up she told me that she couldn't wake me up. She said she tried but... I am not surprised. With all the sleep I missed, feeling better one way and my body needing sleep well I guess my body said... Your sleeping and sleep I did lol.

 Anyway I will go and get my fluids and I really hope that all of my tests turn out alright. I will say that I am a little worried and that Procrastination is my middle name. I hate going to the ER for anything but I know that I better go so I will. (If I don't get blown away by this wind.) first.

 My morning coffee is gone and so I need to do the rest of my routine and make my bed and get something for breakfast and pack a few snacks to take with me so I better get off of here. 

 Have a great day everyone... BB 

Friday, May 14, 2021

A Cool Afternoon


 So I made it thru the last doctor appointment of the week and I am NOT going back to him again. I have a call in to my PCP to get a referral in to see a new pain doctor. So here is my complaint and don't you just love the fact that I just jump right in after a hello with a complaint? 

 So beware I am on a roll. Marijuana is legal here. When I say legal I mean you can buy it, roll it, vape it, put it in a pipe, a blunt, or stick it up your toes and smoke it if that is your fancy, but do not ever under any circumstances go to your pain doctor to see the person who works under your doctor for your pain meds.

 I was made out to feel that I was a Texas Druggie looking to score some pain pills or worse... that my pain is not real.... all in my head. 

 HE made me feel like a bug like a big bad ugly bug. I was almost ready to catch the next plane home to Texas just so I could go see my old doctor for a hug. (She gives the best hugs ever) and cry on her shoulder at the injustice of it all. But I got over that, got boiling mad and decided that either I will continue to see the doctor assigned to me and not his PCP or I will call the insurance company and make a huge complaint. 

 It all started over Tylenol. I have 3 out of 5 kids that cannot take Tylenol for various reasons. For Laurie and Karyn they get nauseated and vomit and for Jonathan he gets very dizzy and has actually passed out before. I told this man that I was uncomfortable with the amount of Tylenol in my medication and that I did not have it in my medication back home and he came unglued on me. He told me that there is no such thing as a drug interaction with Tylenol and that they were not going to change my meds and in fact he refused to fill them while I was there. 

 So I have a list going to tell my doctor and I also think that I am going to take a page out of Miss Edna's playbook and contact my insurance. Oh and he tried to tell me that my medical doctors have misdiagnosed me and so I don't think that this guy is qualified to diagnose a ant!

 Steve before I forget this... I am like you with the hereditary cholesterol. I got it from my mom's side and I just wanted to tell you that I am taking a injection twice a week that has cut it practically in half. It is called Repatha. I know that names of meds are different in the UK but if you want more information on it I will be happy to give it to you. The injections do not hurt and Courtney gives them to me every other Sunday. My endocrinologist told me about it and What??? No known side effects What??? and when I had my heart attack my cardiologist ordered it for me to be given before I was discharged. So far my labs are looking better than they have ever looked.

 My sleep pattern has been terrible. I have always had problems sleeping but this past week has been awful. I finally did go to bed last night and sleep a good deal of the night but I awoke several times during the night. I was just so hot.

 Courtney went to Walmart last night after she got off of work to pick up some of my refills and she also picked up another fan because we needed one for each bedroom and one in the living room. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

I Am A Happy Nana


 It is late here but I wanted to stop in and say hello before I call it a night. Actually night has already came and gone. It is after midnight here. 

 The photo above greeted me as a surprise to my dresser. Celeste wanted me to have her Minnie Mouse sitting on my dresser tonight. She wanted to share and this particular Minnie is one of her favorites so I was touched that she wanted to share her with me even tho when she was ready for bedtime she asked for her back. Of course I handed it to her as I helped tuck her in.

 I have been to see my new cardiologist and I will be busy because now I will be going to Cardiac Rehab 5 days a week. I don't know the full details yet but it is to help me get my energy level and heart rate back up to where it needs to be,

 My EKG showed that I have damage to the heart from my heart attack and I have to have a test to see exactly how severe the damage is and where. I am not sure if they did this test before they released me from the hospital or not. My new cardiologist is really awesome. She is rated as one of the top of her field in Reno so I was really Blessed by getting in to see her. I also have to go and have a Echocardiogram next week so my calendar is filling up again.

 Today I met my new Nephrologist. He is really awesome and he is on top of his game as well. I have to have a sonogram of my kidney so I will be waiting to get a call from them to set up that appointment. Sheesh I am remembering why it was so hard moving. Getting established as a new patient means that I have a lot of people to meet and greet as well as to go over all of my medical issues. 

 Still some really good news has come from doing all of this so I am not complaining other than I and tired from having all of these appointments so close together but at the same time I am happy to get them done and over with. My new Nephrologist spent over an hour with me today going over all of my medical issues and I was happy that he was talking with me and not at me. Actually all of them have been pretty awesome and not rushed me in and out or treated me like a number.

 I had so much I wanted to say but I am seeing double and it is ten minutes after 1:00am so I need to go and lay down. I have to be up and out the door in 6 hours so I better say goodnight.

 Take care, stay safe and keep wearing your mask even if you are vaccinated. It is just another layer of safety! Sweet Dreams to all.... BB

Monday, May 10, 2021

A Belated Mother's Day


Happy Belated Mother's Day. I hope that each of you have had a wonderful day filled with a lot of love. 

 I meant to come and blog last night but yesterday was a busy day. Funny how everyone says that now that I have moved to Nevada where it is less stressful that I would have more time, I seem to have less.

 Courtney and I had a early start to Mother's Day beginning on Saturday night. We got all dressed up in our "Dresses" and went out to dinner for drinks and Mexican food. 

 She ordered a strawberry daiquiri which looked good but was so strong and so I had her send it back and then the next one was not as expected but she didn't want to create a fuss and it was a mad house. I had 2 large frozen lime Margaritas and when she got the bill she said well no wonder that they didn't taste like a daiquiri, they were strawberry margaritas with whipped cream... Kinda Yuck Kinda Not! but that was the only complaint that we could come up with. 

 Then on the way home Courtney's sister in law who had Celeste who spent Friday night and all day Saturday out with them with friends called to say that they were heading home and would drop Celeste off so we were up listening to her tell us all about her sleep over with her cousins and their friends and by the time that I got to bed it was late.

 I slept in until about 10:30 Sunday and we decided to go and get our hair cut. Karyn had sent us money for Mother's Day so we decided to treat ourselves to a hair cut and style.  My hair was past my shoulders and I hadn't had it professionally cut since way before the lock down pandemic started so I was ready. 

 I might live in Northern Nevada now but it has actually been hot here and we have had to turn the air conditioning on more than a few times so I was ready. I got a short A-Line Bob with some layers in the back. 

I am happy with it. Once we got home, after a trip over to the Dollar tree for some things we had been needing to pick up, I laid down and then Courtney's brother and family came over so we had to celebrate Mother's Day all over with cards and gifts and kids who gave me hugs and kisses and one of the sweetest things is the middle youngest who runs to me and climbs up into my lap and Nanna this and Nanna that and I play with him. Lily is  a year younger than Celeste, she is 5 and she cuddled next to me and said Happy Mother's Day I love you Nanna.

 It is one of the best feelings in the whole entire world. I received so many wonderful cards and teddy bears and coffee cups and tootsie roll pops and picture frames.

 Jonathan called me first thing yesterday morning, Karyn called mid morning and Nathan called right as I was getting my hair cut and Matt texted me. Of course I didn't hear from Laurie and I haven't in months. I have this horrible dread that something is wrong with them. But I know that there is nothing that I can do about it.

 I have back to back doctor appointments this coming week starting at 8:50 in the morning. I have to be downstairs at 7:50 for my medical transportation to pick me up and I also have another at 4:00pm but Courtney has an appointment earlier so she is going to take me to that one and it is good that she can go because she likes to hear what my PCP has to say. I also have an upcoming appointment with a bone doctor to find out what is going on with my hand on the 19th. Right now at this moment you wouldn't think anything is wrong with it but who knows when it will start hurting badly again.

 I have to go. I have 2 calls I have to make... Take care... Hugs to all. BB

Memorial Day 2023

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