Saturday, January 29, 2022

Craziness? Furries! Suff!


Good Morning,

 Hi, I am not feeling well. Jonathan is better but for me, not so much. I just can't seem to be getting over this bug. I have been up and down every 3 to 4 hours and at midnight and again at 4:00am with severe nausea and everything that goes along with a stomach bug.

 I think that if I don't get better in a few hours I am going to have to go to the ER and get medication to help me get over this thing. I am so tired and I can't seem to shake it at all and I am probably becoming dehydrated. So I probably will have to be admitted if this is any indication of past issues. I am so shaky; I can't keep anything down and I really feel pretty bad.

 So I want to add a post today in case it is a few days before I can post again and to ask if you have been following some of the crazy articles about Furries?

 When I think about Furries I picture our fur babies. But the crazy stuff going on right now is way past thinking about fur babies. I know that a lot of kids play in a lot of creative ways, but it is a bit much to know that this is really not creative kids at play that is going on right now.

 I found this subject a few days ago and I actually had to read the article more than once and then tried to find some additional subject matter on it and what I have found is a bit disturbing.

 Obviously, we had several school board members who have resigned after receiving harassment and even threats to themselves and their families. For what you might ask is that we have people in our district running for office Congress actually that is upset because the cafeterias in our schools are not cutting the legs lower to the lunch tables so that the kids that are now identifying as furries can eat their food as dogs and cats, horses and other furries.

 Is this not crazy? Or maybe this is... I found this tidbit in another state. Michigan I think it was. (Just when I think that I have now heard it all....)

 These people or perhaps Furries themselves want litter boxes put in the restrooms so kids and not so kids can use the bathroom as a Furrie. 

 Jonathan and I had a long conversation and he said he has actually heard of this... (Not the bathroom litter boxes but the subculture of kids who like to dress up and he said to take Halloween for example where kids dress up as different characters but that they only make it a temporary time to dress up as a character, not a way of life but he knows of people that he went to school with who are really into the Superhero's. He said one person he actually knows wanted nothing more than to be a Jeep because Transformers were "The Bomb" and could go from a Transformer to a Jeep and from a Jeep to a Transformer.

 He did have a great observation for those that want to eat like a dog or cat out of a bowl without using hands and utensils and wants litter boxes then they need to be taken outside to do their business. He said that is where real animals have to go and if they really want to be a dog or a cat then they should have to go outside too instead of subjecting others to litter boxes. He said that they should have a huge Sandbox outside lol. Well I would agree to that before I would agree to the bathrooms having litter boxes.

So I am curious if you have heard of this? Do you know anyone who is identifying as a Furrie? I am spelling this with a ie intead of a y because this is how it was spelled in the article. It is playing havoc on my spell checker lol.

 I also read a article where a woman's young adult daughter was saying that this is a huge subculture including high school kids and even college kids but it is not so much as it is of Furries as it is groups who identify as elves, witches, wizards, dragon's and vampires. I can see that with all of the Buffy vampire slayers, Twilight, Harry Potter series out there.

 When Nathan was in elementary there was a kid in his class that loved dressing up as a dog and he would rarely speak and instead he barked at people but he out grew that. Then there was the child who dressed in pajamas only for several years. 

 Three of my kids had the same kindergarten teacher and Nathan and I went round and around because he could never find his shoes even though I made him bring me his shoes the night before he would hide them and have to wear different shoes that did not match and I had asked his teacher to speak to him and she just laughed and said she didn't care what he chose to wear and she was serious but I understood that kids do need something that they can choose for themselves and it was more important that he attended school every day rather than what he chose to wear and I gave up the battle from then on. He might wear a blue shoe and a red shoe or if he did get the shoes right you can bet that he didn't have matching socks on. Today that is a fad. No matching anything and even I love the earrings like my sun and moon, but I like the rest of my stuff to match but that is just me.

 And on this note I am sipping on some Zen tea. Ginger and Spearmint. I really hope that my stomach settles soon. Jon just got up and he said he has had a upset stomach all night. He is having a cup of tea as well. 

 I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hugs to all... BB




Thursday, January 27, 2022

I Am Never Moving Out Of State Again


This is a Money Bowl. My money bowl is a bit different and I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post later. 


 Yesterday my son Jonathan felt really bad and ended up with stomach issues and then I tossed and turned during the night and woke up with a very bad upset stomach, so we must have caught a bug. He felt a lot better today so it is just me that isn't feeling so great.

 I managed to do my laundry and my bedding. I was so so damn mad at Foxy that I scolded her badly and put her in the bathroom with her food, water and a big towel then I shut the door, but she started howling and Jonathan woke up and was like what's wrong?

  I felt bad for him because when he gets awaken during the night, he cannot easily go back to sleep but I told him that I was feeling really sick and that after I tossed and turned Foxy would not settle down and I had made about 3 extra trips with her outside and she would not go potty.

 "Ok" he said, "But what is wrong with you right now?"  I was ready to cry. "She efffffing peed on top of my head!" Yeah that is what she did. On my head!

 So I had to strip the bed and find some dry sheets, but I only found one dry one and a blanket, but I was super cold after I got out of the shower, and I was too sick today to do much of anything. I finally got a few hours of sleep and then I had to be on the phone and tried to transition to a new health plan in Texas, and with Jon's help I finally got a call back from the social security administration office only to find a huge problem.

 The person that Jon and I talked to last week didn't do a review. Only a address change and so we had to do a whole review and Jon told the lady that we had already answered all these questions last week and she said the whoever took our call did not do a review and is going to have to send out a financial form for him to fill out and it is possible that I will not get paid this month. 

 So yeah, that stressed me out so bad and it's like one thing after another just kept happening. I am not going to ever move out of state again. I didn't have this problem moving to Nevada, but they have made it hard to move from one state to Texas that is for sure.

 I couldn't eat anything today and still feel nausea and I did take my blood pressure medication but that was all. I was finally able to drink some ginger and lemon tea and that helped, and I was then able to keep some chicken broth down and I am hungry, but I will just make another cup of tea and maybe try a few saltine crackers. It's late and I really need to go to bed but laying down seems to make it worse, so I am trying to stay up for at least another half hour

 I have round two with phone calls tomorrow because the pharmacist had to order my insulin pump and my cholesterol injection and the staffer that helped me seemed overly confused and said "Oh we don't carry that brand." I said, "Well you did last month."

 I finally told him that I needed to speak to someone else and he said there was no one else that the rest of the crew was at lunch. I called back a little later and that is when I found out that I had to get a new insurance card because we are in year 2022 so I called my insurance and she said No, that my insurance is still good but I needed to have my insurance transferred to Texas and then she gave me a direct number to call her back. She was a really nice lady.

 That is where we actually found the problem with the social security office and I am very worried that I might not get paid on the first. I have my Amazon Prime coming out along with 5 other bills and rent and I need things from the grocery store which I had planned on putting in a order but we will see.

 I am going to stop moaning and groaning and just try to sip my tea and relax. Hugs to everyone and stay safe. BB

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hey I'm Headed To Bed Early


My little Cisco cuddling with his favorite friend's curtesy from Miss Edna. I miss you my precious boy every single day!


 I came across this photo of my Cisco taken several years ago when he was still with us. This photo never fails to bring such wonderful and fun memories. He had certain things that he loved, and he indeed loved his stuffed animal friends. He had toys from us, but it was the love from Miss Edna that he really loved to snuggle with. And he loved my robe that was at the end of the bed. He didn't care for any of my other robes, just that one which has always remained a mystery to me.

 I miss him more than I have ever missed a pet before. Cisco and I bonded almost instantly from the time that he was just a wee tiny little guy.

 My kids were coming out to Nevada and Laurie had asked me if she could bring him and I had a dog who was a handful, and I was afraid that he would hurt a puppy and so I just said no. 

 I shouldn't have been surprised when they arrived and Laurie had me shut my eyes and hold my hands out and when I opened them, Cisco was looking up at me. He was super tiny, and Laurie had fed him from a baby bottle and some baby formula. I fell in love, but circumstances were so different back then.

 Jonathan ended up with him when Laurie had to move soon after giving birth and he had him ever since and when I moved to Austin, I had just gotten out of the hospital from having my kidney removed and I know that Cisco must have known my pain because he lay with me the entire time, I was healing.

 I was in a lot of pain. Come to find out the Doctor had not given me the correct dosage of pain reliever and it was only when my daughter called that they realized their mistake. It was a liquid suspension. In the meantime, Cisco nestled against my side applying just the right amount of pressure and only left to eat and potty.  He would not let anyone near me, and I have a picture of Foxy getting a little to close to me. One of the kids took it. It looks like he is about to eat her head, but the kids said that he was playing. I think that I must have been sleeping because I don't remember. 

 I Miss him so much, but I know that he is with me spiritually. I can feel him sometimes when I really need him. Like coming across this memory today. I really needed it.

 I did not rest well, and my eyes are heavy, so I am going to have an early night. I am not even going to play my game and just take my losses because I just don't feel up to waiting for my products to finish so I can collect. I am super tired, so I am going to say Goodnight and I hope that everyone is doing well. BB

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday Is Coming To A Close



 Happy Saturday!

 It is evening and I was going to work on my blog earlier, but I had Facetime with my grandchildren in Reno and my son Nathan. He is visiting them for the weekend, and he was part of the surprise Facetime video call. We had a lot of fun.  

 Alex explained to me that he was building a mansion in Mine Craft and Celeste had several inches of her hair cut a few days ago. I told her that it will help her hair grow.

 Uncle Nate was being assaulted by not only Alex and Celeste but by the cousins Lily and Gunner as well. He said that they lost lol. Celeste tried arguing with Nathan and I told her to give it up because they would not win because Uncle Nathan was a master achiever when it came to arguments lol. No way they were gonna win that battle ha-ha. I have had way too many arguments with that boy to know!

 Jonathan made some potatoes and polish sausage for a late lunch today with broccoli and it was so good. We had a little left over so I may have that later if I get hungry but so far, I am stuffed. I really do like this instant pot. 

 He is making baked chicken, sweet potatoes and buttered squash tomorrow along with a side of stuffing.  He was going to cook it tonight, but I told him I would rather wait until tomorrow because I am still full of the meal earlier so he said he was as well, and it will be better appreciated tomorrow. I honestly don't know where I would be able to put another morsel of food!

 Karyn called a little while ago and said she will be coming tomorrow night and will be spending a few days with us as she is having to go into the office on Tuesday. 

 So, Foxy will have some good cuddles with her mama. Speaking of Foxy, I think that she is over her bladder infection. So, I will tell you that if you suspect your female doggie or kitty has a bladder infection...

 Take a cap full of apple cider vinegar that has the sediment in it. We call it apple cider vinegar with the "Mother" in it. Take a cap full and pour into a small bowl and add a cap full of water to dilute it and then take your finger and dip it into the bowl and then swab your doggie or kitty's mouth.

 Do this several times as it is bitter, and it will allow your pets to make saliva which they will swallow. This will allow the apple cider to get into their system and by doing this several times a day your pet will run to their water bowl and drink water to dispel the taste in their mouths and by drinking more water it will help them to urinate more and will help flush out the bad bacteria and hopefully keep you from a hefty vet bill for antibiotics.

  Keep in mind though that if you notice that the symptoms are not getting better then you need to seek a vet to make sure that they get the proper medical treatment they need, and this is just a natural remedy that you can use first. It is in no way a diagnosis or anything other than a suggestion and I do this for our Chihuahua Foxy.

 Foxy has very sensitive hearing and for the past couple of weeks our smoke alarm has been going off at all different times day and night. Jonathan took it down thinking that it needed new batteries, but it does not use batteries. It is actually hard wired to the electric. 

 Anyway, Foxy starts barking like crazy and then it goes off. She actually hears it before it starts beeping. Jonathan said today after it went off three times during the night and three times today that he is going to call the office and put in a work order.  It will wake us up and it is hard for me to reach up with a broom handle and hit the button and sometimes I get to it before Jonathan does but I feel bad for Jonathan because it wakes him up and it is hard for him to go back to sleep and then get up at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for work.

  He is one of those that can go straight to sleep, and he has a regular bedtime. But if he gets awakened during the night for some reason, he will toss and turn the rest of the night. I hope that maintenance just takes it down or puts it somewhere else. It is in the main part of the apartment across from Jonathan's room and the bathroom. 

I am going to close and go and play my Elvenar game. I used to play it years ago, but my older laptop could not connect to the server a lot of the time and I just quit playing but I came across an ad for it yesterday and I thought... OMGosh I forgot about this game. I decided to just start anew because I couldn't remember my password and all that so I thought I would just start over and so I want to spend a little while doing some essentials before I go to bed.

 Have a fantastic Sunday and I will catch ya later... BB

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Brrr It's Cold!



 I hope that everyone is doing well and staying warm if it is cold out where you are. It is 1:15pm here and it is 32F but it is not windy just yet. We do have some wind, but it has died down and is supposed to come back in heavy gusts in a couple of hours.

 I am not sure if I shared the cover of this book before, but it is really interesting. It has a very great way of describing the herbs and how to use them. I have been reading it every day and am almost done with it but it is really good for a quick description of herbs if you need it on the go.

 Jon and I did our grocery shopping on Monday, and I made a large chef salad for us to eat here and there but tonight is Spaghetti night. We would like to have some Chili and corn bread, but we didn't shop for the items to make that. Instead, we decided on the spaghetti, and I started a new grocery list to include the right ingredients but until last night it has been hot here. We have been in the 80'sF and we didn't expect this cool down.

 We might have some sleet and snow later tonight and then it all is turning into rain and with the temps dropping down to the low 20's all that will just turn into ice. Well, it is February, and this is usually when we get all of our winter weather, so it is what it is.

 I am down in my back. Not sure what I have done to it but I have been hobbling around for 2 days now. I think that it is possibly Karyn's bed. It is a memory foam temper pedic and I think that it is just too soft. It feels wonderful but after a while I think that it is just to soft and leaves me hurting in places that I forgot existed.

 Just after Christmas, my sister Linda shared with me some exciting news. Her grandson and his girlfriend/wife? are expecting a baby. It was a secret because they wanted it to be part of a Christmas surprise to the future grandparents. Linda has 7 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. So they are all excited. I wish them all well and that everything progresses as planned.

 Over the weekend we had such beautiful weather that the volleyball court right behind our apartment was in full use, Saturday thru Monday. It was fun to watch the games. All were in good fun with a lot of teasing. It really does get a lot of use and I am glad to see that it does.

  I guess I will close for now and start my meat sauce and perhaps see if I need to toss a load of laundry on to wash. That's about all I have left to do for today. It is so exciting around here lol.

 Take care and I will chat with you soon. BB

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It's Been Busy


Karyn came across this photo of Matt and I in her photos and sent to me. 

 They had just gotten back from the airport. Karyn had picked him up and they surprised me with a late night visit.



 I hope that this finds you doing well. I am ok but have been really busy. Busy doing what I really can't tell you, but I can say that the apartment is a little cleaner, the food cabinets are arranged a little better, the floors got a scrubbing, and some laundry is done and put away. So busy doing things like that. The mundane chores that I say I will do tomorrow so tomorrow caught up with me or I caught up with tomorrow lol.

 I am sorry to say this, but I am going to wrap up this post and get to bed. It is after midnight, and I have lost most of my post except for the top part I had written about the photo.

 This keyboard is ultra-sensitive and one wrong button will erase everything that I have written. It is depressing because I had written about several things and now it is really too late for me to go back and write it all over again, but tomorrow I will make sure that my blog post is a priority.

 Good night and be safe. BB

Friday, January 14, 2022

A Real Quick Note

  Good morning, 

 Do you ever go into your photos and find things that you know that you didn't search for, or take a photo of or a screenshot of but yet it is right there with all of the photos that you know is your own? I am assuming that these two ladies are Anna and Elsa from Frozen, but I am baffled as to how it got into my photo app! Strange things indeed.

 I am sick. Jonathan went to the store yesterday and got us some medicine. I have been up all night long so I y down aa going to go and try to sleep. I am chilled one minute and sweating the next. Maybe I can drop off to sleep. I am going to try anyway as my eyes Take  are of you and I will talk at you later.... BB

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Tarot And I


Greetings my friends,

 This is a Major Arcana card called The Moon.

 When a Major Arcana card appears in readings or as in my case, a daily random pull of the deck, these cards signify soul growth and brings lessons and opportunities to help put us on the right path so that we can evolve.

 We usually become conscience of something that we previously did not know. We also face challenges that are beyond our own personal sphere of our control.

 Last Christmas Miss Edna gave me a workbook called The Tarot According To You. This book is amazing and every day I try to draw a card from my deck, and I try to do this early in the morning because then I have time to contemplate on what my first impressions are, and this book really speaks to me. 

 I do not write in this workbook. Instead, I have spiral notebooks that I write the questions and my answers in because the questions are not easily answered and when I start writing I would run out of room in the workbook, and I tend to fill the pages in my spiral notebooks up pretty fast lol. Another thing about this book is that while I am thinking about a certain part of my life, or a question, I recognize a certain event that has happened years ago or as recent as today but also, I may recognize a person or a place that is significant in my life.

  It is a lot like Who What When Where and How so this book is a great way to help me think deeper and letting me get to know myself better if that makes any sense.

 This is the first time that I have drawn a Major Arcana card. I thought when I pulled it out of the deck that I was about to venture into a totally new area and Boy was I right. 

 You would think that I would have pulled several by now, but I haven't. I haven't even drawn the same card twice except once when I dropped the deck and when I picked them up, I just flipped the top card over, and it was one that I had studied before but that is not a problem because How I thought say 6 months ago may not be how I was thinking today. This could be a journey that is as unexpected as well as the Challenge. So, drawing the same card twice or more can become a great lesson and a rewarding experience. At least it is for me. I have really enjoyed this book and I wish I could find another workbook like this one. I have found a couple that I will probably buy when I get paid. I will be using this one until the pages are tattered and torn, held together with duct tape lol.

 I am really very tired. Jon hasn't been feeling well so he worked half a day and took off after lunch. He helped me get in touch with my insurance finally, but it was a long hard process. We couldn't find a way to cancel my benefits online, but he finally found the correct number, but the wait time was forever. By the time that the call was over I had a splitting headache.

 My eyesight has been terrible the past few days so I can only type a few lines before I have to stop. My Glaucoma is advancing. I will probably have to have those bottle glasses by the time that I get to the glasses stage. Please excuse any errors. I have been using my autocorrect. 

 I am getting off and going to bed. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and check in on your neighbors and friends and please take a moment to help a stray animal. It is a hard winter in parts of our beautiful planet, and they get cold and hungry too

 Goodnight and Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Lovely Busy Day

This is what the dragon earring looks like when it is on. Since I have not had Jon take a photo of me wearing the dragon, I just decided to do a screen shot. Like I said earlier I didn't pay much for them. 

 Right now, I am wearing these really cute earrings and Jon said today "Mom you do know that they are mismatched, don't you?"

 I replied " Yes I know. They are meant to be mismatched." He had this confused look on his face, so I said that it is a trend and has been for years now.  They are a crescent moon and a sun. I will see if the photo turned out so you can see them.

These are very light weight and I love the stones. They add just enough sparkle and bling to make me happy lol. 

 I gave Laurie and Cathy one of each today. I didn't get to see her wearing hers because I needed to get home. We had planned to take the kids to the park, but it was so windy, and Dante has already had to see the doctor because his allergies had his eyes really red and dry and also, he is prone to ear infections, so we didn't get to visit for long this time but maybe longer next time.

 I hope that everyone is doing well. I do have some news and not sure what the outcome will be right now.

 Jon's workplace is being cleaned because some of the workers who had to work in the building have tested positive for Covid. Even though he works from home, he occasionally has to go into the office. He thinks that he was not in the office during the time frame that his supervisors are telling him, but he is keeping his distance from everyone. We are Mask people. We believe in protecting ourselves and others.

 I know that everyone is tired of hearing Covid this and Covid that but really, I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about wearing a mask. It's not that big of a deal to me at least. If I go out to the store, then I am going to slip on my mask. I want to protect myself and also others around me. 

 I do understand that students having to wear a mask the entire time that they arrive on campus can be hard for the younger children. But the older kids should be able to handle it a lot better than people give these kids credit for. 

 The one thing that I love about kids and most kids is that they are resilient, and they bounce back so quick and fast. My daughter Laurie and I were talking today about her childhood and growing up and she said something that made me feel better as a parent and as a mom because I feel so many guilty emotions during the time they were growing up and she said "Being a parent now Mom, I understand so much better because I can look back and see that you beat yourself up over so many things that we as kids either don't remember or it just wasn't a big deal. The things you feel guilty over Mom were things that was just a big deal to you. We got over so much so fast because we knew you loved us and that is what was important to us."

 I was basically a mom and dad to my kids. Robert drove a truck and he was gone a lot. He was out on average 6 weeks at a time. He earned 1 day off for every week he was out on the road. 

 When he did come home, he was exhausted. He needed real rest and sleep, but my life couldn't just change because he came home for 5 to 6 days. I still had a million things going on. I still homework, ball games and practices, parent/teacher conferences, and then there was laundry and cooking and cleaning, and it was hard, but it is something that I would never change for anything. I chose to be the best mom possible and yet every night there is one thing that I can say truthfully, at the end of the day one or all five of my kids went to bed needing something from me, whether it was another hug and kiss, or an extra five minutes of time with them or something else and that is what I regret and feel the guiltiest about. Looking back and thinking that I could have done something different but then I think that if I had done something different would my kids have been as strong as they are now. 

 I know this post is getting a bit long, but I will just say this one last thing and then wrap up this post. It is almost 4:00 in the morning and I have to get some sleep because I have another busy day ahead of me.

 I came home the other day from being out in front of our building seeing some of my 4-legged friends and owners. On the bar was a card and it was from Jonathan. He had written in the card that I was the best role model that any child could ever want. I am going to paraphrase it because a lot of it is really personal, but he said that he admired me for not being a parent that fixed their kids problems. "Mom you raised us to know right from wrong and you taught us that we had to be responsible for our own actions. You didn't fix it for us, but you taught us to look for solutions to what we did wrong. You would ask the questions that made us think for ourselves."

 Yes, I cried, and that card is in my forever keepsakes. I felt after reading those words that Hey I must have done something right after all. Then Laurie saying what she did it has got me to thinking. No matter the fussing and arguing we have done, underneath it all I have 5 great kids, flaws and all and I love them to the moon and back and to the end of time. Love is really a great healer.

 I am tired and I think that I am going to make myself a cup of tea. Oh, speaking of tea, Jonathan bought one called Ginger Peach. It is so soothing, and the aroma gets stronger the longer it steeps. I really love my tea. It is the one thing that I truly splurge on. 

 And on that note, I will say goodnight or good morning and as always please be safe and take care of yourself and others. BB


Friday, January 7, 2022

Almost The Weekend


I ordered these earrings for a Christmas gift. I ordered the black and silver dragons and told my daughter in law that when they arrived, she could choose the set that she wanted and send the other to me.  All 4 dragons are for the same ear.  So, we called to send them back, but they said to keep them, and they just credited my account for what I paid for the two pairs of earrings. I asked Courtney if she just wanted to keep one of each kind and I guess she just forgot because she sent me all 4 dragons lol. 

 The dragons are the kind that the face is the stud, and the back is the dragon tail that wraps around the lower part of the ear. I have seen people wearing just one of these kind before. Not the dragon but hearts and mostly solid colors and they wear them in just one ear so I guess I can do the same. 

 I slept a lot today. I had plans to sweep and mop today but that flew out the window when I sat down to do my blog and became really sleepy, so I decided to take a nap. I dozed for about an hour and then got up to fix something to eat and feed Foxy since she didn't eat breakfast. After that I started yawning and I just decided that I needed sleep and so that is what I did. I awoke around 3:00pm and let Foxy out for a potty break and then I decided to read one of my books on my Kindle app and before I knew it my eye lids were drooping, and I was dropping the phone, so I decided to have another nap and even with all the sleep I have had today I am still sleepy so after I finish my blog, I am going to bed lol. 

 I am not going to be doing my blog in different fonts like I have been playing around with. Miss Edna pointed out to me that the script was hard to read, and I never even thought of it being difficult for others to read so I will stick with this one since I have been using it pretty much since I started this blog. I want to thank you Miss Edna for letting me know. It is something that I should have been aware of myself considering all of my eye problems. 

 Well, I am still waiting on 2 orders to come in. I ordered a book on Sunday afternoon, and I got it the next day, so I am not sure what the holdup is. They are not from the same place so that might be one of the reasons why. I ordered some yarn and crochet hooks. By the time that it arrives I am not going to be in the mood to do the project. Maybe I will change my mind once it arrives, and I hold it in my hand. lol.

 I guess that this is about all the news I have for tonight. Foxy is whining for me to cuddle with her so I guess that I will close for now and go read for a while. 

 Goodnight and as always take care and be safe. Blessed Be


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Feeling A Bit Better


My grandkids with a silly photo and a Gingerbread house. Adrian, Cathy, Dante and the Zombie kid is Damien. I love these little gremlins lol.


 I thought that I would work on my blog while I felt a little better today. Nothing much is going on here. Jonathan had to go into the office today and he has a coworker out and another teleworker that tested for positive for Covid and his supervisor was out today so it will be really late tonight when he gets home. 

 He has one of those Instant Pots and I had to send him a text asking... "So, what do I set this pot on to cook at?"

 I have been trying to get thru to the SSA office today but so far no one is answering the phones so I will try again tomorrow. I am not up to the phones today. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. 

 Valentine's Day is creeping up on us. I have no idea what I am going to get the kids. Adrian and Alex are too big for hearts and stuffed animals and the boys will not want that and Celeste and Cathy are easy to please. It's a good thing that we still have a few weeks.

 Well Jonathan just texted me back on how to set the Instant Pot so I am going to go and start dinner. 

 I hope that everyone will be doing better tomorrow if you're not feeling up to snuff as my daddy use to say. Take care of yourself and Be Safe! Blessed Be.




Monday, January 3, 2022

A Short Post

One of the last glorious sunsets in Reno Nevada


 I have a terrible cold. I have been in bed most of the day fighting it off with chills for the most part.

Miss Edna the pocket wrap you made me for Christmas is perfect for sitting here at the computer to keep the chills away. Thank you so much. I love it and wear it a lot. 

 I am sorry this is so short but I need a cup of ginger tea and some more

 sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better.

 Stay Safe and Stay Well. Blessed Be


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Getting Ready For The New Week


I am not sure where I got this picture from but I really like it so I thought that I would post it here.


 Hello I hope that everyone is doing well. I guess we are doing really well here. I really hope that it that it stays this way.

 Today was a really lazy day. I slept in until almost noon and Jonathan woke me up for lunch. He ordered Mexican food and I think that I could have made a meal with just the Guacamole. It was all good and I think that he enjoys surprising me.

 After lunch I was so cold and couldn't get warm, so I laid back down and then I fell back to sleep. Jonathan also took a nap, so the house was really quiet. Foxy woke me up to go potty and then we cuddled, and I slept again. I know that it is probably going to interfere with my sleeping tonight, but I also think that we were just so tired that we needed the lazy day.

 I had to have Jonathan help me with my Amazon book order so we could correct the address. It should have been a very easy process, but it was totally complicated and finally he said, "Mom we need to just cancel this order and start over."   So that is what we chose to do. Since it is going to be a little while before they put the money back on my card I didn't want to have financial issues so I just re-ordered one book. I find it really crazy that they can take my money so easily but sometimes it takes 3 to 5 business days to put it back on my credit card lol. 

 News is really short here so I am going to close and watch tv for a little while and hope that I can drift back off to sleep.

 Before I go I do want to show you a photo that was taken Friday.

This is Rod Josie and I taken at the grocery store on Friday. They are my new friends.

 I was on one of those electric shopping carts and I was really annoyed because every time I had to get off of the cart it would start beeping. I was also having problems with my left leg and getting off of the darn thing was uncomfortable.  Rod asked me if I needed help getting a half gallon of orange juice and we three started talking and I swear that we must have talked for a hour at least. 

 Yesterday Josie and I talked on the phone for at least two hours. It was really fun getting to know her and all of the things that we have in common, so I just wanted to share this with you. Josie and I are going to be fun friends I do believe.

 Have a wonderful day/evening and stay safe. Blessed Be... BB

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!


It isn't always easy to say Goodbye at the end of the year that has passes quicker than a shooting star. I wish for you the Blessings of the sun to light your path as you seek Good Health, Love and Happiness. I wish for a gentle wind at your back so that you move forward to Prosperity and Good Fortune and that you will be able to experience them both with new eyes so that you may be able to experience stunning beauty of Life that our Lord has created. Happy New Year 2022.

Happy New Year,
 I hope that the holidays were everything that you wanted. We didn't do quiet as much as we had planned but hanging out with one another was pretty darn nice. The month of November was a bit rainy and crisp as Autumn filled the days. It was sweater weather here in Texas and the early days of December was the same then the days turned into gorgeous weather. It was really warm Christmas Day. We were 81 degrees and today was really nice. It dawned gray and dreary but by noon the sun broke thru and chased the gloom away as we experienced another gorgeous day and then about an hour ago the temps dropped hard and fast!  it is now 42 degrees and will drop to 34 degrees tonight but tomorrow will climb to 77degrees. And that is as far as the weather I have seen. 

 I really haven't seen Laurie and her family because they have all been sick with one thing and then another so I have kept my distance because I don't want to take any chances of getting sick. We were supposed to have had our Christmas on the 30th but the youngest, Damien and her husband David started throwing up the day before. We haven't really set another date just yet, but we will get together when the time is right.

 I saw Karyn just briefly the morning of Christmas. She called to tell us not to cook that she was bringing Christmas Dinner to us. She brought a ton of food and Jonathan, and I didn't have to cook unless we wanted to. Which we did here and there but it was just something super easy like sandwiches and soup. One night he made a really good chicken, potato and vegetable stir fry.

 Karyn's turkey was mouthwatering delicious. She cleaned the turkey of course and in a very large bowl she made a mixture of Apple cider vinegar, spring water and brown sugar and poured it over the turkey and let it sit in the brine mixture for 24 hours then she patted it dry and roasted it. It was the first time that she tried making a turkey like that and she said she would never make another turkey any other way. It was so juicy and delicious, and she is a great cook anyway and so all of her dishes were wonderful.

I ordered two books today and can hardly contain my excitement. Miss Edna gave me the Witches Datebook 2021 last year for Christmas and I loved it! I used it on a daily basis and drew sad at the last date in the book. However, there is so much wonderful information in it that it will still remain as one of my favorites. Not only does it have some nice recipes it also has a few yoga exercises which even my daughter in law Courtney enjoyed. 
 I am sorry I can't stay and chat but just realized the address is wrong for my amazon order on my books is wrong so I have to take care of this pronto before Jonathan goes to bed. Have a wonderful week in advance.

As always please stay safe and Blessed Be,,,, Beth

Memorial Day 2023

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