Saturday, October 13, 2018

One Tired Old Girl Right Here

Celtic Dream by my friend Rosie in our private group. Photo is used by permission. Thank You for looking.

 I made this page sometime late in 2017 but I never posted it. I actually forgotten about it. My friend gave me permission to use this photo and any others that I want to use. 
 This sun was actually just an element from the kit but I liked it so much that I turned it into a frame and just enlarged it. I think that it turned out pretty neat.

 I am going to be so tired today. I am going to try and lay down and sleep if I can after I finish this post. 
 I had two doctor appointments today. It was about 5 hours long with both of them, but the last one was scheduled for 2:30 but I didn't get home until after 5:00 and the traffic was horrendous. As always during rush hour.

 Anyway I am just so wired up so I cannot sleep. My leg is better and so is my neck but I am not about to go thru those shots again. No Way....  I still cannot walk really great with my leg but I have to try.

 I am losing weight. Karyn bought me a really nice pair of jeans for my birthday and I looked at the size and told her to return them that they wouldn't fit but she said just hang on to them mom, your losing weight. I said no way. But I must be because today when I put on a pair I normally wear they were loose. When I got out of the car at the doctor, I actually had to pull them up. So I will try the jeans on tomorrow.

 I am not going to be on long because as usual Google wants to drive me crazy as if I am not already half way there anyway. It refused to take my password. Now I have only had this password for three years.... but I ended up having to change it just so I could get online and check my email and blog. 

 I still cannot get comments on this blog. I am going to have to call and actually talk to someone because it just keeps sending me links to the help center that is not doing a thing to correct the problem. If I can get a real person to talk to I really hope that it is someone that speaks English so I can understand them. I am not trying to be rude but I cannot hear as well as I use to and people just talk to fast and I can't understand what people are saying.

 I would love to sit outside and have my morning coffee but the darn mosquitoes are snacking on me and eating me alive. It has been very aggravating.

 I had a lovely birthday. I will crop the pictures hopefully tomorrow of my gifts from Miss Edna. Thank you so much Edna, I love them all. I am having fun with the books and am using the bag and zip bag. I had a lot of compliments on it today!

 I am signing off and heading to bed. I hope everyone has a terrific Saturday... BB

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