Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hot! Hot and Hotter!

All the colors of summer... image from the internet

What a scorcher. The last two days have been merciless. Right now it is over 100F with no relief in sight and not only that but starting tomorrow we will be entering our hottest month of summer. It should dip below 100 degrees at the end of September but that is only a sense of what use to be the norm. 
 With climate change we cannot say that come September we will see cooler temps. Hoping that they will start dipping is a big hope. 

 Isn't the lady, the colors of summer pretty? (Above), That is not the actual name of her. I just cannot remember the name without going and looking her back up so I named her the colors of summer. She has all of the summer colors in her. She is actually one of my wall papers.

 So my daughter and son in law recieved the job in San Antonio and it comes with a house on the property. So they are going to have to start over with everything. They have lost everything when their house was water logged back in the winter when their water heater exploded. They were living in Northern California at the time. They have moved back down here now so that they can be closer to family.
 Stuff can be replaced. Lives can't so they will have to start over. We can help with that. A little here and there and of course they will be getting things together as well.
 The next big hurdle is getting our kiddos into school. My Dante will be starting Kindergarten this year. So only the baby will be home. I am not sure if Dante will go a half or a full day yet. I guess it depends upon the school district that they are in.

 Karyn and I had planned on scooping up the two oldest and taking with us to Fredericksburg with us to see the Perseid meteor showers but it just so happens that we are leaving on the 12th which will be the kids first day of school. School is more important so we will have to find another outing for them.
 Karyn and I can probably use some down time anyway. I know that Jonathan has decided to stay home and take care of Foxy. He is not feeling well enough to go anywhere right now. He is a home body and if he can get some alone time then he totally likes it. 
 Karyn and I are social creatures. Nathan prefers to stay at home as well but he is actually looking forward to going with us. He loves all things universe like his mama. 
 Speaking of which tomorrow is Nathan's birthday. Today is my mother's birthday. We were hoping I would have him on her birthday. I had 3 children that were due on her birthday and Nathan was the closest to come to July 31st. He was born at 10:44am the next day. August 1st.

 Oh I have a few books that I am ordering. This is the first book on my list.

I have heard awesome things about this author.

I have been wanting this book forever. I had just forgotten the name and the author and when one of my friends bought it the other day and posted it I was like... Yes that is the one I have wanted so it is definitely getting ordered around midnight tonight lol.

And this has nothing to do with chickens although my friend Mary Moon may like this since she has chickens. I think that this is cool.

 I can't find the other two books but they are in my cart so I will post them later on but this is the first one that I want.

 I have a baby waking up so I will close for now. Take care everyone and I will talk later on... BB


Monday, July 29, 2019

Typing In The Dark

A grandmother that is so happy.

 It is very early in the morning here. It is exactly 1:OOa.m.  and I am typing in the dark because Karyn is sleeping and I moved my computer into my bedroom because this time that my daughter and her family is visiting we put them in the front of the house. 
 It is easier and more room for them but I haven't been able to get to my computer at night as I usually do so I brought it in here but I don't have a lamp that I can put here.
 Just over look my rambling. I am super tired but I really needed to read my friends blogs and do a small blog post of my own.

 My son in law still has not heard back on the job/house offer yet. This application is strange. They want to know everything he did since high school.
 I really hope that he gets the job. I have my fingers crossed and I will tell you more about it tomorrow. I am going to spend some time right here blogging and reading blogs.

 Seriously I hope all are doing well. Please take care and forgive any typo's because I am not going to proof read this tonight. My eyes are really heavy so I am going to say goodnight to all. BB

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Enchanted Rock State Park

Photo from the internet

 How are you doing today? I hope that you are doing well and that today is a great day for you!

 I chose this photo from the internet. This is where Karyn and I are going in August to see the Perseid meteor showers. 
 I chose a few more photos to share with you.

 It looks so dry and bare but it isn't. It is lush in places. I just chose a few photos that I thought were fun and just look at that pink granite. I forget the name of it but it is so pretty.
 As a matter of fact our state capital is constructed with this pink granite. It is so pretty and it never seems to look the same no matter how many times I have seen it and I especially love seeing it at night.
 Anyway so this is where we are going. We decided that we are going to just take a picnic lunch. Maybe stop and get some chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and a side or two or maybe we will get some sandwich fixings and such. We will take things like drinks, chips and snacks and there is a place in between where they have the most delicious fried pies so we will stop and get one of those for sure.
 We are going to leave early in the day and check into our room and then head to the park. Find a good spot to watch the night sky.
 The next day we have to check out about 11:00am so we decided to take the longer way home and go thru Luckenbach Texas.
 Does anyone remember that song Luckenbach Texas by Waylon Jennings? Here it is for you. Talk about a trip down memory lane.

 There is a BBQ place that Karyn wants to take me to. She has raved over this little BBQ shack and she said it is fantastic. 
 It isn't fancy but the food is delicious. So that will be our last treat before we head home. 
 So all of this is just so close to home. It is about an hour to the Enchanted Rock State Park and about another half hour or so to Luckenbach and wait... We cannot, absolutely no way ever that we can go to Fredericksburg and NOT go to the thrift stores and the little shops and since we are leaving early we will have to stop in at the German shops to taste samples of the food.
 So I think that we are going to have the best time. If the boys go then Foxy will go with us. If the boys one or both of them stay home she will stay with them. 
 Why you ask? Well Foxy doesn't travel well. She cries, it stresses her out and she shakes and eventually she gets so upset that she throws up. So we don't want to put her thru that.

 I am tired so I am going to call it a night. I have another blog post forming in my head lol... It is about the books that I am wanting to add to my collection.
 I love books but these are not just any books. So until tomorrow, I will say goodnight and Blessed Be to all. BB

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Really Short Blog Post

Image from the internet.  Love Is All We Need!

 A really short post tonight. All day today and yesterday I have had very low energy and motivation. I am really bone weary tired. I also have some worries on my mind. One of my very best friends is in the hospital and I am worried about her and my son had to go to the doctor today and we are waiting to find out results from some tests but pretty much waiting for his doctor to order a ultra sound. Thinking it is a hernia. And my Urinary Tract Infection does not feel like it is getting any better so all of this is probably why I am feeling a bit low energy and tired.

 We had our cold front come in and let me tell you all that it was awesome. Just the breeze alone was wonderful. We didn't get any rain so this evening I went outside and watered my plants. They needed a good drink of water. I really was hoping that we would get some much needed rain.

Karyn and I and perhaps the boys, not sure on the boys just yet but we are going on an over night trip in a couple of weeks. I think that perhaps I might have mentioned it but we are going to Fredericksburg and go watch the Perseid Meteor showers. 
 I will try and remember to blog about that tomorrow. I wanted to do it tonight but instead I am going to bed.

 Take care to all... BB 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Little Bits Of Stuff and Happy Birhday Matthew

Photo from the internet

 I hope that this is finding all doing well. I am alright I suppose except I can't sleep. I haven't even tried tho. My mind is racing 90 miles a minute. 
 I wish that I could meditate. I have always tried and I just can't do it. Sometimes I feel like I can almost get there and then suddenly a random thought will just pop into my mind. It is crazy. Then I have to try and start over. I think that in my 59 years I have succeeded twice. 
 One of my friends tried to help me. She tried to calm me with breathing and such. Ha she was a distraction. 
 But the one time that I managed I didn't have a white light to focus on. I saw shapes. and colors and even movement. A lot of movement actually. Roses that faded into different colors, stars, triangles, diamonds. Things like that. When I told my friend about it she said that I did it wrong. Okay, now I know lol.

 What do you think of the photo I chose of the autumn bridge? I am so very ready for autumn to get here. This heat is brutal. We are supposed to get some rain tonight and a cool down. A cold front in July.
 I have seen it happen tho. In Little Rock Arkansas one July we had a storm come in. Flash flooding as well but when it was over it was very chilly. 
 It stayed in the 60's for a couple of days. We loved it. We hated to see the heat come back but it was so unusual to have that kind of weather in July. At least that is what my neighbor said. It was just my first year there. The second year was Horrible. Worse than Texas because I lived close to the river.

 Last night I sat down and studied and did a couple of quizzes. I have one left to do. It is just 4 questions but I am having to put my thinking cap on.
 I studied Altars last night.
 A lot of stuff is things I already know but the way the course is set up it adds things that correspond in other ways. Everything is prevalent. Everything does come full circle in some way. 

 Altars should actually face North.  It should face North because it's element is Earth.
 It is used for grounding, protection and uses of herbs, stones and Earthly material. 
 In fact North and the Earth have many connections. 

 Altars facing West signifies the end of the day with the setting of the sun. 
 Storms also come in from the west. And with it storms bring rain and rain is water which is our Life's Source. Without water we would perish. 
 Water is also healing. Swimming in the ocean brings peace, tranquility and healing of mind, body and spirit. 
 All emotional and spiritual enlightenment comes from water. 

 Altars facing East is linked to the element Air.  I am an Air sign and last year I was reading about the elements and I could not believe how true Air was for me. It fit me to a T.
 The sun rises in the east and represents a new beginning. A fresh day to work on communication, understanding and a clean slate to begin the next day with.

Altars facing South has Fire as it's element. Oh Fire is a passionate and element in so many areas of our lives.
 When people are born under the Fire sign they are passionate about everything and they don't care who knows it. In love, work and play. 
 I have a son who is 31 today and  he was born under the Fire sign. He is passionate about his work. He is always putting in that extra hour, driving those extra miles and wanting nothing more than to let those above him know that he is willing and ready.
 He is also passionate about his belief's and is pretty blunt about it as well. If he thinks he has been wronged he will go up and above to fix it.
 Altars facing South is linked to success, abundance and courage. It is also a place to work on new spells or magic. 

 Our Altars are Sacred to us. An altar is not a Shrine. A Shrine is something totally different but tonight I am writing about Altars and perhaps I will discuss Shrines one day.

 Altars can be any size. They can be the size of a Altoid can or as elaborate as anyone would like.
 But there are a lot of things to take into consideration when one is considering their altar.
 Are you open about your belief's and don't mind people coming into your home and seeing your altar?
 What about room-mates that have different beliefs and are bothered by your altar?
 Pets also can be a problem especially when burning sage as it can be toxic to your pet.
 There is a lot to consider. 

 Here are some pictures of my altar from last year. Our house right now is a mess. We are trying to make room for my daughter and her family so we have so much scattered. It is a long story and right now I will stick to my original topic. I am sure I will have lots of stories to tell soon with my grandchildren here.
 This is my altar.

This was taken last Halloween. I had quiet a bit of room in the dining room of our last home.

 This next photo is one I use regularly in the evenings when I am very tired or stressed out. It helps me relax.

I have my candles, herbal tea and some body lotion or body butter. I also read or journal or even just sit back relax and listen to some music.

 Right now I don't have an altar set up and it is driving me batty. I want to but my grandkids are coming and I know that it will be touched and oohed and awwwwed over. 
 I have a lot more things to add to my altar now so it isn't something that I want the kids to be touching. 

 Thank you for hanging out with me tonight. Or I should say this morning since it is almost 3:30 in the morning.
 I am waiting for the storm to come in. It will be such a relief to feel a cool breeze and  enjoy. 
 I saw lightening a little while ago when I walked outside to stretch a little.
 I wish that I could say that Mr. Sandman was coming to visit tonight but no, I am still awake. It is ok. I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow that I know of so I can sleep a few hours after Karyn and Jonathan go to work.
 You would think that I should be really tired and ready to sleep after the day I had.
 We swept and mopped the house, scrubbed the bathroom down, cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. I am behind on dishes now because Karyn peeled potatos and put the peelings down the garbage disposal. It stopped up the sink so I couldn't use the dishwasher until Jonathan unclogged the sink. And then we had dinner dishes so I will have to do them tomorrow.

 I was a little annoyed with my doctors office today and the entire thing was just to much.
 When I went in on Friday to get the staples removed from my head I told my doctor that I thought that I had another UTI infection.
 She said I don't think so Beth. You just finished 2 rounds of antibiotics so it is probably your sugars running a bit on the high side. But she said that we would do a urine sample. So I gave one and took it to the lab technician and my nurse said that they would call me if it came back dirty and if I didn't hear back then everything was fine and said I could go ahead and check out.
 So I did and went home. I get a call today from one of the nurses. Here is the conversation or most of it.
 Hi, this is so and so from so and so. I was just calling to see how your feeling after a few days on the antibiotics.
 What antibiotics? I didn't get antibiotics.
 Oh hmm well it says here that you have a UTI infection and a prescription was called in for you.
 Umm no mam no one called me to tell me that I had a UTI. Do you have the results?
 Yes and it says you were positive for a UTI and that the prescription was called in and you were informed.
 I think that did it. STEAM reared it's ugly head.
 Look I know that it was the end of the day and every one was ready to go home but no I was not informed and you should speak to so and so because she told me that I would get a call if I had a UTI. If I didn't hear anything then the test was negative.

 I am getting ready to change clinics. They keep doing this crap to me. One time I can see but this is several times. Since I have been at this clinic I have had 3 different doctors because they all keep leaving.... and I am getting ready to do the same!

 Ok rant over. It has to be because it is really lightening outside and I have to shut my computer down.
 Until next time, stay safe and take care of yourself... Bye for now. BB


Sunday, July 21, 2019

What A Strange Day

My grandson Damien. Kit is called Celtic Dream from my friend Rosie in a private group.

 I have been fighting to keep my eyes open all day. I even cooked dinner at 4:00pm this afternoon so I didn't have to do it later on. I was for some reason just so tired.
 After I did that I told Jonathan I was going to go lay down and I fell asleep.
 When I awoke I thought that it was a new day. I thought oh, it is really early. Nope it was still Sunday. 8:30pm. I cannot believe that I thought that it was a new day. 
 Especially when I seen Nathan watching tv. I said "Your up early" and he just gave me a funny look. Then I took Foxy out and the heat slapped me in the face. I thought oh another hot day. I retrieved my phone to check my messages and seen it was still Sunday haha.

 I made this scrap page of my sweet grandson Damien. He is just so sweet. I just love those full lips and he has the most gorgeous eyes and thick eye lashes. 
 He is a good baby. He knows when to ask for something and if we say "Don't touch" he knows and leaves things alone. He doesn't meddle much and he is really loving. 
 Of all of my grandbabies at this age, Damien is the best one of all. At least from what I have seen. His mom and dad might disagree lol.

 My daughter and her family left Friday night for San Antonio. We haven't heard from them since Friday night. I really hope that they are doing alright. I think of them all the time. Laurie has never been one to keep in touch but she should have at least called me or something. Oh well.

 I am still rather tired. I have tried a cup of chamomile tea to help me sleep when I go back to bed. I will not be up late tonight. I just wanted to stop in so I could do my blog because my eye sight is better today. I don't have to squint to see what I am doing. 
 My eyes are watering a lot. It is normal when I have the eye injection and I told my eye specialist the other day I was having issues with my eyes watering and he said that the allergies are not helping at all and said that is probably what it was. I suppose that he is right since I have a runny nose to go along with it and I have been sneezing too.

 Oh we had the most beautiful moon the other night. It was a deep yellow/orange. Funny thing tho, I just had the eye injection and it looked like a large egg ha! All of the lights, the street lights, store lights even our porch light looked like eggs.
 Thankfully my eyes are much better tonight and although there is no moon, all the lights look normal. Thankfully.

 I have some studying to do tonight so I shall let you go so I can get to it. Then I am going to bed. Sweet dreams to all... Take care of yourself..

 Oh Padddington thank you for stopping by my blog. I am sorry I couldn't reply to your comment. For some reason I don't have a reply button. I will talk to you soon. 
 Love and Light to all and to all a good night.... BB


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Eye Injection Today

Ocean Goddess, Kit made from my misc. stash

 What a gorgeous day yesterday was. It was just so gorgeous that I tried to stay outside as much as possible.
 It was hot. No doubt about that but early morning until around noonish it was just beautiful and then the evening from 6:30pm all the way up until now, which it is now early morning Thursday at 1:38am.

 I cannot sleep. I have to have my eye injection today. So I am always worked up the night before and cannot rest. It will be a couple of days before I will be able to see again so I probably will not be back until the weekend or maybe Friday night.

 Last time they injected my left eye and they didn't have to dilate and take pictures of my right eye. I have a feeling that they are going to have to inject the dye into my right eye and take pics of my left eye. If they do that then they will dilate both eyes and that really messes me up. I can't see anything out of either eye for a couple of days or so. If I am lucky then they just inject the right eye and maybe they will leave my left eye alone and I will at least have one eye that I can see out of.
 I am sure that none of that made any sense to you but at least I know what I am talking about lol.

 I enjoyed myself scrapping my layout tonight. I am slowly getting back into things. I am taking it slow. I want to enjoy the pages and layouts that I am doing. I enjoyed looking thru my kits and I started several but finally I decided on an ocean/moon theme. 

 I also did some studying tonight. My classes are going well. We are working on casting our circles. For some reason casting has always intimidated me, but in class I learned I have nothing to be intimidated by when casting. 
 I learned that for some it is a focus, for others it is safety and for others like me, not even necessary. It really is about your intent and why your casting a circle. 
 If any of this bothers you please let me know. I am sorry. That is not my intent but I want to write about what interests me and the truth of the matter is that this is what interests me. There is nothing Whooo Wooo about what I am doing.
 I have a lot of different beliefs and I have caught hell about it from family and friends and so I quit talking about it all and even here at my blog, but I thought.. You know, this is my blog. I should write about what I want to write about and so I am.
 I really don't know what you would call me. I practice mostly solitary because I am not in a place to be able to practice openly. I don't know many like minded people and it is hard for me to go out and meet with others, but I manage.

 One of the first things that a person asks me is What is a Spell?
 A spell is something that you want to manifest. It could be any number of things so it depends upon what you would like to see manifest in your life, for yourself, family, friends or your city or country. Even the universe.

 I have my rules. I never do a spell for money or for love. Not in the obvious ways.
 I might do a spell if I have an unexpected bill or a love spell if I see someone lonely or even for myself. I am not going to do a money spell to get rich. But I might do a spell if I am running short on money. You never know. 
 Once I had a small financial crunch. 
 My co-pays for my medication was $13.00 and I didn't have the money. I was down to counting change. But I needed my medication so I did a small spell in my head and after I was finished I put it out of my mind.
 A couple of days later on after dinner one night my son Jonathan went and checked the mail. I had a letter from my sister Linda.
 I had done some scrap pages for her and had sent them to her. Inside the envelope from my sister was a $20.00 bill and a note that said. "I love my scrap pages. I know you said you didn't want any money but I want to give you something. I love the pages you made for me".
 So you can say that was a coincidence or what ever you like. It may not have had a thing to do with the small spell I cast or maybe it did. Who knows.

 As for Love Spells it really is about what kind of Love Spell are you looking for. I am a big believer in that you don't interfere in some kinds of things. Things that should play out on their own. 
 Not that you can't give love a kick in the butt or nudge it along but if someone came to me and asked me to do one I probably wouldn't because what if I did interfere and something horrible happened in that relationship? It could be horrible, abusive or even fatal.
 No thank you. I don't think that I want any part of that because you have to remember what you send out does come back. It always does regardless. People call it Karma and there is a saying What comes around goes around. 
 Hmmm I wonder where that phrase came from?
 Anyway back to a love spell.... 
 I use to be a very social person. There was no one that I didn't talk to. My boyfriend and the boys would get so annoyed at me because we could stop at a convenience store and I would start talking to someone and be there for a half hour lol.
 When my boyfriend and I ended our relationship I was really in a sad place. It didn't help that I was sick too. 
 I had to have vascular surgery and it was really a hard hard surgery. They cut me from breast bone all the way down and cleaned everything.
 I moved back to Texas and I was lonely. I was very lonely. I moved back to my home town and even tho I knew a lot of people there were some that I really didn't want to get in touch with and I found that sometimes you really can't go home again.
 My kids lived several hours from me and Karyn and Matthew came when they could. I traveled to Austin when I could. We made it work but I was lonely.
 One day I was really missing having a girlfriend to chat with or go to lunch with or just hang out and watch tv with.
 So I did a spell. It was a love spell. I was specific. I wanted a friend that I could love and care about and have the same kind of love in return.

 My son Matthew moved back home and he met this girl. Her name was Nicole. She was and still is one of my very best friends. We stay in contact and I see her whenever I get a chance and we chat on the phone when we can. 
 Right now she works nights and takes care of her dad during the day so we have to catch each other on the run. 
 But see I didn't do a love spell to bring my soul mate into my life. I didn't use it to gain anything but love. 
 So everything depends on your intent.

A spell is really intention and results. You have to have your ingredients and put it together you will get results. A recipe of sorts. 
 You have all of the ingredients to bake a cake. First you gather your eggs, flour, butter and oil etc and your bowls and pan. You mix and pour and bake.
 Your intent is a cake and after you mix, pour into the pan and bake it, approximately 45 minutes you take out your pan let it cool, ice it and you have a cake. Your intention manifested into the results that you intended.

 That might not have been a great example but I don't know how to describe it any other way. It is the same with my spells. 

 I don't use eye of newt, tongue of werewolf, hair of dog, and blood of a unicorn lol.
 My spells are so simple and I use herbs, and spices, flowers  and water. etc. All things from within my home.

 I work with Crystals, I use them for healing, and for other things. I use them for just their beauty to add a little sparkle to my life. 

 And sometimes I give little boosts to others. I send love and light and light candles for my loved ones and friends. Sometimes I sit down and write in a journal when I am thinking of someone that needs a little help. I cannot cure anyone and I am not a doctor or give medical advice or nothing like that. I am personal and most of the time I am very private. But I see no harm writing about what I believe in here.

 I keep things bottled up inside of me and I get depressed and in a funk that is hard to get out of. Believe me if I had the power to heal someone, I would heal myself. But I can't.

 It is late here or I should say early. It is now 4:20am. I haven't spent all my time sitting here writing my blog. I have done a few other things I have been needing to do. 

 I love the night. I have no interruptions. The house is quiet, no music blaring, the tv is off, people are in bed and I can just do what I like to do. 
 It is when I go for days without sleeping that I have a problem. But a few nights a week is something that I enjoy. I also enjoy having early nights.
 If I am really busy during the day then I will go to bed early and hopefully sleep. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't but it is all good. 

 But now I need to get into the shower and figure out what I am going to wear to the dr. appointment and make some coffee and if I am really lucky watch my bats.
 Oh speaking of bats, my sister was telling me that the males are the only ones that migrate to Mexico. The females stay here with their young. That may be why I haven't been seeing them as often as in the fall. I will have to research that and find out the facts on it...

 Have a wonderful day and Be Blessed.... BB

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hello Wednesday!!

One of my older scrap pages. I just love this one...

I am trying to get a head start on Christmas and so here is what I have in mind... Take a look at my beautiful Christmas Cactus...

I am going to repot this into a bigger pot but I am also going to take some of it and put into smaller pots and baby them and love on them and then when Christmas comes I hope that it will bloom a spectacular pink and give one to my neighbor Julie and my neighbor Emily for Christmas. I will add a pretty bow.

 That is my plan anyway. It has grown so much that it is out growing the pot that it is in. So I am getting a head start on Christmas. 
 I hope that it will be a nice enough gift to give. I may put a small gift bag with cookies or candy to go along with it. I would be thrilled if the pots bud or start to bloom. Mine didn't so maybe this year and I have some great potting mix and I have been feeding it with the water from my fish tank. Granted I only have one fish but when I clean the tank the water has a lot of nutrients for the plants.

 I have been working with some photos and started making some more scrap pages. I am beginning to miss it now. I got so burned out about a year ago, so I am ready to start back. Here are some photos I have made to use for my next scrap page layout.

Two of my grandchildren. Damien is almost 2. He is a good baby. He has such a sweet demeanor and Cathy will be 11 November 25th. She is our Thanksgiving baby. Every once in a while Thanksgiving has landed really close to her birthday.

 My girlfriend sent me a text the other day. We have known each other since 1983 and she and I were close. She and her husband drove a truck with my husband hauling rock and was local. 
 She sent me a picture and said... "Look Beth What I found" and I said... Oh My Gosh I bet that you have the only original. Most all of my photos were damaged by a hot water heater flood.
 I will show the original first and then what I did with it.

So the before and after.... Now I will scrap it later on.

Oh I should have put this other photo in while I was talking about plants... Does anyone know what this is? We have thought that it was some kind of weed but we left it because it gave us some greenery for our back yard and it gave shelter to the fire flies and our little toads. But we have no idea what it is and Sunday morning I seen where it had two gorgeous little flowers.

See it looks like a big weed....

 Anyway it is really pretty. It wilts badly around 3:00pm because of the heat. The heat will wilt anything. 

 Speaking of heat, Jonathan came home at lunch to take Nathan to Walgreen's to drop his prescription off and he told Jonathan that he would just wait for it so he could go back to work.
 Finally after waiting forever they told him it would be after 2:30pm before it would be ready so he decided to walk home... My poor little guy was really wilted when he arrived home. 
 He said "I am never doing that again".
I don't blame him. It was just 80 degrees he said but the humidity was 69% so I suppose that made it feel like a 100 degrees out there.

 I had some other things to say but I have to make the ham gravy. We are sort of having a holiday dinner for no reason. Christmas dinner in July... lol
 Ham and stuffing, cranberry sauce and ham gravy,English pea salad, and sweet potatoes with real butter and cinnamon... that is optional but yes cinnamon is really good for my blood sugar and I don't eat margarine. Yuck... that stuff is dangerous. No kidding, it really is.
 I have to go so y'all have a great day! BB

Sunday, July 14, 2019

How Do You Spell Anxiety???

Frederick Morgan Painting from the internet

Hello and Happy Sunday,

 I wish I could sit down at my computer today and feel all breezy and happy along with something witty to say and with a bit of jolly laughter, but not today.

 I have been experiencing a huge bout of Anxiety. Of course there is no real reason for it. It is just a feeling of extreme nervousness. I can't even describe it. So I won't.
But this can be a good description without me even saying a single word....

This is my son's Matthew's truck... what is left of it.

This happened yesterday. Praise the Lord he is alright and he didn't get hurt or anyone else got hurt.

 There was a mattress in the middle of the road. Of course he hit it and the mattress got hung up under his truck.
 He was on a loop and no place to pull over, no lane to switch off onto. He pulled over as soon as he got over the overpass and took a ditch.
 The truck was in flames by the time the firefighters got there. I am so thankful that he is alright.
 He lost everything that he owned in that truck. He had money $250.00 set aside for my trip to Reno and California in October that he lost, his microwave, all of his new bedding and clothing. Thankfully I had his important papers. 
 They haven't fired him as of yet but he is expecting them to do so in the morning. 
 I am so very relieved that he or no one else was hurt. Yes I am repeating myself.

 Thursday I spent a couple of hours with my blog post that was eaten by the Cyber Gremlins. 
 What happened was something to do with the electric outlet in the garage. We lost power in the middle of my typing my post. I had hoped that it would have been saved as a draft but that was just wishful thinking on my part.

 Matthew came in shortly after the electrical incident and brought me several goodies to take to the kids in October. Little bottles that held rocks from Tennessee. One for Alex that is blue and clear and one for Celeste that was red and clear. He also bought each one of them a key chain and they are both cute but Celeste's is a little silver bear and has movable body parts. It is so cute. Mine is a dream catcher with movable feathers. I love it.

 We went out to dinner at Pappasito's and had drinks. We ordered a tray of fruit margaritas. We had watermelon, spicy mango, blueberry vanilla and Toasted caramel pineapple. I chose the spicy mango and then no one wanted the blueberry vanilla so I had that one too with the entire bottom covered in luscious blueberries. 
 Matthew was supposed to have been home until Tuesday but they had a load and he left Friday to go to Laredo and then his truck incident happened on Saturday around 3:00pm or so. 

 I wasn't feeling well yesterday. I could tell something was going to happen. I was really shaky and nervous. Plus my head really hurts and I thought that the swelling would have gone down by now. 
 It's not infected or anything so that is good news. It is beginning to itch like crazy so that means it is healing. 
 Wow my thought process is all over the place and this blog is not taking the direction that I want it to. 

 I had shared these pics the other day when my blog post was lost so I will share these once again and I think that I need to lay down. 
 I apologize that I am not really with it today but at least I made it to post. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and can start off posting and have a good week with a lot of joyful things to say.
 In the mean time, everyone have a spectacular week and take care of yourself....

Matthew on his way home from Alabama to Texas...

This was in Huntsville Alabama...

 Have a great week and take care everyone... BB

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Summer Lightening

I got this Beauty from the site Pixaby.... It is free to use and has millions of photos. If your looking for images for scrapbooking then stop by Pixaby.

 I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day. I slept a good deal. I guess not sleeping well Monday night and the incident on Monday and of course sleeping was hard Monday night and I walked around like a Zombie all day yesterday so I guess it all caught up with me.
 When I did get up this morning for insulin and breakfast I went back to bed. Then when I got up this afternoon I had to eat and phone calls to make. I am still tired.

 Enough about me. 

 I had some photos to share of my roses and my mystery flower but now that Google has changed how they operate Photos I am going to have to learn to save them again.
 Why can't they leave things alone that work? 
 I received an email telling me that they had complaints about Google Drive and photos so of course they messed around with it and now I have to learn how to use it.
 Why is computer and these smart phones and electronics hate me lol... I have the worse luck with them.

 So the title of my post is Summer Lightening. Tonight I was outside looking at my roses and I could smell rain in the air.
 We are not supposed to get rain until Friday so I sat out front this time and relished watching the small clouds over head with the occasional flash of lightening. 
 I am  night owl. I love the night and sitting out front was amazing.

 My neighbor Julie was out and we talked and had a great conversation and talked about 2 trees in her back yard that are dead and becoming ready to fall. Not the entire tree but a couple of very big branches.
 They are positioned to hit the house behind us if the crack. 
 Back to the lightening Beth.

 So I mentioned before that when I was younger my dad was working on the border line of Texas and Louisiana. 
 We lived in a 2 bedroom trailer for the summer in a small town that had nothing but a small store that sold  pop, some great hamburgers and sold gas. Just a tiny place.
 I think that they had a post office and a church. But the one thing that they did have was a train track that came thru town and for us we sat on the front porch and watched it come thru.
 We always knew the time and mama and I enjoyed sitting out watching it.
 We also watched the sky light up with lightening with not a cloud in the sky. 
 We also could watch the summer storms building. We could sit there and look at miles and miles away.
 I have wonderful memories of that place and would love to go back and visit but I know that my memories and the present is very different. Reality I guess.

 So our summer lightening produced a small summer rain storm. No thunder but soft rain falling. It is almost over now.

 I think that I am going to bed. My head is starting to hurt slightly and I should take some Tylenol so I can get a handle on it before it really starts to hurt.

 Good night and I will talk to tomorrow. BB

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Pit Falls Of Life

I had to borrow this from the internet. Karyn I love you and I am truly thankful that I had you by my side during this horrible time. Karyn you have always been there for me and I love you so much. Thank You Darling Daughter

Good Evening,
 This will not be a long post tonight. I have had a hard couple of days.

 I got up to go to the bathroom yesterday morning around 5:00 a.m. and I got rather dizzy and I think that I missed the bed trying to get back in. 
 I hit the corner of my night stand and split my skull and scalp wide open. Not sure of inside stitches but I do have 8 staples on the outside.
 It was really bad. 

 I was pouring blood and soaked a beach towel, my favorite gown and 3 of the absorbent chucks that they put under you and Oh.. also 2 of their sheets. I am sure the blanket too but they had an awful time trying to find where I was bleeding and trying to stop it.

 Yes I have pictures. I almost posted them but changed my mind. They are not pleasant to look at. You cannot see the staples because they had to stop the bleeding as fast as they could when they finally found it and so some of my hair got caught in the stitches and staples. It covers the staples too.
 I gave them permission to cut it shave it but they said they didn't have time that they had to stop the bleeding as fast as possible.

 I sat in the tub last night and was so thankful for my shower chair and hand held sprayer. I sat there and ran the warm spray all over my aching body and especially what parts of my head I could. 
 I haven't been able to keep the clots out because it is still bleeding, but not enough to have to go back to the hospital. They told me it would bleed and told me what to watch out for.

 I am so sorry that this post is all about me, me, me tonight.
 I will try and be back tomorrow. I can only stay up small amounts of time and then I have to lay back down.
 I lost so much blood that the doctor told Karyn he gave me permission to eat extra protein because he noticed a huge drop of iron in my blood work.

 I want to thank my daughter for taking such wonderful care of me... Karyn Bless you honey. I love you.... 
 Take care everyone, and take care of you. BB

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