Friday, April 29, 2022

Happy Cruising Linda and Kay


I made this scrap page for my sister Linda on her last cruise. I also made one for Kay but not sure if she was on this trip or not, but I think so. I will have to look further and I now will have more scrap pages to make as they take photos and send to me!


 I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Jonathan and I just plan to stay in. He has to work tomorrow, so I have to plan a grocery list for our Sunday shopping trip. He will probably go alone as I am trying to stay away from crowds. A nasty stomach bug is going around and with my luck I am afraid of catching it. So staying home will be just fine with me.

 I had a eye injection yesterday so I didn't get to work on my blog. I felt like going out with Laurie yesterday evening while she paid some bills but I stayed in the car while she took care of her business. It wasn't a long outing as my eye was starting to hurt and she brought me home and I laid down. Today it felt much better but hard to see so excuse any errors please.

 Sunday my sister and Kay are boarding their ship to go to Mexico, Grand Caymen Islands and Honduras. I know that they will have a wonderful time. They want me to go on the next cruise but I just don't know because of my shellfish allergy. The ports have live seafood and I worry that Benadryl would not be enough to deter my allergy. I don't worry so much as I can stay away from seafood on the ship, but I don't think that I can get away with going off ship. Besides Benadryl knocks me out!

 Something bit me on the upper ear lobe. Laurie said yesterday that it looks like 3 tiny bites. They are sore, not itchy so I don't think that Foxy has any fleas. I check her often and Jonathan brushes her nearly every day and he checks her as well. A couple of weeks ago I killed 2 itty bitty spiders. I am wondering if maybe that is what bit me. 

 Well, the mystery box appeared! Apparently, they were delivered to the Parcel mail. The office notified Jonathan of a fee for the packages that were not collected. How they cannot notify you if you have a package, but they can sure notify you to tell you that you owe a fee is just wrong. I don't know what the fee will be until Jon gets our rent statement, but I will of course pay the fee, but I will not have anything else delivered here. Instead, I will just send it to Karyn's address and she can bring it to me when she comes down. 

 Karyn will be coming Sunday. Her work computer is having some issues and they are going to have to send it to the IT guys and hopefully will just issue her a new laptop. She has had problems with it several times so I am not sure what is going on with it. 

 News is in pretty short supply on this end. I think that I am going to call it a early night and get some sleep. Have a awesome weekend and stay safe. BB

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A Star Is Born


 This is my sweet little great niece Jewelz. I am so glad my sister sent this picture to me. I just had to scrap it. Indeed I truly believe that she is a Star!

 Good Morning,

 I hope that all are well and in some parts of the USA, Enjoy the warm spring time temps. So many are longing for the gorgeous weather. We are going to be in the 80's today. The humidity will make it feel really hot and muggy around 3:00pm today. 

 I am trying to get back into scrapbooking. This laptop has not made it easy to do any scrap pages, but I did manage the one above and my sister asked me to do a few more. I will try to get them done for her but it might take a little more time because I really don't have much energy right now. 

 My feet have been swelling since Easter. I spoke to my doctor's nurse, and she sent a message to my doctor and called me back that afternoon telling me to keep my feet elevated and to watch my sodium, which I do anyway. The swelling did go down but comes back in the late evenings. I am cutting back on my fluid intake and will see what happens.

 I am making a pot of butter beans and a pan of cornbread for dinner tonight. I need to finish up the last bit of ham. I think that is all that I will make. It is a meal in it's self and we love beans of all kinds.

 News is short here so I am just going to make a cup of coffee and turn on Court TV. I am into the Johnny Dep and Amber Heard defamation court case. 

 Have  great day everyone and stay safe. BB


Friday, April 22, 2022

It's 2 In The Morning


 Is It A Bird, A Plane Or??? If you can zoom in maybe you can see it. That tiny black dot is actually a Drone! I have tried cropping it but this crazy laptop editing program sucks. I truly hate this laptop and as soon as I possibly can I am going to buy me another one!

Good morning,

 It is just after 2:00am here. I need to sleep but I am ok and awake for now so maybe I will finally get this blog post done.

 I have been trying off and on since Easter night to sit down and write but the harder I try, the farther behind I get. Do you ever have days that the harder that you try to get something done, it is just impossible? That has been me since I got out of the hospital. I have doctor appointments and a crazy issue about that, and then I have had RN's here to work on our schedule. We finally agreed that Wednesday mornings were best, so now from 9-10 am I will have a weekly visit. It will be the same RN most every week. but this is just for a month. We are still working on some other things, but the Physical Therapist came yesterday, and he said "Wow you weren't lying about getting around good. I would say that your definitely beyond good and doing Excellent." So he said that I didn't need his services and I laughed and said "I told you."  I understand tho, they get referrals from the doctors and they don't really know how a person is doing if they don't see them for themselves.

 I ordered some things from and I am very upset with them because my orders have never shown up. I was supposed to have gotten a delivery on the 19th, the 20th and on the 22nd but I didn't get the first two packages that were supposed to be delivered so I called them today to see what was going on and they said "Your packages were delivered at your door." So that went around and around and finally I said, "What do you not understand Mam? I am calling you to tell you that I have not received any of the packages that were supposed to be here on the 19th, and 20th and if they were delivered, then it was at someone else's apartment and not MINE. Thank you for your time, I now want to speak to your supervisor, but before you transfer me, I want a supervisor that is fluent in speaking English." 

 These companies need to hire English speaking people. I am not a racist person, but it is very hard for me to understand people in these call centers that are from different countries. Anyway I did get a person I could communicate with and they asked me to wait another 24 hours to see if the packages will be delivered and if not then they will either replace my entire order or they will refund my money back to my account. 

 I am also having an issue with Amazon. I ordered a package of crochet hooks and when I got them, the small hook at the end of each hook was dull and jagged. They were tearing up my yarn and so I called them, and they sent me a label to return them. They have gotten my return, but I haven't gotten my new set of crochet hooks. I sent them back right before I went into the hospital and Jonathan and Karyn both said they never received a package for me. Amazon is usually really good about knocking on the door when I have a package. 

 So now that I am done whining, I will tell you the story of the drone. Yesterday I was out back when this little boy struck up a conversation with me. He said that he was physic and could tell me what I was thinking. Oh, we had great fun with this game and this kid was amazingly good at guessing things from what I was afraid of the most to numbers I was thinking etc...  A little while later 2 other boys came running up and were yelling and talking so fast and pointing to the sky. One boy said "Look man!, it is your dad." They were so excited and the older boy said.. "That's my dad and his drone." 

 I thought that they were pulling my leg, but their mom came out and was talking to the boys and said "Yes she saw Dad's drone and finally relented in letting the boys have 10 more minutes before coming in.

 It is actually a little smaller than a helicopter and I tried to video it but I wasn't having much luck so I decided to snap some shots. the ones I zoomed in came out really blurry so I tried to crop these but I will have to do it on my other laptop because this one is not editing friendly.

 It was so amazing to watch. It flew side to side, up down, hovered over our apartment in spaces where the boys were hooping and hollering and waving their arms, jumping up and down. The last thing that it did before taking off faster than lightening was dipping really low and turned sideways. It was like watching someone on a roller coaster. 

 I had never seen one before and it was a great experience. I was impressed and all 3 boys said they would come visit me again. So I will have to get some little treats to keep on hand. 

 We had a really nice Easter, and it was great to see the kids. It was just hot here. 94F and we wrapped it all up early. I was so exhausted after it was all over that I think that I am still recovering lol.

 I am going to close and get some sleep, so have a great day and take care of yourself. BB

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Good Morning


I can't give much detail about this scrap page because my eyesight is so bad that I can't see who is in the pictures. I even got out my magnifing glass but had no luck because it was all blurry. I think that these are pictures of my daughters, Karyn and Laurie.

Good Morning,

 It is early here. I got up to use the bathroom at 5:45 and couldn't go back to sleep so I made coffee and decided to work on my blog this morning while all is quiet. It will not stay quiet for long tho lol. Laurie is suppose to come over this morning and she might bring the kids so they can play in the sand at the volleyball court.

 Yesterday my phone rang and when I answered it was my youngest grandson Damien. He will be 5 in August. We talked or actually he talked and talked and talked. He has a very extensive vocabulary. His dad asked "Who are you talking too?" and Damien said "My NaNa." His dad asked him if I had called and he said "No I called my NaNa." These kids learn how to use electronic devices so early. It was a really great conversation. 

 I finally received a mask that fits me! It took my doctor, my insurance and a very special RN at my clinic. The company didn't have me in their sysptem. My reply to that is that doesn't excuse no one returning my phone calls when I called multiple times daily and left a very detail message and clear phone number, so someone failed to check the messages or they just blew me off! Yes I was just a tad bit ticked off by the situation but I have a very nice mask that is easy for me to put on myself but I still look like a alien lol. I don't care what I look like as long as it works.

 The weather is abundant sunshine today with a high of 83F and a low in the 50's. Easter Sunday is supposed to be 96F and I am so not ready for the hot weather this early in the season. We use to not see the 90's until late May or first of June. A few weeks ago before I went into the hospital it was 99F. The next day I went to the hospital and I have a newspaper that shows the damage of the tornado we had. Thankfully no one was killed but it sure tore up a lot of things. Austin is now in the news path when Tornados use to just be heard of here in Austin. Now it is becoming a trend right up there with Tornado Alley. 

 I have a RN coming this morning so we can set up a schedule and get the rest of my programs started. Jonathan and I just went over my calendar and he scheduled time off to go with me. 

 I haven't even gotten dressed. I may not. Just throw on a robe and let that be enough. But I better get off here and have a bite to eat and take my morning medication. 

 Take care and be safe. BB

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Thank You


 The first photo was the Casino that Matthew and Courtney took her mom and dad, brothers, Alex, Celeste and nephew Caleb's son Braidon on their wedding night for dinner. I took these photos on the way to the front of the casino. 

 The second photo is Miss Foxy Love who stole my chair while I was washing our bedding a few weeks ago. I tried to remove the photo but me, myself and I are having a hell of a time with Blogger tonight.


 I know that it has been a long time since I was able to post. I don't want to give you guys a blow by blow of the events that have shaped my life in the last few weeks. Before actually.

 I have been very sick. I don't have all of the entire facts, but I had gone to the ER to make sure that I didn't have a kidney infection. Turns out that I did. They took a culture and sent it off, gave me some antibiotics and we came home. Jonathan said that I slept for 20 hours, and he couldn't get me awake. I think that he should have called an ambulance or something before finally waking me up to say we were going to the ER, but hey that is just me. 

 Then on Monday the hospital called to tell me that my urine culture had come back and the antibiotic I had been prescribed was not targeted for the bacteria and I needed to call my doctor and have her give me another antibiotic. 

 My doctor said for me to go ahead and complete the course of antibiotics and if I wasn't better to come in for a visit. I never finished the antibiotics because by then I had to be rushed to the hospital. EMS were called and I never knew any of the events that took place. I was put on a ventilator and spent the next day and a half on it before they finally took me off of it, but it was just a few hours past midnight when they called my daughter to say that I had Thad taken a turn for the worse and what were my wishes and family's wishes. 

 I was septic, I also had pneumonia, I forget all of it and I also had sleep apnea which helped to complicate things a lot. After being off of the ventilator I was put back on for the second time in 48 hours. I was in ICU for 6 days, and in the hospital for a total of 12 days.

 I am home now but still having some issues.The Bi Pap machine they sent me home with is not doing much good because I need a small mask and they gave me a large promising to get me a small. The company would not or has not called me back regarding several phone calls and even the hospital and doctors have called but not one call back from the company. I called my insurance and reported them. I know that my phone is going to be busy on Monday. There is more but I am too tired to talk about it so I am going to say goodnight and I will be back when I can. BB

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