Friday, November 22, 2019

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Photo from Pixaby

 I hope all are doing well. We are ok but I think a stomach bug is going around because Karyn came in tonight feeling sick to her stomach and a coup[e of times the baby Damien has thrown up. No fever but general nausea and no appetite.
 I was sick last night. Laurie gave me bottle of Pedialyte for me to drink to replace my fluids. I don't want to get dehydrated. 

 I chose this photo because I love how the woman is displayed in with the moon and stars. I think that it is so pretty and I really wanted to watch the Unicorn Meteor Showers last night but I didn't get to because we had too much cloud cover and rain. 
 I am hoping that I can see them in December. It just hasn't been my year to watch any of them. Maybe I can in 2020.

 I am sorry I was in a semi pissy mood in my last post. I don't like discussing politics but I don't hound others that have different opinions than I do.
 Everyone should have their own opinions and if they differ from others, family included it should be fine. 
 Anyway I want to apologize for my mood. I was just irritated.

 So that pretty much covered the last two days. I really haven't done much or have much going on here but I am hoping that the next few days are smooth as I am going to have several extra guests this year for Thanksgiving. 
 My son Matthew has a student driver with him and he wouldn't feel right  knowing he had no where to go and so Matt called and asked if he could bring his student over for Thanksgiving.
 He also asked me to run it by everyone to make sure it was ok and everyone in this house said... "Of course bring him".
 One thing about my family is that anyone alone is always welcome at our table.
 Then a friend of mine hasn't made any plans but she may have something at her church but she said she would be delighted if her church wasn't doing anything so we will see. 

 Gosh I remember my kids growing up and all of the meals we had that someone's kids besides my own were at the table. 
 Then there were other guests and our holiday meals we had around 30 40 or more people. 
 We always had more than enough food. Everyone brought food or paper plates etc... We never had anyone go hungry and of course it was also ways to communicate and socialize and be thankful for what we had to be able to share.

 Steve will you and Dave have your own Thanksgiving since your in London and not home? 
 I know that it isn't a holiday there but I didn't know if you planned on cooking a turkey or not lol...

 Miss Edna you know I do not open boxes except on that special day. I will put it with my other boxes. I want to put the tree up Thanksgiving night while I have all my kids under one roof. Matthew will be going to Reno for Christmas. So I want to make sure that I have at least one Photo with all 5 under the Christmas Tree. Or at least one with all 5 of them together.

 I have a dish that I am going to make. It probably isn't one that is going to pair with turkey and stuffing but I am going to make it anyway.

 When my daughter Laurie lived in Pasadena California she and I would go outside and let Adrian play while we waited for this man who had a cart that he pushed. 
 In this cart he had the most wonderful Elotes and she and I would get one. They were a dollar each.
 Elotes are Mexican Street Corn. The large ears of corn were on a long stick. He would have them in a tray of butter. We could tell him what we wanted on it.
 He would roll them in mayonnaise and sprinkle them with garlic salt and then roll them in Parmesan cheese and add a sprinkle of spices. We always chose chili powder, a creamy kind of cheese and lime juice. 
 All of that deliciousness for a dollar. I know I must have told it out of order somewhat, but oh they are so good.
Anyway I found a recipe for it in a casserole form. So I am going to make that for my special dish this year.

 Anyway I am going to get off here and get ready for bed. Sweet dreams to everyone and Be Blessed!!! BB


  1. I didn't see your earlier post, but politics is enough to make anyone pissy! It's a difficult and frustrating time and a difficult and frustrating topic.

    Dave and I have two Thanksgivings planned, actually -- we're going to dinner with one of his former colleagues on Thanksgiving day, and then having some colleagues over for a traditional dinner on that Saturday. Fortunately, Dave does the cooking -- but I do the cleanup!

  2. I came here because of Donald Trump and Steve Reed. When Trump was elected I was so upset I refused to read any more news in the morning ever again. I don't watch it on TV and if I go somewhere that it's on I leave the room. I'm not sure how I found Steve but I determined to read everyone on his blog list. My morning news now is Steve Reed's Shadow and Light and everyone that is listed there. Steve's garden, Olga's walks, and Mary Moon's chickens are the kind of news I'm into these days.
    Thanksgiving! I am one of 15 children, an old man now but the 12th of the 15. Thanksgiving at our house when I was a kid was something to behold. We had a small farm in far eastern Oregon, near the Idaho border. We raised our own chickens and turkeys. A turkey that was hand raised could reach 30 lbs at the table, something you never see in the store and a task for mom to bake because finding a way to roast a bird that big was a challenge. She did it and everyone was fed. Hubbard squash from the garden and tons of russet potatoes were also served. Older brother's and sisters would often drive from hundreds of miles away to be there and bring with them cousins and nieces and nephews with new stories and ideas to share. We had a couple of milk cows and lots of cream. Mom would make eggnog from real whipped cream and tons of eggs. She used to say, “I'm a teetotaler!” but somehow a liberal dose of Old Grand-Dad would find it's way into that nog. As a young boy who was the size of a grown man, I remember what a treat that was. And the pies, oh heavens, don't take me there.
    My dad was a millwright and a carpenter by trade. He used a material called Bird's Eye Pine to make a dinning room table. It was 10' long and almost 4' wide. When I was 10 years old they bought an abandon school house from the local school district that didn't use it anymore. That was home and that table fit right in there. On Thanksgiving day there wasn't an extra inch of that table that wasn't used, and there were side tables to catch the overflow.
    Your Thanksgiving description reminded me of those days, so many years ago now. Thanks for the blog. And thanks to all the other bloggers who write and are on Steve's page. I'm 70 years old, (God, can you believe that?) and you help my days be bright. No, I don't miss all of that crap on the news at all nor the heated arguments that such broadcast would often bring. I'm glad that's all behind me now. It's an addiction I beat by turning my back on it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  3. It's awesome that all your kids will be together for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see the photos. I'm sorry that you're not feeling so good. I sure hope you're much better in time for Thanksgiving. I'll give you a call later today, hugs, Edna B.

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