Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A Star Is Born


 This is my sweet little great niece Jewelz. I am so glad my sister sent this picture to me. I just had to scrap it. Indeed I truly believe that she is a Star!

 Good Morning,

 I hope that all are well and in some parts of the USA, Enjoy the warm spring time temps. So many are longing for the gorgeous weather. We are going to be in the 80's today. The humidity will make it feel really hot and muggy around 3:00pm today. 

 I am trying to get back into scrapbooking. This laptop has not made it easy to do any scrap pages, but I did manage the one above and my sister asked me to do a few more. I will try to get them done for her but it might take a little more time because I really don't have much energy right now. 

 My feet have been swelling since Easter. I spoke to my doctor's nurse, and she sent a message to my doctor and called me back that afternoon telling me to keep my feet elevated and to watch my sodium, which I do anyway. The swelling did go down but comes back in the late evenings. I am cutting back on my fluid intake and will see what happens.

 I am making a pot of butter beans and a pan of cornbread for dinner tonight. I need to finish up the last bit of ham. I think that is all that I will make. It is a meal in it's self and we love beans of all kinds.

 News is short here so I am just going to make a cup of coffee and turn on Court TV. I am into the Johnny Dep and Amber Heard defamation court case. 

 Have  great day everyone and stay safe. BB


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  1. Sorry about your feet. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions beyond what the nurse said. But I'm glad you're scrapbooking! It's good to stay busy!


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