Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Almost Snowy Day

This was the begnning of the first snowstorm of the season in Reno Nevada, and it was on my birthday! October 11th, 2021. What a wonderful way to wake up to big fat fluffy flakes. We ended up with about 6 inches where we were.


 I thought that I should at least do a blog post since it has been a few days. There isn't that much news to tell but I will think of something I am sure.

 Angelica, I agree with you about Facebook and the only reason I ventured over there on that day was because my sister and husband were having to make a hour and half trip to their doctor and she said for me to go over there for updates. 

 After I got off, I was like, "Yeah I know why I don't go over to Facebook anymore." It is too bad that people are so ugly and negative. I won't delete it because I get family photos that some of my family posts, so that is basically why I periodically go over to see any that my great niece and my sister posts. I told her to send me any new pictures, but she forgets so that is why I do venture over but it is becoming less and less every day.

 Another thing that I do not do, is the News. I have taken all of the news apps off of my phone and computer. It is all so negative, and my stress level has drastically dropped. I am all for less stress and Drama in my life.

 So my nephew is out of the hospital and the brain bleed has stopped so I am grateful for that. I will not call him right away, but I do have a card to send to him. He still has a lot of follow up care and for right now he is just resting a lot. 

 My grandson has been breaking out in hives. Some of them are almost the size of a quarter and angry red. He has whelps all over his little body, even on his scalp. Mom and dad took him to the Emergency Room twice now but cannot attribute to the cause and just treat him with steroids and Benadryl. 

 Laurie just called me and said that the doctor gave her an epi pen in case she needs it. He just finished his 3rd prescription of Antibiotics for a bad tooth that they had to get the swelling down before the dentists could pull his tooth. I have a feeling that is the root cause, but we don't really know.

 So our weather is dreary and gray and it is nearly 3:00pm and it is 28F with snow now and then. It is supposed to get down to 22F tonight. It is COLD out there. It is supposed to move out of here by 6:00pm tomorrow. Then we will start warming up to the mid 40's. 

 So that is my news for today. I have taken a big break from puzzles from my game. I decided to work on some jigsaw puzzles for a change. But right now I am going to lay down and catch a quick nap. 

 Take care and I hope that everyone has a fantastic day/evening... BB

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Hello Sunday


Good Morning,

 I hope that all is doing well. We are alright here. I was able to get a few more hours of sleep but I had strange dreams and kept fighting to get out of the dreams, so it makes me a little tired today.

 Matthew's load was canceled to Austin, and he ended up having to unload in Dallas but at the last minute he decided to drop his trailer and bobtail to Austin and surprise me and then Laurie and her family came over to visit and the kids played in the sand at the volleyball court and had a blast. Especially the two little ones. 

 Dante is wearing his SWAT uniform from Halloween, and he wanted to wear it yesterday to show me because I didn't get pictures because my son in law David, his camera was not working.

 He had dropped it and it stopped working and then a few days later the phone just died and never worked again, but it was not a very expensive phone. 

 Matthew and I look pretty rough and scruffy this morning, but he did take a couple of pics of us together before he left. 

 Yep, I think that we are looking scruffy but happy and he took these as he was getting ready to leave. We had just come back inside after taking Foxy outside and I have on my jacket and he, his hoodie. The writing on his hoodie says "Dirty Hands equals Clean Money." He says that is his Motto because he is not afraid of hard work, and I am very proud of him. None of my kids are lazy. They all work hard.

I have been contemplating on writing about my nephew who was hospitalized with a brain bleed last Thursday. After many tests and CT scans they determined that it was some sort of aneurysm and he was care flighted to Dallas for possibly surgery, but thankfully after a few more tests the doctors decided upon some medication and after more tests told them that the bleed was slowing down. He was released from ICU yesterday and is now in a private room.  

 Thursday afternoon, around 2pm he got really hot and sweaty and had a excruciation pain in his head and started to violently throwing up and he didn't stop.

 His wife carried him to their local hospital where they did Covid testing. They did a rapid and a 3-day test and both came out negative. His wife kept calling the ER doctor that had seen him and was told it was just a virus and that to give him more Tylenol and Motrin, but he was in horrible pain, and she decided to take him to Baylor hospital in another town. That is where they discovered the brain bleed and sent him to Baylor hospital in Dallas.  I have been so worried about him but last night I talked to his mother, my sister Sharon and she said that he still has a bad headache, but it isn't as bad as it had been.

 They need to sue that darn local hospital. They will KILL you out there. I am not even joking. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when my mother passed away. For two days my mother laid there and suffered because they wouldn't care flight her and my sister Susanne is a nurse, and she called a doctor that she worked for, and he sent the order to have my mom released and care flighted out to Presbyterian hospital in Dallas. 

 Sadly, it was too late to help my mom and all that she had needed was a pacemaker. My sister Linda, her mother-in-law was having some kind of issues with stroke like symptoms, and they wouldn't transfer her out either. It was a fight with the ER doctors, and she eventually got better, but those are just two of the scary things that has happened to friends and family. They overdosed my niece on dilaudid, which is a very strong pain medication they had given her after a hysterectomy. 

 Anyway, there was some family drama, and it wasn't good, but here in Texas we have this saying, "Don't Mess With Texas." It was started years ago to highlight that if you get caught Littering the highways then be prepared to pay a very huge fine. 

 Well, I have a saying too, "Don't Mess with My Family."  I have to go and start our dinner tonight. Jon is making a pot roast and he wants to start it now, so I will close and just say that I defended the hell from my nephew's wife that accused my sister of saying that my nephew was a MISTAKE. My sister is not a saint, but I know her well enough to know that she would never call him a mistake. She did say that he was not planned, but she said that none of her kids were planned. 

 And my nephew's wife put all of these accusations on Facebook about my sister saying these terrible things that I know is not true. So, I put my two cents in.

 I am not proud of everything that I said because it takes a lot of pushing to get me to the point of saying what I did, and that woman pushed me to the point to where I was not going to tolerate her accusing my sister who has already lost one child and fearful of losing another to defame her character on efffing Facebook.

 I told her that she should be ashamed of posting all of this so everyone could see it and those that know my sister will know that she is just lying. I also told her that Junior's mother had doted on him since the day he was born and that she was his biggest fan and always would be and would fight for him today and every day and that she has fought for him in the past and would fight for him now and in the future.

 And as for saying that she wished he would lose some weight, it was obvious that she is concerned for his health and what was wrong with that? There is nothing wrong in wanting and wishing that her son's health could be good, but if she had a problem with that "SHE" Meaning my nephews wife...

 "Maybe You Should Take a Good Long Look In The Mirror Because You Are Not So Damn Little Yourself. You could stand to lose more than a few pounds."

 So, after that, in came the comments and she said that she was blocking me, but she hasn't. And she did block my sister, and about an hour or so later my sister called me, and she was telling me what was posted on Facebook, and I told her I already knew.

 Truthfully the only part that I regret is the last part of my comment and I realized that she was mad at what I said, and I just hope, really hope that she didn't go back to my nephew and bitched and moaned to him about it. 

 And now I really have to close and get a few things done around here so I can sit and play my game. I haven't done any of the things I need to do so I can win some battles lol... Have a great day. BB

Friday, February 18, 2022

Just A Quick Post


This is a little friend who is a military wife in France and her sweet little baby boy that I love so much. He is growing like a weed. This page is used from scrap kits that I have from Tiny Turtle, some from my Digi kits that was given to me. I had to move some big files from my computer so I don't have the names of  all of the kits I have used.


 I am really sorry that I am a few days late in posting. I have been under the weather. I had a very bad flare up with my Fibromyalgia. I was so bad that I couldn't even get out of bed. This happened on Valentine's Day. Actually, it actually started the night before. I was in a lot of pain and by the next morning. I am still in pain with my joints swollen.  I have not had one of these kind of flare ups in a long time. I have had little ones but this one was really bad, and I am still not out of the woods just yet.

 I got an appointment with my pain doctor for March 3rd so I am looking forward to seeing my specialists because they know me and know my pain. 

 I still can't shake the headache that I have had since Monday night. It's been hard trying to do anything with a headache, and I have been having sharp pain in both of my eyes at different times. I called my eye doctor and spoke to one of the girls in the office and the doctor called me back and asked me to describe the pain and he said that it could be that my Glaucoma is advancing. 

 That really scared me, so I have an appointment with them on March 10th. The coordinator is trying to get my Retina appointment and my Glaucoma doctor visits on the same day but I know that is not going to be possible because with the Retina specialist I have to have some tests and they usually take 3 or 4 hours to do before I actually see the doctor.

 Miss Edna honey, I know what you mean, that if I didn't have something wrong with me then I wouldn't have anything to talk about. You are very right about that. 

 I need to lay down because my head really hurts. You please take care, BB

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Spending Time With My Beautiful Daughter


This is a page that I made several years ago when Karyn and a friend went to Puerto Rico. I thought that I would share it since it brings back great memories of that time.


 I really hope that everyone is doing well. I guess that we are ok here. 

 I finally was able to finish my enrollment into a health care plan. I am so happy that it is over now. It is not easy. The process is a bit frustrating to get together all of the paperwork in order, but it is over, and it is a huge relief off of my shoulders. I still need one more document and then I will be all set. It is just a time sensitive thing, but they actually have the digital and I just need to sign the form and mail it back in.

 I will not keep you today and keep this short because Karyn and I want to watch a movie/series on HBO-Max. They made a series of the Golden Compas, and it is really a good. I want to spend as much time with her as possible. 

 Stay Well and Stay Safe. Have a wonderful weekend. BB



Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Hello This Wednesday


My daughter in law and Alex getting ready for a pillow fight! That is always a lot of fun to wear off some excessive energy before bed time.

 Good Morning, 

 At least for a little while longer. I should be on the phone making the last call on my to do list. I just don't want to but it is a important call to my pain clinic and I really should not put it off but I am just drained today. I also feel like a cold is coming on and I am trying to shake it.

 Yesterday I had a medical evaluation regarding my medication and spoke to the pharmacist for my yearly review to go over all of my medication. I am taking a injection twice a month and it is for my cholesterol. For the first time ever my cholesterol is NORMAL. Actually, it is a few points below normal. 

 The side effects are nothing other than to watch out for redness at the injection site. Jon gives it to me in my abdomen and it does hurt for about 10-15 seconds, and we are careful not to use the same site, so we alternate.

 Anyway, another side effect is feeling like a flu/cold, symptoms that usually go away with time. I have never felt that way with the injections. She said that the side effects usually come on pretty fast, like a day or so. But I wonder if I should take the injection if I feel like I am getting a cold? That is another question I will have Jon ask the pharmacist when he picks up my medication.

The other news and I am not sure if I said anything about it in my last blog post, but I was able to get the insurance plan that I had before I moved to Reno. The plan I had in Reno was with the same company Blue Cross and Blue Shield, so it made the transition easier. 

 I made chicken fried steaks, skillet potatoes, fresh spinach and yeast rolls for dinner last night. Jonathan was a happy guy because one he didn't have to cook and two, he enjoyed the meal. So did Foxy. She got a couple of bites from me and Jonathan lol.

 I finished the anime that I was watching. It was sad but in a good way. Now I am going to watch another one but not sure which one. I have started a couple just to see if I liked it and will probably start one tonight. It depends on how I feel. I might just go to bed and read.

 Our smoke alarm went off again last night around midnight and woke me up and Foxy was actually wired up and wouldn't lay back down and then she went into the bathroom and the light from the bathroom shines right into my face. I try to keep the door pulled shut but to where she can still get in if she needs to go pee pee. The interruption's means that it is really hard to go back to sleep and I am just tired when I wake up. I guess we need to call the office again for another work order. I also put a night light on the grocery list.

 I am going to close and lay down for at least an hour. Take care everyone and I will talk to you later. Stay Safe. BB

Monday, February 7, 2022

Sunny And Cold


My little great niece who is a big Long Horn fan! I did this scrap page years ago when I was just starting out learning how to scrap book and now she is a mom of 2 now. How the years have flown by.

Good Morning,

 It is sunny and cold at 32 degrees here in Austin Texas. In a few days it is going to warm up to 69 degrees with the nights still dropping into the 30's but no rain is forecasted so that means No Ice yay!

 It was a uneventful weekend here. We stayed home and one of Karyn and Jonathan's friends came over and visited for a little while. The state is hiring and he wanted to talk to Jonathan about applying for a couple of openings. It was nice and sunny so I stayed out on the patio for a little while and really enjoyed sitting in the warm sun. My body can always use the natural Vitamin D.

 I got up at 6:30 this morning and flipped on the coffee pot and then started a load of laundry. It was way to cold to take my coffee outside so here I am at the computer with a 2nd cup of coffee. 

 Today is the day that I pick out my new health plan. I know that they are awake and working this early, but I am not awake just yet this early so I will wait a hour or so before I give them a call. At least until the washing machine stops so I can at least hear what they are saying to me lol. (Yeah I know, anything to put off being on the phone haha.)

So I have a country music tidbit for you. If you listen or ever listened to country music then you will surely recognize the name Dolly Parton. You might even recognize the name Billy Ray Cyrus. 

 I tried to upload a video from YouTube featuring the both of them with the music video to Romeo. 

 I kept having issues trying to do it but I wanted to tell you first of off that the little girl who played Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus and she is Dolly Parton's Goddaughter. 

She isn't so little anymore and she is famous in her own right these days.  Or so I have heard but some of her music video's are just nasty. I read an article a few months ago where the reporter doing the article asked if it was true that Miley Cyrus was her Goddaughter and she said yes and when asked about her music Dolly replied that she was allowed to do her music her way and that Miley should be allowed to do the same and she ignored the rest of Miley questions. Dolly always took the high road I believe. 

And last of all I wanted you to see the video, to see the dancers because believe it or not I use to could dance Just Like That. It really was a lot of fun, harder than it looked and great exercise. 

 I have to close. It is time actually past time for lunch and I have several calls to finish making. Take care and go and pull up YouTube and search for Romeo and have a blessed day. BB

Friday, February 4, 2022

Real Short Real Sweet

Foxy in my chair telling me it is time for bed lol and I agree with her.

Good morning,
 I hope this finds you doing well. I am ok just tired. I have had a hell of a day.
I should say last two days. I some how got locked out of my favorite game and couldn't log in. Nothing that I did unlocked it because it would tell me that the email/player was incorrect. So I would double check and then try and it would tell me that my password was incorrect. After going around and around I decided to close it down, restart my laptop and try again with out luck.
 Anyway to make a long story shorter, I decided to get a new email. What a night mare. I for some reason didn't want another gmail. I decided I wanted something different OMGosh what a confusing nightmare only I was awake!
 I decided to go with outlook. 
Does anyone know how to sign out of it? Can anyone tell me how to just delete the damn thing?
 Let me just say that I went and got a gmail address. 

 I am sure that outlook is perfectly fine for some people. Probably for people that are more computer savvy than I am. Maybe even better, but it is just confusing to me and I just don't like it. It is better for me to have something easy and simple. Besides my game was giving me the same run around with that address so I am done. I just don't know how to delete it.
 But anyway, I am back into my game but the sad thing is I had to start completley over with my game which is sad but this time around I can fix my mistakes from my last game so that is better. 

 I have to say goodnight. I have been staring at the computer screen so many hours that my right eye is hurting and I actually had to dig out my eye patches to give the eye a rest.
 Have a wonderful day everyone and I will be back soon. Make sure you guys stay safe. BB

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