Friday, January 29, 2021

I Am Going On A Trip

Ollie relaxing at home! He is such a lucky dog! I will be taking his place Sunday as I am going on a trip.

Hello everyone, 

 As always I really hope that everyone is doing fine. I am doing great. My son Matthew is here and he and I decided that I am going to go with him for a few days on the truck. We will leave Sunday for Laredo where he will pick up a load for somewhere in Florida. I called today to find out any upcoming doctor appointments. I had all of my appointment cards in my phone case. The front inside cover has slots for credit cards and such but I never use it for that as that kind of thing could be stolen or worse, my identity stolen and so my credit cards and ID is in a separate location away from prying eyes.

 My phone case opens like a book with a magnetic flap so the inside flap is perfect for when I have to go in to see my doctors, they just write my appointments down on these little business cards.

 Today I wanted to confirm my appointments and I was amazed to find that I have only two in February. A Telemedicine on Monday the first and the second one is for my yearly check in with my pain specialist on February 12th so I was like? Is this right? I seem to always be going in to the doctor but I called to make sure that there was no mistake and sure enough I was lucky enough to only have those two. 

 I sent Courtney a text today and told her that I was getting some use early for the luggage set that she got me for Christmas. 

 My granddaughter told her daddy tonight... "When is it my turn to go on the big truck like Nanna?" Hmmm her daddy hem and hawed but her mama rescued him and said that she had to be older and she said "Old like Nanna?"

 Yep she even knows I am old. I have felt it this past week too. One of my doctors called me back today about a cholesterol medication that my endocrinologist recommended and I told her about the pain I am having in my left hand. I just took my glove off. Tomorrow I will put my brace back on. She thinks that it is arthritis and I agree with her. I am just glad that it is in my one hand, I feel so very sorry for those who live with this horrible pain.    

 So Karyn and Foxy are supposed to come and spend the night with me tomorrow night. I miss my little girl and my big girl too. 

 Karyn is making plans as well as I am. We  both have not had very much time to talk and hang out together and even a phone call has been hard to manage with all that she is dealing with and her job. I know that Jonathan is off work tomorrow and so is Nathan and I am not sure if Karyn's office is closed or not. If nothing happens I will have 4 of my kids at home with me even if it is just for the day. 

 I miss Laurie and her family. They are thinking of moving back to Texas. I wish they would move closer to Reno but it is where they want to be that is important but going back to where we use to live is not a good move. The schools are terrible. More terrible now than when my kids were in the schools. They had the means to be a great school but they were way behind in offering the kind of classes that the larger cities like Dallas offered. I never knew why they didn't have a more varied curriculum. I just think that they didn't want to pay the salary for teachers that the larger schools paid. I'm sure that is debatable with whom you ask, but my nephew pulled his 4 kids out of there and enrolled them in a town over. Oh well it is not up to me anymore but I really wish that I had done the same when my kids were younger.

 I hate to cut this short but I am ready for bed. Past time actually. It is after midnight and I have a lot I need to do tomorrow. 

 As always I wish the best for each of you and I am sending virtual hugs and to ask you to all be safe, practice social distancing and wear your masks... BB

 Oh before I forget what do you think of the vaccine? Do you believe it to be safe? Does anyone plan on getting the vaccine or not? and why? I am still undecided and trying to find out all that I can about it before I make a decision. Good night to all.... BB

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Home Safely


Ollie relaxing at home lol. Matt says that he is very content and slightly becoming spoiled lol.


 I hope all are doing well. I am ok. I got home about 9:30pm Sunday night. We had a huge snow storm to hit Texas while I was in Reno starting Saturday night and becoming a big event on Sunday. I had to fly into Denver from Reno and Courtney's mom just outside of Denver and she told Courtney that it was so white from all the snow that the night looked like day. I remember seeing that effect when I lived in Indiana.

 It was just really crazy to see snow here in Austin and watching the weather seeing how big the storm was.

 Well like a lot of people I am just stunned and heartbroken of the events that happened at the capital. It was just horrible but really not unexpected for me.

 I had told my sister that I was afraid that someone was going to get killed if Trump kept up these rally's and a while back I watched one of the Governors of Alabama or Georgia who was very angry at the death threats that his family was receiving after the attempted kidnapping of the Governor of Michigan and he said "It has to stop now. Somebody is going to get killed."

 So I am reminded of the conversation that I had with my sister. Courtney was on her lunch break when we both got notifications on our phones. I was busy doing something and I didn't look at my phone anytime soon. I am hoping that our country heals and that Unity will be restored and that we are not heading for a Civil War as my son Nathan and daughter Karyn fear. 

 I had a doctor appointment yesterday. It went well. I have appointments all the way to Feb11th. It is the first of a new year and so I have to get all of them done before I leave so I will have my referrals that I need to start health care in Nevada. 

 I guess I need to get off of here and get some work done and start going thru some things that I want to take with me. It is going to be a hard job. I am torn in between staying and going, but I was only home 3 days and yesterday I asked Jonathan a question about something that happened 20 years ago and I wasn't prepared for him to get so angry at me. Even Nathan said he was out of line and I walked outside and I heard him yelling at Nathan why I had to live in the past? I told Jonathan we are all defined by our past in one way or other. Our past, our mistakes make us who we are today and he just continued and of course I started to cry and that is when Nathan joined Jonathan and criticized me for not having control of my emotions. I was so upset for several hours and I still get teary eyed when I think of some of the things that were said to me. Why do my son's hate me? I would have never dreamed of talking to my parents in the way that they speak to me.

 The thing is I taught them to treat people with dignity and respect. I remember when the kids were growing up that No One would sit down to the table until Jonathan pulled my chair out and seated me at the dinner table. 

 I remember how they used their manners and believed in respect. I don't know what has happened but I feel that I have done something wrong somewhere along the line. 

 Karyn said No that they have just had so much that they have had to deal with that they just hold in all of their emotions and then it all comes out, like bottling up all that bothers me.

 So I guess I will get off here and get busy. Take care and stay safe! BB

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Time Is Flying Fast


 A page I did for my sister in law of her great grandkids a few years ago. It is done with a free kit from my private group. I know that the holidays are behind us but I am having some problems creating new pages with Gimp and even my Serif software.


I hope that all are doing well. We are fine here for the time being. Just been busy.

 Courtney moved her work desk into her bedroom so Celeste will have more play room and as soon as she is over her cold we can take her trike downstairs so she can play. Also she will be able to have at least one of her cousins to come play and things should be a bit better for her during this shut in. Now that the Christmas tree and decorations are down she has a little more room to play with her things.

 I go home on Sunday the 10th. I will be going thru a lot of my things that I want to move with me to Nevada and things that are meant to stay with the kids. I have mostly to go thru my important papers that I need to have.

 This move is good because I can be with my granddaughter and yet I am going to miss my boys even as we argue and fuss and of course I will miss Foxy and Karyn.

 Matthew went and got Ollie. He is now a trucking doggie lol. Matthew said last night that Ollie is still nervous but getting a lot better and has ventured into the front seat of the truck and looks out the window. They are on their way back home to Salt Lake where Brandi has an appointment for his shots and registration. I am so glad that Matthew has gotten him.

 I really don't have much planned for today. I have to call my pharmacy here in Reno today. Night before last my sugar kept dropping and we couldn't seem to bring it up and we had to call my doctor who called me in an injection gun that will bring my sugar up enough to keep my sugar up enough for EMS to get to me. So I have to call today to see what the co-pay is and if it is ready for pick up.

 I am really tired so I am going to grab a nap before Celeste wakes up so you all have a great day, and as always Virtual Hugs! BB

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