Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday TGIF

Kit is called Geraldine's Winter....

 It is cool out this morning, 59 degrees but the sun is shining and the gray and wet skies have finally moved out.
 This day is simply gorgeous and is suppose to just get prettier with days getting warmer. Monday is to be in the 70's so we will see.

 Nathan cooked brunch for us this morning. He made rice and veggies with some scrambled eggs. It was all perfect until we grabbed the gluten free soy sauce and discovered that it was left over Mongolian sauce that someone had cooked and poured into a left over soy sauce bottle. Our brunch had to be thrown away because it has been weeks since Laurie and Karyn made the Mongolian Beef and so yeah, better safe than sorry. 
 I mentioned it first... "Who put sugar in the rice stir fry?" When no one admitted to doing it then we had to investigate. "Since when does soy sauce come sweetened?"
 Well the good news is that we have plenty of rice ready to eat.

 Nothing new here to report so this blog post might be shorter than I antiicipated it being. I had a doctor appointment today and found out that my pain management now has office hours for Saturday but they were booked so now I have it scheduled for Monday morning at 10:00am.
 I was wanting to get it over with today but Jonathan and Karyn are both having to work full days today so I was able to move it. I am lucky to have enough pain meds to last me thru the weekend but that is it. Monday I will be out so I have to go to the new appointment.
 I am in so much pain the last couple of days. It is because of the weather being cold and damp.

 Nathan is off on Friday's now so we are going to watch our series in a little while. I will be super happy to enjoy these programs with my son. 
 I will also enjoy just relaxing on the sofa after this is done. It will educate my mind and in the meantime I will be able to try and ease my bones. I am sure that it is my fibromyalgia acting up. I can feel the soreness all over.
 It has been a confusing couple of weeks at my house in terms of who is doing dishes, who is not, how they are done. Laurie of course is trying to make things easier but I have my own way of doing dishes and laundry.
 So basically I have just stopped with the exception of my laundry as I prefer to do a prewash in cold water with my clothes and then wash in hot or warm water for the main cycle.
 The reason I prefer a cold prewash is easy. Cold water lifts stains and then a warm or a hot wash will get clothes cleaner.
 I use to work in a laundry matt and this was pointed out to us on the first day so I have always done this where I can.
 As for dishes I am not going to change how I do dishes. As long as they are clean when I go to eat out of it that is all that matters to me.
 But Laurie would like to see anything dirty stacked on the counter and rinsed so it is easier for the one doing the dishes. I don't know why everyone has an issue with her over it. Since she is mainly the dishwasher, just do it the way she wants it done.
 I am about ready to knock all of these kids across the head! Who cares as long as the dishes are clean and they are done and the laundry is done and put away? I sure don't.

 Karyn has gone to get some lunch since we just threw ours away earlier. I have to say that I am hungry! 
 I will close for now so that I can have lunch and take my meds. Have a great Friday everyone. BB



  1. It sounds chaotic at your house. I'm used to living alone with just my dog. Hopefully you can get your pain meds soon. It's good that you get to spend some quality time with Nathan. I enjoy doing things with my kids too. Today is going to be a nice lazy day here. Maybe I'll do a bit of crocheting. Or maybe I'll read another book. Pogo is napping again. He just had his turkey treat. I'll give you a call later today, hugs, Edna B.

    1. It really is chaotic here at my house. A stark difference than how it use to be but I do adore spending time with my little ones even tho at the end of the day I am usually wiped out haha.

      Today I have tried working on my blog. I might get it done lol. First of all I need to think about doing some online things. I need to study since I have been putting a lot of it off. Thankfully I work at my own pace.

      Talk to you soon my sweet friend... xxx


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