Friday, November 8, 2019

Computer Updates And Other Problems

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  I am home from Reno Nevada. What an incredible trip. I loved every minute of it and my trip was way to short. I will treasure this trip for as long as I am on this earth.

 Yesterday I spent several hours catching up on blog posts and then I went to work on my own blog and what happened? My computer crashed.
 At first it scared me and then it just ticked me off. I finally had to shut it down and do a new update that took most of the night. I finally just closed it out and went to bed.
 I let it do it's thing this morning which included the update. I have my fingers crossed that whatever little/big problem that it had is fixed. I am hoping that is the case anyway.

 Well it is cold and wet here. The humidity and weather here is so different than in Reno. It is 45 degrees here and wet and rainy and it is cold.
 I didn't take a coat to reno, but I did have my fleece type robe and the last morning I was there I put it on and took my coffee out on the balcony and watched the sun come up. 
 It was 38 degrees and it was just really nice. I come home and it is 45 here and it is COLD... it is just amazing the difference in the humidity between here and there.

 My last day was bittersweet. Celeste and I played with her new toys that she got for her birthday and even a couple of ones she already had.
 She had cereal and toast for breakfast and then we waited for her sitter to get there. Pegee is wonderful with Celeste. I do have to say that Celeste has Pegee wrapped around her finger tho. 
 Pegee is six years older than I am, she is built like the Bionic Woman with lots of metal replacements in her knees and shoulders but she can sit on the floor and play all kinds of things with my girl.
 I certainly cannot do it. I sat on the sofa and used the coffee table lol. The floor is way to low for me. And I am short lol.
 Pegee had a doctors appointment at 9:00 that morning and she also got into some gnarly traffic. She always stops at 7-11 for coffee and we had a power outage so the registers wouldn't work. It was obviously a big power outage because it affected most of all of Nevada. 
 Finally the clerks said that if the customers were just getting coffee then it was on them and to have a good day so the coffee was still hot and Pegee was happy until she got to us and she slammed the car door on her hand and cut her finger pretty bad. 
 Pegee got Celeste ready for her doctor and dentist appointment. (After she got the finger bandaged) and her mom came home early so that we could get my luggage and walker into the car and then we grabbed a snack and made sure that our little girl had her teeth brushed, hair brushed and everything she needed in her little purse and then her mom got her buckled in and off we went.
 Celeste got good check ups at both the doctor and the dentist. No cavities! 
 Our next stop was at McDonalds and then to the airport. Kids are so funny.
 When we would go out and Celeste would act up, her mom would tell her "I guess that we will just have to put all this back and go home" to which Celeste would start behaving.
 So when we went to McDonalds she knew that our next stop was to the airport and she started acting up. We figured out that she thought that if she acted up then we would just go home and Nana wouldn't have to go to the airport lol.
 Mom said... "Well Nana I guess that we will just have to take you to the airport early and Celeste and I will drop you off and we will go home".
 Hahaha... She decided she had better eat her Happy Meal and quit messing around and behave.
 Still there were tears on both sides when it was time to say goodbye.. It was hard to close the car door and walk away.

 The trip from Reno to Las Vegas was just an hour and I had to change planes. They claimed a mechanical issue but I really don't believe that because a pilot wheeled me down to the plane and we were chatting and he said that he would make sure I had someone waiting to help me when we got to Vegas and I said, "Oh I have a direct flight" and he informed me that we most definitely would be getting off in Las Vegas. Sure enough we did! 
 So my conclusion is that if there was a mechanical issue that my nice pilot either has a gift of premonition which is doubtful or they always de-plane in Vegas... lol.
 I am not sure if my nice pilot was on duty or off duty but he was very nice and said that it was nice to meet me and to enjoy my flight and then he shook my hand.

 From Las Vegas home to Austin I just sat back and closed my eyes and before I knew it we were landing. I fell asleep. I was very tired because it was late when I went to bed the night before and I got up around 5:00am. Plus our time changed on Sunday and then I crossed time zones so I needed the nap. 
 I arrived at 2:00am and discovered that not only myself but everyone that changed planes in Las Vegas did not have their luggage.
 Yep our luggage it seemed went to Baltimore Maryland... Nice! They called me around lunch time the next day to tell me that they had my luggage and walker. 
 My daughter Laurie and granddaughter Cathy and I went to the airport to pick it up.
 If I made the trip to collect my belongings then they would give me a $200 dollar flight voucher. Otherwise they would deliver it but it could take up to 3 days.
 Luckily we only live about a half hour from the airport. Less than that if traffic is light.
 They had it all ready. I just had to show my Identification and then sign a piece of paper that I picked it up.

One thing that I want to say is "Beware" of what you pack because I had a piece of paper in my suitcase that said a new law states that all bags would be searched.
 Luckily I didn't try to smuggle.....



I thought that I had taken a photo of my grandson Dante in my suitcase but maybe I just thought that I had taken one. Maybe I didn't.
 In any case since they open the bags now they would have discovered my precious stow-a-ways!

 It is time that I got busy around here. I am so behind in everything. Laurie and I are going thru a lot of boxes seeing what they can use when they find a house and I am going to be staying with Jonathan and Nathan and I am not sure if we will stay in this duplex or not. I want to redecorate the kitchen, living room, bathroom and my bedroom. So this is a chance for me to get rid of a lot of old stuff to make room for the new. 
 Even if we don't stay here I still want to redecorate. It is time. I just haven't decided exactly what I want to do. Something fun and whimsical. Something bright and airy with lots of colors.

 Jonathan wants to see if our landlady has another unit like the one that we have.
 I would just like to stay here but every time it rains we are afraid that it is going to flood.
 The new gutters hasn't really helped this issue like the salesman had told her. They help but we expected them to really do a better job of moving the water away from the back to the road and drainage area and there has been a couple of times we had to start getting things off of the floor and get things ready to move just in case water started coming in. (Usually in the middle of the night).
 Thankfully we always had a break in the rain so that the water went down but as we know it can happen and has happened one day it might rain for days without a break.
 That has happened several times living in Austin. The rain just keeps on coming and coming without breaks. One year our entire stadium at UT was flooded all the up and over the seats. 

 We have always lived on a hill that was on a hill. Well not here. So Jonathan is hoping that she might have another place that is not close to a creek like we have a couple of blocks from us and that is on higher ground. We will just have to wait and see.

 Ok time for me to close. I gotta get busy and I really just want to take a nap
 Take care everyone. I will be back soon... BB


  1. I'm really glad you had such a wonderful trip. It was nice of the airline to give you the $200 travel voucher. As for searching all the bags, I don't see why this is necessary. They have xray machines to check the bags. I'm not comfortable with someone opening my suitcase and rifling through it. I'm not smuggling anything, but it's an invasion of my privacy. I wonder why they starting doing it. I'm hoping that you and the boys will be able to find a place that is on a bit higher ground. Flooding is certainly not easy to deal with. Today I'm catching up on some of my blog reading. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

    1. I agree Edna. I took Courtney some picture frames and had them packed carefully in the middle of my suitcase. When I opened them the frames were on top of my things and 2 of the frames were broken. Just the glass on one and a chip off of a glass frame. They didn't even put them back in the middle of the case like I had them packed.
      I had some of my non essential medicine in a zip lock bag that they had gone thru. Anyway nothing missing but I feel like it was a invasion of privacy as well. Sheeeeeesh!

  2. Welcome home. That's a lovely stowaway.

    1. Thank you and I couldn't agree more! It is good to be home tho. Just in time for this blast of Artic air so I can wear my flannel jammies. I hope that you don't get hit hard. I love autumn but winter not so much... :) :( LOL


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