Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Updates And Waiting 4-Ever

This is a collage of my grandson Alex and his baby sister Bella.... I have been looking for this kit for about a year now. I lost it when my computer crashed and I have hunted every place I can think of but without knowing the name or the designer I am just hoping it comes around again but shall not hold my breath...

This one is done with a kit from free kits from Salt town Studios.  There are some great kits and all free..... I will try to post a link now...
 It tested fine so we will see. I will leave it blue and not change to red. I think that is where my problem is... 
 So this is Alex and Bella a few years older obviously.... Thanks for looking and while I am at it I will share one also from Salt Town Studios of my granddaughter Cathy.

My granddaughter Cathy had just lost 2 of her top teeth and developed a smile hiding the gap... I love how creative she is... Thanks for looking.....

Good Morning,
 It is early here. Soon I hope to go to bed and I thought instead of laying there tossing and turning I would work on my blog. My sugar dropped to 58 earlier in the day and then again to 55 between 1 and 2 this morning. I want to sleep but am afraid that my sugar will drop again so I will stay up for a little longer and make sure that I am alright.
 I had a good dinner. I made German Stir Fry. It was filled with all kinds of veggies and smoked sausage. I am not sure why my sugar is dropping like this. I have had wonderful meals and enough carbs to keep me in balance but I am having to watch it closely. I am thinking that my insulin is working a little too well. I will discuss this with my Endocrinologist the next appointment. If it happens again I will call her to find out what she wants me to do.

  So my computer did the big Windows April Update...  I am not the only one it seems that complains, although I really do love the new features, but it takes so long to finish.  I was down for about 12 hours... part of that was me sleeping but it was worth it. 
 I love having everything at my finger tips and how I can go from one task to the other. It is nice and easy and it keeps track even if I forget. So I am done until they do the new Fall update. 

 So my daughter Karyn and I have plans for this weekend. We are going to fancy ourselves up and going down to the "Domain"... Whooo Hooo!
 She was treated to a night out with her group of friends and she wants to take me... 
 We are going to get an Uber and since she drives for them she will get a discount. There is a place she knows that we pay $11.00 each and can have Unlimited Mimosa's. 
 Since my limit is 2 (I am limited on drinking alcohol  to just 2 in an 8 hour time frame) I will savor mine... See I will be a good girl!
 Then we will just stroll around and just in case she gets snockered we will not have to worry about driving home... 
 I went to the gallery and snagged some pictures. These are from their website...

 They always have some kind of concert, play or comedians to entertain. I have been wanting to go since they opened up. They also have street vendors as well. 

Night view.... This place is really huge. I have been following it for 4 years now since they first opened. We never thought that we would go because it is pricy but Karyn found out that it is not all costly. Of course the stores are... they are in the HIGH Dollar range lol.

 They have a lot of fountains scattered around along with The Village which is luxury apartments orr Condos.... I am not sure if they even call them condos anymore. Most of them are now called Town Homes. Same difference... haha

 Isn't this a pretty setting? We are planning to leave here around 5:00pm and it should be cooling down a little by the time we eat and we can walk off some food and drink!

 Anyway so that is our plan. I hope that it doesn't fall thru. Never know what crazy things will happen.

 We had plans for Memorial Day to go to the cemetery and pay our respects to the Fallen Soldiers and support our military and our veterans. 
 We didn't go because the service was not in the morning or evening and we have been close to triple degree days here. 
 It was going to be really hot and no real shade and a lot of walking. Not that I mind walking as long as I can stop and take a rest and I don't mind walking if I can find some shade to rest in for a few minutes.
 So we stayed home and paid tribute here. Jonathan and I made a pizza for lunch. It was really good. We enjoyed it. 

 Not this weekend but the next we are volunteering at one of the animal shelters here. It is for kitty cats. They need to be socialized so they can be put up for adoption. I don't mind. A fur baby is a fur baby. Heck I used to help my ex husbands cousin who was baby sitting her daughter's  spider monkey. I wish I had pictures of that... That darn monkey was eating her alive. Her son was young and he opened the cage. She called me and I guess that since the monkey saw a kindred spirt of a animal lover no matter what the species, I walked around wearing that monkey. He attached to me and would not let go. He was dangled around my neck, across my shoulders and on my head. Every time I tried to put him back in his cage he would screech and hold on tighter. Thankfully her husband came in and wrestled him off me.... 

 Speaking of cats tho... I have a photo to share....

 This is me back a lot of years ago. Jonathan my son had just graduated high school in the spring and decided to go to a trade school college in Phoenix Arizona. 
 My husband was a truck driver and we along with the parents of the boy that let out the monkey, we all went together. Jonathan and Alan rode with his parents and I rode with my husband in the semi.
 We had dropped off Jonathan, got him settled and then we had to leave because a trucker always has a load to deliver or one to pick up.
 This was taken at The Tiger Truck Stop. 

 The cat is just a baby. I paid $10.00 dollars to have my picture taken with this cat. His attachment to me was extremely real. From the minute that I walked into the cage he was all over me. You cannot tell in this picture but I was actually trying to get out of the cage. My 10 minutes were UP... but he didn't think so. 
 He would even put his teeth on my wrist and hold... and tighten slightly if and when I moved. I was his prey.... 
 The poor lady behind me was waiting so patiently but by the time that I finally exited the cage he was royally ticked off and he let everyone know it to. They had to give the woman back her money because he would not let her in the cage. 
 The manger told my husband and I that he had never reacted like he did with me. 
 So you can see why I am such a fan of animals and they love me too. I really believe that they react to something deep in my soul. 

 When our house was flooded my boyfriend and I went around gathering up as many animals as we could. When you live in a very tiny rural area then no one chains their dogs. Most of them are farm animals. They are used for various reasons and so they mainly stay on their property as they were trained to do.
 Anyway back to the flood. We shared our home with about 5 dogs... Big dogs, stinky dogs from the flood waters. My backed ached for a month after bathing them. 
 We were very glad when the owners came to collect them. We put big signs up at the post office and local store and city hall and other places. One thing we was really running low on was dog food. Our local store and hardware store was running out and we were cut off in every direction well over a week, closer to two weeks. 
 Plus buying huge bags of dog food was not cheap but we made it thru. God supplied that extra few dollars for a bag of feed when we thought that they were down to their last meal. 
 Since we lived in the Rice Capital of the World, one thing I had was rice. I took advantage of all that rice that was given to us. I started boiling it by the one pound bag and adding a scoop to their food to make it go farther...

 Anyway I am finally getting tired so I will say goodbye for now. Have an awesome Wednesday and take care of yourselves.... BB

 P.S. After this was published my link turned from blue to gray but I tested it and it still works... I hope it works for you if your interested... BB

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

 My friend Kim. The kit is a freebie from one of my friends who is now designing her own kits now. I am so proud of Kim... she is as outgoing as she is pretty but suffers horribly with Fibromyalgia.. It is such a hard disease to have. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful support group.

 Hello and Welcome to Sunday,

 I have  been resting some this evening, but not ready to call it a night just yet. It is 12:28 am here... So Sunday is being welcomed in by me. It is Memorial Day weekend. I pray for the fallen, the active military personnel and for the those that have fought the fight and have lived.
 May the red poppies flow... You will not be forgotten.

 Today I have been on the computer a lot longer than I have thought that I would. I have had terrible neck spasms so it was really painful. I stayed off of the computer for a while and the spasms went away for the most part.
 But this afternoon they returned but I miss my computer time. I broke it up all thru the day so I will continue to try and get back into my routine.

 Well can you believe that we have a Tropical Storm in the Gulf Of Mexico??  It's not even Hurricane season yet. That will be June 1st and already this storm can actually become a Category 1 by the time that it makes landfall on Monday. Anywhere from Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Of course Louisiana is also in the path. New Orleans could see a lot of damage since it is so low ground.

 No one wants to see it coming. Poor people are still recovering from last year and Puerto Rico is still without power in a lot of places. 
 Houston is still not doing well. We had a Relief Drive last weekend. They were taking anything useable. I donated dishes we don't use anymore. I also donated books and magazines, A new pack of pens and some spiral notebooks, some clothes and some other things.
 It feels good to help out others. I have been right where these people are. I lost everything once and was so grateful for the help I received from others. I think that I was about 13 when a tornado destroyed our home and then again in 2011 in a flood...perhaps that was 2012. Some where around that time. 

 I am in a Fibromyalgia support group. This is not a group to lament all your illnesses. The purpose is to fellowship and share as much positive things that you can. 
 As with any illness, sometimes we really feel isolated. No one wants to hear a bunch of complaining. I don't and I know others don't want to hear it. I try not to say too much. Just my close friends know what is going on with me. I have been battling some depression. 
 Sometimes I withdraw and deal with it in my own way. I have learned a lot about how to work thru it. The key is to allow the person time to work thru it. I will ask if I need help. I do a lot of coloring and writing in my journal and I listen to music and I have my little comforts. 
 My sister's, two of them do not understand. They say it is all in my head or I could work thru it if I really want to.
 I would be a rich old girl if I had a nickel every time that I have heard that I would never have to worry about money. 

 Dang it, I am going to have to go.... My computer is trying to do a update... 
 Take care to everyone..... BB



Thursday, May 24, 2018

I Am Here Again

Kit used is "A Day Of Hope" I did this page several years ago but I remember the kit used because I used one of the word art using the title of the kit. It is from a private member on our group when it was still active. They closed the site last year.

 I won't go into detail but I had to take a personal break. So much has happened this month. Especially the last few weeks. Sometimes when it rains it pours and then turns into a flood. 
 I guess that is what has happened with me. A flood of things, that normally are spread out over a period of time that some how seemed to come one right after another and also in the same day. 

 Good news is that a friend of mine has a small dog and I can't spell the name and it is not coming up but I will try... Chichua ???? That is the closest that I can come.
 Anyway she had 3 puppies... 2 are spoken for and the last one is a possible maybe as the lady is sort of wishy washy on the subject if she wants a dog or not.  
 I really DO want one and I don't care if it is male or female so I am in consideration and the puppies were just born a few days ago, so we will wait and see. 
 I am not sure that the time is right for me to get a pet or not. Thankfully I have access to Foxy when ever I want. That is a good thing for me. But I know that I will really enjoy being a fur mom again. I miss Cisco so much. 
 But my boys and I agreed that we are ready to move out on our own. Matthew has a friend that is selling his double wide 4 bedroom 2 bath home and I have a place to go but I am really now not certain.
 Matt and I had an argument over some things that are not acceptable to me and if I was his room mate I know that I would not be able to withstand some of his ways... Such as these girlfriends that he finds that are just bad news. This latest one was a real doozy and that is why we argued.  Thankfully she is gone but my fear is the next one might be worse than she was. I don't want to live with people like that.

 The weather here has been very hot and sticky, but at night it has been in the 70's so that is great for me. I don't think that we hit the triple digits that we were expecting for last week, but it was really awful. 
 Oh and the water leak has been ongoing. They have been out here dozens of times and couldn't find the leak. Meanwhile the water was running out of the ceiling and in Jonathan and Nathan's bathroom and in our dining room. Thankfully they found the leak yesterday after almost 2 weeks and got it fixed. 
 Next we are going to battle the office for a water usage reduction. It is thru no fault of ours or the building that they did not find the leak and fix it properly. They didn't come in to work on weekends to find the leak. They waited until Monday and to me that is not acceptable. If they had actively tried to find and fix it then we could say that they were doing all they could but it was obvious that they were not too darn concerned about it so I feel we should not have to pay a huge water bill on behalf of their negligence. 

 Well it is time for me to go. Possible eye injection today... Karyn is taking me and she has a meeting downtown so we are on our way in about ten minutes... take care to all... BB

Monday, May 14, 2018

Awwww Sleep Feels So Nice

 My daughter Laurie turned 32 today. I searched for a photo with all of the kids but couldn't find the one that I was looking for so I just used this one. This kit is called "Spring Softly" by my friend Rosie in our free group as a personal kit to members. Thank you for looking.

 I hope that everyone is doing well. I am alright I suppose. Just dealing with things as they come along.
 We had another water leak so I had to call the office and have them send someone out. While I put in the work order I also added a few things that needed to be done.
 Our bathroom sinks have been draining slow so I had them to fix those and my light over my stove went out so I had him replace the bulb. I could have done it or the boys but we didn't know how to get the filter off and was afraid we might break it so now it is fixed and we have a huge blower drying the wall.
 At least the sheetrock wasn't damaged but it would have been if I had waited to call them. They came right out and fixed everything after they went upstairs to find the leak. It took less than an hour and they had everything fixed. They are really good about doing that for us here.

 So I was hoping to get a fur baby for Mother's Day but I didn't. Not for a lack of trying on Joe and Karyn's part. Joe's cousin has a lot of dogs that are farm dogs. They have a pretty cushy life and room to run and play and a big barn to sleep in and plenty of food.
 But they were big dogs. I need a little baby. So Joe's sister has a friend that runs a shelter too and they put in an order for me to have a small baby. They called and asked my preference and I said I didn't care. Boy or girl it will not matter to me.
 I had Foxy for the weekend. Her Highness just loved my pillows. I went to the bathroom early Sunday morning and here she was curled up on my pillows.

 Here she is waiting for me to come back from the bathroom. Those ears are up and alert....

Here is Miss Foxy wanting her belly rubbed. She has one eye open and one eye closed. Just like Cisco, she loves burring up under the cover and scooting around. 

I have had a bad headache today. I also turned my neck wrong again. I go and see my doctor tomorrow so I will be discussing the options she has given me last month. See how it goes. 
 I finally fell asleep after the workers left and slept until Miss Edna called. We chatted and then I had dinner and now I am doing a short post and I think that I will watch tv. I think that I will watch Date Line on NBC tonight. I enjoy that show. I used to watch it every Sunday night. I get it on my phone or tv so I can enjoy it anytime I want to now. I have to wait until tomorrow for them to unlock last night's episode but that is ok.

 The weather here has been so hot and we are not even in the thick of summer yet. We have our hottest months last of July, all of August and most of September and last year it was hot even in October. The day of my birthday I had a doctors appointment and it was really a hot day. 

 I am still a bit hungry so I am going to go and scrounge around the fridge and see what I can find. I think that there is still makings for a salad that I can throw together pretty fast.

 Everyone have an awesome day. Take care of yourself.... BB

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Short Post Today

My granddaughter Cathy.. This was taken one night at a family fun center when she was about 4. She was tired and cranky and wanted to go home. She was pouting pretty good. I cannot remember the kits that I used for this page. I have a lot that I lost when my computer crashed and I had the pages backed up on a cloud storage or Facebook but it does not say what kits were used. Sorry about that.

Good morning to all,
 Well it is going to be another busy day today. Yesterday was a doozie for me. I got to spend the day, or most of the day with my daughter's little dog Foxy. She came to visit and we had a blast.
 It was sad tho as she looked all over for Cisco. When she realized he wasn't here she whined and we picked her up and she had tears in her eyes. It took her a long time to become a happy little dog again. 
 It did my heart so good. I am still battling with the boys to have a dog but they are so against it. Karyn said I need to respect my roommates opinions as we should all be in agreement.
 I said you know I thought about what you said, but they don't respect me or my opinions, or needs. I mean seriously. I have asked Nathan to clean up his area for the last week and it is worse than ever. I haven't done dishes because they are all in his room/area.
 So when do they actually respect me? I decided if Sasha made it thru then I was bringing her home. If they didn't like it oh well. I don't like living in a dump either when we have a beautiful home and they will not help me maintain it.

 So sorry, I am on a rant here but I am really frustrated at things today. No sleep last night doesn't help matters either.
 I also have a doctor appointment at 9:45 this morning and I hate these early appointments. Today I see my Gastrologist. I know that I spelled that wrong but my spell checker was of no help this morning.
 He is going to be mad at me because I was supposed to do this home test and I haven't done it because I need my diabetes doctor to look at it and my appointment with her is not until the 23rd of this month.
 It has a prep and a fasting and it requires that I eat a very high and starchy diet for 8 hours. Lots of bread, rice, beans, potatoes and other high carb foods and I am scared of how my sugar will react and I want my diabetes specialist to look at it first.
 I have had it for a long time now, but I caught the flu and had to cancel 2 of my appointments and it is hard when I only see them every 3 months and so he is not going to be happy with me today. But if he doesn't understand, well then he doesn't understand.

 Ok time for one more cup of coffee and I am going to get my things ready to go. I have less than a half hour before my ride is here.

 I do apologize for my little rant today but I hope that you have a good day. I hope that I have a good day as well.
 I know that I am just tired. This lack of sleeping is getting to me and wearing me down. I am going to have to tell my doctor when I do get to see her on the 21st that this medication is not working.
 Speaking of which, I have important paper work that has to be turned in to her soon or one of the things that I get from my insurance will not be renewed. I will have to fill out new paper work and I really don't want to go into all of that again. But I need my diabetic supplies and am fixing to be running out.

  Have a fabulous day to all...... BB 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Some Much Needed Sleep

A page for my sister Linda's planner. This is my niece Tabitha and her little one Jaxson. He is getting so big and is so sweet and chunky. The top photo is of him when he first came home and the bottom is right after he was born. I used the kit called "Sage" by Anna Aspenne. Thanks for looking. Not sure if she is still in business. So many designers are changing their names and stores.

 I apologize to all for not being around. I have had a Bad  case of Insomnia and it has been hell. It  is so hard when I go thru this and I am happy to report that today I was able to lay down and sleep.
 It really wasn't an ideal time to lay down but my body finally just took over from exhaustion. 
 It has been 4 days since I have had any real sleep. A couple of hours here and there and mostly very light sleeping, like cat naps. I had several phone calls to make and after I got those done I was looking for something, some paper work and I got to the point that I couldn't remember what I was doing. 
 Karyn watched me put a gallon of orange juice into the pantry. Bringing it to my attention I knew that I had to just go lay down and if I slept I slept. Well that was 2:00 pm and I got up at 5:00 but couldn't figure out if it was the next day or what. The sun was going down slowly but I thought that it was morning. 
 Did I want to make coffee? So I go into the kitchen and Karyn is working. I said Oh... I thought that you were working in the office today and she said "I have been here all day Mom".
 I just turned around and went back to my room.  Jonathan came in and asked for money to pick up my medication and I gave it to him and then I fell back into bed. He was talking to me, but I don't recall what he was saying.
 Then before I knew it he said, I needed to get up to eat. I did... and guess what, here I sit wide awake at 10:00 at night. I should be sleeping by now. 
 But I am not going to regret laying down today. Well maybe the dreams. They were really wild.
 My sister and I were both pregnant and my baby was born breech. We were on a vacation and we were afraid to leave the hotel because this man was after us for something and we were both going into labor and we dressed my sister Susie up like a model in high heels and a wig and sent her out to get us some food and we thought that she could escape the man chasing us, but he caught her and then Linda called an ambulance and the man chasing us delivered our babies.... Soooooooooo no more of those kind of dreams, thank you very much....
 My doctor called me in a new medication. I have had lots of things on my mind, but a huge part of this is that my doctor took me off of an anxiety medication but didn't call in anything else. I ran out on Thursday of what I was taking. So I had to go thru Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and all day today without anything. Cold Turkey. Just exactly what my pain management doctor told me not to do. Finally I had enough and Monday I called her office (my primary care doctor) and I told her that I needed some help and that I was not supposed to go off the anxiety medication without something else. So she had her nurse call me back to say that she was waiting for this drug to get out of my system, but when I was very rude about the whole thing and told the nurse I was going thru this cold turkey and my pain management doctor told me not too.... she finally today called me in some medication. 
 I have taken it along with my night meds. I just hope I don't have a reaction to it. I think that would be a reason to keep me awake wondering how my body is gong to react to it now. I wonder if I should have waited till morning but it is to late now. It is already done.

 I spent Saturday with my son Matthew. He gave me new sheets for my bed. They are really nice. Ivory with brown embroidered flowers and eyelet lace. I told him to wait until I decide on what kind of bed I want for the comforter. We can go shopping later on.
 I found the leak in my bed but either it is still leaking or I have another leak, I have to put air back into it at least once a day. So it is a big difference but I know that this is a temporary fix.

 Sunday Jonathan and I got out and went over to one of the library's. The one that we really like going to is closed on Sundays. But this one was nice.  We still like ours better. I took a book I had on hold off tonight because tomorrow if I couldn't pick it up then it was going back and I would have a fine so I canceled the hold. I can re-order it. I just can't get there tomorrow. Everyone has to be at work by 8:00 am and the library doesn't open until 10:00 am so I just canceled the book and will re-order it another time.

 Monday and Tuesday is a blur. I can't tell you what I did or didn't do. I haven't even talked to my sisters much lately. One called me today and I missed her call because I was on the phone with my ride transportation company and I forgot to call her back. I will have to do that tomorrow for sure.

 My baby girl Laurie will be 32 May 14th. Miss Edna made a really pretty QP that I plan to use for her Birthday page. I will also make my sister Linda a page featuring her daughter Tiffany. Tiffany's birthday is the day before my daughter Laurie on the 13th of May.
 So it goes in May birthdays, the 13th my niece, 14th my daughter, 15th my brother Barry, and the  17th my nephew Rusty.
 June will be Karyn the 9th, Jonathan the 30th.
 July 22nd Matthew.
 August 1st is Nathan.... so we will have lots of birthday cakes!!! Well they will at work. They might bring me a bite home. I rarely bake anything anymore. I did bake some peanut butter cookies about a month or so ago. 

 Oh wow, this pill is working. I can feel it relaxing me. I am off to bed.... I hope to have sweet dreams.... Goodnight my friends and if you are reading this in the morning, I hope that you have the sweetest of days.. Take care of yourself and I will see ya later.... BB

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Much Better!!!

 Happy Birthday to my great niece Peyton.... May your day be awesome....

 Happy Saturday to all,
 It is nice here today. It is sunny and 76 degrees. It is going to be a pretty nice day for people to get out and do some fun things.
 Karyn and co-workers are already doing just that. Our state nut is the Pecan. So this weekend is the Pecan Festival. Karyn and her friends are down town now and tomorrow we are supposed to go downtown and enjoy it for a little while. At least Karyn and I are supposed to go. 
 I was invited but I declined since she was going with her co-workers and friends. I would just slow them down, so  she said we could go tomorrow. We will see how I feel then. 
 I woke up stiff and sore this morning. I tried to move around and stretch and that helped but it is hard to get moving some mornings.
 I did a candle ritual last night for relaxation. I will share a photo.

My candles, some infused oil called Moonlight Path, my chamomile vanilla tea, and some lotion for relaxing. 
 Well I did relax. I relaxed really well. No body aches or pains or anything. I watched a funny movie on Netflix and when it was over I went to sleep and slept all night long.
 I love nights like that. But oh boy getting out of bed this morning wasn't as easy as my sleep was. Probably because I slept so well I didn't even mess the covers up as I normally do and that means I probably wasn't tossing and turning and stayed sleeping in one spot. Which explains why I feel stiff this morning.  Well almost noon now. But I got up early too and had my coffee.

 Nathan is on his way to pick up some lunch for us. I am starving but have had a good breakfast. I didn't feel well the other day so my appetite was off so I guess that my body is saying feed me... soon. LOL.

 My friend Patsy had a Hernia repair done on Monday. She has had a very hard recovery. Lots of pain and the pain pills make her sick. I have barely spoken to her in the last week trying to let her sleep. I told her to call me, I wouldn't call her. 5 minutes into a conversation she would say, I am sorry but I am falling asleep again. Or she would say... I can't wait to move around again like a normal person. Bless her heart. She's really had a bad time of it.

 So Jonathan is off to work. Karyn goes to work later on after the Pecan festival, Matthew is building a ramp for his room mate and Nathan goes in to pick up a shift at 5 today. As for me, I am going to walk down to the mailbox and check the mail and sit at the pool for a little while. I really wish I could get one of my kids to go and sit in the hot tub with me for a little while. I am sure that it would ease a lot of aches and stiffness, but I am afraid to be in it by myself because the door locks for privacy and if I fell or something no one would know I was in there so I don't use it when I am alone.

 I am trying to decide on what to do with my bedroom. I am ready to change it up a little. Matthew wants to get me a new comforter set. I told him it is not necessary but he really wants to. I told him nothing expensive. He needs to save his money. I hope that he does. I really don't need a new comforter set but I know that I would probably really enjoy having one. 

 Well Nathan is back with our lunch so I am going to get off  and eat it while it is hot. Thanks for stopping by and have a super weekend.... BB

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hello There!

A page that I did for a challenge back when Daisy Trail was open. We were given a theme and a photo. I just added a few things like the water and reflection, my white tiger and the frame came from a kit that I no longer have. I think that it was called Nephrite but not quiet sure.. Gosh this was such a long time ago. I am so glad that I came across it in my archives that I have backed up on another site Thanks for looking.

 Hello to you,
 I hope that your day is going good or has been a good one for you. I have been a busy bee. Keeping myself busy is always good when I am feeling down. I feel better today so that is a good thing.

 Today my mom and dad would have been married 64 years if they were still living. They were married 6 years before I came along as a big surprise I was told. If I was a surprise imagine their surprise at 2 more girls!!! I still think that my mom and aunt were in some kind of competition. For example, I was born, then my cousin Connie, then another cousin Carl, then my sister Linda, then my sister Susie and then my cousin Deborah. All a year apart beginning in 1959 and ending in 1964. What a brood we all were lol.. lots of great memories with those cousins of mine.

 I am a bit concerned about my family. I got a text from my brother in law asking if the weather was bad here. No the sun was shining but I looked at the radar and we have storms coming but when I looked at their radar it is all an angry RED and so all 3 of my sisters and family are really in for it.
 So far my area just shows green which is rain but that could change.
 Jonathan said the other day that the sky was very dark and looked like a huge storm was coming our way but it missed us. I noticed that he left his umbrella here at home after he got caught in a deluge at work.

 Jonathan had a fundraiser at work yesterday and really thought that they would rack up on doing a breakfast. They made breakfast taco's and it didn't go over as well as they hoped. So I have 2 gallons of Orange Juice in my fridge. I won't drink that much. I will barely drink a small glass every other day so someone better start drinking up lol.
 I told him for the next fundraiser to do a baked potato bar. They can do the potatoes the night before and heat them in the microwave as someone orders them. He said Mom that is a great idea. We have never done that before and it would be easy. I said yep and any left over potatoes can be made into potato salad.
 I would love some potato salad. I have some elbow macaroni. Maybe I will make a  macaroni salad today. I am baking chicken for dinner tonight. Here in the states we have a huge romaine lettuce recall. Not from our area but I noticed that the stores pulled all the romaine lettuce off the shelves anyway when I was at the grocery store. I had wondered if they would and they did.

 Thankfully my eye is healed. It is not even red anymore and the sandy gritty feeling is gone away. It still weeps a little now and then but not to bad. That is normal so I don't have to pay any mind to it. I am just glad that I can see again.

 I got my insurance packet in the mail. Most of my benefits have been cut in half but not really what I use. My ride transportation went from unlimited to 60 rides a year. I have 2 left and it is just May. But I signed up for a different transportation company so it shouldn't be a problem. 
 My drug plan is the same, and my hearing allowance went up as well as dental but eye glasses and exams were cut in half. No problem because I have coverage with another plan for those. Plus my eye specialist is still in my plan. The only things that changed were the specialists in my plan. I am happy to see that the eye glasses and exams went with another company and as for the hearing, I have never been to any of those. I really do need to go and have my hearing checked because sometimes I do not hear well.
 Oh and my podiatrist. I have to get a referral to a new one because the one I was using dropped out of my insurance plan. 
 Also my over the counter allowance was increased. So I don't have to pay for Tylenol, band aids, or things over the counter etc. I just go thru the catalog or online or phone and give them the number of the product I want and they will ship it to me. It's not much, just $43.00 every 3 months but it helps out. 

 I really like the little stand in my bathroom. It has given me a lot of space that I needed and I also have room so I don't bump in to it or hit it getting in and out of the shower. 
 Next I would like to move my other bookshelf to where my computer is now and put my tv on it. I measured it and it will fit great. (Thanks Miss Edna for the sewing kit you gave me in Florida. I really put the measuring tape to good use lol).

 Well things are slow here today. It is time for lunch. Jonathan bought me some delicious chicken noodle soup so I think that I will go and make a bowl and have some crackers with it and relax for a while. I have a book that is begging me to read so I think that I will do that as soon as I catch up on my blog reading... after lunch that is.

 Have a super day and take care... xxx  BB


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