Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Treasured Moments

 First Frost, kit by Lynne Anzlec

 Good Morning, 
 It is early here. My fever broke around 4:30 this morning. I didn't go to the doctor last night. I know, I know, but honestly I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed and shower and dress and I had to have a shower before I went to the doctor. 
 I lost my voice. I have been whispering, but seem to have it back, but try not to talk unless I have to right now. I can talk, it is just easier if I don't. This is the longest that I have gone without fever so I am hoping that this bug is on the way out the door but I most definitely will go tonight. 
 My daughter is sick as well but she has been sharing her over the counter meds with Jonathan and vitamin C and cough drops with me. Everyone is telling us the same thing. This is all viral and that no one is prescribing antibiotics and that rest, fluids and fever reducer is really all that they are saying for this. 
 I guess that the flu shot I had was good enough because so many that I know that did not get the flu shot has had a far worse time than I am having. 
 I do tend to sleep and have been drinking hot teas and doing what I can to keep up my strength but when I get tired I go to bed.

 This page that I made for my sister's planner is of my mom and dad. This is their wedding photo. They were married in 1956 and my uncle had his own studio and took the photo.
 This photo is very special to me. Here is the story and why it is so special to me.
 A couple of years before my dad passed away in the late 80's, I want to say 1987 but I could be wrong, I was taking my dad back and forth to the V. A. Hospital which was a couple of hours from my house. If he had to have tests or had to have a procedure he would stay with his niece and I would take him and she would usually drive him to the V.A. if it was something minor and then I would go and get him.

 On one of these visits she pulled out all the family photo albums. Inside one of the albums was this picture of my mom and dad. It was an 8x10 and I knew all of our older albums had been destroyed in a tornado. These photos and albums had mostly been my grandmother's and she had them because my grandmother had lived with her until she passed away in the early 80's.

 I asked if I could have a copy of this picture and she said "No" She was just mean about it. I mean it was my mom and dad. I just wanted to make a copy and she could have the original. But she said no and it was pretty final. 
 It really upset me but not much I could do about it. I asked my mom and my sister if they had this photo and both said no they didn't. I asked another cousin and she said no one had any of our grandmothers photos.

 I had a blue Buick at the time. I loved that car but it finally broke down. Right before my dad died we actually borrowed my husbands mother's car to make the trip to the V.A. Hospital. 
 I didn't get another car for a few years. My husband had a work truck that we used to get around in when we needed to. 

 My dad died in 1990. I had my son Nathan in August of 1991. We bought our new car just a few months after Nathan was born.  I had that car for years. I sold it in 1999 right before my first major kidney surgery. 
 We sold it to someone else and the day before the man came to get the car, I had to clean it out of anything personal that I tended to stuff in the glove box.
 I pulled everything out of the glove box and carried into the house and sorted thru it and came across a wallet size of this photo of my mom and dad!

 No one knew where it came from. I never saw my cousin after my dad died. I didn't have the car when my dad died. As far as we all know my cousin is the only one that even had this photo and hers was an 8x10. 
 The Lord works in mysterious ways and this remains a mystery. I suppose that my cousin still has the original. I don't know. I haven't seen her since my dad's funeral. 
 My mom and sisters have no idea where the picture came from. Everyone was really stunned and amazed at how it turned up. Especially my mother. 
 I made copies for my family but I still have this picture of my mom and dad. It is the only one I have of them really. There are a few snapshots here and there but mostly all of our pictures are gone.  So that is the story behind this picture.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

 I only have about 15 minutes before I can call my doctor to see if she has any openings for today. If not then I will have to go to the clinic tonight because if I do have a kidney infection as well as the crud then I will have to have an antibiotic. 

 And I am getting tired now so I will go and rest for awhile. I plan on continuing to share my layouts for my sister's planner. I have made several pages already and they are just waiting for me to share. That way I have them ready and will have them in case I get behind.

 I am really enjoying doing this for her. I also have older layouts that I will use from her vacations and stuff like that, so all I really have to work on is the note paper stationary that I can make to correspond to the pages. They don't have to be exact so I will not worry about that. I will just try to theme it along the way, but all the ones I have been sharing are new. Tomorrow may be a different story lol. Depends on how I feel.

 Have a great day to all... take care of yourself, stay warm and try not to catch this awful bug that is going around... BB


  1. Gosh, I'm sorry you're not feeling any better today. Beth, please do go see the doctor. The longer this goes untreated, the worse is gets.

    I was going to call you this morning, but I'll wait a while so you can get some sleep. It's not fun trying to talk when you keep losing your voice.

    I love that photo of your folks. What a treasure!! This journal book is going to be just gorgeous!! I love how your pages are coming out.

    Rest up my friend, and get well soon. Pogo sends woofs and a big hug for Cisco from both of us. A big hug from me too, Edna B.

  2. Love your layout and paper your sisters planner is going to be so special to her. the story of the photo is Amazing Im so glad you found it, Hope you will get an appointment and get the meds you need look after yourself xx


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