Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It's Definitely Monday And Now Wednesday

I took pictures of Damien last week. He was having coffee with NaNa.... Dirty face and messy hair. He is my sweetie pie.

Good Morning,
 It is morning here for a couple more hours. I was going to earlier this morning but it was a busy morning for me. 
 I had a call from my doctor because Karyn needed to have her FMLA paperwork updated and she had given the paperwork to the doctor I seen last week to give to my doctor to fill out. 
 The nurse that called me said the paperwork was not in my file. I am glad that they let me know now instead of later.

 It was such a shame to hear about Kobe Bryant and all of the people that died in the helicopter crash. I was so sorry to hear that sad news. 
 I think that the pilot knew that it was unsafe due to the fog. It makes me wonder why if Los Angeles  had grounded air travel then why was the helicopter allowed to fly. Do they not have the same FFA rules?
 I don't know if they do or not. Since helicopters don't fly as high as planes do they may not have the same guidelines. 
 Still it is sad and the children on board makes it even sadder.

 Laurie had to take Nathan to work this morning and she said that she heard Jonathan up during the night and thinks that he was sick. 
 I hope that he feels better soon. He just came out of his room and said that his stomach is upset and that he has a sore throat. Ugh I hope that whatever is bothering him is not contagious. With a large household I know that it is always something that goes around.
 Jonathan is like me and has a weak immune system. He works in a small office and has a large team and there are other business's  in the same building. I am glad that he works at home 2 and a half days a week.
 When Laurie and her family leave for California I will only have to be home alone one day a week. Jonathan said he would stay in close contact with me on Thursday's. I didn't tell him but I think that I will enjoy being home alone that day.

 Update: Depression HURTS

 Today is Wednesday. I didn't get a chance to get back to my blog on Monday so I am just going to start from there with an updated entry.

 I am feeling depressed. I wish that I could just stop it before going into the deep darkness that I know is coming. I feel it more intensely today than I have in the past few days.

 I need to vent just a little so if this post from here on out makes you feel depressed then please just skip it. I understand completely and I don't want to drag anyone into my despair.

 Laurie and David and their family is going back to California where he has family to help them.
 They make good money but trying to get on their feet here has just not been productive and in some ways has set them back. Especially David's medical. The VA here is a joke and they have to travel so far just for his appointments.
 His medication is very expensive even with insurance.
 Laurie has her own issues and no one can figure out what is wrong with her. Her legs swell and her feet and she hurts all the time. 
 They can't afford the tests and any medication that she might need. So they just try to push thru day by day and it is so hard on me to see my child in pain the way that she has been and trying to care for her children. She and David work together but it has been hard and of course I try to help as much as I can.

 Watching them pack up has been so hard for me. I have to accept that they are leaving and inside I know that it is for the best but I am going to miss them so very much.
 I am going to miss Dante and the way that he cuddles with me and the stories and games we play.
 I am going to miss my stinker Damien. The way that he calls me Mommy and how he tries to help me with bringing my cane to me, the way that he makes sure that I have my glasses and my drink cup. The way that he says Peeease, the way that he shrugs his little shoulders with his arms out stretched when he says "Don't Know" and the cuddles and kisses. Just everything....

 Cathy is growing up to be the most beautiful young lady. She is growing tall and her smile is just so sweet.
 She loves learning. From sewing to cooking she has learned so very much. 
 I am really going to miss her. She is such a helper and is never one to not do a job that might be a bit dirty or difficult. She gives her help to others from her heart. 

 Adrian and I have a special relationship. He has grown so very much and he and I love Criminal Minds and documentary's. 
 We watched a whole season of America's Book Of Secrets on Netflix and we had the most interesting conversations.
 He wants to go to West Point and there was an episode that totally interested him.
 I still have David's Marine uniform and he tried it on the other day. I could not believe how grown up and handsome he was and how it almost fit him to a perfect T.

 So yeah I am sad to see them go but I have to find some happiness in knowing that they are going to do what is best for their family. Still it is going to hurt. Already hurts. I am sitting here with tears running down my face just thinking of all the things that I am going to miss with them not being here with me.

 Yesterday I was almost pain free for several hours. It was mostly a good day. I worked really hard to try and make it a good day and until around 10:00pm it was mostly good. 
 I took a long shower and indulged in my favorite bath products and they went a long way into relaxing me and I was ready for bed. I just wanted to have a relaxing and restful sleep.

 Jonathan, David and Nathan went out for some beers and conversation. I was just going to bed when they got home. They were gone just a couple of hours since it was a work day for Jonathan.

 Foxy and Oliver are always bad at meal time. Oliver will eat all of his food and then go after Stormy or Fox's food and so I try and separate them and last night before my shower I knew that I wasn't going to be in the main house to referee them so I made Fox's food and water and I asked Adrian to put it in Nathan's room and take Foxy in there to eat.
 I fed Oliver and of course he gulped all of his food down in a matter of minutes.
 When I got out of the shower Foxy was crying to be let out of Nathan's room so I just opened the door and let her out.
 When I asked Adrian to put her water and food in Nathan's room I didn't realize that he just set it inside the door.
 When Nathan came in he knocked over the water bowl and he came to me and said he tripped over the water and it spilled. I immediately got up and said I would clean it up, that I was sorry that I had forgotten about it and from that point on, until nearly 1:00 in the morning he and Jonathan seemed to attack me verbally. 
 I wasn't considerate, I could have text him to warn him about the water and food bowl, why didn't I tell him when they arrived and it just went on and on and on.
 I forgot... So shoot me!
 Then Jonathan put his 2 cents worth in about how inconsiderate I was to just let the animals in the house and it isn't my job to feed and water the dogs or do anything for them.
 I said in my defense... what do you want me to say? I have said I am sorry at least 50 damn times and I don't know how else to say it. What do you want me to do, just leave the dogs to go hungry and thirsty?
 Their response was... Yeah that wouldn't bother me a bit. I was so angry. I had been as calm as possible up to that point. I let them know really fast that I had never let them go hungry and thirsty when they were babies and helpless and I damn sure wasn't going to do it to a helpless animal, I didn't give a crap if it was a snake I would leave food and water for it and all creatures.

 By this time it was a shouting match. It didn't end there. I was accused of relying on Karyn all the time and that they didn't know what my schedule was because they wasn't informed. Excuse Me!!!!

Informed of What? Well this goes back to last Friday when I had to go to the dermatologist. Apparently the night before Karyn told Jonathan that she couldn't take off work to take me to the doctor that day and asked him if he could do it.
 I don't know why they didn't just ask Laurie to take me if it was going to be a work problem. They sure as hell never discussed it with me.
 Well apparently Jonathan took off and it put him 4 hours behind in his work day. I didn't know. I got up that morning, showered and dressed and I just said ok when Karyn said to me that morning that Jonathan was going to take me to my appointment.
 Karyn had told me several weeks ago that she and Jonathan were going to switch out taking me to my appointments.

 Jonathan accused me of never telling him when I have an appointment and was keeping him in the dark. 
 I was so upset. I pointed to the Calendar hanging on the wall and said that every appointment that I have for the month is right there on the calendar behind you. Karyn comes in and looks at my calendar and takes a picture of it so she knows and arranges for that time off. Why in the hell can't you look at my calendar like she does if you want to know what appointments I have?
 Because apparently I am supposed to inform him. 
 I told them both that starting today I would not ask anyone of them to take me to the doctor and so I called my insurance and set up for the medical ride program. 
 When it runs out I will figure it out then but for now I have 4 months of rides to my doctor appointments. And Guess what???? That only pissed Jonathan off. 
 I don't mind taking you to the doctor blah blah blah.... he told me telling me that I don't see things from their point of view and my reply to that was FUCK your point of view. I am only concerned with my own right now and you can stop worrying that I will be bothering you for a ride to the fucking doctor or any other place I need to be.

 I told them over and over and over that I didn't know what they wanted me to say. They had me so upset that I couldn't stop crying and I am surprised I didn't throw myself into a heart attack or something. 

 Laurie and David tried coming to my defense but they finally gave up and all of the hollering and shouting was bound to wake up the kids. 
 Adrian and Cathy were awake but the younger two were sleeping so I finally closed off and closed down. It was almost one in the morning when I heard Stormy wanting in and I let him in and walked out to the front yard just to try and calm down and Nathan followed me out there, started apologizing and then went right back to bitching me out. 
 I don't know when I finally fell asleep. But I haven't said 2 words to Jonathan and Nathan and I am pissed off at little Miss Karyn too. 
 She tells me something and she tells Jonathan something and Nathan something and Laurie something and come to find out it isn't no where near what she said to me. Not just one topic but several.

 A few weeks ago Laurie asked me if she could borrow 200 dollars. I said yes. Well Karyn found out and so I ended up letting her have 200 dollars. She told Laurie that Mom loaned you 200 dollars but only loaned me a hundred dollars. 
 I will confront her about that and see if she lies to my face! 

 I swear I am done. I am keeping my mouth shut. I am not going to engage in any conversations with them. I will answer just a yes or no question and I will stay to myself.
 This morning when they came into the kitchen I went outside. When one would come outside I would go into the house and to the bathroom to hide out if I had too.

 I have said this before but this time I really mean it. I am just to the point that I cannot keep doing this. I just can't and this time they are going to see a big difference in me. 
 My depression is bad and getting worse. I keep finding myself crying and I can't stop. I think back to some of the things they said last night and I start crying again. I can't help it. 

 Laurie has been a comfort to me knowing that they were very wrong to do that to me and say the things that they said... screamed at me actually.

 I am going to lay down for a little while. My head hurts and my heart hurts too... so I will close for now.. BB

Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Early Start

Kit is A Little Bit Shabby by Rosie

Good Morning,
 Believe it or not but I have been trying to work on my blog since 2 this morning.
 Why is it that 4 hours later I have only put up a scrap page and written just these few lines?
 Well... Well I really don't know where the hours went. I somehow got lost on a rabbit trail looking for one thing and that turned intp something else and so forth.
 Miss Edna, this is the photo of you and Pogo that I was looking for that I thought would have been wonderful on your Christmas cards. 
 One of the things that I was doing this morning was making a couple of scrap pages and I came across this photo. It is a wonderful one of the two of you. I hope that you like the scrap page as well.

 Paddy did you get the scrap page I made for you? I sent it to your email so I hope that it went thru alright. If you didn't get it please let me know and I will re-send it to you.

 I know that it has been a while since I have posted. Things here have just really been crazy. One is that my blood sugar has really been kicking my butt.
 I have a new routine and it is getting changed a lot because what works one day isn't working the next day.
 I went to see my doctor on Thursday and we talked about a chip that will go into my arm and all I have to do is put my cell phone over the chip and it will automatically send my readings over to my doctor. That way they will be able to monitor me better and even on weekends and nights it will be monitored thru a 24 hour service provided by my medical network.
 We are just hoping that it will be covered by my insurance but I don't think that it will.
 You would think that it would be covered since the goal is to keep me out of the hospital. But we will see.

 My son in law woke me up at 1:30 this morning. He was in so much pain and was looking for some Tylenol and instead of heat he decided to use ice.
 He didn't mean to wake me up but I was in between the sleep realm anyway. I was dreaming and felt like I was awake but not awake. I remember that I needed to use the bathroom so I was waking up anyway.
 After I talked with you Miss Edna I did lay down and ended up sleeping from that point all the way until I heard David up so I got some really good rest. Bad thing was I could never go back to sleep so I just got up and made some coffee and here I am.

 My kids, Laurie and David are moving back to California. This breaks my heart but I understand that they have to do what is the best thing for their family and this is going to be the best decision in the long run.

 You would think that being a disabled veteran he would be able to get top medical care but that is not the case. It is a very long and complicated story and I will not go into it all here but it is a shame that they make too much money to get help here in Texas but that he can get better health care in California. It is the cost of living difference.
 Anyway poor guy is just in so much pain and has crappy doctors. Every time he turns around they want to do surgery procedures on him.
 Since June he has had 16 of these so called procedures and they are very painful. Several times he has had to go to the Emergency Room afterwards and he made the decision not to have any more of them done. They are just making his problem worse instead of better. Somedays he can barely get up long enough to use the restroom.

 i9sh09fmgse.... (Stormy says hello)… Ha! he is such a funny cat. He just can't stand for me to ignore him and so he decided to climb on my laptop.
 Oliver got into trouble yesterday. He chewed and started to rip up his blanket. He can still use it but one of the corners is chewed and the filling pulled out.
 This is the 3rd blanket and 2 doggie beds that he has chewed up. He doesn't go after clothes or shoes thankfully but he will demolish his blankets and beds.
 I thought that perhaps he would just get bored and think that they are toys but I was hesitant about giving him that blanket from the start. 
 I have to say that he had it a couple of weeks before he decided to chew on it. I am not sure what we can do to stop the behavior. He has toys that he plays with. We talk to him and try to distract him from the chewing, ripping and tearing up his blanket but nothing is working right now. 
 We need a dog whisperer... and a cat whisperer too... Stormy has decided that he likes the kitchen table. I don't even scold him anymore because he knows he isn't allowed up here and ignores me. At least he waits until after mealtimes before climbing on up. I really just have to stare at him and he gets the message and gets down but I told the kids.. If you walk away from the table and leave your food on your plate and he gets it then that is your fault. 
 But Oliver is really bad about stealing food. David made Laurie a sandwich the other night and she had to go take care of one of the kid\s and came back just as Oliver snatched it off her plate!

 I guess I need to go. Stormy is trying to sit on me and the laptop. He is batting my hands.. Ouch... just got me good... Take care! BB

Friday, January 10, 2020

Sometimes I Really Hate Computers

The Lovers. This is the original that I colored with Paint By Numbers.

Hello everyone,

 I hope that your all doing well. I am okay but have had problems with low blood sugar the past few days. I am checking my blood sugar often so that I am able to keep on top of it but twice now my sugar has dropped during the night. 
 It is so scary because I have no control and I will be in such a fog. Sometimes I will act drunk as a skunk, other times I can actually catch it before it happens.

 My grandson Dante is almost 6. He will have his birthday tomorrow and he is just such a smart child. All of my grandkids are very smart. 
 I am not just saying that because he is my grandson. I do my share of bragging, that is a fact but this child knows exactly what to do if he sees my blood sugar dropping.
 He will get my test kit and check my sugar. He will get me food or drink and he has even gone and got me help from his mom or dad or Jon and Nathan.
 All of the kids know what to do and how to help me but Dante has grasped it and he wanted to learn so I taught him. He even knows how to put the needle tip onto my pen. How to turn the amount of insulin and inject me.
 Don't worry. He knows never to give me insulin, only he can do it if I tell him and watch him.
 He also has comprehended that I never need insulin for low blood sugar and he would have to break into my lock box to have access to it and Jonathan is the only other one to have a key.
 I have all of my medication in a lock box. I would never forgive myself if the baby got into my meds and was harmed so a lock box it is.

 I don't have a clue what to get him for his birthday. His birthday is so soon after Christmas. I am thinking that I would like to take him to the library and get him a card.
 He wants to learn how to read and so I think that this is what I will do for him instead of a toy. 
 Also I found a small packet of Index cards and I think that I will do for him what I did for all of my kids.
 He picks a word. It can be any word he chooses and he will write the word on a index card and put it in a special box. These will be his flash cards.
 Every day we will add a new word to the card and he can look at them as often as he chooses.
 By choosing to writing the word and looking at the word will be such a great learning tool.
 They all want to learn and I will do my best to help them achieve their goals as best as I possibly can.
 This little game really helped all of my kids learn to read. 

 The reason that I said that I am really beginning to hate computers is that I spent close to an hour on my blog earlier tonight and all was going fine until I tried to upload a video that I took of Oliver and the kids playing with him. 
 It froze up my computer and then it would not let me exit out. I ended up having to delete the entire blog when I went to update it. I was so frustrated.
 Nathan even tried to help me and finally he gave up. So all the good things that I wrote will have to wait until my next post. 

 Miss Edna I shared one of Rosie's latest kits and tagged you in it on Facebook. I remembered that you wanted to have a look in her stores. I am too tired to go back and get the link so this way you can go straight to her stores.

 Rosie also has sent me a couple of samples of the Tarot cards that she has done. I hope that you enjoy looking and let me know what you think.
 I haven't decided which one that I like the best. I love the theme that she used and I love the idea of the animals but the jester is just too awesome as well.
She is also working on her other kits but said she will send another card in a day or two. It has been fun talking of colors and nature and animals... I really love that cat!!
 I can't wait to see the finished product and which one she will choose to do next. So here they come....

The Fool... First card.

The Fool card #2

 I have some cute pics of Oliver and Stormy. I need to get some of Foxy this week. She is feeling better so perhaps I can get some good shots.

 I hate to end my blog so early, but since this is the second one I have done I am going to have to close without repeating all of my other topics but I have to make sure that my sugar logs are updated. I had a test kit in the bathroom and one in Karyn's car and one in my purse and obviously I misplaced one that I normally use and found it under a stack of mail I am going to have to manually go thru and get all of my readings from all 3 of them and since I have to take my log to the doctor with me I need to get that done and head to bed.

 Enjoy your Friday and I will be back when I can...
 Oh I just forgot something....

 Paddington thank you for your prayers. I just wanted to ask if you will send me your email address. I would love to do a digital scrap page for you. 
 Oh and do you know that for as long as we met I don't know your name lol... To me you are Paddy lol and before I forget I wanted to tell you that yes I do have a nutritionist. I also go to classes. 
 I think that all this high and low blood sugars is because we are going thru the process of adjusting my insulin.
 Good night (morning) everyone.. Take care BB

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Cold Tuesday Brrrr

The Fool coloring from Paint By Number Card #2

 Another late night. And one that has turned cold. Not cold as in New England cold but for us it is much colder than it has been in several days.
 I hope that it will still be nice enough to sit outside and enjoy my morning coffee like it has been. I think that I am spoiled now from enjoying all that sunshine and warm days.

 Stormy is fussing. I am not sure what he is wanting but he is laying under my feet and meowing his little head off and every once in a while he reaches up and nips the calves of my legs. He is being a stinker for sure. He is not hungry, he doesn't need to go potty and he has a dish of water. I think that he is trying to tell me he wants to go to bed and I am not cooperating. He likes to tell me when I need to go to bed lol. Cisco use to do that. I have a feeling that I really spoil my little fur friends and that they in turn want me to go to bed so we can cuddle.

 Foxy is much better today. I am so glad that she is. She is sleeping on my pillow right now. Actually she is sleeping between my two pillows. She loves to burrow under anything soft. Pillows, blankets, clothes. Anything that she can burrow under is bliss for her.

 Oliver is on his blanket in front of the sofa. Miss Edna Olly will not be banished to the garage. Just at meal times. No need to worry. He will either be with me or in the room with Nathan. I would say that depends on where Foxy is sleeping but all 3 of them are bunking down with me tonight. Ha...

 I didn't get a chance to talk to Rosie today. Laurie and David's phone went dead today and I loaned them my phone as they needed GPS navigation to go some where and didn't know how to get to where they were going so I let them use my phone. By the time that they got home I had a few other things that I needed to do and then it was to late to try and get in touch with her.
 Matthew flew into Reno yesterday to see his kids and I spoke to him just as he was getting his luggage and then going to get his rental car.
 He said he would call me later. Well Courtney spoke to him around 12:30 and he said he was going to go and get Alex and then come pick up Celeste and they were going to the park.
 He never showed up to get Celeste. His phone was off and all calls just going over to voicemail. He wasn't online and so tonight after Courtney got off work we started calling hospitals, jails and anyone else we could get in touch with. 
 It was nerve wracking and I still have not talked to him. But Courtney called me and said that he did reply to a text message and so I passed this information on to my kids and I felt better that he had text her even tho the text message was really strange.
 Courtney text him and asked... "Are you okay"? and she said he text her back with "Yep..." and she said she was like what was up with that message so she replied "...?' and hadn't received another message before she had to go to bed. 
 I was happy to know that he finally responded until my daughter said Mom anyone could have sent that message. No one has still not talked to him and heard his voice.
 So here I am sitting in front of my computer instead of sleeping at 1:15 in the morning. 
 We all agree that this does not sound like Matthew. He was supposed to pick up his kids and go to the park. Why would he just not show up? 
 He knew that I wanted to talk to Alex and he didn't call me. I just don't understand and I probably will not rest easily until I do hear from him. 
 At least I know that he isn't in the hospital because Courtney contacted all 3 of the hospitals in Reno.
 Alex's mom Deanna contacted the jails in case he was arrested for some odd reason. 
 Courtney and Deanna both called the hotel he had booked but he wasn't at that hotel and trying to call all the hotels is just not feasible. 
 If I find out that he is just goofing off I am going to be one mad Mama.
 However Deanna, Courtney and I all agree that this is not like Matthew. He was only going to be there for 4 days so he would want to spend as much time with the kids as he could.
 So I am just going to hope that all is well. There isn't anything that I can do besides to just pray that he is alright and that things will work out for the better and all will be ok. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

 I had to call and make an appointment to see my Dermatologist because I have a spot on my inner thigh that has become swollen and has turned black.
 I first noticed the small bump a couple of years ago and I asked my doctor to take a look at it and she said it was just a skin tag and nothing to worry about.
 Last year when I had a couple of moles taken off my Dermatologist agreed that it was nothing to be concerned about. The last week or so the area had become sensitive and sore. It is in a spot that I cannot see but I put some antibiotic cream on it but it wasn't helping and I couldn't figure out why it was so sore.
 Day before yesterday I had Karyn look at it and she was like "Mom it is really swollen and black".  
 She said for me to call my doctor and make an appointment. 
 Later when I was getting ready to take my shower I accidently scratched it and it hurt like crazy so I called Laurie in to look and make sure that I didn't pull it off and if it was infected and she freaked out. 
 She took pictures so I could see and I am really scared because this thing does not look good at all. It has swollen to the size of a large pea, it is very black and it is an odd color around the black spot.
 I hope that this is harmless but I am concerned that it could be cancerous. My daddy had skin cancer that spread. He worked in the hot sun for years and it started on his nose and spread to his mouth, and then to his ear.
 They had to remove a lot of his upper lip and half of his ear and the doctors believed that when they removed the bottom portion of his ear that it spread to his lungs.
 I had two spots on my nose that they had to remove a few years ago and last year when I went back for my yearly examination it had come back so they took a small biopsy but it came back alright. 
 I haven't told this to anyone, not even my kids but when I went to see my doctor a couple of weeks ago and go over my labs she told me that I am spilling protein into my urine. 
 This is not good. In fact I have a appointment scheduled with my Nephrologist (kidney specialist) for the 23rd and I am not sure what can be done.
 I have cut most all meat out of my diet to try and limit the protein but right now I am so hungry and it is really hard to find things to eat because carbs turn to sugar and that affects my blood sugar so my Endocrinologist (diabetic specialist) wants me to cut out as much carbs as possible and eat more protein and my kidney doctor wants me to have no protein so I am just eating vegetables practically 3 times a day. 
 Anyway my doctor told me the other day that she suspects I will have to be on dialysis in the next few months. Since I only have the one kidney I will not have any options. 
 I am not eligible for a transplant because of the diabetes and my age. 
 I haven't told my kids or anyone. I am voicing it here. I have had a lot of stress lately and things just seem to spiral out of control for me and I try to keep busy to keep from thinking of everything that is going on with me. 
 I guess that I will know more on the 23rd what the plan will be next. Also I see about this black thing the next day on the 24th so until I know more I am keeping this news to myself before I tell the kids.

 So for now I will close and see what else I can do to relax and try to get some sleep. 
 Take care of yourself my friends and I will try to do the same... BB



Monday, January 6, 2020

Miss Rosie

Dream Big!

Good Morning,
 Well it is morning for some. Really early Monday for me. Almost 2:00am. I couldn't sleep so I just got up.

 I titled my post Miss Rosie because Miss Rosie and I are doing a project together.
I will tell you about it because I am excited. That is probably why I can't rest well tonight.

 I have always admired Rosie's work. Actually I really just admire Rosie.
 Not only does she have MS but she is blind in one of her eyes and she is almost deaf now because of many ear infections, MS and a host of other things.
 She also struggles with her hands. At times they swell and hurt and ache so bad that she can't paint but when she can she is just fabulous.
 We met years ago online. We were in the same group over at Daisy Trail and became friends. She would make kits and give them to the group and I just love all of them.
 I was really into digital scrapbooking then and worked on lots of pages. It was fun and it was something that I really enjoyed doing. I think that there wasn't a dry eye in the place when Daisy Trail shut it's doors for good.
 I have always hoped they would start back up again but I guess that really will not happen.
 They tried updating the site and was running into a lot of problems. Mainly it had to do with updating their equipment and it became so costly that they just couldn't afford to make the necessary changes.
 While I went over to Flickr and most of our group did gravitate there it just wasn't the same. We tried but the group we formed over there just kept getting smaller and smaller as the members tried out new groups.
 Rosie left us and she went over to JustArt and a lot of others joined her or branched out to other places. 
 I rarely go over to Flickr any more but I am friends with almost everyone on Facebook so we still talk to one another and try to keep in touch.

 Rosie branched out in a big way. She became the Darling of Facebook and as her followers grew she decided to join a few stores and started making her kits and putting them up for sale. She has made some stunning kits. 

Okay so I am going to back up for minute. Last summer when I took that nasty fall I really couldn't move around easily and so I spent a lot of time trying to be still.
 On my tablet I downloaded an App called Paint By Number. I love this App. I love to color and this is what this is. It is a paint by number game and while I love to color this is just as relaxing so I usually do a page or two a day.
I tried to download the link but I ran into problems. I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store but I am sure that you can just search it and download the App on your device if this is something you might like. It is called Paint By Number.
Anyway I opened my App one day right before Christmas and I went to the home page and I saw a new thing called Collections. It was called  Taro and I decided to color the pages because they really are gorgeous.
 I love my Taro cards but I really don't like doing readings with them because for one, they are  expensive and two they are a bit larger than I can handle easily. I also live with my kids who do not like me doing any thing Witchy. 
 So as I was painting/coloring these beautiful images I was like hmmm … As beautiful as these are I bet that Rosie's would be even prettier.
Then a spark of an idea formed. Would Rosie like to make a kit for a deck of Taro cards? I haven't seen a kit like it any where before so I sent her a message and asked after the holidays would she make me a kit. 
 She replied in the sweetest way. This woman is just so sweet anyway. "Beth of course I would love to make you a kit after the holidays".
 So we got together today and I explained to her what I had in mind and I sent her the images that I had colored to just give her an idea of what I have in mind.
 She thought that I wanted her to make the kit trying to make each card like the images I had colored and I said "Oh no Rosie. I want you to make the kit in your own unique style".
 I also told her that I didn't want it to be an exclusive kit, for her to put it in her stores and sell it. She might sell a lot of the kit in her stores.

 First off in the conversation she had told me that she already had 3 kits she was working on and I told her that I am not in any hurry at all.
 Then after reading my texts she text me back and said that while she was working on those 3 kits she might have to stop and do some Taro cards lol. 

 So the image I posted above is a Paint By Number from the Taro collection. After I finished it I emailed it to myself and I thought that I would post it as I thought it was so pretty and I want to make some pages as well.
 Rosie also said that she will send me the cards as she finishes each one. 
 She said she was worried she would let me down but that will never happen. I think that I am her biggest fan. She really has had a time of it with her illness and a couple of years ago she and her husband caught the flu.
 Her husband was admitted into the hospital. Becky had to come home from college out in Lubbock and help with her mom and dad.
 Stuart lost his leg during that ordeal. Thankfully he was in the hospital when the doctors noticed something bad happening to his leg. 
 So I am so very glad that she seems to be in good spirits and is doing what she loves best and that is painting.

 I went to look for the woman who did this Taro collection to ask if she was going to do an entire full 52 card deck but I cannot find any information on her so I am going to contact Customer Service and see if I can get her website or something. The only thing that she has is a small introduction that says she lives in Paris and has been a freelancer for I think 6 or 7 years. That is it other than her name.

 When I asked Rosie if she would make my kit I told her that I was Wicca/Pagan  and if doing this was something that would offend her then I understood if she didn't want to do it and she replied  I am Pagan too Beth and as a matter of fact Becky (her daughter) had given her a new set of Taro cards for Yuletide. 
 I am so excited as I now have another friend that we can do things sort of together... She lives up by Fort Worth so we still have distance between us but I am really excited that I can ask her things that I have no one else around here to even ask except on my groups. But it will be really nice to have someone to do a moon ritual with or some small spell work. One can never have too many friends in this world.

 I also have a new friend from Facebook. He is a friend of a mutual friend and we have been texting and so I invited him to my blog. I don't know if he will stop by and comment or just read and stay silent but I did invite him. His name is Travis. So Welcome Travis if you stop by.

 Miss Edna was saying that she hadn't seen my blog posts and that the last one that was showing up was done before Christmas. The one where I posted my Christmas tree. Then she remembered for some strange reason she has to go in and delete the older link that she has and then go hunt my blog and get a new link because unlike the rest of her friends my blog posts just stop the last of the year. Mine doesn't roll over to the new year.  
 Does anyone else have this issue? I told her that I might have to adjust my settings and she said and I can't agree more, that with my luck I should just leave it alone lol... I have lost my blog a few times and could only start a brand new one. It was a huge pain in the butt to do that. So she is right in telling me I better leave it alone. No telling what might happen if I try and adjust my settings.

 I am not quiet sure what happend the other day, actually it was day before yesterday but Foxy must have tried to get a drink of water or maybe she got to close to Oliver's food bowl but he went after her and she yelped in pain and ran under the sofa. 
 Nathan finally was able to get her out from under the sofa and she wasn't bleeding any where but she was crying and shaking something terrible.
 I didn't see any blood but Karyn took her home with her for the night and the next day she told me that Foxy has 2 puncture wounds right under her eyes and side of her nose.
 Olly must have had her entire head in his mouth at one point. She is ok but she is not really herself. She will not come out of Nathan's room. 
 She is drinking but not really eating. I know my little girl got hurt really bad.
 I now have Olly's food dish in the garage or I take it outside if I am with him. I put hers in her regular spot but Olly eats her food and so now I am going to have to just pick it up after she eats. 

 Stormy is sprawled out in my spot on my bed. I keep moving him to his pillow but he doesn't seem to care for that very much. He wants to sleep on top of me.
 He really likes Foxy's little house during the day. I guess because it is nice and dark but if I try to put him in it at night he gets this huge attitude. He will let out a Meow that is spooky. lol. He is so funny.

 Miss Edna I will try and take some good pics of Oliver for you tomorrow. I will just have to pretend not to take his picture. Now how do they know not to cooperate when I try to take their picture? Stormy doesn't care if I take his but Foxy and Oliver act just like Pogo does.

 Well believe it or not but I am getting sleepy so I will say good night for now and I hope that everyone has a fantastic Monday and I also hope that every thing goes great for you all this coming week.
 Until tomorrow take care everyone and be safe.... BB

Friday, January 3, 2020

Welcome Friday

New Year;s Eve... Cathy and Oliver.

Stormy celebrating in the best way possible.

 Well our tree is still up but the ornaments are all off. We will leave it up until the 6th and take it down. It marks the day that the 3 wise men met baby Jesus so we leave it up. 
 Due to Stormy wanting to play with the ornaments as well as my grandson Damien we just have the lights on the tree. Good enough for our purpose.
 I am not sure what we are going to do with the tree when it comes down. We have all talked of getting another tree next year but really this one is still nice. It's just not really full anymore but I think that it serves it purpose.
 We would love a live tree but Nathan's asthma prevents us from having one. He can get really sick so artificial it is.

 I have been going thru some old photos on my computer and I came across these of my grandson Dante when he was almost a year old.

 I was babysitting the kids one night. I had gone to spend a few days right before Christmas and Laurie and David had gone Christmas shopping.
 He was so sick in these photos. I went with Laurie the next day to see his Pediatrician. He had been running a very high fever and had been crying most of the day.
 We had thought about taking him to the emergency room but Laurie was able to get an appointment with his doctor. I was really concerned because his fever was just so high.
 She had called his doctor and asked her to call her back and the doctor said that if she couldn't get the fever down to take him in, but luckily we were able to get it to break for a few hours.
 I was going to have to go home the next day because I had doctor appointments myself and so I told Laurie and David that I would stay home with the kids if they wanted to go and take care of Christmas shopping because I wasn't sure when I could come back.
 They didn't want to leave the baby because they were afraid he would cry and I wouldn't be able to tend to him. I say this because Laurie was breastfeeding and had never had a bottle and I came to find out that he wouldn't take one from me either lol, but it was so cold out and so I stayed with him and I was rocking him and singing to him. I don't know how I managed it but I took these with my phone. 
 This was the first time that he actually let me hold him and rock him for any length of time so I remember this time really well.
 The next day when we went to the Pediatrician we found out why our little one was so sick. He had a double ear infection that was very bad. His little ear drums were actually getting ready to burst.
 It was so bad that they gave him an injection, ear drops and an antibiotic. 
 One would never had known that he was that sick and especially his ears. He was not showing any signs of being sick until the fever set in and according to the doctor babies don't have to show symptoms and can come on seriously in just hours. That is what happened to our little guy. 

  Thanks for tagging along on my trip to the past. It is good to remember the good times and even the not so good times I suppose. 

  Tonight Laurie ordered some Chinese food and we are waiting for it to be delivered. 
 I have already eaten so I am not hungry but the kids are. I will have to close for now so the kids can sit at the table so I will post again when I can. Probably tomorrow...  BB


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year!!

 I hope that everyone is had a fantastic New Year's eve and a very Happy New Year.
 Ours was nice and uneventful. No one went out this year. We all stayed in and while our neighbors to the back of us and to the back one street over had a huge party we just watched some of the fireworks and then much later we wished that all of the party revelers would call it a night. 
 Around 3:00a.m. the police were called. I saw the flashing lights when I let Oliver out to potty and I hoped that they would settle down but they waited long enough for the police to leave and then they started letting off the fireworks again.
 It becomes disrespectful after a time. I am for everyone to have a good time but not everyone is off the next day. Some people do have to work or in our case would just like to sleep.
 They started setting them off again tonight but it started raining so that put a stop to that! lol.

 Today was quiet for the most part. Jonathan, Nathan and I left this morning and went to Walmart. It was so quiet. There was hardly anyone in the store. We could look without being ran over by a mob of people. So that was nice.

 Before we left for Walmart, Jonathan and I had tea. He bought some Tazo tea. One of his favorites is Awake and the other is Calm. So he and I enjoyed having our cups of Tea. Then Karyn came in from Sam's Club and had bought me some Chi tea. It was delicious as well.

 When we got home, Karyn had Cathy and Dante ready and they took off and went to Austin Pizza Park and Play which is a huge park with all kinds of rides, arcades and pizza. From climbing the walls, to the Go Carts, to the carnival style rides they had a blast. 
 They were going to go and see a movie but in the end they decided to go do that instead. They had a pizza buffet and Karyn said that they had so many tokens that she didn't think they would use them all before they left but in the end they spent them all.

 Jonathan and I had our own pizza later. Nathan moved his big tv that he bought with his play station 4 into his room and hooked up the other tv for me to watch.
 Jon and I put our pizza on and then watched Ancient Aliens on Netflix and I fell sound asleep on the sofa. 
 My doctor increased my blood pressure meds and it is all I can do to stay awake. My body will become use to them before I know it tho and I will not sleep so much.

 Speaking of sleeping it is almost 2:00 in the morning. I think that I need to go to bed and get some sleep. 
 I know I need to catch up on my blogs and even on mine as I have lots of things to say but it has just been so crazy here but I think that the kids are deciding on a couple of houses so it is getting down to the details.
 I am going to miss them but on the other hand I really need to get my routine back and it is time for all of us to get our own space and routines back.

 But until later I am going to close. Everyone stay safe and healthy and I will talk to you again soon. BB

Miss Edna

 Hey,  Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as...