Sunday, September 29, 2019

Hello Again

Just a page made for fun several years ago. I want to get settled again so I can start working on some new pages.

 Long time since I have been able to sit down and really blog. I am still not well and have caught a cold on top of the pneumonia that I had.
 It was a mild case but still felt really sick. 

 We have a lot of things going on with us right now. I sat down and wrote a detailed blog post about it a few days ago and some how when I went to post it I lost the entire thing and it is just too much to go into but I will share a few things.

 My daughter and son in law is waiting on a house to come open in San Antonio. The job didn't work out and so they are going to be with us for few weeks.
 I will not go into why the job didn't work out but just say that the owners were really impossible to please and that they did a lot of illegal things to their workers. They were not honorable people my son in law did the right thing by getting his family out of there.

 Also our lease ends here December 311st and we are all going our separate ways so to speak.
 Karyn is going to get herself a little studio. Jonathan and Nathan are getting a place together and I am going to move to San Antonio with my daughter and grandkids.
 This is going to be good because my son in law is disabled and so am I. Neither one of us will be alone as his classes are at night and my daughter and he will be home most all of the day except if my daughter goes to work.
 I asked of my expectations because I want to know right up front and they said to take care of me and enjoy my grandchildren. 
 I think that I can get behind that. They know that I am not able to chase the kids etc. 
 The baby is really a good baby. Give him a tablet or put on something on tv and some leggo toys and things like that and he usually entertains himself. 

 The house that they are looking at is 4 bedrooms 3 baths so I will have my own space.
 There is another that has a guest house so I would love that. We will see. I just want my own space at the end of the day. 

 We are making plans to go somewhere in a couple of weeks and we decided on a couple of places but in the end we decided to stay here and go to the Renaissance Fair. 
 Our original plan was an amusement park for Halloween but it would be too hard for all of us to go that far away and spend the night and come back the next day. It is a 5 hour drive both ways. Everyone would be tired by the time we got to the amusement park. 

 This is much closer to home and easier on the kids. More things to do than just ride a bunch of roller coasters.  Anyway that is our plan. Also the fair is so much cheaper with the family passes than a trip away from home.

 It's getting late and I am tired so I will close for now. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and calling to make another appointment which reminds me.
 I went to see my Nephrologist last week and he was really concerned about one of my medications.
 I only have one kidney and stage 2 kidney disease and he asked me about a medication on my list. "Who Prescribed this to you and why?"
 I answered him and he said "You have to stop taking it immediately. It is killing your kidney and you only have one."
 So yeah I am getting rid of that clinic because this isn't the first time that they have done something that I have found to be questionable. 
 The last time that I was there I told the doctor that my medication was not helping me anymore and she blew me off or I felt like she was and she also did not see a report in my file of my DNA testing on medications and didn't even know about it. 
 I keep it in my purse at all times and I whipped it out when she didn't believe that I had the testing done at that clinic.
 Anyway it is time for me to do some consulting. 

 And with that I will say Goodnight... BB

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Computer Is Down

 I'm sick and I had to shut my computer down because I am not able to do the big update right now.
 I'm pretty sick but doctor said it is viral but having trouble breathing because it's going into my lungs. I see my doctor again Monday.
 Other stuff is going on right now  but I don't have the energy to go into it so I will wait until I feel better and I will share what I can.
 Please don't give up on me. I miss blogging but really sorry I just can't right now.
 Blessed Be every one. BB

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Feeling A Bit Better

This beautiful kit is called Dark Beauty by Rosie Haywood. She gave us so many gorgeous kits while we were in our group. I think that she has a store at Etsy now but I am not sure. I will have to talk to her. We are at different places now. I am over at Flicker and she is someplace else.

 It is really early morning here. Tonight I caught up on all of my blogs but one. 
 I would love to write a post about a few things but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

 It is really hot here. Today we were at 103F and 68% humidity. This heat has really been taking a toll on us. Plus we are all sick in one way or another here. 
 I am feeling a little better but I have gone thru 2 boxes of tissues. Karyn asked for some tonight but there were not any left in the bathroom linen storage. I did find her an entire stack of napkins I had saved from food take out. She didn't say anything when I handed them to her so I guess she didn't care lol.

 Well I named the kitty Hermes. I still don't know if it is a boy or a girl but for now I will just say he. So He and Miss Foxy met tonight thru the patio glass. To my surprise she didn't scare him off.
 After he had eaten his food I left Foxy out and she found herself a huge water bug. She had a time chasing it around the patio but finally gave up at some point. She is back at the door crying to go out but it is just still to hot for me to sit out with her. 
 We need a cool down and we need some rain. Wishful thinking on my part.

 Well I am taking this little one to bed and try to get some more sleep.
 Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend. BB

Thursday, September 5, 2019

I'm Sick

 I'm sick so I will keep this short. It is soon to be Friday and the end of the workweek for a lot of people so I hope that you have a lot of weekend fun.

 I am going back to bed. Stomach issues and my Zofran is not working.

 I just wanted to say hello... Hugs to all. BB

Sunday, September 1, 2019

It's Sunday

I did this page for Matthew and Karyn a couple of years ago when they went to Arizona. This was done in 2017. They both had a lot to howl about on that road trip. They got stopped and that is when Matthew found out his identity had been stolen. Someone was wanted for murder but they knew it wasn't my Matthew because of the physical description. Thank God!!!
 I am sorry that I don't know the name of this kit. Too long ago. It sort of looks like items I have in my mixed and matched folder from Blog Trains from a long time ago.

 It is almost 7:00pm here. We didn't have spaghetti after all. I started taking out the ingredients and looking and re-looking and I am thinking to myself that this is not enough to feed 3 kids and 2 adults.
 When Karyn said we had fixings for Spaghetti I was under the impression that she had bought a large package of hamburger and noodles. 
 Nope a tiny pound of meat, 1 package of noodles and a jar of sauce.
 So Jonathan and I decided on Chinese. We ordered the lo-mien and some Sesame Beef. I also ordered a pineapple smoothie. They make the best ones and I shared it of course with Jonathan and Cathy. I didn't need all that sugar but it seems to help when I have an upset stomach. 
 No stomach upset today but just needed something cold and refreshing.

 When the food got here and I answered the door it was pouring rain in the front. I paid the bill and set the food down and ran to the back to get my things from the table and nothing... not a drop of rain. I went back to the front and looked out and it was still raining a little. It was all gone in 5 minutes so I was disappointed because we really need rain. However I am very pleased with the 50 drops that we did get haha.

 I did a load of laundry today and that is all. I am going to take a break from blogging long enough to start the dishwasher in a little while but really that is it for me today. 

 We played Uno and Cathy and I colored one of her posters. Dante and I.. Well he and I took a lot of photos and created pics of them with a myriad of GHOSTS.... He did a fantastic job of one... 

This is one that he did. I think that he covered his bases lol.

We have two ghosts and a grim reaper. Hmmm so I guess that  says it all for the ghosts!

 I have photos of my grands. 
Adrian who is 12 now is blowing me kisses. I cannot believe that he is 12. He should still be a baby climbing on my lap telling me that he loves me more than the moon! I was so excited when he was born. I was the one that cut his cord and carried him to his mother and then was given the grand honor of getting a bracelet that allowed me to visit him anytime and I also gave him his first bath. We have a special bond but now days he would rather hang out with the guys. They are all into the video games that I don't understand. Awww well we have our own special moments to share tho. Blowing kisses is one of them. He started it when he was 8 months old and I would babysit and when his mom and dad would come and get him instead of saying bye or waving he would blow me kisses and still does to this day.

My Princess Cathy with a photo I put in a bottle. I am having problems still with being able to get my recent photos so I chose this one. I will be making a page with this one later on but hopefully I will be able to retrieve my recent photos of her. 
 When Cathy was a baby she was attached to her moms breast from the minute that she was born but we were living in Arkansas and she was beginning to get hungry. 
 The trouble was that no one could get her to eat with a spoon. She would arch her back and scream. I usually got home from working my 12 hour shifts at the hospital about 11:00pm at night and she would have my dinner ready and Cathy tried to get to my plate. Finally I said give me her spoon. She ate until her tummy was full and she slept thru the night.
 After that night I was the only one she would let feed her until she was old enough to hold her spoon. It was our thing. I cannot believe that November 25th she will be 11 years old.

 This is my Dante. Yes the only blonde haired curly boy in the bunch. He does not by any means looks half spanish. Laurie told me one day while we were grocery shopping and another lady asked if he was adopted and after we assured her he wasn't Laurie smiled and said "Mama I finally have a white baby". lol
 Dante and I bonded over the time that David was in a car wreck and was in a coma for several weeks. We cuddled so much during that time. His mama was breastfeeding and at the hospital he refused the bottle but he finally took it for me
 He and I have lots of cuddling time now. I love the cuddles from all of them. I have to admit that this time is so fleeting and precious for me.

And this is me and the baby. Damien. Damien and I developed our relationship where he and I cuddle to the point that I have adopted this one to live with me until college anyway. The only trouble is Mama and Daddy have not agreed to let me adopt him or let him live with me! What am I going to do with those parents??? Sheesh I would let them have visitation rights haha.
 I love this photo of him and I and I just love that dirty little face! 
 So here is the end of this set tonight.

 In October I can share my time with my other grandkids in Reno Nevada. I haven't seen Alex in person since he was 3 months old and I have never gotten to hold Celeste but we facetime and that goes a long way but just not far enough in needing to hug and kiss those babies. I will be taking lots of photos for my blog in just a few short weeks.

 On to some other news. The kitty just came to the door and meowed for my attention. He now has food and water. So he is getting use to me a little more each day. For him or her to come to the patio and meow for me says a lot. I am so thankful.
 I will most definitely be taking him/her with me where ever I move to. Foxy will just have to adapt.
 She growled at me today and I swatted her on her nose which made her growl and show her teeth. I banished her from my room. She wanted some of my dinner and I said no and she went crazy. 
 She's been trying to worm her way back into my good graces ever since.

 So after the Chinese food was inhaled I thought that we were good dinner wise until I had 3 kids saying Na-Na I am hungry... So it was grilled cheese and chips for a late dinner (again)… I forget how hungry kids can get. I love to see them eat and I made sure that Dante understood that he never has to worry about asking me for something to eat. 
 He said I just didn't want to be impolite... Imagine him thinking that he was being bad for telling me he was still hungry? I commend Laurie and David for teaching them manners but I told them they can always tell me if they are hungry.

 I have a few cuties to share and then I am going to get the kiddos laid down earlier tonight and go and chill out myself. So you all have a great Monday and take care...

I just love this.... When the kids get here the first thing they do  is ask for Uncle Jonathan... This is so relatable… The kids really do think that it is their job to lay all over him... haha... hence when I call Jonathan Uncle Furniture... Isn't this photo the cutest?

I just love this one too. I use to have a horse like this one!

And this is just one of my absolute favorites... I think that this one is just too sweet....

I will be looking forward to catching up on more blogs tomorrow so until then have a wonderful day tomorrow and take care of yourself and stop by when you can... Hugs to all... BB

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