Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Good Morning

A page that I used as a Facebook Christmas Card a few years ago. It came across my Facebook memories 5 years ago and I was so very happy to rediscover it. 

Good Morning,

 I hope this finds you doing well. I am fine here, just trying to wake up and enjoy my coffee.

 Guess what? I didn't lose my bats. This morning I took my coffee out to the balcony and what did I see? A clutch of bats making their way home after a night of hunting.

 I know that it is crazy to get excited over bats but all wildlife is really my thing and I enjoy watching them fluttering here and there.

 Just as I enjoy the birds and flocks of geese. Speaking of geese, they are seriously noisy lol. It has been fun watching them fly towards the snowy mountains just to make a U-Turn and go back to the lakes here which is a bit warmer than the mountain lakes. I can hear their noisy complaints of having to turn around lol.

 I told you of my plans to move to Reno Nevada but I haven't really spoken of some of my health problems.

 I have been diagnosed with Glaucoma. I have been seeing a Retina Specialist for several years now and I was really upset that with all of the tests that I have been having for the several years that I was referred to another specialist who was to clear me for cataract surgery who was concerned with some vision loss. 2 days later I was seeing a Glaucoma specialist. I have chosen medication to lower the pressure in my eyes and some laser surgery for now. 

 It is very important to get the pressure in my eyes down. I did receive special permission to fly to Nevada. Since they have caught my condition early enough I could fly here and back home but as soon as I get home I have to have the laser surgery. I do have some permanent vision loss. At least the doctors found it early enough to stop a lot of vision loss. Just 10 years ago the new treatments were not developed and now many people will be able to retain their vision which is so very wonderful, and new treatments are being developed every day.

 So my kidney is doing alright for now but I am spilling protein in my urine so I am trying to lower it by limiting meat in my diet and cheese as well. I am alright by doing all that is necessary but I will really miss my meats! I am a carnivore but thankfully I don't have to deprive myself all the time. I just have to limit it as much as possible and I have actually not missed anything other than cheese right now. I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday but I decided that I would eat a salad which was an excellent choice.

 I am going to get off now because I need to make some important calls to fill my insulin pump and to check a couple of other prescriptions so I will say goodbye for now. Hugs to all, virtually of course lol... BB

Monday, December 28, 2020

Almost A New Year


Lake Tahoe lies right in those mountains. Not much snow right now as it is all melting here but it is so pretty.

Hi I really hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday. I know that it all seems a little different. It was for us. Most of our Christmas buying was done online and not in the actual scheme of things. I didn't miss the throng of people, especially the ones that don't wear their masks or social distance. 

 I am in Reno Nevada visiting my daughter in law and my granddaughter. I am staying a little longer this time. I got here December 20th and I am going home January 10th. But not for long. Just a few months. 

Karyn and Matthew have been trying to get me to move out of Texas and so after discussions with all parties except for the boys, but mostly with my insurance and checking to see what the specialists here are rated we decided that I might be happier where there is less disconnect and that my stress level would drop a lot.

 I know that I have posted about how the boys and I communicate and argue. It has just gotten worse and even though I understand that they have stressful jobs and looking after me has added extra stress to their already stress levels.

 But the truth is that I just don't understand some of their ways. I try to respect that but sometimes if I don't communicate the way that they think then I end up upset, they are upset and it just escalates. I had told them several months ago that I was not signing another lease and would be moving. I thought that I would be moving in with Karyn but I don't think that I will be happier with her because she is moving on with her life and the very last thing that I want is for my family to be unhappy. 

 Both of my boys have very stressful jobs. People think that just because they work from home and sit in front of a computer 12 hours a day that they have a cushy job. Karyn also has the same kind of stressful job, just a different department. 

 As I sit here I can hear Courtney also who works from home and I can understand why my kids and daughter in law don't really want to be on computers and phones at the end of the day. I also understand that they cannot afford to make mistakes because it would cause people to lose important benefits that they need so they have to be on task and they have to make sure that they cross their T's and dot their I's.

 Moving to Reno does have their own drawbacks. I will miss my bluebonnets in the early spring. I will miss watching my bats flying out for a night of hunting and then again to watch them at day break flying back to their colonies. There are a lot of things that I will miss but here I will also have a trade off because we have flocks of Geese that live here year around. Plus we have sea gulls and of course I really don't know if they are ravens or crows. I am not sure if crows are really ravens but we have so many who live in all of the trees and they are fun to watch. So I am going to move on and talk about a few other things before I need to get off and rest for a little while.

 I really hope that everyone has had a great Christmas holiday and that by now everyone is rested up and will be ready for the revelry for New Year's Eve. Do anyone have any big plan's (Social Distancing and Masks Required Please)!! (And Thank You).

 We don't have any plans. We will stand out on the balcony and watch the fireworks from the Casino's but other than that we are just staying in and I will make some black eyed peas and cornbread muffins for New Year's Day. That is a Texas tradition. I am not sure what they do for Nevada. When I lived here I just made my Texas black eyed peas. It is supposed to bring Good Luck for the coming year.

 My plane landed just about 7pm. Courtney and I planned to surprise Celeste so she didn't know that I was coming so when she saw me her face just lit up and she flew into my arms yelling, Nanna Nanna are you really here and I said to her that it was really me and she hugged me with all of her little being.
 These are the most precious moments in my life and I hope for others for these children of today will grow so fast into young adults who will be our future. We need to show these little ones today how to cope with life skills that will ensure that they grow into responsibility that will be able to help sustain them and also teach them how to use their skills. From listening, manners and how the small chores that we give to them will help to build character. Just my opinion because I am not a doctor or adviser or anything but I have raised 5 of my own children and helped with nieces and nephews, and friends children.
 We stopped at Denny's for a bite to eat. I was starving. I had a very light lunch before my flight. We chose breakfast and we actually ate !
 The rest of the half week we just did little things to get ready for Santa. I didn't wrap anything but I did fill the stockings and helped with anything else that needed to be done.
I received so many great gifts. The first gift was a  beautiful robe. It is a deep cranberry wine color and so soft and warm.
 Courtney asked me a day or so later what my favorite color was. Ohhh so many colors to choose from and actually they are all my favorite colors. I finally decided on a teal blue/green. Almost aqua. So we got into a discussion on colors.
 Well another gift in the color that I chose was a 2 piece luggage set!
 I also got a Alexa 4th Generation Echo Dot and I love exploring everything that it can do. I love my music app even more lol. I have a lot more things but this trip was my BIG gift and I have had such a great relaxing time. (Well besides Christmas eve and Christmas Day.)
 Also between all that Matt and Courtney devised a plan to surprise me and it was a great surprise. We decided to go out to lunch on Saturday and Courtney drove us slightly out of town and to a truck stop where Matthew was waiting for us to arrive. I am not ashamed to say that I cried because I did!!!! He could only stay for a few hours but it was worth it for us to see him. 

 I still have a lot to say but I am really tired and I have been typing off and on all day so I will say goodbye for now and try to catch up on my blog reading. I will be back a lot sooner than my last post. It was way to long ago but I have had so much on my plate but I will continue to try and use my time a little more differently so I can at least keep up with my friends. You are all very important to me and I am so sorry that I have been so distant.
 Take care of yourself and stay safe... BB


Saturday, October 31, 2020

A All Hallows Eve


Image borrowed from the internet


 This will have to be a short post. I have a lot to say but I have a hangnail that embedded underneath the nail and has become infected. I can barely type with my right hand which is my dominate hand and my doctor called me in a antibiotic to hopefully will help to heal it otherwise I will have to go in and have the nail removed so it doesn't grow into the skin. It seems like there is always something wrong with me. It just sucks too.

 I will do a quick update as much as I can. We are  doing ok. We have been busy. The kids working mandatory over time and Nathan is going to work tomorrow and then he will be offf a few days before he goes back for his shift. That really just leaves me so I will tell you that I have been having some fun with ny birthday present from Miss Edna. Thank you so much for the  fun gift.

Itt us a deck of beautiful Tarot cards and a workbook. I am not sure if I shared it the last time that I posted on my blog. I am not going to be able to top this fun Miss Edna but I guess I will try to come up with something.

 I will have to hurry tho. I don't have much time before your birthday is here. I have a few days to work on it tho.

 Yesterday was my granddaughter Celeste's birthday. She and her mama has a tradition that she started with her. They go out for a Birthday Breakfast. Usually to IHOP or Denny's. Then they go home and Courtney works to do the last minute things before her party.
 Our time together last night was just precious. We had a FaceTime party since Covid19 has mandated it as such so it was just her 2 brother and his wife and their kids and another brother and the rest of us was all on FaceTime. Her grandma and grandpa in Colorado and 2 sisters in California, Her brother in Colorado and his family and me in Texas and Matthew (Celeste's daddy) in Salt Lake City Utah. We had so much fun singing happy birthday to her and watched her have so much fun opening her presents.
 Then today Courtney sent me pics and a couple of videos so I was happy.

 It is really hard for me to peck the keyboard so I am going to close but before I will share my Samhain altar that I had and I also have a small one in my room ready for me when I get ready to go to bed.

This last photo is an older one but the set up is the same except I haven't made my tea. I can't decide on which one that I want tonight. 
 I hope that everyone is doing well and I will talk to you all as soon as I can. BB

Friday, October 9, 2020

Warning A Tiny Bit R Rated


A page I did for a Days Gone By kit from my friend Kyra. The puppies are from Pixaby.

Good Morning,

 Yes I am a day behind. Yesterday I woke up later than normally and I didn't feel well but I got dressed because my physical therapist was coming and we were going to work outside. 

 When she got here she was dressed in her PPE with even a face shield so when she was taking my vitals we were talking and she asked how I was feeling and I told her that I really didn't feel good and well wouldn't you know it but I was running a temp.

 By law she is obligated to contact my doctor and she also said that I needed to contact them as well. By the time that I took my meds and changed out of my clothes and made the call she had already done so. 

 My doctor called me and said that I needed to come in for the Covid19 test. They had plenty in stock but they were completely booked and no way to work me in but suggested that I go to the after hours clinic. She put me on the schedule for 7:30pm but I guess I should have talked to Jonathan first because he informed me that instead of getting off at 7:00pm like normal that he had to work until 8:00pm. So I called the after hours clinic and scheduled the test for tonight.

 Since I am not feeling well my doctor wants me to see the doctor for a work up. I discovered this morning that I think that I have another UTI.

 I don't believe that I have the Covid19 virus. I think that a UTI is the cause of the fever. So my post is going to be a tad short today but I did tease at the R rated thing that I was going to post so here it is....

So a little suspense here.... My daughter went to Las Vegas last week for vacation. I have made this page for her.

 And what do you think is behind curtain number #1? Well I guess that it is time that I let you find out...

LOL I hope that I didn't offend anyone but the significance meaning behind the photos are priceless to me as a mom. My daughter Karyn is very modest. She does not engage in anything remotely racy. Until last week lol.

 She and her roommate Tina got up early the first morning they were there and took off to find some fun. About a block under the canopy they ran into this guy. 

 In the photo that she sent the sign read "Keep America Naked" and I don't know if this is a new slogan going around Vegas or what but she took these pics and sent to me.. Yes I was shocked. Her first text to me was "Good morning mom" and these two pics! Yes from my little non racy girl. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas!

Here are the original photos. I cannot read the sign completely but maybe you can if you want to lol but I don't blame you if you just scroll on past.

 I am tired now. I think that I will go and lay down and try to rest a little while.

 I will make regular scrap pages from here on out. I just had to do those for the Vegas 2020 album I am making Karyn for Christmas.

 Y'all stay safe and I will see you next time... Hugs, BB

Monday, October 5, 2020

Crazy Daze


Celtic Moon kit given to our former group. I have just loved this kit and I am so excited to get a new kit from her store. I will post it and the link soon. Perhaps with an update to this post as I am probably going to go and buy it tonight, If you want to you can search Rosie's Designs and see what she has at her stores. I know Etsy for sure and I want to say... Nope I might get it wrong but I am excited to tell you that the name of the kit is Frozen and it is just beautiful.


 I hope that where ever you are that your enjoying the crisp coolness that our Autumns bring. We are having some wonderful Indian summer days and at night we are loving the dip into the 50's. The humidity is down and it is just really nice out here in my neck of the woods Austin.

 I really wish that Blogger had emoji's because I just want to add a bunch of happy faces in color lol... Oh well I just don't get everything that I want lol. 

 I have been busy doing a few things but then not doing a darn thing. This stupid Gastroparesis has hit me again and my doctor on Friday called me in some medication that has kept the worse at bay but it has still been a hard few days. I am feeling better tonight and I am taking advantage of it.

 I am going to give you a sneak peek into my next blog post. It is going to be slightly R rated with a couple of xxx's lol. It isn't going to be to bad but partial nudity might be involved... So are you wondering what I have up my sleeve? 

I just have to wait for the pics that my darling daughter is going to send to me from her recent trip to Las Vegas and I thought I would spice up my blog a little and OMGosh the Bellagio hotel has there Autumn theme up and Karyn and Tina went to check it out.

 The photos are so awesome but I would have loved to have been there to actually see it. Karyn said that seeing it once was just not enough and they had to go back once more to see it again. 

 I cannot wait for the photos because I really would love to see them in my scrapbooking program. I am going to put them into a Album so I can work with them a little at a time and for my birthday I splurged and spent a whole $14.00 with tax on a new software program called Gimp. If I can learn this program then I will be able to know my way around Photo Shop. I love my Craft Artist but I do need to upgrade myself and learn some new techniques and it will keep my brain a little sharper I hope.

 My beloved Craft Artist has evolved into some other types of software and if I am not mistaken they have branched out into Affinity and I am not even positive that they are related but I want to say that I read that they were. 

 Anyway Craft Artist is going to be outdated one of these days and I have had it for over 6 years now so I really have to figure out how to work other programs and if something happens to the only copy I have of Craft Artist I might not can replace it so I am going to try my darnest to learn how to use this Gimp program. It has videos and support help and a manual so I am sure that I will manage it just fine. Or I better haha.

I am a member of one of the Facebooks for Beginners for Craft Artist so I should go and ask them the in's and out's but when I do sit down at my computer I am busy doing things that I enjoy and by the time that I am finished I am to tired to go back and think I will do it tomorrow and well we all know that tomorrow there are other things to do and then time flies and I don't think of it until later. 

 I had Foxy while Karyn was on vacation and she was really a good girl. Last night Jonathan bathed Ollie and then this morning Nathan was in the middle of bathing him when I peeked in and said "You know that Jonathan bathed him last night." Nathan was like Really? "Well he is getting bathed again." 

 It is good tho because he had some fleas and so he got de-flea'ed twice. He is such a good boy but I am surprised that he doesn't like to get a bath. I wish there was a way I could bathe his sofa LoL!

 The moon was so pretty tonight. My friend Patsy lives in a small desert town in California and she said that the moon the other night was big and orange. A gorgeous Harvest Moon but ours was not big but even now has a orange glow and it makes me wonder if it is reflection from the wildfires in California. Patsy said that on their news it said the wildfires are 75% contained. I feel so very bad for the people and animals. It all just breaks my heart.

 I have Physical Therapy tomorrow morning at 9:00am. I still need to get a shower and get some sleep but I have a feeling that I will not sleep well because knowing I have to get up early in the morning will not let me rest fully. But I need to try. 

 I know it is a little early for our yearly ride Miss Edna but I thought that you would really enjoy this photo! 

Annnd she is Offfff...... LOL enjoy!

Take care everyone and have a fantastic Day/Evening where ever you are. 

Oh Steve and Edna, Yeah my cousins and I always considered ourselves lucky when we became adults about the Monkey Blood. Cuts and Scrapes but... swabbing throats?

 I didn't know the ingredients Steve but I thought Iodine never Mercury! Now I can see how it got it's name. OMG now I am very surprised that we are alive to tell the tale! Thank you for letting me know that.

Hugs to all and a Goodnight from me.... BB

Friday, October 2, 2020

Hi Welcome To October


I borrowed this from the internet. I just love October not just because of Halloween or that it is my Birthday month and that is also true for my niece Tabitha and my granddaughter Celeste bur I have always loved watching the changing signs of Autumn as the trees burst in wonderful colors of red, orange and yellows,  the smell of leaves as we ran into large piles to play in and the smell of those leaves later burning. So many things that I love about October and I anticipate the crisp air, the plans of the approaching holidays and that just leads to more things to love.


 I really hope that this start of a new month is as awesome for you as it is for me. We seem to be drawing closer and closer to the end of 2020 and it has been such a fast year. 

 Today Karyn and I went to register to vote. Karyn had to update her information and I had to register as it was time for me to renew and since October 5th is the deadline Karyn and I wanted to make sure that we got to the Tax Office early and hardly anyone was in line so it went really fast and now I am all legal to vote YAY!!!!

 I was a little worried about going today. I should say yesterday as it is a little after 2 in the morning. I was just getting drowsy but Foxy needed to go out to potty so I took her out and now I am just not sleepy but halfway thru this post I know that my eyelids will just get heavier and heavier lol. Oh well I will take my rest as it comes.

 I had a nasty flare up of my stomach issues. It is rather a complicated illness so I will give you the name of it and you can Google it if your interested in knowing more about it. 

 It is called Gastroparesis or Gastropareses I am not sure of the correct spelling and my spell checker gave me 2 so I listed them both.

 The short story is that in 2012 I had surgery for the muscle that when you swallow a small flap opens and allows food or drinks to go into the stomach. I have what is called Achalasia and obviously I had this problem for many years until it finally became so bad that I had to see a Gastrologist and at the time my health care team and I decided to try some less invasive procedures that included Botox injections, medications and dietary changes but after all of that I had to have surgery. 

 I know that I have told Miss Edna about this but I really haven't addressed it in this blog. I did in the one I had previously before Blogger banned me and I had to make a new account because I couldn't get it resolved any other way so I will tell you a little about the Achalasia.

 My surgeon was awesome. He came to meet with me the night before the surgery and again the following morning. course there are things that I don't remember but I had my daughter and sister tell me stuff that happened. What they did was make a small incision and went in with a camera and cut the muscle that is at the end of the esophagus in 4 places. While he was in there he used the camera and found not only did I have this Achalasia but also 14 stomach ulcers! I was in the hospital for 10 days. I could have nothing. Not even a sip of water. I had these lemon sponge sticks that would produce saliva but that was a long 10 days. I was able to go home but I couldn't eat anything for another 10 days but broth and Jell-O and water. I seriously thought that I was going to starve. The night of my 10th day I was sitting at my dining room table and glancing up at the clock. When it was exactly midnight I went to the kitchen and I made me a scrambled egg and a piece of toast. I kid you not I still remember that meal and it was so good. But I had made it the 10 days! When I went back to see my Gastrologist he said that he had talked with my surgeon extensively and that I needed to have another scope to see the condition of my ulcers. Nearly everyone of them had healed. The ones that remained was also healing. I have a medication that I take on a daily basis that helps prevent ulcers so I am so glad. I figured I had ulcers but I thought maybe one or two. Not 14 of them. If you ever had a stomach ulcer then you know how your entire digestive tract feels like it is on fire. When I lived in Arkansas a gentleman that lived behind me brought me a cup of goat milk every morning from his female Sally but he called her old Sal lol. EEEEWWWWEEEE Yuck that is some of the most nasty tasting crap I have ever tasted but I have to admit that it did help me a lot. Enough that I could continue working so even tho I dreaded it like I was going to be getting a huge dose of Castoria or Cod Liver Oil or anything remotely like it I puckered up and I drank it down!

 I promise that I am not a Hypochondriac. I know I have a lot of medical problems. Most all of my illnesses started when I was a kid and I swear my mom and my Aunt Lilian swore that for every sniffle we got a huge dose of Mineral Oil, Cod Liver Oil and my Aunt would go and get her bottle of Mercurochrome. Did I just throw any of you back to the past? Or the Good Ole Days? LoL.

 My aunt saved our popsicle sticks and she would take one of my uncle Cecile's white under shirts and cut them into strips. She wrapped a strip of the cloth around a popsicle stick and stick it in the Mercurochrome bottle and line us kids up and we didn't sass. When she said Open Up every one of us kids opened up and wide. UGH... I can still taste that to this day. Back then we hardly ever heard of it called Mercurochrome because to us it was called Monkey Blood. Now that stuff doesn't wash off. It has to wear off. We walked around with red orange mouths, tongues and lips and if you moved or jerked or gagged then you also had monkey blood on your nose, ears or anywhere else that the stick met your flesh. We really tried to avoid coughing or sneezing in ear shot of my Aunt during the school term. How embarrassing to go to school with our faces looking like a clown ha.

 What about good old Mentholatum? We all got the rub every night before bed. Our chests were and we even got a glob of that stuck up our noses, under our noses and we even used it for chapped lips and mosquito bites or chiggers. It is a real wonder that all 6 of us kids survived the monkey blood because it is actually toxic if swallowed. It is meant to be used for cuts and scrapes because it has a lot of Iodine. I am not sure of the rest of the ingredients but years ago when my kids were little and one of them was getting sick I took myself down to the local drug store and Bless His Heart Mr. Hillard  the owner and I just loved him and his wife Jean and her daughter Cathy. Just wonderful people and on this day Mr. Hillard was behind the counter and he asked me "What can I get for you Missus Reed?" I told him I was looking for some Mercurochrome and Mentholatum he had a funny look on his face and he stood slowly rubbing his chin as if he had a beard which he did not but he said "Now those are two words I haven't heard in years and to hear both of them on the same day... Do you mind if I ask you what you want with them?" Of course I didn't mind. He was always so friendly and he excused himself for a minute and went and got his wife Jean and the other pharmacist that was on duty took over and I thought that this was all very strange but I had some time so I followed him up to the front and he said to his wife with a smile and said "Jean Missus Reed is looking for a couple of things and when she told me what they were I just knew that you would be very interested."

 I don't know how I managed to come down this rabbit hole, but I guess when a memory hits ya, at least at my age then it tends to take on a life of it's very own. Anyway Jean gasped and Hobert (Mr. Hillard) chuckled and said that they took the Mercurochrome off the market years ago because it was toxic. That led Jean to tell a story of someone who knew someone and a story and Y'all I lived in a very small town. One of those towns that everyone knows everyone and you could always count on either the drug store or the old Dairy Mart coffee shop to find out what was going on in your town and about anybody that might be the talk of the town. I was the talk of the town for a little while. 

 I have actually spoken to one of my doctors about how my Aunt Lillian would swab our throats with the Mercurochrome and asked if perhaps since I was getting regular throat swabs if that could be why I have a seafood allergy now. I will never know but it is possible. Just my luck lol. We don't lose the iodine in our system. The levels go down and each time your exposed to it by eating or other means like Contrast Dye for certain tests then your levels go back up until they hit the top and then that is when I have a reaction. 

 I told them about how my nom and Aunt would swab our throats with it and how we were slathered every night with the Mentholatum and they just laughed. I did too, and I miss those kind of chats. 

 I don't know about the Mentholatum but it might still be on the market but I think that it is called Vicks Vapor Rub. That is what I think that I ended up getting and Mr. Hillard said not to put it on the kids chests because it could cause them to have pneumonia. He said to rub it on their feet and put socks on them at bedtime. 

 Oh my gosh I have so many things to tell you but it is almost 4 in the morning and I am ready to fall out so I might have to finish the rest of my story about how I was sidelined by this stupid Gastroparesis for another day. 

 Thank you all for tagging along with me down memory lane and you all stay safe. Virtual Hugs  BB

Friday, September 25, 2020

Another Beautiful Day


Another page with the kit Beaches. Image was from Pixaby.

 I hope that this finds you doing well. I am ok except for this darn knee but it is a torn meniscus. This is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it:
 The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of tough, rubbery cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between the shinbone and thighbone. It can be torn if you suddenly twist your knee while bearing weight on it.
 So yes this is what I have. I ruled out having the shots in my knee. My ex-mother in law had them, a sister of mine Sharon had them and they were painful and I am not into more pain. So I have chosen Physical Therapy who will help me with the right kind of exercises and my knee brace. 
 Last night was a terrible night. I dreamed I was a character in a Steven King novel and I knew what was going to happen because I had already read the book. I just couldn't bring myself out of the dream. 
 I welcomed the trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night to just get out of the nightmare only to fall right back into the same dream over and over again.
 I also dreamed that I was running from something and this morning my son Nathan came into my room and put his hand on my shoulder to wake me up and he said I was groaning like I was in pain and I said yes I was in pain. My knee felt like it was on fire and was throbbing. He helped me sit up and take my pain meds. 
 Tonight I am going to light my candles and make some soothing hot tea before I go to sleep and I hope to be relaxed and not have any nightmares.

 The weather here is perfection right now. It is 82 degrees and tonight our low is 58 and I couldn't be happier. Our air conditioning is happy too! The unit had gone for days without ever shutting off battling the triple digits we were having. This has been a strange summer and fall. We usually don't get cooler temps until the end of October so this is really nice to have them now a little earlier.

Oh I have some new photos of my great great niece miss Jewelz. She is my sister Linda's great granddaughter and Linda and I had a great chuckle last night how she has everyone wrapped around her little fingers. 
 Linda took her to work with her yesterday for a little while or I should say that her mama brought her by where my sister works and she said that they went for a walk when Linda took her lunch. I am so happy for my sister Linda, as she has 3 daughters and they are all so very close. Her family is so supportive of one another and that is wonderful for my sister.
 So here are the latest pics of Jewelz that I will be making scrap pages of soon. 

I really love this one of her with her tongue sticking out because Linda's youngest Tabitha had her tongue sticking out since she was born. This picture is a real ringer for when Tabitha was this age. 
 I have one more of her that I am going to scrap first. I just love this blue dress she is wearing.

Our baby doll. She does look like a little baby doll with her hand up. She has a radio flyer wagon in the background. I am trying to decide what kit I want to use with this one but I am actually thinking of using one of your Quick pages Miss Edna. I most certainly have a lot of them to choose from lol.

News is slow around here. The boys are working. Karyn came over a little while ago and she is leaving October 2nd thru the 5th to go to Las Vegas. Her room-mate Tina has this resort package and so she invited Karyn to go with her so Karyn was able to get off work and is going and I get to have Miss Foxy. When I asked today if I was going to have her Karyn laughed and said.. It goes with out saying Na-Na. 
 So I will get to have my little bad girl for a few days. I can have her any time that I want her. She gets to missing Karyn tho and starts to cry so I really hope that she will be content for a while.

 I told Karyn I really miss Vegas. I lived there for 10 years when I ended my marriage. It has always held a soft spot in my heart and I really would love to live there again but I know that I won't. The kids are adamant about staying in Texas and they have too many years in with their work to leave before retiring so I have accepted that. Of course after living there for so long I knew all the best places to go that wasn't over crowded with tourists and what places that catered to the locals. 
 Karyn said that Tina said they were going to be staying down close to the Fremont so they will have fun and get to see some great shows at the same time. 
 Karyn said that I could come with them but I told her thank you for the offer but with this Covid19 virus going around I really don't want to be flying anywhere especially even just being in a air plane with re-circulated air and I also can't go anywhere with my knee even if I wanted to. So I will treat myself to a small trip later on. When I know how this pandemic plays out.

 I am going to close for now and go and elevate my leg so you guys have a wonderful evening and take care of yourself. Until next time Big Virtual Hugs.... :) BB

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ocean Of Love


The name of this kit is called Beaches by a company called Pink Paradox. I don't know if they are even in business anymore. I had ordered several of their kits about 4-5 years ago and  I have Patsy to thank for cleaning them up for me. So many ragged edges and when she came to visit me she took her time and she cleaned up the images for me. It is funny but as I was making this page it sort of felt like I had been here before. I stumbled upon another page similar to this one. I am going to see if I can find it again to share.

 Hello to everyone,
 I hope that your all doing well. I am doing fine except for my knee. I talked to my doctor Friday and I see her on the 24th but I might have to go to the after hours clinic and have it looked at. It has hurt me all day but the pain wasn't real bad only because I had pain medication to take. Without the pain meds I cry like a baby because the pain is that bad. I have a high tolerance to pain and by the time that I start feel the pain then I know that it is going to be bad.

 Karyn and Foxy came for a little while today. She was going to a barbeque and she didn't want to carry Foxy. Where she was going they have like 7 dogs and we know that Foxy does not play well with others. 
 She has finally gotten use to Oliver but he cowers when she comes near him. If he approaches Foxy it is ok. But if she goes to Oliver he goes down into a cowering huddle. I wish that I knew who abused my boy so I could slap them around for awhile. I am not joking, if I ever do find out then they will get a lot of HURT from me.

 I made a mistake on the scrap page that I did for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am very surprised that it escaped your Eagle Eye Miss Edna! I can go back and fix it in Craft Artist but I will leave it be on my blog. I am slowly getting back into the grove again doing some scrap pages. I never know what I am going to create. Maybe something that struck me during the day or days or something fun. 

 Welcome to my blog Angelicastar. I was just asking Miss Edna about you the other day. I was worried about you with these hurricanes coming thru. Harvey was a Doozy to be sure of so I hope that if we have more then they stay out to sea! LOL.
 Oh sweetie I know that your really tired of all of the illness's that you have had and are going thru. 
 My heart is filled with love for you to heal and I understand about the commenting. It might be easier if you want to email me instead of commenting but your more than welcome to do both. Here is my email:
 I am so glad that you stopped by and told me your story. It always helps to know that we are not alone in this world and I laughed at how you put your son in Check... Way to go girl!

A Big Welcome to Beatrice P. Boyd Hello, thanks so very much for stopping by. I try to post when I can and I have been trying to post every day or so but sometimes I just can't but please stop by any time that you can.
 I hope that your doing well. I haven't had time to go to your blog just yet but I will go as soon as I can.

 It's raining here and my sister said that Sally is supposed to give us rain for the next 3 or 4 days. I am welcoming it as well as the cool temps we are having. We usually don't have cool days until the end of October so I am happy to have them. Our high tomorrow is 69 degrees! Whew that is  what I really like!

 I am tired my dears. I really haven't done much to tire me out but I am fighting to keep my eyes open so I will say good night and big hugs to all of you.... Have a wonderful week ahead and a great Monday to start everything off to a great start. Good Night to all... BB

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Rest In Peace Justice Ginsburg


This kit is called Artsy Anne made by my sweet friend Rosie when we were together at Daisy Trail. Thank you for looking.

Hello Everyone,
 Last year I was working on a day planner for my sister Linda and I really liked how hers turned out so I decided to make another one. I was sort of in my mind thinking I would enjoy having one and or maybe I could do a couple for friends. I wouldn't have time to get them ready for Christmas but there are other reasons to make them that don't require an end date so we will see. I need another project so I think that these would make nice gifts. I need to make a new front page for the year 2021 and send to my sister so she can insert her planner.
 So this is what I was doing when I heard about Supreme Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing.
 To be honest I had not ever really paid attention to politics until about 5 or 6 years ago so I didn't really know who she was until I started listening to conversations, watched the confirmation of the last guy Kavanagh and having some deep conversations with Karyn and Nathan. 
 When her documentary came out I think that is when she caught my attention.
 I am so sorry to hear her passing away. I was hoping she would have lived another 87 years but I guess the Good Lord needed her more and called her home.

 I wanted to make up for the couple of days I missed but I am way to tired tonight but I will catch up soon. I just wanted to post this scrap page and say a few words but I am going to bed. It has been a really long long day and Foxy is here waiting on me lol. She has already been down the hall looking at me twice now so I will close for now. Good night and Blessed Be... BB

It's almost 6:00am and I have been up for almost an hour already. After I uploaded my blog last night I went straight to bed and fast to sleep. I woke up to go to the bathroom and I just stayed awake so I decided to get on up. I will probably drift off again in a little while. At least I hope so.

 I had to go and have a Covid19 test done yesterday. It is a requirement for my procedure on Tuesday. I am having a endoscopy done so maybe we can decide on treatment plan to help with the Gastropareses. At least we know what the problem is, we just have to figure out how bad it is and what treatments will benefit me in the long run.

 Remember a few weeks back when I was going thru a tough decision about cutting ties with someone?
 That someone is my sister and the actual decision was taken out of my hands.
 My sister Linda called me and told me that my younger sister Susanne had unfriended me from Facebook.
 I went straight to my computer and I deleted and I blocked her. I guess that upset her but I can't help that.
 I am not as active on FB as I use to be. I might go once a week or so, see my notifications and maybe share a thing or two but it doesn't control my life.
 If I am going to hang out anywhere then you will find me in Spaces on Quora. I really like it because I don't have to be friends with anyone.
 I guess to tell the truth I felt relieved. I didn't have to make the decision but it isn't just about FB. No it is so very much more.

 My daddy was a great man when he wasn't drinking. But if he was drinking he was a totally different person. He was the type of man that it was his way or the highway and sad to say but my sister Susanne is just like him. 
 Just because she and her partner for 35 years decided to break up, well that doesn't have anything to do with me. He has done nothing to me and for her to tell me that if I didn't delete him and his new wife then I was choosing his side is a child's game. He hasn't done anything to me and it is my page and I can be friends with whom ever I choose. 
 I guess she didn't think that I would find out that she unfriended me and that she could snoop on my page and see if I communicated with him and his new wife. When she couldn't get on my page she called my sister Linda and said... She Blocked me and deleted me. My sister Linda said "Well I'm sorry but usually that is what a person does if they find out that they have been unfriended. Your the one that did that but if it was me then I would do the same thing. What gives you the right to go to her page and see her posts, or her friends and what is going on in her life but she can't do the same with you?"
 So day before yesterday I got a text message from her saying "Beth just because I deleted you from Facebook doesn't mean that I don't love you. We are sisters."
 I had to re-read that text twice, three times. Even now she can't admit that she isn't the one that Deleted me... I am the one that deleted her, but I really didn't expect any different from her. That is just her way. She has to be in control of every aspect of her life, her kids, her family, her friends and co-workers and the list just grows.
 My mama use to say when someone was interfering and a busy body mama would shake her head and say "If they just minded their own damn business then they would be busy all day long." That is totally true. 
 Karyn asked me what my response was and I said "I am not responding back to her. I 
 will send her a birthday card and I will send her a Christmas card but that is the extent of it. 
 Karyn said "But mom she is your sister."
 I looked at her and said "Well Karyn you know Laurie is your sister...." If it had been a ton of rocks that sentence hit Karyn hard and she finally got it.
"Ahhh yeah mom, I get it."

 Rifts are hard and especially when it is a member(s) of our family. I expect a heartfelt apology and I am not going to settle for a lot of crying and blubbering where the tables will be turned and I be the one to make the apology. I will meet her half way and I think that is fair.
 Well I am going back to bed. It is Saturday and I think that I can get a couple more hours of sleep so take care and I will talk to you all later.
 Have a wonderful Weekend.... 
 Oh Steve the James Comey book is really good. At least I think so...BB

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How Are You Doing?

This is one of my favorite pages that I did and it is a shame that I didn't enter it into a challenge. I may have already shared it here but it never hurts to share something twice or more... LOL 


I hope that your all doing alright. I guess I am alright on this end. We have had 2 days of very intense arguments. It must be in the air or something. It's just really been hard here. I don't have a strong hold on my emotions. I never have learned how to not become emotional especially when it is directed at me. So I did a lot of crying yesterday and today. 

It all started with Foxy. Karyn brought her to me and the boys were playing with her with Karyn calling her a taco and the boys calling her a burrito and I said she wasn't a taco or a burrito. She is a Diva and she has the perfect name Miss Foxy Love. I was joining in with the banter but it started a huge argument that I still don't understand. They said that they had been calling her that since she was born and they said that I was ordering them not to call her anything other than Foxy. I told them that I was just playing with them the way that they were teasing each other but they said that they didn't want justification from me and then it went to the way that I talk. They are all grown and I talk to them like they are still little kids. I know that my voice had raised higher because it always does. And then it got really bad because I told them that I don't treat them like little kids but I don't know how to talk any different than I do and if they didn't like it they could shove it. I was sick and tired of trying to engage in conversation with them and it starts a damn fight and Karyn ...... Ohhhhh ohhhh she made me soooo mad. She turned to me and pointed her finger at me and yelled "You just march your ass straight to your room." I saw RED. I was so mad that I lost it. No way was she going to come into my house and order me around. I told her "This is MY House. You don't come into my house and tell me what to do like I am a 2 year old. You need to get some respect."

 So yeah I was then accused of being a Devil worshiper since I was reading Witch crap and that I was bringing the devil into our lives. I remember shaking my head and thinking that she hasn't got a clue to what she is saying. I guess that all of the scary movies she watches and shows like Sabrina the teenage witch, Charmed and she was telling me about one she watched just a couple of weeks ago and those shows are far worse than me lighting a few candles and listening to some soft music on the night of a new moon is evil.

 I really don't know all of the dynamics because the arguments went from one silly thing to some serious things and it is the serious things that I am upset about. Jonathan Nathan and I had another argument this morning and guess what it was about? A bag trash!  Nathan came into the garage and asked me if I knew where the dustpan was. He was out front cleaning and I was getting the trash out of the kitchen trash can. I said Nathan here if you will take this out front I will come and help you in the yard and.... that started a fight. I had forgot that by saying what I did that I was ordering him to do something and I tried to make amends even saying that I was sorry. He stormed back in the house and said "Why don't you take out the damn trash." I said I cannot believe how your acting and you know that my knee is... He looked at me and said "Your knee isn't bothering you when you are hungry and go to the kitchen or your knee doesn't bother you when you want to go have a cigarette or when you want to go out with Foxy." Well by this time I was determined to take out the damn trash. I wasn't yelling or loud but then Jonathan came in and he grabbed the bag from me and said "Go sit down." and I am thinking how they are all ordering me around like I was a 2 year old. And to treat me as such makes me only more determined not to do what they want. By the time that Jonathan got back inside I don't know what Nathan said to him but Jonathan was on Nathan's side only it wasn't about my knee. From what Jonathan said to me was that I was telling him to take out the trash while he was busy doing something else. I just went to my room and shut the door.

 So I made another mistake by going to the kitchen to make a drink. Nathan was sitting at the table and Jon was in the kitchen making something and Nathan started telling me that they don't want my help. They don't want me to offer my help and it pisses him and Jonathan off when they see me doing things that makes them feel like I am undermining them and I said well what is it that you both want from me? They both said at the same time "Nothing." Then they went on to say that my knee wasn't going to get better if I didn't stop trying to do things like take out the trash or doing laundry and the list just went on.  "Look I cannot stay in bed 24 hours a day. I'm not doing anything and I wasn't going to take out the trash I was merely getting it together and when you left the garage after asking me about a dustpan I knew you were going back out front so I said Nathan here take out this bag with you since your going out front anyway. I finally was able to get the entire sentence out. By the time all that was over with I was emotional again.

 I have left a lot of it out because it is nearly 3 in the morning and for once I think that I can sleep. I know that my pillow is calling my name so I am going to give in. Have a great day to all... BB




Saturday, September 12, 2020

What Is The Knee Bone Connected tooooo?????


I don't remember doing this page. I don't have it marked either and I know that starting 2021 I am going to make sure that I have all of my kits marked and all of my TOU's in one place with the kit. 
 I don't know why I stopped but I realize that it isn't so great to have to go hunting for them and lately I don't know why I don't have them with the kit as I normally would just like when I purchase the kit I would have the terms of use right with it.  All I can think of is that my brain went on a long vacation along with the rest of me when I stopped making my pages... :(

 I hope that this finds you doing well. I also hope that your enjoying some nice weather. Right now it is almost 11:00pm and 90 degrees and the heat index is at 99 degrees and it really feels it too.
 We had a really nice cold front and I enjoyed it very much. It just didn't last long enough to suit me. The boys and Karyn was bundled up like they were prepared for an Artic Blast. They are such cold bloodied creatures. I know that they didn't get it from me tho. Nope Not I....

 So on Labor Day I rolled out of my bed. Literally. I banged my knee super bad on the corner of my small wooden trash can. I hit it really hard but since Jonathan and I had plans I showered and dressed and we went shopping.
 I did alright until we stopped to eat and my knee started throbbing. I told Jonathan that I thought that he would have to grocery shop with out me. He said he wondered when I was going to finally acknowledge the pain as he noticed I was limping at the dollar store and while we were waiting for our food, he said that he could see the pain radiate across my face. Yeah it was hurting but until the very last minute I didn't want to concede and give up my chance to go. But in the end I was ready to go home.

 I really missed my computers. I tried to sit in my chair but if I had my leg straight out in front of me wasn't working and propped up in bed wasn't working. So I have just kept myself entertained by reading and I ordered some books from Amazon and the last one came this afternoon. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow but it came a day early so I have been a happy reader.

A more personal book that details a lot of interesting history. I have always wanted to go and visit Miss Edna in Mass. so we might be able to go to Salem. I don't know if that trip is doable but I will try and go and visit Miss Edna regardless if we go anywhere or not. 
This book is ok... Just ok. it is not what I was looking for but it does have some interesting chapters but so far I have read almost the same thing in the first book. 
This is the book that was delivered today. I have been waiting for it since it was published and it is a hardcover and a $30.00 price tag but I snagged it on Amazon for $3.54 so a bargain deal for me. They are all bargains really.

I am sitting in Jonathan's office chair and I can adjust it as needed but I still have to get up and move around. It is harder to get settled and readjusted every time I get up and then back down, but it is the only way that I can actually blog. 
 I talked to my doctor on Friday and she wanted me to go to the after hours clinic and have someone look at it but last night I was just so tired that I ate a small bite of dinner and I told Jonathan that if I was asleep when he checked on me not to wake me up and he didn't so Karyn stopped in to drop Miss Foxy off to keep me company and she got on to me for not going and having it looked at by now.
 I will if I have to or I will make arrangements on Monday. But I am suspecting that I am probably going to have to go and have it looked at as bad as I don't want to go. 
 I know that they will be touching and moving my leg this way and that way and No... No thank you. I do enough of that on my very own without intentionally having somebody else do it as well. I am a coward when it comes to pain. Yep it's true!

 I am getting sleepy so I guess I will close for now and go to bed and read until time for me to turn off the light. So stay safe my friends and I will talk to you all later. Hopefully I will be able to blog again tomorrow... Until then Blessed Be BB

Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Slightly Longer Post Than Usual

My grandson Damien. These are some of my favorite photos and I did this page in the early morning hours. I call it Treasured Moments because they are. They are also moments in time that are the snap shots of our lives. He will not recall these moments because of his age he is making a lot more of life's gifts with his mom and dad, brothers and sister that will become their own Treasured Moments.

Good Morning,

 It is 6:45am and it is a balmy 78 degrees with 40% humidity and more scattered Thunderstorms.

 I slept most of yesterday away. I don't recall waking up for any longer than turning over in bed so Jonathan could get to my right arm to test my sugar.

 He made me get up at sometime around 6:30pm to eat. I wasn't all that hungry but I knew I had to eat and so I took a good look at what I would consider quick and easy and I found some hearty beef stew with veggies. 

 I decided on that with some crackers much to his complaints that we had other things that could be made and last longer than "Just Soup" but I really wanted that soup so we compromised and I added a serving of applesauce and a lettuce wrap (My green veggie lol) stuffed with tuurkey and swiss cheese. 

 That seemed to satisfy the both of us and I ate every bite! then I crawled back into my bed and snuggled with my Foxy. I only got up for bathroom breaks. I slept so good. No dreams of any kind that have been plaguing me lately consisting of night mares that seemed to occur every time that I shut my eyes. So dreamless sleep was needed on my end.

 It's funny how I never mean to nap for more than an hour that I seem to have my best sleep. I downloaded a new book on my kindle and I got really comfortable with Foxy and I guess that was it for the both of us for she is really the ultimate cuddle bunny.

 It is now almost 7:30. Just as I finished the last paragraph Olly and Foxy decided they needed to go out. So Olly in the back yard and Foxy out front. We had a mishap tho. When I let Olly out back I guess Foxy got miffed and decided to hide from me. I had just given up calling and hunting for her when Jonathan walked down the hallway and said she is here with me. 

I opened the front door and she came running. We were out maybe 2 minutes when the Recycling truck appeared and scared her back inside. I couldn't tell which bin was ours as it looked like one was not in a position to be picked up and I had to wonder if it was our bin. It turned out not to be ours. Jonathan and Foxy came back out. Jonathan was cleaning our air conditioning vent so he could change the filters.

 Two jobs already taken care of this early hour. The a/c filters taken care of for another month and being garbage day, Nathan had set ours out last night before bed. And I guess I could add that during the early morning hours I washed, dried and folded my laundry and yes I even put it away lol. 

 When my kids were as tall as the washing machine I figured that they were old enough to help me by doing their own laundry with my supervision of course.

I taught them how to separate their colors and what considered to be dark and colors. I always added the laundry soap and turned it on but I didn't care that they had to stand on a chair to get their clean clothes into the basket and the basket to the dryer. They thought it was a game until about 8 years old and laundry day started to come with groans and a large dose of whine. When they got older I made a deal with them. Put a dollar into the laundry piggy bank. They didn't have to pay for the laundry if they were sick. They got a pass. But if they were super busy and asked me to do their laundry then they had to pay double and also add a dollar for using the dryer and mom to fold their laundry. I didn't put it away tho. That was still their job. 

 I cannot believe the excuses that other mom's I know that use the excuses that they are too young. My daughter included. The older two helped to do everybody's laundry. The excuse I heard was "I don't have the time to teach them." or "They are too young." 

 Really??? I believe it is really.... I am too lazy to teach them. When I reminded her how old she was when she started doing her laundry it was like a light bulb went off. I noticed that she actually did start teaching the younger boys. I smiled to myself and I praised them and I told my daughter... "You are a good mom. You just have to learn to delegate and stop thinking that you can do it faster. Yes you can do it faster but you don't have to do it faster, just make sure you do it right because as Mom's know, we will always have more dirty laundry than clean laundry.

 Speaking of dirty laundry, I have a bit more that I need to do but it will be saved for another day. Why? Because I am going to be nose deep into a couple of books. 

 The one that I am reading right now is a fictional book that sparked my interest on Kindle "The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis. I remember seeing this book last year before Karyn, Nathan and I made that forgettable trip to Fredericksburg. (Yes a year has already gone by since then.) I thought then that I wanted that book and now that it showed up in the Kindle app I snagged it and the other is called Witchery and it is going to be here tomorrow curtesy of Amazon and one more from Nora Roberts called The Coming Storm. So I plan on enjoying every cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate that comes my way with a lot of written words that will transform my brain into what ever city that may come alive for me with the many characters that I will meet... Now doesn't that sound like a wonderful way to spend the coming days? I think so

 I have such a love for books. 4 out of 5 of my kids are readers. Jonathan and Nathan have their favorites that they still go back to those and re-read them especially on cold winter days and nights along with new ones and Jonathan has been searching for a book for a long time. I am going to get the name of it today and see if I can get it on Amazon and give it to him for Christmas. 

 Karyn found that she doesn't have time for actual reading and it breaks my heart that she isn't the bookworm she use to be but not because she has lost the love of the story but because she has found Audible books! So still a book lover. 

 It is so strange to me that audible books are so popular and Karyn most definitely has a love for them, but I just cannot concentrate in listening to them.  But I can listen to other things like music, or a news cast or even church service and I really enjoy them. So what is it about that I cannot enjoy a book that someone is reading to me? It is sad but not something that I don't understand. It is not a big mystery why I don't enjoy them.

 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it is because I am afraid of them. I am afraid I will become to love the spoken word and it will somehow make the written book word obsolete in my world. I know that my vision is fading and that might be another subconscious reason why I am still a book in the hand kind of person. 

 Laurie loves reading. She and I read a book together years ago. One very cold and damp winter she was so sick with bronical pneumonia when she was 4 years old. The school nurse called to tell me that she was running a very high temperature. I went to pick her up from school and made arrangements for the other kids to be picked up from school and I gathered up Laurie with a Teddy Bear that was hers for the week as he rotated down the list to Laurie and also a book. 

 We must not have the correct name of the book because we cannot find it. We wanted it for her kids, especially Cathy but also for all of the kids. All thru that difficult time that she was sick, I must have worn the cover out I read it to her so many times. She was not getting any better and so several trips to the doctor and one scary trip to the emergency room that book and teddy bear went with us. Finally a pharmacist found the problem. Instead of getting 1 1/2 tsp dose ever 4 hours she was getting a half .. 1/2 tsp every 4 hours. The doctors kept saying that she was on a very strong antibiotic and I thought that the low dosage was because she was so little and so young. But finally someone caught the attention of the mistake and we had to make up for lost time as she was still very sick. 

 We thought the name of the book was called The Levity Tree but we have Googled and searched and we must not have the right name. But I am a believer in the fact that it will turn up in the hands of one of her children if and when the time is ever right.

 Cathy is a reader. She grabbed all of my books that she could and sorted thru them to find the ones she wanted to read. Somewhere in my garage I found one of the books in a series she was wanting to read and who knows where it has gone in the many packed boxes of our stuff their stuff Matt's stuff... I put it somewhere when I came across it after they moved and goodness only knows what I have done with it. I can't remember the name of it so I hope that when we organize the garage again I will come across it.

 My sweet Foxy is not feeling well. I called Karyn and she said that she would come and get her if she needed to but I hope  that she starts feeling better soon.

 It is time for breakfast and so I will close for now and get things in order for my day. I have already called my Pharmacy this morning to see if they have my insulin pump. Jonathan said that they told him when he picked up my medication the other day that they had to order my kit. When I called this morning they told me they had to order it and I told the clerk that was what my son was told last week and they needed to check with some of the other stores to get it sent to their store. We keep having  this problem with this insulin pump kit.

 I gotta get going so I will talk to you all later... Enjoy your day and stay safe... BB

Monday, August 31, 2020

A Long Day


I made this page the other day while I was on the phone with my insurance and they put me on hold. The name of this kit is called Enjoy Life. I tried to get the link but it wouldn't copy or paste so I will just tell you the name. Lins Creations. She is my very first designer that I started creating pages for and I really did love being on her team. She and her husband and fur babies live in South Africa. 


 I fell asleep soon after I got back from having the scans done and I went to get a drink and Nathan asked me if I would let Olly out and I called him to me and he got excited about going outside and he slammed the door on my foot smashing my big toe in the doorway. He of course didn't mean to but Ouch! So I am now awake and decided that I would blog now in case I get to go back to sleep after I have my morning insulin and breakfast.

 So the scans were fast and easy. They were just long but I napped in between so that made the time go by faster. My appointment for my Mammogram was 9:30 but they got me in at 8:30 so I was happy to get that out of the way. 

 Tomorrow I have to make a couple of appointments and I also have to contact my mentor on a couple of assignments. I want to skip the subject of the next two assignments and move on over to the next section. I  really like that I can work at my own pace and skip when I want to. I won't skip it entirely, I will go back to it but I think that I will understand it better if I do a refresher course a little later on.

 Oh I found the cutest t-shirt. It was just something that I ran across but I really would like to have one.

 Every time I see it I can't get Hotel California by the Eagles out of my mind lol. I love it!

 I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but Stormy hasn't been around since my daughter and kids left for California. Well he showed back up this morning.

 He is skinny and has some battle scars and he is still skittish. He will not let me pick him up, not that I want to but he did let me pet him a little while ago and I think that he has a few ticks and if he does I need to take care of that problem really fast but he just takes off if I do more than just touch him in certain places. I was trying to feel on the side of his neck and around his ears but I am going to have to have some help so I can see what is going on. Poor little guy. 

 He needs to have his shots and be neutered but he is distrustful of us right now. I understand where he is coming from lol even tho he really doesn't know what he is in store for lol.

 Well I am going to head off to bed now so have a great Tuesday and stay safe! Always, BB

Memorial Day 2023

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