Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, Crisp And Cold

  Dreaming With Bella, kit Autumn Mice

 Good Morning, 
 It is a brisk 33 degrees here this morning. I had to take Cisco out twice. First time I could only let him tinkle and had to go back in as I started coughing so bad. I finally got over that and took him back out but this time around I put on a sweater and my robe over that. The wind cut straight thru me. 
 Normally the boys would have carried him out but they were not here. As we came in Karyn and the boys showed up so they got out of potty duty. If I had known that they would have been back so soon or where they went, I would have let one of them take the next potty break, but when my boy needs to go, he needs to go.
 Cisco got up with me this morning and they were not here when we got up. We both slept in for a bit this morning. 

 This is one of the set of pages for my sister Linda. I had done it several weeks ago. For some reason the cluster frame was not cut out. I have a couple like that from Bella. Maybe they come like this but I just added some clouds to the inside and titled it October and it worked I guess. 
 I don't know why it is like this. I asked my friend Patsy if she could help me cut it out but she said that she doesn't think so because of all the leaves and such. 
 Oh well, I probably won't use this one again anyway or at least for a long while. Still I really did like the page after I was done with it.

 I won't be up long, just wanted to stop in and say hello. I still feel pretty rough. On the good note, my fever finally broke during the night (again) but that has happened before and would come back. I have a feeling that it will come back before this is over. 
 The doctor said the last time I had the flu and my fever kept coming and breaking and coming back for what was like 3 weeks, that I have some kind of syndrome. They don't know why the fever comes back but will eventually leave. The only thing that one of my doctors has ever said that makes sense is that it is trying to fight something off. 

 I started on this stuff that is really wonderful. It is called Emergen C . It is a loaded back of a 1000 mg of vitamin C along with 7  B vitamins and electrolytes. I had forgot how great it helps with fighting off the bugs and gives the body a boost. 
 It comes in a little packet and you just take a sip of water, pour it into the bottle and shake and drink up. I did mine with the water and a glass. I ran out of water sometime and I drink bottled spring water. 
 Karyn is on her way to the grocery store and will pick me up another case until Monday. Jonathan will do our regular shopping then.
 Anyway I am going to try and find a photo of it to share with you. I took a pic and sent to my friend Patsy because she and her family got really sick. Her husband is like me, having a hard time shaking this flu. It has helped me in the past and I had forgotten about it until Karyn brought over some for me.

 Sorry that it is a bit wonky, but I had to crop it because of some other medication that was on the counter. 
 Anyway this stuff is not expensive and it really does help. I wish I had thought of it a lot sooner. 

 Jonathan's boss is moving and she brought some items in that she thought that someone could use. Jonathan picked out these 2 little insulated cups for me.  Now they match my Day Of The Dead bag that Karyn got for me.

Aren't they cute... ?  They are kind of small, child size actually so I probably will not use them often but never know. They may come in very handy. 

 Well I have been up for a little over an hour so I am going to go and lay back down. I have enjoyed this little spurt of energy but don't want to over do it... Have a great day to all..... BB


  1. It seems like you might be on the mend. I surely hope so. Gosh, I feel so bad for Cisco having to outside in the cold. Did he at least have his sweater on? I hope so.

    When we get to Florida, remind me and I'll show you how to cut out your frames. It's really easy.

    Well, I did have a little heat in my part of the house until the burner repair guys got here. After that, I have not been getting any heat from the furnace. Not even out in the main part of the house. I did put in a call to the repair guy, but so far he has not called me back. I doubt he'll call me back at all.

    Ah well, no point in complaining. It won't it get warmer. Pogo and I will settle back under the covers and afghan.

    You take care of yourself and get well. Pogo sends woofs to Cisco. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. The pages you added are lovely it looks good with the clouds and October in it, this is going to be awsome when its finished,
    Hope that the vitamin c is helping and you feel better quickly. look after yourself x


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