Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Miss Edna


 Just a quick post to let you know that Miss Edna is in the hospital and said that she has a lot going on and that she will call me as soon as she can.

 This is super short because I have been having a upset stomach last few days and I have eye procedures in both eyes in the morning, so I will be back as soon as possible. 

 Have a awesome rest of your week and weekend. and Steve, stay WARM!!!!!!

 Talk to you later, BB

Thursday, January 12, 2023

A New Machine


This is my B-Pap machine. This is what I wore to bed since March 2022, but this last time I was hospitalized they didn't send me home wearing a B-pap or anything and I had to apply for a sleep study, per request from my insurance.

 I now have a new machine. A C-Pap and it is much smaller, even the tubing and mask. Last night was the first night that I wore it. I went to bed at 8:pm and woke up at 5:00 this morning.

 I hate this new laptop. I am having problems with my photos not showing up to where I can save them or move them to another album, and it is frustrating, but I will try to show you a picture of my new machine.


 So, the top one is the machine, and the bottom is the mask. It is a lot different than the B-Pap one is. It runs so quiet, and I tell you that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I am hoping that I have more restful sleep in the future. I do have to let my body adjust.


  I have not been that busy lately, but at the same time I have felt that I have been very overwhelmed at everything that I have had to do lately. 

 I don't know why it feels that way but dealing with multiple doctor appointments has been a bit challenging. I just got my new calendar filled out and have made the necessary changes in scheduling and rescheduling and a couple of those were really exasperating. But I think that I got them all done, so I am happy about that.

 Last week the weather was just gorgeous. We got to 80F yesterday and then a cold front came in and we are supposed to be in the 60"s today, but it is still cold outside, due to the winds and we got down into the 30's last night but will see sunshine today.

 Miss Foxy wasn't impressed with the cold this morning! She walked outside and sniffed before turning her tail around and went to the door to go inside. She climbed up in bed for a few minutes and then wanted breakfast and I fed her and offered to take her out, but she climbed up into my chair and is sitting right beside me. It is still rather chilly outside with the wind blowing. I agree with her with staying inside.

 I am going to go to my daughter Laurie's house to spend the weekend with my grandkids. We are trying to see the Green Comet as it streaks our skies. It hasn't been seen since the stone age! We think that it is going to be awesome, but so far have not seen it. I meant to go out and look this morning, but I just forgot.

 Oh, I got a text message from Miss Edna, and she said that she was ok and will try and call me later. So at least I did hear from her. I tried calling her again yesterday, but she didn't answer. I will try to call her again and see if she feels ok.

 Take care everyone and I will try to be back soon. Hugs to all and stay well! BB


Sunday, January 8, 2023

A Little Late


Foxy trying to get my glasses off of me. I fell asleep with them on and she was just trying to be helpful. lol. Those glasses are history now. They finally broke and she is much happier with the ones I have now. She doesn't try and knock them off my face anymore. Now it is my phone. She will knock it out of my hand if I don't doze off before then lol. Usually, I wake up when my phone lands on my night stand table! She has learned that the more I have my phone in hand the less attention she receives lol.

 This is usually how we sleep at night. She needs to be in my arms and petting her and telling her how much she is loved and how smart and beautiful she is. Foxy is a Princess and expects Royal treatment.

 Hello everyone and Happy New Year! 

 I hope everyone had a great New Year. We had a very quiet Christmas and Jon cooked a great dinner and we watched tv. So it was a nice day, then New Years Eve, Karyn and I went to see Laurie and her family.

 We had eaten before going to her house and the kids just wanted to snack on leftover Pizza then we all stayed up to watch the fireworks from her balcony and had a lot of fun. Karyn went home the next day but I stayed on for a few days.

 I haven't said much and not sure if I posted about it or not, but I was lucky to be home for Christmas or much of anything really. 

 Karyn was spending the night with me and we were talking and I got up to use the bathroom and couldn't catch my breath and then I couldn't breathe at all. Once I could breathe, I came out of the bathroom and told Karyn to call an ambulance. I quit breathing and according to my kids, the EMS crew did CPR all the way to the ER. I came to with a tube down my throat. I had what they called a cardiac event due to high potassium. It all started with a UTI infection.

 I was released 2 days before Christmas. I feel alright at the moment, but I do get scared, especially when I lay down to sleep.

 I have to update this blog, so I will be back as soon as I can. BB


 Hi I am back. I was trying to get back on last night but I had some things to get done and then it got late and I was tired. I went to bed at 8:30pm and I slept for a hour or so, but then I was awake until 2:30am. I knew I would probably have issues trying to sleep, but I started watching The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch and I spooked myself and couldn't sleep!

 I caught up on a blog and learned that Miss Edna had Covid. I have tried with no luck to get in touch with her. I will update if and when I hear from her. I sent a text this morning asking if Deann or Audrey could at least text or call me to let me know how she is if she herself cannot respond. I don't know anything else to do, but I am concerned about her.

 Jonathan has gone to the grocery store and I need to do a few things so I have to close for now, but please stay safe and well. Love to all and I hope that your New Year is off to a wonderful start. BB

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