Friday, November 1, 2019

Checking In From Reno

Photo Caroline Blue

 Hi, Just a fast and quick post. We are doing well. My little girl Celeste is still running a small temp and still sleeping but she is doing fine.
 It is so good to be here. She told me... Nana You are the very best nana in the whole wide world... that was the first thing she said to me while her little arms were around my neck as she and I met... even before saying hi... What a great introduction... 
 She slept with me the first night for part of the night and then she  went to her moms bed. I loved that too.

 We were sick at the same time. I am sure that I had elevation sickness. It was bad. So I am doubling my water intake to make sure that I am not dehydrated when I fly home. That is one of the things that causes elevation sickness. 
 Her sitter the next day was really sick with throwing up, aches and pains and a few other ails like fever and such but not Celeste. Just a fever. A very high one tho.103 and so we just cuddled a lot that day.
 The next day she was better and her fever down, so she opened a few birthday presents with her daddy watching on video chat, me taking pics and her mom trying to video everything to send to him. It was a busy morning, then we went to Denny's for Breakfast and then back home where I rested until it was time to go to the Children's Discovery Museum. I have never been but I really enjoyed myself as much as she did.
 I would like to go again just to read some of the exhibits but she wanted to play so I let her. She did stop to let me read to her on a few of them. She would ask me what something was and so I said well lets find out. She was really interested too.
 Then she would go and play and two of her favorites was fishing in a little magnetic pond and climbing this mountain and sliding down. We got there about 2:30 and the party started at 5:00pm so we had a great time before the party started. We could tell she was tired so we packed up everything and when we got her home her temp was 99.0 so she opened a few more presents and went to bed. She is sleeping still.
 No fever yesterday but before Courtney went to work this morning she checked her temp and it is the same. No throwing up or anything.
 Her sitter is better this morning so she will be coming about noon. 

 It was 17 degrees here the first night, and 14 the next night. I awoke this morning and it was 25 degrees. So we are getting a bit warmer today.
 We didn't go out last night. I was asleep very early and she was sleeping when her mom came home. We both were. Only difference is I didn't wake up until almost 6:00am this morning. I tend to do that. I have a big day the day before and crash badly the next day. 
 The time change got me too and tomorrow night the time changes again. Then going home I will cross time changes again so I know that when I get home I will crash out again. 
 Courtney said that there was only 1 group of Trick or Treaters. It was really to cold to take Celeste out and since she has been sick and running a slight fever they just stayed in.
 I am glad that Courtney will be off work for the weekend since we can catch up on things and spend time together too.

 It is time for me to close. Have a great weekend and I will share pics soon. I can't share any of my little girl because I promised her mom that I wouldn't put her on the internet but will share other things. Also I am trying to catch up on blogs so I will be back when I can Have a wonderful weekend everyone. BB


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Edna's blog. It sounds like you are enjoying your time with family. Hope you are all back to normal now! Have a great 👍 day!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank You for stopping by and welcome. I am home now. My visit was way to short but I think all of them are.
      How are you???
      I must go to your blog! I love blogs. I have been on and off this past year but had so much going on. I hope things get more settled so I can blog every day.
      Again it is great to meet you and stop in again. I love to converse with my readers.. enjoy your day!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a very special bonding time with your little one, even though neither of you was feeling in top top form. You were a comfort to each other, and to be told you're the best nana in the world, well, is there anything better? Take care of yourself dear Beth. Take it slow for a bit when you get back home.

  3. I'm so glad your visit is going so well. Your granddaughter sounds so precious. I'm so glad that you finally got to meet her and exchange hugs and loves. I hope the both of you are feeling better really quick. Beth, you have a great flight home. chat with you soon, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Oh, that's right -- you're in Reno! I forgot. Sounds like things are going well with family, despite the illnesses. Hope you all feel better soon!


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