Saturday, June 9, 2018

Big Changes In My Life

I don't remember what kit I used with this page. It came up in my memories...

Hello and good wishes to everyone this wonderful Saturday. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.
 I am getting a lazy start today. Just lazing around and not doing much at all. Sometimes that is the best gift I can have for myself.

 My niece was admitted to a nursing home and rehab center to help her gain her strength. So far my sister in law is not impressed and they are trying to find a center closer to home. This is going to be a long recovery and it is draining my sister in law to be there every day 2 hours from home. It is to hard to travel back and forth not to mention the cost she is incurring. 
 I sent my sister in law a text telling her that maybe she could get a Styrofoam cooler and go to the grocery store and buy some groceries and use dry ice to keep things cold. It would be cheaper than having to eat out. I don't know if they bring her a tray or not. I know she is doing the best she can. My niece is awake but very weak. She made a mile stone day before yesterday and was able to hold a spoon but her appetite was still off. She's not hungry but right now she is getting protein shakes, soups, gelatin and juices so she is getting some foods in.
 My sister in law just text me that her grandson came to visit and brought her grandkids. So happy to hear this news. Also hopefully they found a center to accept her and this will happen Monday or Tuesday. Closer to home and close to her son so they can help take over some of her care. Praises for prayer....

 I am very tired today. Insomnia does this to me. Last night I took a sleeping pill. Jonathan said I was out lol... I said I know. I was very tired and the sleeping pill actually helped me. 
 I lay awake most nights but last night I decided I needed a bit of help. I don't like taking the pills every night because my body gets use to them and then they don't work. So I take them every few days and it will help me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

 Today is my beautiful and sweet girls birthday. She and Jonathan are the same age for exactly 21 days then it will be Jonathans birthday. I love June... it is a great to have the birthdays so close as they are pretty close even if they get sideways occasionally. It is normal for siblings to do so and so I don't worry over it. They always work things out in a day or two lol.

I know that she has a migraine. It has been coming on for a while now. Last night it took over. She went to dinner with her co-workers and left her birthday dinner early. Everyone was understanding but she felt bad as it was for her birthday.
 Feel better sweetie... I love you... Hugs and Happy Birthday!

 So my son Matthew left for Truck Driving school this morning. I am so proud of him for trying to better his career. I pray for his success and his safety. I also pray that this opportunity is a good one for him. It brings changes. Not just for him but also for me.
 I am going to be staying at the home of his room mate. I won't have the internet for a few weeks so I will have to update my blogs when I come home and it will be good for the both of us.
 I will be making sure that he has his medication and meals. He is a diabetic like me so it will be a great routine. He is a nice man. He is deaf in one ear but we seem to communicate just fine. 
 I will have Matt's room and I like the fact that he is very tidy. Just light housework for me and he does a lot of it on his own. I will go over tomorrow so I won't be on for a few days but I most certainly will be back as soon as we have internet.

 In the meantime I can keep up with my phone and try to reply to some blogs but it is not always easy to do that. I will try at least. I am sort of glad that this opportunity has come my way. Because we will be companionship for each other so it will be good... at least I hope so.

 So that is my news for this Saturday. Have an awesome weekend and take care... Hugs, BB.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sometimes A Little Rain Must Fall

 A page made with Summer Breeze. It is a kit from our private group as a gift. Thank you for looking.

 Good Morning. Officially it is still morning for about another hour anyway. I hope that everyone is having a great start to their day, or if your in another time zone, I hope that you had an awesome day and lovely evening.

 We had a massive thunderstorm night before last. The wind was so fierce and scary. I was trying to update my blog when it started. It really took me by surprise as I had not seen a weather forecast and I had just sat down when I got an alert. 
 I looked at my phone and decided my best course of action would be to shut down and unplug my computer and I was glad that I went with my gut instinct because we lost power for almost an hour or so. 
 The next morning I read that straight line winds had tossed a RV up in the air and landed upside down. The rescue workers had to cut their way thru to get the people out. Both in their 70's and they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries but not life threatening thankfully. Damage was scattered all over but it could have been a lot worse than it was. 

 I had a doctor appointment yesterday and it did not go well. My primary care doctor wants to insert herself into my diabetes care. I have an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes. I had to say to her several times that I have a specialist. I would not have gone to this appointment had I known that it was for a follow up on my diabetes.

 I woke up stiff. I tried to make light of it and get on with my day but truthfully it took all I had to get a shower and dress. I didn't take my pain medication because when I take it and ride in a car I feel sick to my stomach and I didn't think that I could cope with that yesterday. 
 However I would have taken the meds if I had known how I would feel by just riding in the car to and from.
 It was horrible. It was also rush hour traffic and Jonathan had to take care of a few errands on the way home. Then we had to pick Karyn up from work. My entire body was screaming and when I made it home I pulled off my clothes, put on my night gown, took 2 pain tablets and laid down. I didn't sleep but just listened to some music to help me relax.
 My friend Patsy wanted to chat but I text her and told her I just couldn't. I would have sounded like a babbling idiot if I had attempted any kind of a conversation. 
 Karyn rubbed cream over my neck and shoulders getting the exact spots that I cannot reach. It was wonderful and with my ice pack and my heating pad I didn't move until dinner time. It was a very easy meal of soup and a soft chicken taco. 

 Jonathan has a Ford Focus. It is a small car and it seems like every bump is magnified. I wanted something cold to drink but left my purse at home! I cannot believe I walked out of my house without my purse or my phone. Jonathan said he would get me something but I declined because I knew that he needed to get to his destination before they closed and we were hitting the rush hour traffic as it was. We were set to head home when Karyn called saying that her ride home had left work early so we had to head across town to get her. Jonathan said he had to grocery shop for his committee and I wanted to cry but thankfully he decided to wait a couple of hours. Hooray for me!

 I slept very peacefully during the night. It is the first night that I have had a wonderful sleep. I have a ritual of sorts that helps me rest. I use candles, soft music, tea and incense as well as soothing aromatic lotions and creams. 

My little sleepy time ritual. I have read that candles help remove the negativity from your space and I do think that they help me. This picture is one I might have shared before and the only difference is perhaps the creams I use and the flavor of the teas. Last night I had a cup of tea that Miss Edna gave me in Florida. It is made by Tetley and called Forest Fruits. It is really delightful. I also use my clear cup and saucer. I have a thing for cups.

 Speaking of cups, when I was married to my kids dad, he drove a big rig truck and I had started collecting a cup from every state. I had a very large collection but I didn't take them when I moved out. I left a lot of things that are long gone. Do I miss them? Yes sometimes. Sometimes I wish I had a certain item or collection like my angels and my clocks. But in the long run, it's not all that important anymore. 

 I have some phone calls to make today and just the thought of going to more appointments really tugs at my procrastination gene... But these are important tests. Mammogram and bone density and labs for my endocrinologist. 
 I am going to be smart about it tho. I am having all of my tests done the same day at the same clinic and get them all done in one place. I am not sure about the labs tho. I might have to go to a different clinic for that one but it is a small clinic and I am usually in and out in 15 minutes. The imaging center is huge and have a lot of technicians  so it is usually fast as well.  
 Also I have 3 gift cards for $50.00 each coming in the mail as soon as I finish these tests. I love how my doctors reward their patients with these little rewards. Who couldn't use an extra $150.00 in their pocket?
 Sadly tho the gift cards cannot buy just anything. They use to give us Wal-Mart cards but now it is Pharmacy and Grocery. But I can think of a lot of groceries I enjoy buying. 

 Our Farmers market boxes are just awesome. I am hoping for a watermelon!!! Ohh Karyn got mandarin oranges in hers. She split them with me and I cannot tell you how wonderful they are. So sweet and juicy that they just burst with flavor in your mouth... so yummy. 

 Miss Edna is on the phone so I am off to chat... Have an awesome day to all... BB

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Lovely Day

This is my great niece Riley when she graduated from Kindergarten a couple of years ago. This page is done with a kit called Color Your World by a friend who was in our  private DT scrapbooking club. Since the site has closed we have all gone in different directions. Some are over in a private group at Flicker, some went to Just Art and some are over at Facebook.

Hello and Happy Saturday to you,
 Well our plans have changed yet again. Matthew didn't get his car back. They said that it might be Wednesday or possibly even Thursday before he can pick it up.
 Room for Matt in the truck driving school filled. He will now have to wait for the next class to open since he wasn't able to get there today. He knows how to drive the big trucks but wants to take the class so he can get his CDL license and to learn how to do the log books which have changed a lot over the years. 
 Matthew hang on to your hat son, because it isn't the end of the classes. You will get in when God opens the door. Keep your faith strong!

 Oh I have some awesome news to share. My niece that has been in critical condition is making medical miracle history...
 They have taken her off of all machines and IV fluids. They have kept the GI tube in so they can still give her liquid feeds.
 She was able to eat a few bites of Jell0 and drink a little bit of grape juice. They will take out the tube when she can tolerate a bit more of real food.
 They brought in a large chair like the hair salons use and washed her hair. It took two nurses to get her into the chair and they strapped her in so she wouldn't slide out. Right now all of her muscles are very weak. She is still really weak, but rest and food will help her to regain some strength.
 She has a few gaps in her memory but that will return as she well. She sleeps a lot now but it is regular sleep and not drug induced.
 She gets frustrated easily because she cannot talk with the GI tube in her throat and is too weak to hold a pencil but we will take these victory's because a week ago we didn't have much change at all. She is awake and alive so we will take this and continue in our prayers for her to continue healing.

Also this is the time of year for Graduation... From our littlest ones to the big ones... Congratulations to all Graduates this year. You Did It and now moving on into what your future holds is just awesome.
 I am looking to see if I can find my great nephew's graduation photo....

This is Waylen. He is the tiniest in his class and the shortest and in my opinion he is just the cutest. He is the one that was born premature weighing a pound and a few ounces. WTG Waylen… And Happy Birthday to you. One Proud "Auntie" right here....

 I have to do a page for him.  He is such a sweet little boy. My sister talks about him all of the time. I am waiting on pictures of Kennah so I can do pages of both of them. 

  Today has been a lovely day even if Karyn and I didn't go downtown tonight. It is really miserable outside and I told her that we could wait until Fall to go downtown, besides I think that we would both enjoy it more then. 
 I am always more active in the early Spring and Fall and the dog days of summer are really miserable. 

 I am getting tired. I cleaned my kitchen and so that is done. Jonathan made a cinnamon based French toast for his Breakfast Office for work. It was alright but not either one of our favorites. I asked him if he thought he would make it again and he said probably not. He had to take 4 casserole sized pans and he brought a full pan home. I had a little of it but it is way to sweet and I guess that people have to like pancakes and waffles to enjoy it. I like a regular sweet roll and occasionally in the winter I will make a pancake but not often. I'm not much on sweets for breakfast. 
 I have to do a few things so I will go for now. It is almost 8:00 pm so it is time for me to get my shower and see about something to eat. We have more than plenty left over from last night. Jonathan and I ordered Chinese. I tried a new dish and was not impressed. It was good but I really thought it would have a different taste. I will stick to my favorites from now on which is Sesame Beef and Vegetable Lo Mien. 

 I will hopefully have something to post for tomorrow. As it stands right now we don't have any plans until Matt's vehicle is repaired. I forgot to schedule one appointment so I will do that Monday and Jonathan said he could take me to it so I am not stressing about it... whooo and I thought that I had taken care of them all... ha.

 Have an awesome weekend... BB

Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy June! Happy Friday

Two of my favorite people.
 Miss Edna and Master Pogo... Why Yes, Pogo is a Person too! Just a cute handsome little person.

 Good Morning,
 Welcome to June! And also the weekend awaits us... Happy Friday!

 I have wanted to scrap this photo of Edna and Pogo for a long while now and I have been on scrap page creating spree tonight/ umm this morning actually.

 I started this at 5:30 this morning and had hoped to have it posted by now but Karyn came over and we went to the bank and to Walmart. I needed some dish soap to put in the dishwasher and was hoping to get a cup of coffee and a biscuit sandwich but McDonalds inside the store did not open until 7:00 which people were standing around looking at their watches... seriously. I would have thought that they would open an hour earlier given the fact that a lot of people have to be at work by 7:00 and it is a 24 hour store. Oh well now we know.... now that we do know Karyn and I on our first of the month before dawn trips to Walmart... they will change the hours to 6:00 am. hahaha

 No big deal really. After we got what we needed we just headed to the McDonalds closer to our apartments. 
I bought myself two new night gowns. One is Hot Pink and in silver letters it says "Mama Needs A Vacation" and the other is white with little flip flops all over it in all sorts of colors and styles that says "Life Is Better In Flip Flops" and I just love these kind of gowns. 
 I have had so much abdominal surgery on my stomach area and a big surgery on my kidney on my back so wearing pants really agitates those areas and after a while it hurts, so these loose fitting gowns are comfortable for me to lounge around in at home and to sleep in. I can simply not ever have too many as sometimes I run out and can't get over to the Laundry center to do them because I can't get in and out of the gate. It isn't a big problem but sometimes I just toss my few garments into Nathan's laundry. But my collection is growing. I am up to 6 night gowns now. 
 Speaking of which is really a stupid idea for whoever chose that system. You cannot enter or exit until a car comes thru. Oh for little skinny people  like my son Nathan who can squeeze thru the gate it is fine, but for short fat people like me... my tummy and rear end is just a little bit to much and I don't have the height to make it possible. 
 Anyway all of the gates around Austin city and beyond have gone with what they call exit gates. There should be a way for people inside the complex to be able to get out in case of a fire or emergency. They should have an exit for the residents here with a key pad like they have at the front, or a clicker or something to trigger the gate to open. I guess that they think everyone has a car or that everyone can walk all the way to the front to get out. Oh well, what is or what isn't I don't think that anyone is going to care enough about what I think to change it. lol.

 There has been a change of plans. My son Matthew is going to work driving a truck so he is going to school up in Dallas and so tomorrow Karyn is taking him IF he gets his car back from the shop. I think that it was ready late yesterday evening but if so then I am going to ride with them and they will drop me off at my sisters house and then we are going to her granddaughters house for a birthday party. My brother in laws birthday is the 4th and their grandsons birthday is the 5th. So my great niece has a combined birthday for them. It will be hot dogs and hamburgers and fun! I haven't seen the baby in a long time. I guess in 2014 and he was just a toddler. 
 He graduated kindergarten this year. He was very premature. He weighed just a little over a pound. He was a trooper tho. In spite of being tiny he has overcome so much. 
 Also my nephew and his wife who lost their little baby boy the 14th of April will be there and I really want to see them. So they can drop me off and Karyn can take Matthew to where he needs to go and then she can come back and pick me up.
 I am taking my pillow with me and can nap if I need to. I probably won't because I don't like to sleep when someone is driving in case they doze off but I can at least tuck my pillow around my right side which has given  me problems lately.

 I have had a lot of pain lately. I try not to complain much about it. The doctors have said that with all of the abdominal surgery it is scar tissue that becomes inflamed. It pulls and it is painful. But I don't want to go thru the surgery to cut it out. So I just deal with it along with all the other aches and pains. But I am seriously going to have to talk to my pain management doctor and see what we can do. My pain medicine doesn't last as long as it should. about 2 1/2 hours I am already feeling pain and I shouldn't be. It hasn't been that long ago that we changed it so I am not sure she is going to want to switch it to something else or not.

 Well my body is begging me to sleep so I guess that is what I am going to do. Try to lay down and sleep. I need to put some cream on my neck and shoulders. The few hours on the computer is getting to me so I will say "Good Night" for me and "Good Morning" to everyone else.. Have an awesome day to all and enjoy your start to a new month and a new weekend to be.... take care of yourselves and I will be back when I can... BB

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