Sunday, December 5, 2021

Welcome To A New Week


The Courtyard. A page made with a mixture of kits. 

Good Morning,

 It is now Monday morning and the start of another week. I am hoping that this week will not be as stressful as last week was for me and hopefully your new week will be a great one!

 The wind is blowing at a steady pace. I just came in from outside and while it really isn't chilly every once in a while the wind felt a little brisk but then it would die down and be a gentle warm breeze then become a little cooler when the wind picked back up. A sort of strange wind.

 We didn't make it to the grocery store today. Jonathan swept and mopped our entire apartment and he had me lay down and I fell into a very deep  sleep. He said that I slept for at least 4 hours and I didn't even wake up when he changed my insulin pump so I really was out of it. He made me wake up to eat dinner and I have been up ever since. I guess that my body needed the rest since I have not been resting well.

 Steve and Angelica I am still on the housing list here in Austin. I never removed myself but the wait is still long. My new advocate in Reno sent me a letter that said that while they were trying to help families secure housing that they were sorry but nothing was open to seniors at the moment but could help me secure doctor appointments and to contact her at blah blah blah.... 

 The one good thing is that Jonathan and I get along really well. He is a quiet man and he doesn't like a lot of drama. It was when he, Karyn, and Nathan and I were all together that things became hard. Also my daughter Laurie and her family lived with us and sometimes Matthew would come and stay a few days, but Jonathan and I have the same kind of homelife desires. We enjoy each others company and when we need to be alone we can be and it isn't a problem. 

 The problems arose when we had too many living under the same roof. Nathan and Karyn would have these huge conversations that were more like loud debates and they would agree but agree loudly which would get Jonathan upset and then if I had an opinion that was different than theirs then it usually led to an argument. 

 Jonathan and I don't argue thankfully. While we don't agree about everything, we don't let it get out of hand. Not like when all of us were living together. This was the reason that Jonathan wanted to live alone in the first place. He did tell me that this was a temporary living arrangement. He has to finish out this lease but he wants to find a place that is closer to his work and that is cheaper. A two bedroom or even a three bedroom where we can turn one room into a office study with a sofa and tv and no one can move in with us!

 He agrees that we did what we could to help everyone when we lived at the last place but he said that he just cannot do that kind of life again and I agree. It was so very stressful and then when the pandemic hit and we were all forced to really live together it was almost to a breaking point. 

 Our landlords at the other place wanted to gut the entire duplex and do some much needed improvements and every time that it came a big rain the place would flood but I loved that place and so did Jonathan. I missed it and I still do to a certain extent. Anyway he Karyn and Nathan could not find housing after the lease was up. They had to put everything into storage and lived in a weekly hotel for 3 weeks before they were able to get into this place. They took it because they were at the desperation point and running out of money. Jonathan told me that he depleted his savings with the deposits, the storage and the weekly even with Nathan and Karyn's help. 

 This is really a nice complex. It is called The Vinyard and it is actually outside of Austin. A town called Pflugerville. We are on the first floor and our patio door slides open to a fenced in back yard for Foxy. It has state of the art appliances except for the washer and dryer which Jonathan bought. He left the set that we had at the other house. He didn't have anyone other than Nathan to help him and they didn't have room in the storage for it. There wasn't really anything wrong with it and he hated leaving it but I get it. When you have to move, can't find a place to move to and no storage space for it, I would have left it behind as well.

 The complex is gated and it has a swimming pool, hot tub, indoor/outdoor showers, a really nice gazebo and down at our end we have a volley ball court with sand and indoor/outdoor showers and then we have a large covered area with a fireplace, grills, and an arrangement of chairs and sofas a large coffee table where people can sit and talk and grill something to eat and some kind of area that can be used to play some kind of game but I forgot what the name of the game that Karyn told me. I want to say Cricket but I am not sure.

 What are the drawbacks? Well it is apartment living so there are drawbacks. We can set our garbage out side of our door Sunday thru Saturday and they will pick it up. They furnish the garbage bins and we have a limit of 2 large bags. One in the bin and the other sitting beside the bin. How ever they seem to pick up the bags but not the ones inside the bin. So I was speaking to a man who lives here and he said to set the bag beside the bin and open the lid of the bin. They have some kind of rule that if the lid is closed they will not open it to take the bag of garbage out of it. Seriously??? It is just a little flip top. It isn't like they have to take it apart.

 People are supposed to clean up after their pets but they don't and it isn't enforced so I watch where I walk.  They have bags and trash bins to collect the animal waste but some people are just rude.

 The volley ball court is right up against our back yard. It has sand and along with the sand are sand fleas! Foxy is wise to them and she does not want to go out into the grass to potty because they attack her. We give her these pills that kill them but they have to bite her before they die and fall off. Jonathan's room is carpeted and he has been complaining that his spray is not helping to kill them. 

 And if it isn't fleas, they have sprinklers and they go off every other day right now for 15 minutes. Karyn said that we are the only apartment on this end that is a low point and it floods our yard. Not only with our water but the neighbors on each side of us.  Poor Foxy will not go out with the water standing ankle deep. The office is aware that we need some dirt brought in to fill in the low spots. 

 Other than that, it is really quiet and Jonathan said that he has called into the office a couple of times for a couple of issues and they come right away to fix what ever is wrong. Even the man I talked to last night said that the office is really on top of their game. 

 I woke up from my sleep so thirsty that I inhaled 3 bottles of water and I am still thirsty. Walmart did not have any cases of water yesterday so when I go to H.E.B. .... Today! I am going to get 2 cases if they have it lol. We are down to 6 bottles in the fridge so it is time to stock up.

 I hope that everyone has a great start to the new week and enjoy as much of it as you can. Good night everyone. BB

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Thank You Angelicastar

 This page was done using a kit by Kyra called All You Need Is Love! 

 Jonathan and I went to Walmart today and I bought myself a jacket. I have a really nice winter coat but it is too heavy right now for me to wear because our weather is in the 60 and 70's so I needed something that wasn't to heavy or bulky. I found a light weight black and white plaid jacket that is heavier than flannel but will be warm enough to keep the chill off. 

 Angelica thank you for your words of wisdom. To be honest I don't make enough money to live by myself. I wish that I did but I barely make ends meet. I contribute in other ways but when it comes right down to it my share is not all that much. 

 My son Jonathan told me tonight that he doesn't want me to pay for anything extra this month but I want to contribute to the household things that I use, like laundry soap cleaning supplies and things like that and he said that was fine. I will give him $300.00 a month for my share of the rent and $100.00 to go towards the electric bill. That will leave me enough for my food and personal things that I need. It is all that I can do.

 As for my son telling me in a nice way that I wasn't welcome any longer, I know that is true too. I have never been one to be disrespectful and I tried my best to help where I could. I always cleaned up after myself and enjoyed helping. I cleaned up after others as well and I never thought of it as a problem. I helped with the meals, the dishes, anything that would help Courtney at the end of a long work day. I also helped with the kids. I would watch them while she ran errands, went food shopping, and it gave her time to herself to just have a breather and a break. It is easier to go shopping alone and she could take her time. 

 I don't know what more that I could do for them and at least I offered. I cannot keep worrying about this and I do have to let it go, but I am they type of person that has zero control over my emotions. I try really hard not to cry but the tears find me anyway. I have always wore my heart on my sleeves and I get my feelings hurt so easily I and I hate that about myself. If there was anything about me that I could change it would be that.

 I am so very sorry that your family was mean to you Angelica. I  have dealt with mean people all my life and even family. I guess that is why I have always tried to be kind to everyone because I know what it feels like to have someone just be mean to me so I have never wanted to lower myself to that level or seek revenge or be mean back. It's just not in me to be spiteful or hateful to anyone but at the same time I don't want to be a push over and at times I had to stand up for myself at some point.

 I am tired tonight. It was a long day and I am ready to go to bed and sleep. I have taken my evening medications and I can feel them causing me to relax and drowsy so I think that I am going to call it a night. It is actually early morning. It's actually a little after 1:00am here and tomorrow I have another big day. Jon and I are going to H.E.B. so I can pick up a prescription and I am going to look at buying a coffee pot. I have a little one cup coffee maker but it is going out and I found a really nice one and the price is right so I want to go ahead and get it. I really love our H.E.B grocery store. I prefer it to Walmart any day.

 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and take care... BB

Friday, December 3, 2021

Happy Holidays



 I know that it has been a minute since I have been here. It's just a been a hard time to do anything right now. I mean that it is always something and that something seems to snowball.

 I moved back to Texas. I am not really sure what happened. A lot of things and I am really upset about a lot of it. It seems to me that when Matt and Courtney married things started changing and not for the better. So I decided to remove myself from the equation and that didn't help matters any either.

 I am not really going into all of it because it would take me about a week to go into it all, but it is what it is and I really cannot change it at the time. 

 Matthew said that he called me on Thanksgiving and I forwarded his call. I didn't. I sent him a message saying that I looked at my phone and he had called me on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving but that it was strange, regardless I loved him and that I hoped he was doing well. I had asked him if he had left a message. 

 He replied that he didn't know he had to leave me a message to return a holiday call but that he would notate it in his phone notes and remember it for any future calls that he decided to make.

 I really want to say a few things to him but I won't due to the fact that my words will be twisted and turned around so I am not going to say anything to him but that doesn't mean that I don't want to.

 If he was trying to hurt me then he damn well succeeded in doing so but I knew something was up before I ever left Reno. I told them I wanted to come home for the holidays and then he proceeded to tell me that it would be a longer visit than I thought that it would be. So here I am.

It is rainy today. I have been enjoying the wet weather and the cooler temps. I always have enjoyed this time of year. It is almost another new year. I want to go Christmas shopping but I am really not sure if I am going to have the money or not. Moving has been expensive.

 I have to get off of here because I need a shower and get dressed for a couple of errands. Take care everyone... BB

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