Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Bit Behind

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 Good Morning,
 So Sorry I have been a bit behind and in more ways than one. I have only one more day to finish the month of January for my sister's planner. I am not going to make it.
 I actually have enough scrap pages, but not near enough notepaper. Oh well. Some times life gets in the way.

 I had to have some minor surgery. Not so minor at the time, but it took about an hour to complete. Now it is just daily follow up's for about a week. I have had to reshuffle my other appointments around a bit. I think that I messed up and need to reschedule another appointment for one that I just had to reschedule if that makes sense.  

 Karyn is going to see if she can take off work on Thursday to take me to both appointments. I have my eye injection on February 1st at 9:00 am and then my rheumatoid appointment the same day at 1:20 pm.
 I have to make the afternoon appointment because I have already rescheduled it and I will be out of my Fibromyalgia medication. I am down to my last bottle and no refills so I have to see him/her in order to get that one filled. 
 It is not going to be easy since I will have an eye injection that day. 

 I wish I had more time and to actually have something to say today but the fact is it is just a normal average day right now. I will be getting in the shower soon and get ready to see my doctor after lunch. She is such a sweetie. I really like my new doctor. She is working me in on her lunch schedule. It was arranged yesterday because she wants to be the one to see me, so I have no problem with that if she doesn't. But still it is her lunch break... Yes I am a softie. I think of being considerate or at least I try most times.

 It is gray out side but not cold. In the mid 50's and should get up to the mid 60's this afternoon. I wish if it was going to be gray outside then it would at least rain. All we are having are these little misty showers. They do not even leave a puddle on the ground but I know every drop of water counts.

 I got a rare treat yesterday. Coming home from the doctor after we parked and walking up to the apartment, sitting on our patio was a Blue Jay. He or she wasn't there long, but I did get to see it. 
 Then I was given a second treat. Cisco greeted me like A Long Lost Friend! To him it seemed like I had been gone for years instead of an hour lol. He wanted to play and I just couldn't at the time. I did try to make it up to him but he was not to happy with me.

 I hate to run this fast, but I have to get into the shower. Hugs and have a great day to all... BB

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Little Rain

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Hello and Good Afternoon,
 I hope that all are well today. We are getting a little rain here today. Not a hard rain but soft and sweet. We have needed it because we are getting a little dry.
 This past hot summer has taken a toll on our lakes and dams and we are in need of more rain so every drop counts. 
 I would love to have a huge thunderstorm come in and drench us for 3 or 4 days. Not just for me, but I would love to charge my Crystals and make some storm water etc. but the animals and plants need water too.

 Edna spent a very frustrating hour to help me make links. It is hard on the phone when we cannot see what the other is doing. I am sorry for sending your blood pressure thru the roof today Edna.

 I had a visitor this morning. Foxy came to see me. She greeted me like a bullet, racing thru the front door straight into my room and into my bed. Her wet little body and wet kisses. Of course it was just fine with me. She knows her Human NaNa loves her. 

This is Miss Foxy and I on a weekend morning a few months ago. 

 I have had lunch and when I went to take my insulin I found my night meds on the sink counter. Obviously last night when I took my insulin I forgot to take my meds.  I have never done that before. I put them on the right side of the sink when I got them out instead of the left side. I spilled some water there and said I will clean it up in a minute and so put them on the wrong side of the sink. 
 My memory is getting bad these days. I seem to forget easily things that I always remembered. Maybe it is my medication or maybe it is my age. Regardless I slept well even tho I had forgotten my medication.

 I have a couple of blog cuties to share with you from the internet so I hope that they bring a chuckle. 

 These last one is from a site that I love but forgot about, but came across it on Facebook the other day in my memories from 4 years ago. 

  This is it for me today. I need to get a shower and catch up on a few things then I want to work on some more pages. Have an awesome day. Take care of yourself... BB

Friday, January 26, 2018

Counting The Days!

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 It is late, or early, however you want to look at it. It is a minute till midnight. Well the time just rolled over, so it is officially midnight. 
 I did have a short nap this afternoon so it must have been just enough to keep me awake. Oh well, I don't have anything major to do tomorrow so I can stay up late if I want to. 

 Not much is going on here. Cisco went to the vet for a bit of pampering. He got his ears cleaned, his nails trimmed and his glands expressed. He was glad to get out of there. I came home and laid down for a little while and slept. Cisco was right beside  me. Jonathan woke us up when he came home.

 I have been yawning but just cannot rest. I am going to have to lay down soon tho, but I wanted to update my blog just a little before I do try and lay back down. 

 I learned how to make Transparent word art tonight. Patsy taught me. We both have Craft Artist 2 digital scrapbooking program but these days she uses Photo Shop mostly but she helps me a lot.

 I am counting the days to countdown to Florida. I don' t care if we never leave the condo lol. It will just be nice to sit out on the back porch and drink a soda and watch some tv and relax. 
 No doctor visits, no having to get up if I don't want to, visiting Edna and hoping that my daughter can join us. That sounds good to me.

  I had to take Cisco out and play the bone game. He is just too funny. They turned on the water sprinklers tonight. He sure did not want to go out but he finally went out onto the grass. He didn't want to stay out long. Another building over from us, someone was having a party. They were not excessively loud, but I don't think Cisco liked the music lol.

 Matthew is on call this weekend. But next weekend we might go home for the weekend and see my sister's and spend the night. My brother in law is having open heart surgery soon. It really worries me. He is like a dad to me. I was just 4 years old when they married. I spent more time with them than I did my own parents for a long time.
 Every summer my 2 sisters and I would go to her house. I am sure that my mama appreciated the break. 
 In my teen years I lived with them in the summer as they were not far from where we lived. My sister would pick me up after school on Fridays and I would work with her at a cafĂ©. I made a dollar an hour. 
 It was just our boss Robert, my sister Sharon and myself.  Then she became cook and I became waitress and Robert semi retired, I loved the tips. 
 When my first marriage fell apart, it was my sister's house that I went. Not home to my mom and dad. 
 I really hope that I am going to be able to go see him. I don't know yet if I will be able to or not, but I am sure hoping I can. We don't know when the surgery will be. They haven't set him up yet. They are still running tests.

 Well the eyes are getting heavy and I am yawning a lot so that is my que that it is time to go to bed. Sweet dreams to those resting and Good day to those just getting up... Have a super day to all... BB

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today Is Just Wednesday?

Kit and note paper made from Kyra's "A Step Back" kit. Image used is from Caroline Blue.

 I cannot believe it is just Wednesday. It seems like it should be Friday but I guess not. The calendar says Wednesday January 24th so I guess it is lol.

 This is as far as I got with the note paper for my sister's planner. I didn't get to finish it yet, but I am thinking I like this just the way it is. I actually spent some time yesterday making one notepaper page and used it several times and just changed the colors.
 I know that it will save me time.

 I had to cancel my carpet cleaning appointment this morning. Jonathan has a clean room now, but I don't. I have some of the things picked up and put away but not all of it and I am not able to move all of my stuff. 
 Nathan is not feeling well enough to help me and I have my TV to move, my side tables, my desk and computer and my bed. So with the flu around, (Nathan) is now feeling sick, I just called and canceled. She wanted to schedule me for next month but I told her not right now. I am going to be super busy next month. 

 I received a very nice gift yesterday from Miss Edna. She gifted me 10 scrap kits to work with from Tiny Turtle. They are just lovely and I know that I will use them.
 Of course I had to do a page with one of the kits and send to her. I will share it here. Thank You Edna, that was such a sweet gift to me.

 This is Edna and I last year in Florida. She is very talented in taking photos. She is actually standing behind me . I am sitting at a table with this huge mirror behind me. So the photo is actually a reflection. It is the only picture that we have of us both together. We will have to remedy that this coming year when we meet up in Florida.
 I am so looking forward to this trip I cannot tell you how much. Not only for the beautiful location, but for companion ship with her. I have missed you Miss Edna. 

 I feel like I have known you so much longer than it actually has been. One of my favorite Quotes is from John Leonard... "It takes a long time to grow an old friend".... 
 But we hit it off pretty fast didn't we?

 So I was having a piece of toast this morning with some peanut butter on it. Cisco was looking at me with those soulful brown eyes so I gave him my last bite.
 That silly boy turned his nose up at it. I said Fine I will eat it and he reached for it and took it. Dropped it on the floor and  started to walk away. I went to pick it up and he went for it.  He didn't want it but didn't want me to have it either. I gave up, got it back and put it in the garbage. Now he is pouting in his little house in the living room with Nathan. 
 He isn't a picky eater so I tried to think why he would turn it down. Well now I think that I have figured it out.
 Since his dog bones have come, I opened the box and let him get a bone out of the box. He sniffs, picks one up, puts it down and does this about 5 times before he actually chooses one.  Funny thing is that they are all the same flavor lol.
 I have left the box on the floor and I think that he was wanting me to open the box for him to pick out is bone. When he gets done pouting I will open the box back for him to get a bone!

 My coffee doesn't taste as good this morning for some reason. I measured the scoop as I always do, but it actually tastes weak. Maybe it is just my taste buds off or something. 

 Well in exactly one week I will be having another eye injection. I know that I will be hoping that this injection will be like last time. I was able to actually see the next day pretty well. I didn't get on the computer for a couple of days but that was a lot better than not getting to do anything for almost a week at the beginning of these injections.
 I know the first day afterwards I will not see well. The patch is very uncomfortable to sleep in so I take it off and I put it back on in the morning, but it has become uncomfortable to wear. It is a cone shaped and I have to keep clean Kleenex over the eye and in the cone for the pressure. 
 I have talked to a lot of people who have these eye injections and they don't have the same kind of problems I do. They are even able to drive home after they have them. No need for a patch and they don't have a bit of problems with the numbing drops.
 Only one person I know of has had problems and that is my friend Nicole's dad. He cried! So do I... Or scream. I have been known to do that too. He told Nichole that he was sorry I had to go thru that because they are so painful.
 But he is the only one I have talked to that has the same problem I do. Everyone else says it is a piece of cake. Go figure!

 Yesterday at the doctor, I was told that I have a balance due. A huge balance, so I have to call the billing office today and try and sort it out. This is the second place that I have been getting balances, and I should not be. My insurance is supposed to pay 100% of both of these places. I am going to have to call them today and find out what the problem is. Jonathan thinks it is just a billing mistake, but Karyn is my Medical Representative so she is going to help me on her lunch hour and figure out what is going on. It needs to be taken care of. I can't afford to lose this doctor. 

 Ok the bratty boy is back and got his bone. Now he is in his bed and snoozing. I really didn't plan to leave the box of bones on the floor because of pests. But now that he is having such fun I hate to take it away. I think that I can put the box up during the day and evening and take it out for his treat and put it back up on the shelf. That way he can continue to play his little game. It really makes him happy. 

 And on that note, I better get off here and do some things that need to be done. It's going to be a busy day for me and I need to get started. You have a wonderful Wednesday! BB

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ohhhh Long Day

Bohemian Life, Rosie H and the embellishments from Robin Kidd "Whispers In The Wind" Little boy and teddy bear by Caroline Blue.


 Well I started a blog this morning I had to leave the computer, so I went to save it and boom, I lost it. I was like Dang it. But it will probably show up when I post this.

 So I have been so busy today. I had to rearrange my calendar for the rest of this month and February. 

 I hope that you will understand if this is a short post. Truth is I am wiped out from today.  I really didn't sleep to well last night. I did have a beautiful dream tho. 
 I dreamed that my kids were all little again and we were at an Ice Rink and it was snowing. Big fat flakes were coming down and the kids were trying to catch them on their tongue.
 Soon there was so much snow that they were making snow angels and then we went and had hot chocolate with fat fluffy marshmallows. 
 It was such a fun dream.

 Tonight Miss Edna and I were talking about our pets. I wouldn't let Cisco have an extra treat and she called me a Stingy mom lol. I told her that she was a Push Over Mom lol.
 One thing for sure is that we love our fur babies to the point that we are really the Best Fur Baby Mom's in the World!!!
 Cisco received the cutest little Dog House today. It is adorable. I am going to try and get some good pictures. Right now it is too new and he is not quiet sure what he is supposed to do, but he crawls into it head first. Watching him back out of it is just to funny. He took one of his toys in to it and he also has a bone in their too. Midnight snack you know!
 We send Miss Edna and Pogo lots of love, hugs and sniffs and some Woof's to go with a lot of Thank You's.

 I am going to bed. It really has been a long day.
 Have an awesome Tuesday. Tomorrow is another busy day for me, but I will blog when I get home tomorrow.
 Take care, BB

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do You Recognize This Kit?

The top page is from Kyra (With A Russian Dutch Heart) The bottom note paper from my stash of Serif Craft Artist 2 kits.

Hello and Happy Saturday,

 I am happy to say that I am feeling much better. The medication may actually be working!
 I was very busy yesterday and it felt great to be up and doing something productive.

 I have a question. Do you recognize these dolls and or the kit? I know that I made this page when I discovered Kyra's blog. I fell in love with the dolls. I can not remember if the dolls were in one kit or of several. When my computer crashed, these were not backed up for some reason. I have been lucky to find a lot of my favorites but not these. Kyra said she couldn't remember, but hoping that Miss Edna may have these gorgeous dolls backed up. I am going to email this page to Kyra and see if she may have it. I came across this page on my Facebook memories.  When I asked her about it I didn't have this page to send to her. Now that I do, I am hoping that she may remember it.

 Well we are in a Government shut down. No big surprise there. Trump has been calling for a shut down for a long time now. He wants to blame it on the Democrats but both sides are really to blame. 
 While I have been sick, I have taken to researching some videos from the election campaign. Interesting stuff actually. 
 He wants to end DACA and this is the best way to do it. Shut down the Government and the DACA will expire March 5th and he can say "Democrats To Blame" while he gets what he wants in the end. And he can keep rejecting all proposals to end the shut down and in the end the DACA issues will be a moot point.
 I am not dissing the President. I am just saying that the blame lays on all sides, not just one. Nope I am not a Democrat or a Republican or a Liberal or any of those groups. I just try to choose the right one for the job but I am really thinking that they are all a bunch of blow hards and crooks.
 Isn't it funny that so much is shut down, people are being furloughed and some agency's will be back paid, but a lot will not, but Congress who is paid heavily will still get paid but our active Military might not be if this goes past February 1st. 
 No one is expecting it to go more than a week, but I think that they would work harder in Congress and do away with the CR's if their wages were in jeopardy. 
 I hate politics but have taken more of an approach of learning and being more involved in policy than I have in the past. I don't trust ANY of them. Not a single one. To me they are all Crooked. They don't care about any one really, no matter what they say. And I don't think that Senators and Congress or any of the Government elected employees should get a pay check. They are elected to work for our country and should work for free until they get things worked out. 
 Our Military can barely make it on what they get paid. They have families that depend upon there paychecks to pay their bills, rent and food and utilities. I am sure that members of our Government has really nice savings accounts and money in the bank to cover their living expenses. 
 I am done whining now. No one wants to ask my opinion anyway lol.

 While I am feeling a lot better, I still find myself getting really tired and weak at times. I haven't slept as much in the last couple of days and that makes me feel better just knowing that I have been up even if it is for a couple hours at a time. More up than down yesterday and today so far.
 I do plan on laying down and having a rest later on. Maybe even read for a while. 

 Karyn was here at 7:00 this morning to work until noon and Jonathan took her home on his way to work. He will get off around 6:00 tonight. Nathan and Matt are off work today. I haven't heard from Matt today, not really. I woke him up around ten(ish) this morning. I am not sure he was ever awake at all when I talked to him lol. 

 I have some things to do so I am going to go and try to accomplish a few things.
 Have a great weekend... BB

Friday, January 19, 2018

Hello Friday

Kits used, A Little Bit Shabby by Rosie H, and Bath House by Serif Craft Artist

 It is very early here. 6:30 in the morning. I have actually been up for a couple of hours. I have slept multiple hours in the last 48.
 I went back to the doctor on Wednesday and I am happy to say that my flu test came out negative but I now have severe bronchitis. A new antibiotic (about time) and an inhaler to open my bronical tubes.
 Other than these new meds and the inhaler, still rest and fluids are on the agenda. But I had to get up for a little while. I have to call in around 8:30 this morning to arrange for my ride transportation for an appointment that was cancelled for bad weather snow and ice.
 Today is Friday and I have to give them a 3 day advance reservation as they don't make reservations usually on Friday and by Monday it would be to late, but since this is a rescheduled ride due to the weather I should not have a problem getting the ride. But I knew if I went back to bed then I might over sleep and not get the appointment so I stayed up and thought that I would use this time to stop in and blog a bit. 
 It feels like forever since I have been at the computer to do anything. 

 The scrap page is of course for my sister Linda. This is her daughter Tabitha and I want to say it is Jaxen but it could be Bryce. I swear I have a very hard time telling these babies apart. Jaxen is not looking so much like Bryce these days as he is growing into his own little person. His hair is much darker than Bryce now. They sure grow up fast.

 After Jonathan brought me home from my doctors appointment around 5:30 pm, I was totally wiped out. I went straight back to bed. But he made me get up to eat. He was relentless. I kept saying I didn't want to eat but he knew I hadn't eaten all day so he made me get up and said he would let me go back to bed IF I ate half of my meal. I had to show him my plate and managed a little more than half. But when he said I could go back to bed, I went.
 I slept the entire night thru. I only got up yesterday morning to use the bathroom and thought that I would stay up, but I just couldn't. I slept until after 4:00 in the afternoon. 
 I called Miss Edna. I am not sure how long it had been since I had actually talked to her, but after I yawned several times we both came to the conclusion I needed to go back to bed. I didn't argue. I slept deeply until almost midnight. 
 I was hungry but not sure what I should eat. I settled on some raisin brand cereal with just a little milk. I didn't finish it but at least I got a bit of  food down. 
 I went back to sleep and slept until around 5:00 this morning. I actually enjoyed waking up feeling half way normal. Tip toeing around I made my coffee and caught up with a couple of friends on FB for a couple of short conversations. Then decided to come over and work on my blog, but I know that I will be going back to bed as soon as I make that call.

 Karyn is supposed to work here today but I have a feeling that she will be going into the office today. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. She had to work in the office yesterday. I was alone except for Cisco. He has not left my side in days. Bless his heart. He knows I am sick so he has stuck close to me. 
 Nathan is off work today. His schedule has changed again. He is working 12 hour days so now he gets Friday, Saturday off and goes back to work on Sunday. He started taking Friday's off because it is really hard for him to get to work on Fridays. No matter what time he has to go in or get off Fridays are very hard due to the traffic. And his shift doesn't start until 10:30 am, so he has to leave here by 7:00 in the morning to get to work and then has to sit around waiting to clock in. So it is better this way. That way he isn't sitting around 3 1/2 hours doing nothing. He was using that time to do extra work but then they decided that they didn't want to pay him for the extra hours so he let it go.

 I have some cute photos of Cisco to share. 

 This is my son Matthew. He brought he and I some potato soup the other day. He tried giving his to Jonathan, Nathan and to Karyn but they didn't want it and so he decided to give it to Cisco. 
 He is blowing on the soup to cool it off and can you believe that he is spoon feeding it to him? lol.
 Now Cisco loved it all. The whole small cup. Oh yes he did indeed, but a few hours later it didn't like him and he ended up throwing it up. I was afraid that it would be too rich for him and cautioned Matt not to give him the whole cup but he did it anyway. Too bad he wasn't here to clean up! But Cisco enjoyed it while he was getting the treat. I just told Matt, no more potato soup. They use real cream so it was a bit rich.
 It sure felt good to me as it is one of my favorite soups. It gave me a bit of energy as well. 

 Matt has stayed away since I have been ill, so it was a sweet gesture to come over and spend a bit of time with me. This was Sunday and he stayed an hour or so until he saw me falling back to sleep. He said he was going home as well because he wanted to rest before having to go back to work the next day. It was good for him to get the needed rest because he had to work out in the freezing weather all day on Monday. It was in the 20's he did call me to tell me that he felt like he had frost bite on his fingers even with the gloves. 
 It is so ironic because he left the rail road because of having to work in the harsh temps. Last year he was working in -35 degree weather up in Wisconsin. He moved here because the winters are so mild. Ha.. The cold weather followed him this year. It was our 5th winter snow and ice this year so far. 
 March sounds wonderful with Florida coming up and Miss Edna, bless her heart really doesn't have sympathy for us in the 20's lol. Her winters are so very much harsh and we in the 20's is like a heatwave!  I had really been worried about her as she was having major heating problems. I worried that she was going to get sick and still am a bit worried for her. But hopefully the heat stays working so she and Pogo can stay warm.

 I hear Jonathan up getting ready for work and he is coughing and hacking. I sure hope that he doesn't get sick. I think that Karyn is basically getting better. She told me the other day that she was feeling a lot better than the week before. I know she must have caught part of what she had from me. I was contagious for more than a few days.
 On Wednesday they are coming to steam clean our carpets in the bedrooms. The rest of the house has laminate tile flooring. I will be glad to get it done.

 Speaking of floors, the rest of the house needs a good mopping about now. It will have to wait tho. Right now I have no energy or motivation to do anything, but the kids have really pitched in and has helped a great deal. They have cooked and cleaned and has taken good care of me. They have grocery shopped, made sure the trash has been gathered and gotten out, they have swept and dusted and I have been very grateful. Jonathan did most of my laundry. Amazing that he actually brought back everything that I sent to the laundry.

 We will not be getting the washer and dryer now. His boss, her husband decided that he wanted their set to stay in their house so it can go with the house being sold. They bought a new set when they moved into their new home. I was a bit sad but in the end I was ok with it. Our water bill is so expensive now that a washer and dryer would just add to the expense of the water and of the electric. 

 Well I am going to close. I am getting tired and it won't be long before I can go and make that call and lay down again. In the mean time I plan to go and catch up on some blog reading.

 Have an awesome day to everyone. BB

Monday, January 15, 2018

Well The Coffee Is Good

 QP by Miss Edna, kits used, Day Of Hope Seriff, Bohemian Life, Cornflower Meadow, and Beth By Rosie H....

 Good Morning,
 I have to say that at least my coffee is good this morning. The problem with the rest of the morning is that I have not been to sleep as I had fever off and on all night. 
 I would wake up in terrible sweats only to get chills. So around 4:00am I just got up and have stayed up. My body is tired but my mind is not settling down so I just got up and put my coffee on and stayed up. 
 I know I will go back to bed in a little while. It is what I have been doing. Up and down, but like I said, my coffee is good!

  I am going to have to work more on stationary note papers and concentrate on those as I have more than enough scrap pages right now. I want to finish January up so I can get them printed out before February rolls around.  But right now I cannot worry about it. I have to worry about me. But I have several months to work on this and I have a lot of pages that I had already done, but they were on my old blog but I had of course saved them so all I have to do is tweak it a bit here and there for some of them. 
 I have been wanting to do this for her for a long time so I had this in the back of my mind for a while now.

 Well we are under a Winter Storm advisory. They said freezing rain and snow as well as accumulations of ice. They don't think it will be much ice but here just a little is very dangerous because it has been so uncommon the past few years that the drivers on the roads are not used to driving in or on it. 
 Jonathan just left to take Nathan to work. I hope and pray that the storm will not arrive until after he get's home tonight. 
 I guess the storm stalled out because they said that it will come in late this evening and I am going to worry until they get home tonight.  Truth is I worry anytime they are out on the roads. I could never drive in this city and I have driven all over the U.S. and it never bothered me, but once I came here to this city, I knew I would not renew my drivers license. It is too confusing and too crazy. The drivers are terrible and I am sure that it is the same everywhere, but really this city has the most horrible drivers I have ever seen. 

 I called and cancelled a doctors appointment. I had it rescheduled for next week so I am hoping that I will be able to make that one. Karyn texted me early this morning to tell me that I have two appointments tomorrow. I could only find the one so she must have been thinking about another appointment. It could have been for labs or something. I am sure that someone will call to let me know if I had missed it. And if I did, well it can be done another day. 

 I am thinking that it is time for some breakfast. But I wanted to tell you something that I found out from watching my diet channel for the alkaline diet. 
 Did you know that Spring water is the only non alkaline water that there is?
 Tap water is high in alkaline. I only drink Spring water. Anyway the man said on the video that I watched said that this is why they always recommend using the spring water for the recipes on this diet. 
 This morning I am having some eggs and dry toast. I am afraid of eating anything heavy. But I need something substantial in my system too. I love soup but it is getting to the point that I need something else so I think that I will boil a couple of eggs and have that with some toast. 

 Have a great day to all... BB

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still Another Rough Night And Day

Kit made for me by Rosie H... Name of kit is Beth

 Just stopping in. I had to get up and gather my laundry. Jonathan is going to go and do it for me.
 Been so very sick still. Started vomiting last night. Not thinking that it is of the flu but I had some soup that Karyn made for me and it never settled well and so that made for a hard night.
 I am sleeping in pieces and bits at night but seem to sleep deeper and longer during the day. 
 This flu is so nasty. I cannot believe how hard I have been hit by it and others have had it harder than I have and some, lost their lives.
 Texas is the number 2 spot in the U.S. for the flu. Number 1 is California. 

 I need to stay awake during the day and hopefully I can start sleeping at night more. It has been really hard for me to sleep at night anyway, but I really need to try and sleep more at night than in the day.

 The apartment complex is having our carpets cleaned January 24th. I will be so pleased to have it done. 
 Nathan is supposed to put my small book shelf back together. It has been a job that we have sort of put off, but I really need it and so he said that on his next day off he will do that for me.
 There really isn't much of anything else that needs to be done. The vents have been cleaned and Jonathans room is repaired. The only thing that I really need to have done is the blinds need to come down from the dining room, living room and Patio and be cleaned.
 It can wait tho. I just cannot think about doing it right now. Oh and Cisco probably needs a bath but will wait for a warmer day to do that.

 I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. It is one of those can't miss ones. I have already re-scheduled  it twice now. So sick or not I need to go or I will not be able to get a new refill on my medications as it is a controlled medication.
 It wouldn't hurt to get an appointment with my new primary care doctor either for my yearly physical but I am going to wait just a bit longer on it.

 I guess I have whined enough. I am going to get off and go back to bed.... I hope that all are well... Hugs and take care... BB 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, Crisp And Cold

  Dreaming With Bella, kit Autumn Mice

 Good Morning, 
 It is a brisk 33 degrees here this morning. I had to take Cisco out twice. First time I could only let him tinkle and had to go back in as I started coughing so bad. I finally got over that and took him back out but this time around I put on a sweater and my robe over that. The wind cut straight thru me. 
 Normally the boys would have carried him out but they were not here. As we came in Karyn and the boys showed up so they got out of potty duty. If I had known that they would have been back so soon or where they went, I would have let one of them take the next potty break, but when my boy needs to go, he needs to go.
 Cisco got up with me this morning and they were not here when we got up. We both slept in for a bit this morning. 

 This is one of the set of pages for my sister Linda. I had done it several weeks ago. For some reason the cluster frame was not cut out. I have a couple like that from Bella. Maybe they come like this but I just added some clouds to the inside and titled it October and it worked I guess. 
 I don't know why it is like this. I asked my friend Patsy if she could help me cut it out but she said that she doesn't think so because of all the leaves and such. 
 Oh well, I probably won't use this one again anyway or at least for a long while. Still I really did like the page after I was done with it.

 I won't be up long, just wanted to stop in and say hello. I still feel pretty rough. On the good note, my fever finally broke during the night (again) but that has happened before and would come back. I have a feeling that it will come back before this is over. 
 The doctor said the last time I had the flu and my fever kept coming and breaking and coming back for what was like 3 weeks, that I have some kind of syndrome. They don't know why the fever comes back but will eventually leave. The only thing that one of my doctors has ever said that makes sense is that it is trying to fight something off. 

 I started on this stuff that is really wonderful. It is called Emergen C . It is a loaded back of a 1000 mg of vitamin C along with 7  B vitamins and electrolytes. I had forgot how great it helps with fighting off the bugs and gives the body a boost. 
 It comes in a little packet and you just take a sip of water, pour it into the bottle and shake and drink up. I did mine with the water and a glass. I ran out of water sometime and I drink bottled spring water. 
 Karyn is on her way to the grocery store and will pick me up another case until Monday. Jonathan will do our regular shopping then.
 Anyway I am going to try and find a photo of it to share with you. I took a pic and sent to my friend Patsy because she and her family got really sick. Her husband is like me, having a hard time shaking this flu. It has helped me in the past and I had forgotten about it until Karyn brought over some for me.

 Sorry that it is a bit wonky, but I had to crop it because of some other medication that was on the counter. 
 Anyway this stuff is not expensive and it really does help. I wish I had thought of it a lot sooner. 

 Jonathan's boss is moving and she brought some items in that she thought that someone could use. Jonathan picked out these 2 little insulated cups for me.  Now they match my Day Of The Dead bag that Karyn got for me.

Aren't they cute... ?  They are kind of small, child size actually so I probably will not use them often but never know. They may come in very handy. 

 Well I have been up for a little over an hour so I am going to go and lay back down. I have enjoyed this little spurt of energy but don't want to over do it... Have a great day to all..... BB

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Flu, Rest And Fluids With Fever Reducer

 QP from Miss Edna, Image from Carolina Blue, Stationary Paper kit, Dark Beauty by Rosie H....

 Hi everyone,
 This post will probably be a very short one but I had slept so much today that my body had to wake up and move around just a little bit. 

 I did manage to get to the doctor last night and she said that the common thread is all of my symptoms and that the only thing that they are prescribing is Tamiflu, rest and fluids along with fever reducer like Tylenol. 
 I should have figured since this is what I have been hearing but the visit to the doctor was not a waste of time by any means. It ruled out a Kidney or bladder infection so that was good news. I did not have one.
 I was and am still pretty much down. I have really been weak, but had a bit of energy today. I had a bowl of soup. The first I had actually eaten in a good while as for dinner last night I didn't want anything but I had to eat something because of my insulin. 
 Jonathan got me a Marie Callender's dinner but I only had half of it as my throat is so sore. 
 Breakfast was some oatmeal or I should say a little bit of oatmeal and so I was actually hungry by this afternoon so I enjoyed the soup. But by dinner time tonight I was back to not wanting anything to eat, but I had a cheese and ham sandwich. Ok Cisco and I had a ham and cheese sandwich. 
 My appetite is just not with me. I am trying tho. I just have to get over this and then I will eat like a crazy person lol.

 It is all over the news how people are in hallways at local hospitals with the flu and waiting for beds. Several are in ICU and so many have already died. It is not to be messed around with and I should have gone to the doctor days ago. 

 We are expecting 3 cold fronts back to back. It could possibly bring freezing rain and sleet and snow. The sleet and snow is more north of us where my sister and the rest of my family is at. Down here for us, freezing rain and ice is possible Saturday night. Mainly we will just be cold with some high winds. 

 Nathan goes back to work tomorrow but Karyn should be here working so I will not be alone thankfully. Both Karyn and Jonathan may be working mandatory over time so the only day that I should be by myself is possibly Friday. Not sure if Karyn has to work in office or not. She usually does on Saturdays but we will see. 
 I will have to have the boys take Cisco out for me and they can do that since they will be up and out the door before I am. Jonathan usually takes him out before he goes to work and if not then Nathan does. I take him in the afternoons if he wants to go out. He lets me know. 

 I am going back to bed. I just wanted to pop in for a few minutes so I did. I downloaded Miss Edna's QP and made a page to go with the paper I had already made. It matches pretty well I think. 
 If I feel up to it tomorrow I will make some more pages. I am glad that I had something backed up just for sick days. I have to have another eye injection on the last day of the month so it might take a couple of days to see better so I will stock up so I don't get behind. 
 My sister is so funny. She wants to see the pages now. I said "Nope" and she said I was no fun... lol... I told her if you see it now it wont be a surprise to you later. 

 Goodnight to all. Heading to bed. I am ready... BB

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Treasured Moments

 First Frost, kit by Lynne Anzlec

 Good Morning, 
 It is early here. My fever broke around 4:30 this morning. I didn't go to the doctor last night. I know, I know, but honestly I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed and shower and dress and I had to have a shower before I went to the doctor. 
 I lost my voice. I have been whispering, but seem to have it back, but try not to talk unless I have to right now. I can talk, it is just easier if I don't. This is the longest that I have gone without fever so I am hoping that this bug is on the way out the door but I most definitely will go tonight. 
 My daughter is sick as well but she has been sharing her over the counter meds with Jonathan and vitamin C and cough drops with me. Everyone is telling us the same thing. This is all viral and that no one is prescribing antibiotics and that rest, fluids and fever reducer is really all that they are saying for this. 
 I guess that the flu shot I had was good enough because so many that I know that did not get the flu shot has had a far worse time than I am having. 
 I do tend to sleep and have been drinking hot teas and doing what I can to keep up my strength but when I get tired I go to bed.

 This page that I made for my sister's planner is of my mom and dad. This is their wedding photo. They were married in 1956 and my uncle had his own studio and took the photo.
 This photo is very special to me. Here is the story and why it is so special to me.
 A couple of years before my dad passed away in the late 80's, I want to say 1987 but I could be wrong, I was taking my dad back and forth to the V. A. Hospital which was a couple of hours from my house. If he had to have tests or had to have a procedure he would stay with his niece and I would take him and she would usually drive him to the V.A. if it was something minor and then I would go and get him.

 On one of these visits she pulled out all the family photo albums. Inside one of the albums was this picture of my mom and dad. It was an 8x10 and I knew all of our older albums had been destroyed in a tornado. These photos and albums had mostly been my grandmother's and she had them because my grandmother had lived with her until she passed away in the early 80's.

 I asked if I could have a copy of this picture and she said "No" She was just mean about it. I mean it was my mom and dad. I just wanted to make a copy and she could have the original. But she said no and it was pretty final. 
 It really upset me but not much I could do about it. I asked my mom and my sister if they had this photo and both said no they didn't. I asked another cousin and she said no one had any of our grandmothers photos.

 I had a blue Buick at the time. I loved that car but it finally broke down. Right before my dad died we actually borrowed my husbands mother's car to make the trip to the V.A. Hospital. 
 I didn't get another car for a few years. My husband had a work truck that we used to get around in when we needed to. 

 My dad died in 1990. I had my son Nathan in August of 1991. We bought our new car just a few months after Nathan was born.  I had that car for years. I sold it in 1999 right before my first major kidney surgery. 
 We sold it to someone else and the day before the man came to get the car, I had to clean it out of anything personal that I tended to stuff in the glove box.
 I pulled everything out of the glove box and carried into the house and sorted thru it and came across a wallet size of this photo of my mom and dad!

 No one knew where it came from. I never saw my cousin after my dad died. I didn't have the car when my dad died. As far as we all know my cousin is the only one that even had this photo and hers was an 8x10. 
 The Lord works in mysterious ways and this remains a mystery. I suppose that my cousin still has the original. I don't know. I haven't seen her since my dad's funeral. 
 My mom and sisters have no idea where the picture came from. Everyone was really stunned and amazed at how it turned up. Especially my mother. 
 I made copies for my family but I still have this picture of my mom and dad. It is the only one I have of them really. There are a few snapshots here and there but mostly all of our pictures are gone.  So that is the story behind this picture.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

 I only have about 15 minutes before I can call my doctor to see if she has any openings for today. If not then I will have to go to the clinic tonight because if I do have a kidney infection as well as the crud then I will have to have an antibiotic. 

 And I am getting tired now so I will go and rest for awhile. I plan on continuing to share my layouts for my sister's planner. I have made several pages already and they are just waiting for me to share. That way I have them ready and will have them in case I get behind.

 I am really enjoying doing this for her. I also have older layouts that I will use from her vacations and stuff like that, so all I really have to work on is the note paper stationary that I can make to correspond to the pages. They don't have to be exact so I will not worry about that. I will just try to theme it along the way, but all the ones I have been sharing are new. Tomorrow may be a different story lol. Depends on how I feel.

 Have a great day to all... take care of yourself, stay warm and try not to catch this awful bug that is going around... BB

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sugar And Spice

 Is there anything more precious than watching our little ones grow? This is my great niece Kennah Rose. She just turned 6 so for my sister's planner I am adding all of her kids and grandkids a page for their birthdays. Kennah is the only one in January. 

 This is the note paper that I made for her. The kit is called Artsy Anne by Rosie H. 

I used the same kit, thank you for looking.

 So I have had a lazy weekend. Not by choice. I haven't felt well. I still don't feel well not really. I had trouble on Friday or Saturday getting warm. I was just bone cold then I started running fever Saturday night and yesterday I was just miserable. 
 It all started with a headache that I couldn't shake and then it progressed from there. I wrapped up in a blanket and stayed in bed most of the day. Jonathan went to the store for me, bought me some soup and orange juice and made me a grilled cheese. It is not good for me to skip a meal, but I just couldn't eat. I did drink some hot teas and took Tylenol and slept off and on. The fever would break and then come back and it would start all over again. Around midnight my fever broke again.
 I am not sure what is going on but I keep getting this cold/flu like thing every other week or so. I know my immune system is low, but geeze I am tired of this. 
 Anyway I don't think that it is a cold or flu, although I have been sneezing, but I do that a lot anyway. I was exposed to something Matthew had, but I am beginning to put two and two together and I think that I have a kidney or bladder infection. I am calling my doctor today to see if I can get in. If not then I will go to the night clinic tonight. 
 My pain management doctor told me the last time that I had a kidney infection that with my pain meds I have to look for different symptoms as my pain meds will mask the pain. Sure enough last night I noticed some of the symptoms that she told me to watch out for. 
 I was like... hmmm I wonder. I know when I get a bad one then I run fever and chills and so forth. It usually has to be bad before I do feel sick, but it is a giant possibility that is what is going on. Especially since feeling ill comes and goes. 
 I just took a small break, called my doctor and no appointments today. So it looks like I will be going to the clinic tonight. I don't have to have an appointment for that. I can go in from 4 to 8 pm so when Jonathan gets home from work this evening I will have him take me to the after hours clinic.

 So needless to say I did not get a chance to go to church yesterday. I called Matthew early to tell him not to come so he said that he was going to go back to bed and sleep in for a while. I will be going back again myself in a little while. I just had to get out of bed for a little bit and move around. I made myself some breakfast and did some blog reading and decided to update my own since I took Saturday away from the computer and the same for yesterday. Not that I have much to say.

 Cisco is feeling better. He had a warm nose one day and a hot nose the next, but he is much better with a cold wet nose and has been running around playing, eating and now he is in bed with his toys. It does my heart good to see him playing and eating. I worry when he feels bad.  He is such a sweet boy. He is stretching at my feet now. He wants his bone treat again. He has already had it this morning but could always try for at least one more but not this time. I want him to stay on his feed and if he gets too many treats then he scoffs at his food lol. Silly boy.

 Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I watched the highlights but that is all. I was happy to see that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won at least one thing. It looks so delightful. I don't have Amazon Prime streaming so I can't see it but the previews look fun. 
 They said that it was a year for the women to win and a lot of them sure did.

 A funny story.... Apparently Oprah Winfrey gave this huge speech on sexual abuse. It was received well from what I have heard. Then there was an article where she is thinking of running for President in 2020... Then I seen a video where President Trump said he would chose her for Vice President back in 1999. Of course he didn't but wouldn't that have been a hoot?

 I don't usually say much about politics on my blog, but I wish that they would get their acts together and start working on important matters and stop this crazy talk about that dang book. I mean really! There are at least 3 more books about him out there that says basically the same thing.  Lies or Truth, they all tend to have a negative tone. He should just deny it once or twice if it is not true and move on to do the job he was elected to do and quit letting what people say about him get to him. He talks about distraction taking away from his agenda but it seems to me that he is the one that is distracting himself from his agenda.
 I would think that he would have more important things to be thinking about than worrying about what someone said because people say things all the time about who ever is in office. Let it go and work on real issues.
 I understand that no one wants to have someone criticizing them all of the time. I get that because it is hard to hear and harder to hear day in and day out, but we all know that you cannot please everyone and he should know that from all of his years as a business man, and I understand that the people in his White House want to keep their jobs, but they too should just say we are moving on, next question. Don't keep trying to defend twitter remarks. That is nothing but another sort of distraction.
 My opinion only. I don't mean to open a can of worms, but darn it our country elected him and he needs to be working on the issues that are of real importance.
 Rant Over...... 

 I guess that I am crabby in a way. Lack of sleep makes me cranky and out of sorts. The weather is gorgeous but I don't feel up to going out and enjoying it. I do think that I will take a nice hot shower and lay back down. My sister for Christmas gave me this body butter and it is heavenly. There are 3 of them. One is Anti-Stress Eucalyptus, Balanced Mind with Rosemary and Peppermint, and Calming Sleep with Jasmine and Lavender. 
 They really make the skin feel so silky and smooth and they really do seem to work and relax me. The Eucalyptus is awesome at helping with little aches and pains. My favorite is the Rosemary and Peppermint. Oh wow...  When I put it on it is like my entire body just lets out this deep sigh.

 Karyn gave me a body massage for Christmas. One full hour. I cannot wait to use it. I know that it will help me with my neck. Ever since that car accident 4 or 5 years ago my neck gets really tight and knotted up. I know that I will enjoy the massage a whole lot.

 On that note I will take my leave and go and take my shower and pamper myself a little. Then wrap up in my warm blanket and lay back down. Have a super day to all.... BB


Miss Edna

 Hey,  Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as...