Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still Another Rough Night And Day

Kit made for me by Rosie H... Name of kit is Beth

 Just stopping in. I had to get up and gather my laundry. Jonathan is going to go and do it for me.
 Been so very sick still. Started vomiting last night. Not thinking that it is of the flu but I had some soup that Karyn made for me and it never settled well and so that made for a hard night.
 I am sleeping in pieces and bits at night but seem to sleep deeper and longer during the day. 
 This flu is so nasty. I cannot believe how hard I have been hit by it and others have had it harder than I have and some, lost their lives.
 Texas is the number 2 spot in the U.S. for the flu. Number 1 is California. 

 I need to stay awake during the day and hopefully I can start sleeping at night more. It has been really hard for me to sleep at night anyway, but I really need to try and sleep more at night than in the day.

 The apartment complex is having our carpets cleaned January 24th. I will be so pleased to have it done. 
 Nathan is supposed to put my small book shelf back together. It has been a job that we have sort of put off, but I really need it and so he said that on his next day off he will do that for me.
 There really isn't much of anything else that needs to be done. The vents have been cleaned and Jonathans room is repaired. The only thing that I really need to have done is the blinds need to come down from the dining room, living room and Patio and be cleaned.
 It can wait tho. I just cannot think about doing it right now. Oh and Cisco probably needs a bath but will wait for a warmer day to do that.

 I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. It is one of those can't miss ones. I have already re-scheduled  it twice now. So sick or not I need to go or I will not be able to get a new refill on my medications as it is a controlled medication.
 It wouldn't hurt to get an appointment with my new primary care doctor either for my yearly physical but I am going to wait just a bit longer on it.

 I guess I have whined enough. I am going to get off and go back to bed.... I hope that all are well... Hugs and take care... BB 

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