Saturday, October 13, 2018

One Tired Old Girl Right Here

Celtic Dream by my friend Rosie in our private group. Photo is used by permission. Thank You for looking.

 I made this page sometime late in 2017 but I never posted it. I actually forgotten about it. My friend gave me permission to use this photo and any others that I want to use. 
 This sun was actually just an element from the kit but I liked it so much that I turned it into a frame and just enlarged it. I think that it turned out pretty neat.

 I am going to be so tired today. I am going to try and lay down and sleep if I can after I finish this post. 
 I had two doctor appointments today. It was about 5 hours long with both of them, but the last one was scheduled for 2:30 but I didn't get home until after 5:00 and the traffic was horrendous. As always during rush hour.

 Anyway I am just so wired up so I cannot sleep. My leg is better and so is my neck but I am not about to go thru those shots again. No Way....  I still cannot walk really great with my leg but I have to try.

 I am losing weight. Karyn bought me a really nice pair of jeans for my birthday and I looked at the size and told her to return them that they wouldn't fit but she said just hang on to them mom, your losing weight. I said no way. But I must be because today when I put on a pair I normally wear they were loose. When I got out of the car at the doctor, I actually had to pull them up. So I will try the jeans on tomorrow.

 I am not going to be on long because as usual Google wants to drive me crazy as if I am not already half way there anyway. It refused to take my password. Now I have only had this password for three years.... but I ended up having to change it just so I could get online and check my email and blog. 

 I still cannot get comments on this blog. I am going to have to call and actually talk to someone because it just keeps sending me links to the help center that is not doing a thing to correct the problem. If I can get a real person to talk to I really hope that it is someone that speaks English so I can understand them. I am not trying to be rude but I cannot hear as well as I use to and people just talk to fast and I can't understand what people are saying.

 I would love to sit outside and have my morning coffee but the darn mosquitoes are snacking on me and eating me alive. It has been very aggravating.

 I had a lovely birthday. I will crop the pictures hopefully tomorrow of my gifts from Miss Edna. Thank you so much Edna, I love them all. I am having fun with the books and am using the bag and zip bag. I had a lot of compliments on it today!

 I am signing off and heading to bed. I hope everyone has a terrific Saturday... BB

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Love Autumn

This page is made with kits from Seriff Craft Artist. I bought them several years ago while I was in the Daisy Trail Group before they closed. Mixed and Matched.

 It is a gorgeous Autumn morning. It is 67 degrees outside my front door. Nathan is home from work today and when he wakes up from his nap he and I are turning off the air and opening windows and air out this musty house. It is a great day for doing so. Our highs are supposed to be in the 70's.

 Hurricane Michael is going to be one bad boy. People had plenty of time to get to safety and now it is too late to leave. Why people stay is beyond me. There are shelters now that allow people to take their pets if they have to evacuate. I understand that money could also be a problem, but at least get to higher ground if possible. It is those that I worry about. Not the ones that try to prove they are tough enough to weather all hurricanes. 

 I have been having problems with my left leg. I contacted my doctor and will be going on Friday. For now she is advising me to keep it elevated and alternate ice and heat. And stay off the computer. My chair is not very comfortable and the way that I bend it sitting could be aggravating the problem. I was afraid it was a blood clot but it is not hot and red or a knot so it is probably the way that I sit.

 My neck has felt much better since the injections and by me not sitting at the computer has helped as well.
 I did take Edna's advice and bought a surge protector so I can use the computer while I am in bed. It is not very comfortable tho as my mattress keeps sliding from the wall. But I might can get use to it in time.

 This will not be a very long post today as I have a lot I need to do. Nothing that requires walking but I need to sit down and pay bills and make some phone calls. It is really time consuming with the phone calls. 

 Take care and I will be back when I can. BB

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