Monday, August 31, 2020

A Long Day


I made this page the other day while I was on the phone with my insurance and they put me on hold. The name of this kit is called Enjoy Life. I tried to get the link but it wouldn't copy or paste so I will just tell you the name. Lins Creations. She is my very first designer that I started creating pages for and I really did love being on her team. She and her husband and fur babies live in South Africa. 


 I fell asleep soon after I got back from having the scans done and I went to get a drink and Nathan asked me if I would let Olly out and I called him to me and he got excited about going outside and he slammed the door on my foot smashing my big toe in the doorway. He of course didn't mean to but Ouch! So I am now awake and decided that I would blog now in case I get to go back to sleep after I have my morning insulin and breakfast.

 So the scans were fast and easy. They were just long but I napped in between so that made the time go by faster. My appointment for my Mammogram was 9:30 but they got me in at 8:30 so I was happy to get that out of the way. 

 Tomorrow I have to make a couple of appointments and I also have to contact my mentor on a couple of assignments. I want to skip the subject of the next two assignments and move on over to the next section. I  really like that I can work at my own pace and skip when I want to. I won't skip it entirely, I will go back to it but I think that I will understand it better if I do a refresher course a little later on.

 Oh I found the cutest t-shirt. It was just something that I ran across but I really would like to have one.

 Every time I see it I can't get Hotel California by the Eagles out of my mind lol. I love it!

 I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but Stormy hasn't been around since my daughter and kids left for California. Well he showed back up this morning.

 He is skinny and has some battle scars and he is still skittish. He will not let me pick him up, not that I want to but he did let me pet him a little while ago and I think that he has a few ticks and if he does I need to take care of that problem really fast but he just takes off if I do more than just touch him in certain places. I was trying to feel on the side of his neck and around his ears but I am going to have to have some help so I can see what is going on. Poor little guy. 

 He needs to have his shots and be neutered but he is distrustful of us right now. I understand where he is coming from lol even tho he really doesn't know what he is in store for lol.

 Well I am going to head off to bed now so have a great Tuesday and stay safe! Always, BB

Can't Sleep


 I don't know about you but I am seriously longing for some crisp Autumn mornings, sweater weather, hot chocolate and pumpkin patches, the return of comfort foods and snuggling in my favorite blanket with a good book or a movie and decorating our small home with colorful autumn leaves, candles that smell of apples and cinnamon and the wonderful holidays that we will be able to enjoy our families even if they are at a distance, it is the love that counts!!!! So made this scrap page from a kit that was given to me in our group called A Feeling Of Fall. 


 I can't sleep but I really need to. I have to be up at 6:00am to be at the imaging center at 7:30 for that stomach scan that has been put off 3 times in a row and I have got to make sure that I get there.

 Several years ago I had to have surgery to open a part of a muscle that leads from the esophagus and every time I swallow there is a small flap that opens and allows food or liquids to flow into the stomach. Mine stopped opening since I was a child but it was just about 6 years ago that they went in and cut the muscle to stay open permanently. So my surgery was a success and I have it checked every once in a while and it was good until about 6 months ago and it is possible while the muscle is still open it appears that scar tissue is growing over the top of the muscle. 

 So I am going to have this scan done and while they are at it I will also be tested for Celiac disease and a few other things. In total this scan is going to be 5 hours long and I was lucky enough that when I made this appointment I was also able to squeeze in my Mammogram... So Yay Me!!!

 It sounds worse than it actually is. Starting at 8:00 I will eat some crackers and then they will do the scan and take pictures of me swallowing and I will be able to go back to my private room and watch tv or sleep or what ever I want to do until the next scan at 9:00 and my mammogram is at 9:30 and then the next scan etc. and I should be done around lunch time and my sweet son Jonathan and I are going to have lunch together somewhere that we can eat in the car lol.

 I wish that it was a beautiful autumn day but it isn't. It will be really hot again tomorrow with triple digits. I think that it is supposed to be 103 degrees so we will not be able to find a nice shade tree and a picnic table that would we could enjoy our lunch. I think that we are going to just get a sandwich or something like that.

 We might just get something and take home or maybe Jonathan will make something here at home. Nathan is off work tomorrow as well. Jonathan took the whole day off. He has been wanting to use some of his leave. He couldn't take it for his birthday because they were on mandatory over time so he decided to just take tomorrow off and I have a list of things I want them to do and Jon is wanting to clean our floors and rearrange his room so I am glad that he was able to take the day off.

 I had Miss Foxy both Saturday and most of Sunday. Karyn came and got her and she was ready to go home. She was a lot of fun while she was here. 

She cuddled with me and we both needed that. Olly has been a real sweetheart as usual. He decided that he did not like Foxy in my room. He would stick his head in the door way and see Foxy and he would snort. I swear that is the only way I can describe it. He doesn't like it when she comes to visit lol.

 I am going to try and get a cat nap in for the only hour I have before my alarm goes off but I want to leave you with a fun photo that I have found.

 There is a famous Face in the puzzle but I have not found it. Maybe you all can discover it and share who it is. I have tried several times and still no luck on my end.


Good Luck my friends... 

I will be back soon. Take care and have a Blessed Monday... BB


 I was searching for the face while Jonathan got ready and started the car. He asked me what I was doing and I said I was searching for the face in the puzzle and I want you to know that he leaned over my shoulder and pointed out the face in like 15 seconds if not quicker... That little brat lol.. 

 Time to go. Talk to you later... Oh the face is really there and looks familiar but I am not sure... Bye

Friday, August 28, 2020

Asking For Forgivness


 I have a folder that I named Favorites and I have taken elements from several of my favorite kits and put into one folder and I sometimes surprise myself and take a look in it and it never fails to surprise me. 

 These images are bought and paid for or they are gifts or from friends blogs that post their kits for free and I enjoy using but I have had to learn to credit the designers and years ago when I started doing digital scrapbooking very few of us in our group even knew about all of the rules.

 There is only 1 that I know personally that draws and paints from scratch but for all the years I have been doing this she is the only one that I know because most designers just goes and buys the elements and then put in their kits. 

 Most of all I have learned that I do not have to be a designer in order to go and buy certain elements. Some come with TOU's (Terms Of Use) but tons of the elements are free so I get them from random places.

 Anyway if I make a page for you it is a gift from me to you. You can print them out to frame or use them to make cards or post them on your blog, what ever you feel like doing with them they are yours free and clear.

 I would love to have your ok to share the pages I make for you to post on my blog and if I have to credit the kit back to the designer it is nothing that you will see on your page but I try to put my water mark on the pages. So many people steal our work and so I do try to have my water mark in a very small blended into the page. Enjoy!!!! (But sometimes I do forget to put it on.)


 I am asking for forgiveness for just dropping off cyberspace and especially my blog.

 I have been in a dark place for at least a month now and today I talked with Miss Edna and she had some very good advice for me. She asked me why I wasn't blogging anymore and I was going to try and explain how I tend to withdraw from people and even blogging and I told her, I really don't have anything to blog about and for me that was the truth but for her it was (Uhhh No, I am not buying that. What did you do yesterday?)

 So I told her some things and she said "Beth that is a whole page of things to blog." and I thought... sheesh she is right!!!!

 It is really late right now. It is 2:30 in the morning and it is 86 degrees with the heat index it feels like 93 degrees. Oh yes it really is hot and sticky.

 I had been noticing a rancid smell in my bed and I just couldn't figure out what it could be and I finally figured it out. When Laurie and her family was here I let them use one of my blankets and it was the one that the baby slept on and of course he would pee pee during the night and I am thinking that was the smell even tho I had washed it when they left but I stripped my bed at 11:00pm tonight and I prewashed my blanket and then I washed it again with some great smelling laundry soap and I have just finished making up my bed and I am so tired and want to go and crawl into bed but I decided that I needed to say a few words here before I do.

 One of the reasons that I have been in a dark place is a family issue. Remember a while back that I blogged about cutting a person out of my life at least digitally on social media?

 Well today was the day. Enough was Enough and I won't lie, it was hard. Harder I guess because it was family. My sister actually. 

 A few months ago and I have been trying to remember but I think that it was close to when I flew to Reno to be with my granddaughter for her birthday or maybe it was right after I got back my sister called to tell me that she and the man she had been with for the past 35 years or so was splitting up. You know.. I think it was right before Christmas because I remember talking to her and she was wrapping Christmas gifts with her daughter they were splitting up.

 I don't remember the next time that she called me but the guy that she split up from got married right after Christmas. She didn't take it well at all.

 I told my sister I wasn't taking sides and I meant it. I seen a post saying that he had gotten married and the profile was him and his new wife and I accepted his friend request. 

 I didn't think anything about it because he is a great guy and I was happy to know that he was happy. But I kept my conversations pretty short and so did they. I congratulated them and asked what they were up too and they had moved out to the country and had just bought 45 baby chicks.

 That is what we talked about. Living in the country and having a garden and really that is about all.

 That is also around the time that I had blood poison from my kidney that turned Sepsis and I was in the hospital.

 Do you know, other than my kids who called and checked on me every single day I was in the hospital... Yes him and his new wife. Other than my kids they are the only ones that called me. I called my sister and let her know but my sister Linda text me, but I was so very sick and I wasn't paying attention to phone calls but I did call her. 

 She said that the reason she didn't call was because she knew I was really bad sick. She could have called anyone of my kids to find out how I was but she didn't.

 After I got home Karyn came over with my little Keurig coffee maker and she was showing me how to use it when my phone rang. It was my sister calling me to say.... "Why are you still friends with him and his new wife on Facebook? That is a insult to me. If you don't un-friend them then I will have no choice but to un-friend you."

 Well I still wasn't feeling my best and I didn't want any drama so I sent him a private message and said that to keep the peace I was going to unfriend them but they coud always reach me by sending me a message on my phone or on Messenger.

 They said that they understood and that they were there if I ever needed anything. 

 I may have things not in sequence in my retelling because a lot of my time is still not clear in my head. It all happened but maybe not totally in order.

 Anyway about the time that the boys bought the car they had questions and they asked if their uncle might know some good information and I thought to myself that this was just silly so I sent them a friend request and they accepted.

 We didn't talk about much. Out of the 45 chickens they only had a few left because on 3 separate occasions coyotes got them. It was really upsetting and so we talked about the steps to protect future chicks.

 It really doesn't matter what we talked about. The fact is we talked. Now my sister has nothing to do with me really. She never calls me and she never likes anything I put on Facebook and she never answers my calls so color me surprised when I got up this morning... Yesterday morning I had a text from her that said.... "Beth I thought that you deleted... him and his wife but I have people asking me why my sister was friends with him after the shitty way that he did me."

 I didn't respond. About that time my other sister called me and she said.. Oh she was mad and she unfriended you. I said okay. So I went to Facebook and Deleted and blocked her.

 There was no people asking her why her sister was friends with her ex. I know this because I am not friends with any of her friends or even her kids. She went searching my contacts and friends. She could go thru my older sister and my middle sister to see my friends but what is funny ironically is that she called my younger sister and said... "Beth blocked me." so my sister responded, "Well you un-friended her so that is usually what people do." She also supposedly said that I disrespected her by not deleting them.

 So wait... She unfriends me but gets mad because I blocked and deleted her? Well it is obvious I can't win with her but I don't want to either. I have put up with her games for years and I just had enough but it is still hard to do this, but I needed to do it for me.

 All of this is control. She thought that she could tell everyone that was friends with him that they needed to choose her over him and she has lost. 

 I know one other person that blocked and deleted her not just on social media but on her phone as well. I left her on my phone but if she gives me any hell, I will delete her from my phone as well.

 I told her that I wasn't going to pick sides. He didn't leave me... He left her. (But she was saying for a long time that she wished he would leave and take his dogs with him. So he did.

 For as long as they were together he asked her over and over to marry him and she wouldn't do it so after she started treating him bad he not only left but he found someone who did want to marry him. And he married the girl. 

 She isn't as innocent as she wants people to believe. Personally I think that this falls back to control.

 She has never been dumped before. She was always the first one to end a relationship. She divorced her first husband and moved to Tennessee and then re-married her first husband and filed for divorce again. So she dumped her first husband twice.

 This go round he beat her to it and it is eating her up inside. She needs therapy or counseling and some medication. She needs someone to talk to. She needs to find something to do that will take her mind off of everyone that upsets her. I know that I can't help her.

 Well it is super late/early here. It is now 5:00 am. I could make a cup of coffee but I think that I will just say thank you for letting me vent and I will talk to you later on... Hugs to all. BB

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hello To A New Day

This page was made using a kit from my sweet friend Kyra, I don't remember the name of this kit and I really hope that I have it backed up on my external hard drive, which I am pretty sure that I do. I just haven't had the time or felt up to looking thru my 100's of kits. 
 I am not exaggerating lol. I do have hundreds and on top of the kits that I have I also have a whole lot of Quick pages from Miss Edna and then the freebies and the kits from my private group. LOL I could keep going but I am sure that you understand that I really do love digital scrapbooking.

 Hello and Happy Thursday!

 It is almost the weekend. We just haven't got to it quiet yet. I don't have any plans for the weekend since this Corona virus has gotten everyone in my household staying home except for when they have to go out for groceries or for work or to take me to a doctor appointment we just stay home.

 We are all a bit stir crazy and it is beginning to show because the boys and I had a pretty bad argument tonight. Actually it was last night as it is after 3 in the morning here. 

 I had 2 doctor appointments and the car started over heating and we barely made it to my clinic and Jonathan pulled into the parking lot and put the car in park when it died.
 Well that was nerve wracking for me and I know he was upset because this car has been in the shop more than in our driveway. 
 It had to be towed to the repair shop and we had to Uber home. Another expense and Jonathan and Nathan are dipping into their savings now. 

 Nathan bought this car from his manager at his work. Nathan has had to learn a hard lesson the hard way. 
 Don't buy anything from people you work with, especially your supervisor/manager that makes sure you get the hours you need at work. Piss him off and he can cut your hours or make your job really difficult or buy anything from your friends and family.
 Friends turn out not to be great friends in the end of a bad sale of what ever it is your buying and family.... sheesh family can be a nightmare. 
 As a family it is already hard to keep the peace and buying things from family members can stir up a whole helluva lot of DRAMA all by themselves without adding buying something from family. Something is always misunderstood at the end of the day. AND the most important thing of all is... Get it written down on paper. That way there is no misunderstandings.

 Back to my doctor appointments. I had to go and see my endocrinologists today so she could scan my reader for my blood sugars to see how this infusion pump is doing. It is working beautifully. My blood sugar is leveling out and I was taking 6 units of insulin at meals 3 times a day. Well I am happy to report that since it is working so nicely I only have to take 5 units now. This is such wonderful news for me.
 She checked my blood pressure and it was low. Not really bad but unusual for me. It is usually a bit on the high side but nothing to worry about.

 When we left there and headed to my primary care doctors office that is when the car started to overheat. There really wasn't a place to pull over and we were just 2 red/greenlights from where we needed to be so Jonathan made the decision to try and get there and we did.
 Jonathan stayed with the car so he could call a towing company and I went on to the front to let them know I was there. 
 It was hot as blazes too and we still are being seen curbside so Gabriel and Alan, 2 of my favorite people came out to take my temp and blood pressure. 
 Alan asked me if I had to walk very far and I shook my head and said No, we are parked around the shady side of the building. Gabriel had gone to help someone else and Alan said I will be right back and he was. He brought me a bottle of water and said my blood pressure was very low.
I have been very very tired for the last week or so. Not a normal tired but a drained tired. So tired that I haven't wanted to do much of anything.
 Alan said that my doctor was coming out to talk to me but for me to just sit back and relax and drink the water.
 My doctor came right out and she was really concerned with my blood pressure being so low. She asked me if I remembered how I felt at my last visit last week and I said I wasn't feeling good but I blamed it on the UTI that I had and she agreed that would make me uncomfortable. 
 She told me to stop the water pill that I am taking because it was probably dehydrating me and I not realize it and it was more than likely the cause of my low blood pressure. 
 By the time that they rechecked my blood pressure it had come up just enough that I could leave.
 The timing was just right because our Uber had arrived. I still felt really drained I nodded off on the ride home. I got a nice little cat map. When we got home I decided I needed to rest. So I put on a comfy nightie and laid down. I didn't sleep but I rested. 

 I called Matt but he didn't answer so I figured he must be busy. He called me back about a half hour later and we talked for a little while and he said he had to finish tarping his load and then he was headed to Tennessee. He said he wished I could go with him and to schedule my doctor appointments for August and reschedule the ones in September for August. I have only one so I can move it to the last week of August. He wants to pick me up and take me with him on the truck. 
 Oh that is something that I would really enjoy but I don't think that I will go anywhere as long as we are still battling the Covid19 virus. 
 It would be nice to be able to go with him but I have to be realistic. 
 Matthew lives in Salt Lake City Utah now. He wants me to see where he lives and spend time with me and that warms my heart.

 After we hung up I remembered what Nathan said to Matt about not having the money to keep taking Ubers to get to and from work. 
 I walked into the kitchen on my way to the garage and I passed Nathan at the computer and I put my hand on his shoulder and he really got upset.
 Obviously I startled him and he was in the middle of a game and he lost the fight that he was in.
 I apologized and said that I was sorry and he wanted to know what I wanted that was so important that I interrupted him for.
 I told him that I over heard what he said to Matthew and that I had a little money in my savings if he needed it to get to work tomorrow.

 Well that set off a huge argument. Jonathan came to see what was going on with me and Nathan and they both just hurt my feelings really bad I started crying.
 Nathan said that he didn't need my money and Jonathan said that I am on Social Security and that I can't assist others because I am the one that needs assistance and that they are grown men and can solve their own problems. 
 I just need to take care of myself and not worry about them.

 Damn what ever happened to thoughtfulness, kindness, offering to help?
 This entire argument didn't have to blow up the way it did. Why couldn't Nathan just say Thank you mom for offering but I got it covered. 
 He said that he was pissed off because he had worked hard in his game and that I caused him to lose. REALLY?????

 Well that is the last argument that we will ever have about me offering my help no matter what it is. 
 If they need anything at all no matter how small it is they better ask someone else to pass the salt so to speak.
 They want to treat me as if I am not capable of any kind of help so be it. 

 Jonathan and I used to do something together every Sunday. We would rent a movie or go to "Our Place" that we said would be our Mom and Son place to eat, we would have a date (Grin). We haven't been able to go and do the little things that we did on Sundays out of abundance of caution for the both of us being at risk of getting sick.
 So yeah I think that a lot of this argument has to do with us being together a little too much. Unless we go to our rooms and stay there we are bound to get on each others nerves but still the way this argument started and the reason why it started is just crazy but this time around I am not going to forget the harsh words we all said.

 Enough of my rambling, I am going to bed. It is almost 6 in the morning. I have been doing a bit of cleaning I haven't done this week. 
 Today is garbage day so I spent time cleaning portions of the fridge and gathering up old sales papers and also I put a load of towels in the washer and with that much done I am going to sleep. I feel like my eyes are going to shut any time now so I will post again soon to tell you what I am working on. Until next time take care of yourselves... Hugs, BB


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Happy Birthday Nathan and Old Memories

My little grandson Dante at a year old.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

 Hello Sunday,
 Actually Nathan's birthday was yesterday but I had some problems with my sugar yesterday and so I didn't get a chance to blog. I did sleep a lot yesterday and now at 3:00 in the morning I am awake.

 I am having problems with this blogger format. I had Jonathan come and help me get it semi back to how I had it. I am not going to revert back to the old because it is only good until August 24th and it will be back to the new one permantely so I might as well get use to it now. I don't know what happened to my spell checker either so it is late and I will just make do with it as it is this late and work more on it tomorrow and see if I can figure out why I am having such a hard time adapting to this new format. I usually don't have this much trouble and usually enjoy learning different things but maybe I am just getting to old for this old dog to learn new tricks.

 Speaking of dogs, this is how I awoke this morning.. (Saturday morning.)

 My little Foxy came to spend the day with me. Jonathan opened my door and let me know that my Foxy girl was here.

 During the time that I was awake she was snuggled with me. I awoke around 1:30 am and couldn't find her. 
 Jonathan said that Karyn had came and picked her up. I guess I wasn't much fun for her today with me sleeping so much. 

 I have my new insulin pump and I have to call on Monday because Jonathan said that all of my insulin leaked out and so I have not had the correct dosage because it is different than what I was taking before I got this pump. 
 We think that I might be accidently hitting a button or that I might lay on it wrong and activating the insulin which could be very dangerous. 
 I don't see how I could be activating it unless Jonathan has installed it wrong so we are suppose to be going back on Tuesday so he and I both need a refresher course. It is suppose to make my life easier but right now it is just confusing. 
 I don't think that Nathan had a really good birthday. They gave him the day off and he was suppose to hang out with a buddy today but his jaw was swollen and he had a ice pack that he was holding up to his face. He works a double today so he will have to call and see if he can get in to see his dentist on Monday. I will be glad for him to be able to get all of his teeth out but right now unless he has to have a few pulled, they will not do them all at once because of the  pandemic and limited office hours and unless it is a abscess  and needs antibiotics it is considered elective surgery. 
 He is totally aggravated and I understand why he is. It wasn't that long ago that I was going thru my own pain and aggravation with my dentist only pulling one or two at a time. It wasn't the dentist it was my insurance at the time. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that anymore and will be glad when it is all over for Nathan.

  I have been thinking a lot about a time in my life that was eons ago but seems like yesterday. It's funny how time is. It can really fly by or it can crawl by. I guess it depends on the circumstances.
 It started with me reading a opinion piece and it reminded me of growing up in a small town and how I ended up there.  One of my very best friends Mary Linda
 and Vicki and I were the 3 Girlateers lol.  We had so much fun together and I was thinking about how we met and all the fun we had and yes of course the fights! All a part of friendship that has sustained 45 years and longer for Vicki and I. I would spend summers with my cousin and Vicki lived next door to aunt and uncle.

 When I was 13 or so our home was destroyed by a tornado. My daddy and brother was working in Dallas helping to build DFW airport. Their portion of the job had just ended and we had gone to visit my sister and her husband a couple of hours away so my dad and brother could go and talk to my brother in law's foreman about a construction job.
 I was watching tv when they had a special announcement break in and I ran to tell my mom and sister who was in the kitchen getting ready to cook dinner that a tornado hit our trailer park and it was bad. 
 I remember mama was peeling potatoes and she wiped her hands on her apron and said "Oh that has to be a mistake. Either get in here and help peel potatoes or go back in yonder."
 Being 13 I went in yonder... (Not a word we hear everyday lol.)

When the announcement came on again I yelled for mama and my sister and while I was trying to tell them in a kid fashion... Hey see I was right...  the impact of what we were watching finally hit me.
 I can still see my mother's face as her world crashed around that tv set and my sister being the voice of reason because when mama started crying so did I. 
 I was crying because my mama was crying. But I was old enough to know that this was bad.
 My mother met daddy and James at the door and said that we had to leave that a tornado had hit our trailer park and that it looked like nothing was left.

 I was able to talk mama and daddy in letting me go back with them. It was bad. There was nothing left of our mobile home. But my brothers mobile home was still standing. It was so strange how a tornado will take one place and leave the next place still intact. 
 While our place was gone I shudder to think of what would have happened if we had been home that weekend. A lot of our friends lost their homes as well but I don't remember if anyone was hurt. I know that the woman across from us, her trailer was still there but the one on the corner was gone. 

 Back in the early 70's mobile homes were classy. There was no saying that I had ever heard until years later Trailer Park Trash. I hated that term then and I hate it now. 
 Our mobile home was beautiful. It was my mother's first brand new home. She and my daddy toured the sales and my mother had the choice of everything. My daddy often said that when she asked him his opinion he said to her. "Mama this is all for you. You get what you want." and she did.
 She chose the Monterrey Spanish style. I cringe now at the shag avocado green carpet and how it had to be vacuumed all the time and raked. UGH I hated that chore I think most of all but I did like the avocado green appliances. I even liked the tile in kitchen and bathrooms as well as everything being brand spanking new.

 I remember talking to mama years later about  why didn't they use the insurance money and buy something else.
 Mama said that back then they didn't require people to have insurance. "But you could get it couldn't you?" I asked her and she said that like everyone they made their share of mistakes and since my daddy was making such wonderful money they lived in the minute and didn't plan ahead.
 I of course realize now that I didn't know so much about my parents during this time. My world revolved around the Osmond's, all the new music and dance moves  along with my friends and having my very own bedroom and bath that I was oblivious to so much. Along with the good I certainly remember the bad. It wasn't until I was a mother that my past growing up years became significant. I wonder why when I think of that time of my life the bad things seem to just jump out of my memories first? 

 There was one special thing that my daddy had made or had made and that was my cedar chest. Sadly I don't know if my daddy made it or had it made but I remember how much I treasured it. It was my hope chest. 

 Growing up my mom use to buy Breeze laundry detergent and she mainly bought that huge box but later on as she helped me collect things for my hope chest she would buy the other sizes so we could get the items tucked inside.
 Inside the small boxes were wash cloths, the medium were hand towels and the large were bath towels.
 There were also the dishes and silver ware, cups and glasses. You name it they were promoting their detergent and I think that mama had as much fun helping me collect as I was.

 We also had books upon books of S&H green stamps. 
There was also another set of stamps and I cannot remember them now but I think that they were Gold Stamps. I will ask my sister Sharon because she will remember.  They are Gold Bond stamps.... I came across it as I was searching links for stamps. OH the Memories... OH the WISHES... We would spend hours filling our books lol.

 Anyway my cedar chest survived the tornado and the contents inside my hope chest is what we started over with. Mama kept the chest for years afterwards. I had married and moved to Indiana and couldn't take it with me. I don't know what ever happened to it. 

 Well it is now 8:30 in the morning and enough of my rambling. I totally skipped over my original reason I went down on this trip of memory lane. Maybe I will add it next time. Never know about me..

 I would love to hear your memories... I would really enjoy the trip... Until next time... BB


Memorial Day 2023

  My brother James when he had Lung surgery.    Hello,   This man in the pics above is my brother James. One before going into surgery and t...