Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Monday Night

Hello Everyone,

 I chose this photo that says Joy is in the simple moments and it is certainly very true. It is the small moments, the little moments and all the moments in between. 

 Miss Edna knows this but I really haven't had much time to do anything if it takes more than 5 minutes. 

 So I will start by telling you that my hand hurting was a really strange ordeal and I talked to one of my doctors that told me that she thought that it was a tendon that wraps around other tendons in diabetics. Later that same afternoon my primary care doctor and I had a telemedicine appt and she also agreed. The next day my hand was worse and I really wasn't feeling good at all. I broke out in a cold clammy sweat and I told my kids that I thought that I needed to go to the hospital. That was Thursday and my hand was hurting and moving up my arm and across my chest. I had a heart attack. The next day was Friday and they cardiac surgeon found one of my arteries on the back side of my heart was 90% blocked. He cleaned it out really good (cholesterol build up) and put in a stent. I was able to go home Saturday afternoon and the next day I flew on out to Reno. 

 My kids and family really didn't want me coming to Reno this soon afterwards but the truth is I couldn't afford the air fare and I would have lost the money I had paid so I decided to come on ahead and make the trip. It was alright. I slept from Austin to Oakland California and I had a 4 hour layover but the time went rather fast. Before I knew it I was landing in Reno and my granddaughter and her mama met me at the baggage terminal. I was happy that Courtney met me because I cannot lift anything heavier than 5 pounds. 

 It was cold and windy here. Actually the turbulence was very scary and this morning we were greeted with hail, sleet and snow but it calmed down except for the wind.

 Matthew and I were in the air at the same time. He was going to Austin to see me and I was on my way to Reno. Karyn told me Saturday night that Matthew was coming in to Austin to be with me but I had already made the decision to go ahead and catch my plane to Reno. Jonathan called me this morning and said that everyone was off work except for Karyn. She had a dental appointment this morning and then was working until 8pm. 

 This just about catches me up for now. I am ready to go and lay down but I wanted to let you know how I was doing. Now I plan on going back and reading all of the blog posts that I have missed. Please excuse any errors I have made. It is late and if I made any mistakes please over look them. Until next time please be safe. Virtual Hugs xoxoxxo BB

Monday, March 8, 2021

A Very Huge Thank You!!!!


 This is a short post to say hello and to Thank each of you for your kind words. I have been really overwhelmed with trying to decide what to pack, what to store and trying to just do what I can when I can do it,

 The photo that I chose to put up today was my Valentine from my sweet neighbor Emily.  Miss Maple is the blonde retriever. She is a service animal but she had time to pose for a Valentine Day photo along with her pal Miss Penny.

 Miss Penny is an older adult who is also just so sweet. She is great company for Miss Maple and Emily as well. I love them as much as I love Ollie and Foxy and all of my furbaby friends from all of my friends. From all of you and friends I have yet to meet.

 Miss Edna,

 Thank you so much for all of your prayers and I will call you tomorrow if I can. I am not feeling my best right now. Fibromyalgia is having a field day with me at the moment.

 Steve YES that was crazy right with Matthew running into his dad. I spoke to him this morning and he is doing a little better.  He did have meningitis but he is home now. He can go back to work tomorrow if he is feeling up to it. Yesterday he said that he is feeling a little better but his energy and appetite was still really low and he is not sleeping well. 

Paddy Girl that snow was CRAZY!!! Do you know what was even crazier? Even tho many Texans were out of power, the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council Of Texas) which controls like 4 states were charging $9,000 us dollars a Kilowatt hour! Some people were charged after one day, before anyone had their power restored receiving bills for $25,000 and up. We read yesterday that the powers that be are not going to reimburse their customers. Not one penny.  My daughter said that this fight will probably go to the Supreme Court and I agree. Our electric company is only giving us a $10 dollar deduction but it was bitter cold and no electricity for days was hard. We wore so many layers and every blanket we owned was used but thankfully we do not have a huge huge bill that we can't pay. 

 You guys have been wonderful keeping up with my sporadic posts and I have been working on days with this one post but everyday I plan to finish it and something happens to where I can't. Thank you all so very much.

 I want to get this posted and not leave it as a draft as I had it for so many days. The problem is with my left hand. My thumb and index finger from the knuckle all the down into the palm is swollen and very painful. I have no idea what happened to it. I just woke up with it throbbing a few weeks ago and it has gotten worse every day. Jonathan ordered me a Copper hands compression glove and it does help but today he is going to try to find me a thumb splint when he goes to Walgreens to pick up my Glaucoma eye drops. 

 Have a wonderful day and take care of yourself always stay safe!!! BB

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