Friday, January 19, 2018

Hello Friday

Kits used, A Little Bit Shabby by Rosie H, and Bath House by Serif Craft Artist

 It is very early here. 6:30 in the morning. I have actually been up for a couple of hours. I have slept multiple hours in the last 48.
 I went back to the doctor on Wednesday and I am happy to say that my flu test came out negative but I now have severe bronchitis. A new antibiotic (about time) and an inhaler to open my bronical tubes.
 Other than these new meds and the inhaler, still rest and fluids are on the agenda. But I had to get up for a little while. I have to call in around 8:30 this morning to arrange for my ride transportation for an appointment that was cancelled for bad weather snow and ice.
 Today is Friday and I have to give them a 3 day advance reservation as they don't make reservations usually on Friday and by Monday it would be to late, but since this is a rescheduled ride due to the weather I should not have a problem getting the ride. But I knew if I went back to bed then I might over sleep and not get the appointment so I stayed up and thought that I would use this time to stop in and blog a bit. 
 It feels like forever since I have been at the computer to do anything. 

 The scrap page is of course for my sister Linda. This is her daughter Tabitha and I want to say it is Jaxen but it could be Bryce. I swear I have a very hard time telling these babies apart. Jaxen is not looking so much like Bryce these days as he is growing into his own little person. His hair is much darker than Bryce now. They sure grow up fast.

 After Jonathan brought me home from my doctors appointment around 5:30 pm, I was totally wiped out. I went straight back to bed. But he made me get up to eat. He was relentless. I kept saying I didn't want to eat but he knew I hadn't eaten all day so he made me get up and said he would let me go back to bed IF I ate half of my meal. I had to show him my plate and managed a little more than half. But when he said I could go back to bed, I went.
 I slept the entire night thru. I only got up yesterday morning to use the bathroom and thought that I would stay up, but I just couldn't. I slept until after 4:00 in the afternoon. 
 I called Miss Edna. I am not sure how long it had been since I had actually talked to her, but after I yawned several times we both came to the conclusion I needed to go back to bed. I didn't argue. I slept deeply until almost midnight. 
 I was hungry but not sure what I should eat. I settled on some raisin brand cereal with just a little milk. I didn't finish it but at least I got a bit of  food down. 
 I went back to sleep and slept until around 5:00 this morning. I actually enjoyed waking up feeling half way normal. Tip toeing around I made my coffee and caught up with a couple of friends on FB for a couple of short conversations. Then decided to come over and work on my blog, but I know that I will be going back to bed as soon as I make that call.

 Karyn is supposed to work here today but I have a feeling that she will be going into the office today. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. She had to work in the office yesterday. I was alone except for Cisco. He has not left my side in days. Bless his heart. He knows I am sick so he has stuck close to me. 
 Nathan is off work today. His schedule has changed again. He is working 12 hour days so now he gets Friday, Saturday off and goes back to work on Sunday. He started taking Friday's off because it is really hard for him to get to work on Fridays. No matter what time he has to go in or get off Fridays are very hard due to the traffic. And his shift doesn't start until 10:30 am, so he has to leave here by 7:00 in the morning to get to work and then has to sit around waiting to clock in. So it is better this way. That way he isn't sitting around 3 1/2 hours doing nothing. He was using that time to do extra work but then they decided that they didn't want to pay him for the extra hours so he let it go.

 I have some cute photos of Cisco to share. 

 This is my son Matthew. He brought he and I some potato soup the other day. He tried giving his to Jonathan, Nathan and to Karyn but they didn't want it and so he decided to give it to Cisco. 
 He is blowing on the soup to cool it off and can you believe that he is spoon feeding it to him? lol.
 Now Cisco loved it all. The whole small cup. Oh yes he did indeed, but a few hours later it didn't like him and he ended up throwing it up. I was afraid that it would be too rich for him and cautioned Matt not to give him the whole cup but he did it anyway. Too bad he wasn't here to clean up! But Cisco enjoyed it while he was getting the treat. I just told Matt, no more potato soup. They use real cream so it was a bit rich.
 It sure felt good to me as it is one of my favorite soups. It gave me a bit of energy as well. 

 Matt has stayed away since I have been ill, so it was a sweet gesture to come over and spend a bit of time with me. This was Sunday and he stayed an hour or so until he saw me falling back to sleep. He said he was going home as well because he wanted to rest before having to go back to work the next day. It was good for him to get the needed rest because he had to work out in the freezing weather all day on Monday. It was in the 20's he did call me to tell me that he felt like he had frost bite on his fingers even with the gloves. 
 It is so ironic because he left the rail road because of having to work in the harsh temps. Last year he was working in -35 degree weather up in Wisconsin. He moved here because the winters are so mild. Ha.. The cold weather followed him this year. It was our 5th winter snow and ice this year so far. 
 March sounds wonderful with Florida coming up and Miss Edna, bless her heart really doesn't have sympathy for us in the 20's lol. Her winters are so very much harsh and we in the 20's is like a heatwave!  I had really been worried about her as she was having major heating problems. I worried that she was going to get sick and still am a bit worried for her. But hopefully the heat stays working so she and Pogo can stay warm.

 I hear Jonathan up getting ready for work and he is coughing and hacking. I sure hope that he doesn't get sick. I think that Karyn is basically getting better. She told me the other day that she was feeling a lot better than the week before. I know she must have caught part of what she had from me. I was contagious for more than a few days.
 On Wednesday they are coming to steam clean our carpets in the bedrooms. The rest of the house has laminate tile flooring. I will be glad to get it done.

 Speaking of floors, the rest of the house needs a good mopping about now. It will have to wait tho. Right now I have no energy or motivation to do anything, but the kids have really pitched in and has helped a great deal. They have cooked and cleaned and has taken good care of me. They have grocery shopped, made sure the trash has been gathered and gotten out, they have swept and dusted and I have been very grateful. Jonathan did most of my laundry. Amazing that he actually brought back everything that I sent to the laundry.

 We will not be getting the washer and dryer now. His boss, her husband decided that he wanted their set to stay in their house so it can go with the house being sold. They bought a new set when they moved into their new home. I was a bit sad but in the end I was ok with it. Our water bill is so expensive now that a washer and dryer would just add to the expense of the water and of the electric. 

 Well I am going to close. I am getting tired and it won't be long before I can go and make that call and lay down again. In the mean time I plan to go and catch up on some blog reading.

 Have an awesome day to everyone. BB


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are finally on the road to mending. Sleep is good for you when you are sick. I was always told that you heal while you sleep.

    Your kids are really being wonderful, Beth. You surely are blessed. And bless little Cisco. He's looking after you too. Our little doggies are just awesome!

    Now I have to track down whoever is supposed to be here replacing my fuel tank. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Oh Edna, I have to agree that you and I have wonderful children. And awesome doggies too.

      I am so ready to feel better. It has been a long long road to recovering. I have had one germy bug after the other since my birthday. At least since November. Want it over and gone..
      Karyn is making me Brunch... It's a bit late for breakfast, a little early for lunch but she is going to fix me up. She just tossed me out of the kitchen... Going to eat and rest. I hope your resting too. Hugs my sweet friend. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Beth, Its good that you went back to docs and got some antibiotic hopefully you will be feeling better soon, get as much rest as you need you want to be fit for your trip to Florida, glad you have family there to keep an eye on you. love your layout and paper, take care x


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