Thursday, January 4, 2018

Almost The Weekend


 This is the page that I decided to go on the other side of the day planner for my sister Linda. I am really trying to get things together so that I can finish off January.

 Here is one of the note papers I made. I noticed after I saved it that I had missed a space, but it is alright. I thought about cutting it out and starting over but I decided to leave it as it is. One blooper will not be so bad, I hope!

 I am going to look for some traditional papers the next time I go to Hobby Lobby. It is so sad that Walmart does not carry scrap booking supplies any more. They use to have such a good selection. I guess that since digital scrap booking came along, no one uses the more traditional things any more. 

 I went to bed extra early last night. I was super tired so I made an egg salad  with some crackers, took my insulin and night meds and went to sleep. 
 I was hoping to sleep all night but Cisco had other ideas. He woke me up about 10:00 pm wanting to go out. So I got up and told the boys that they needed to take him to go potty. 
 After I got back to bed he wanted back into my room so Nathan brought him to me. He didn't want to sleep with me and so I had to get up and tuck him in his bed. I took a photo so let me see if I can get it to share. It was so cute.

 I am not sure what he will do when I go to Florida because no one babies him like I do! 
 So with the lights out, he and I went back to sleep. I was up a little before 7:00 am this morning. 
 First thing I did was work some on my pages for my sister Linda. It takes a little bit to find what I want to use. I did another page today that I will use later on but for now I am just working on January. But I started out and something else formed entirely.  Check it out... lol

This is what formed.... Not the theme I was looking for but I like it a lot. I may use it later on down the road for her day planner for something fun. It is made by a lady named Lynn Anzlec. The kit is called Arabian Nights. I really love her kits, but rarely buy them. They have to be on a good sale like under $5.00 dollars before I buy them because they are usually expensive. So over the years I have only about 4 kits of hers. But they are so pretty. Everything she does, but there are so many free ones out there that I usually don't buy. I try and save what money I can as it is limited on my end lol... Ok I should just say non- existent.

 My coffee is cold so I need a refill, so I will be right back. I am back. I honestly love my coffee. Especially in the mornings. I have been having hot tea in the evenings and cutting out my caffeine all but for my coffee. I just cannot stand the taste of de-caf. UGH.....

 I will have to think about dinner tonight. Karyn and I are going to grocery shop and I am just out of ideas. I don't have the money to get all of the things I need and I wish spring was here so I could get my Farmers Market box. That sure saved me a lot of money, and I miss all the goodies. Cisco misses the apples lol. I will have to remember to pick some up for him when we go to the store today.

 I am off to catch up on some blogs and so I will be back later on tomorrow. Please have a nice day and be careful if your in the snow and cold... Reach out and help someone if you can but be safe.... Hugs, BB


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  1. You're really having a good time making this gift for your sister. That's good, and I know she'll love it. I'm glad you got to sleep most all night. Cisco looks absolutely darling with his blanket. I'm so glad he likes it.

    Well, I won't be going grocery shopping for a while. This storm is quite nasty and driving is very difficult. You know I'm not going anywhere. I had been planning on going out today to do a few errands, but that was before they said the storm would be here today.

    Joe came home early and now he is outside trying to clear away some of the snow before it gets too deep.

    Now I think I'll see what's for lunch. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.
    p.s. Kyra finally got her xmas box last night. Wow!


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