Saturday, September 12, 2020

What Is The Knee Bone Connected tooooo?????


I don't remember doing this page. I don't have it marked either and I know that starting 2021 I am going to make sure that I have all of my kits marked and all of my TOU's in one place with the kit. 
 I don't know why I stopped but I realize that it isn't so great to have to go hunting for them and lately I don't know why I don't have them with the kit as I normally would just like when I purchase the kit I would have the terms of use right with it.  All I can think of is that my brain went on a long vacation along with the rest of me when I stopped making my pages... :(

 I hope that this finds you doing well. I also hope that your enjoying some nice weather. Right now it is almost 11:00pm and 90 degrees and the heat index is at 99 degrees and it really feels it too.
 We had a really nice cold front and I enjoyed it very much. It just didn't last long enough to suit me. The boys and Karyn was bundled up like they were prepared for an Artic Blast. They are such cold bloodied creatures. I know that they didn't get it from me tho. Nope Not I....

 So on Labor Day I rolled out of my bed. Literally. I banged my knee super bad on the corner of my small wooden trash can. I hit it really hard but since Jonathan and I had plans I showered and dressed and we went shopping.
 I did alright until we stopped to eat and my knee started throbbing. I told Jonathan that I thought that he would have to grocery shop with out me. He said he wondered when I was going to finally acknowledge the pain as he noticed I was limping at the dollar store and while we were waiting for our food, he said that he could see the pain radiate across my face. Yeah it was hurting but until the very last minute I didn't want to concede and give up my chance to go. But in the end I was ready to go home.

 I really missed my computers. I tried to sit in my chair but if I had my leg straight out in front of me wasn't working and propped up in bed wasn't working. So I have just kept myself entertained by reading and I ordered some books from Amazon and the last one came this afternoon. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow but it came a day early so I have been a happy reader.

A more personal book that details a lot of interesting history. I have always wanted to go and visit Miss Edna in Mass. so we might be able to go to Salem. I don't know if that trip is doable but I will try and go and visit Miss Edna regardless if we go anywhere or not. 
This book is ok... Just ok. it is not what I was looking for but it does have some interesting chapters but so far I have read almost the same thing in the first book. 
This is the book that was delivered today. I have been waiting for it since it was published and it is a hardcover and a $30.00 price tag but I snagged it on Amazon for $3.54 so a bargain deal for me. They are all bargains really.

I am sitting in Jonathan's office chair and I can adjust it as needed but I still have to get up and move around. It is harder to get settled and readjusted every time I get up and then back down, but it is the only way that I can actually blog. 
 I talked to my doctor on Friday and she wanted me to go to the after hours clinic and have someone look at it but last night I was just so tired that I ate a small bite of dinner and I told Jonathan that if I was asleep when he checked on me not to wake me up and he didn't so Karyn stopped in to drop Miss Foxy off to keep me company and she got on to me for not going and having it looked at by now.
 I will if I have to or I will make arrangements on Monday. But I am suspecting that I am probably going to have to go and have it looked at as bad as I don't want to go. 
 I know that they will be touching and moving my leg this way and that way and No... No thank you. I do enough of that on my very own without intentionally having somebody else do it as well. I am a coward when it comes to pain. Yep it's true!

 I am getting sleepy so I guess I will close for now and go to bed and read until time for me to turn off the light. So stay safe my friends and I will talk to you all later. Hopefully I will be able to blog again tomorrow... Until then Blessed Be BB


  1. Your new books look very interesting. Enjoy them! I also think you should have your knee looked at. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Today thre's a marathon on TV of the "Unsolved Mysteries" program. You might enjoy it. I hope today is a good day for you. I'll chat with you later, hugs and love, Edna B.

  2. Interesting reading material! I'm curious what the Comey book is like. And just over $3 -- what a bargain! I hope your knee feels better. If it's not one thing, it's another, right?!


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