Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Monday Night

Hello Everyone,

 I chose this photo that says Joy is in the simple moments and it is certainly very true. It is the small moments, the little moments and all the moments in between. 

 Miss Edna knows this but I really haven't had much time to do anything if it takes more than 5 minutes. 

 So I will start by telling you that my hand hurting was a really strange ordeal and I talked to one of my doctors that told me that she thought that it was a tendon that wraps around other tendons in diabetics. Later that same afternoon my primary care doctor and I had a telemedicine appt and she also agreed. The next day my hand was worse and I really wasn't feeling good at all. I broke out in a cold clammy sweat and I told my kids that I thought that I needed to go to the hospital. That was Thursday and my hand was hurting and moving up my arm and across my chest. I had a heart attack. The next day was Friday and they cardiac surgeon found one of my arteries on the back side of my heart was 90% blocked. He cleaned it out really good (cholesterol build up) and put in a stent. I was able to go home Saturday afternoon and the next day I flew on out to Reno. 

 My kids and family really didn't want me coming to Reno this soon afterwards but the truth is I couldn't afford the air fare and I would have lost the money I had paid so I decided to come on ahead and make the trip. It was alright. I slept from Austin to Oakland California and I had a 4 hour layover but the time went rather fast. Before I knew it I was landing in Reno and my granddaughter and her mama met me at the baggage terminal. I was happy that Courtney met me because I cannot lift anything heavier than 5 pounds. 

 It was cold and windy here. Actually the turbulence was very scary and this morning we were greeted with hail, sleet and snow but it calmed down except for the wind.

 Matthew and I were in the air at the same time. He was going to Austin to see me and I was on my way to Reno. Karyn told me Saturday night that Matthew was coming in to Austin to be with me but I had already made the decision to go ahead and catch my plane to Reno. Jonathan called me this morning and said that everyone was off work except for Karyn. She had a dental appointment this morning and then was working until 8pm. 

 This just about catches me up for now. I am ready to go and lay down but I wanted to let you know how I was doing. Now I plan on going back and reading all of the blog posts that I have missed. Please excuse any errors I have made. It is late and if I made any mistakes please over look them. Until next time please be safe. Virtual Hugs xoxoxxo BB

Monday, March 8, 2021

A Very Huge Thank You!!!!


 This is a short post to say hello and to Thank each of you for your kind words. I have been really overwhelmed with trying to decide what to pack, what to store and trying to just do what I can when I can do it,

 The photo that I chose to put up today was my Valentine from my sweet neighbor Emily.  Miss Maple is the blonde retriever. She is a service animal but she had time to pose for a Valentine Day photo along with her pal Miss Penny.

 Miss Penny is an older adult who is also just so sweet. She is great company for Miss Maple and Emily as well. I love them as much as I love Ollie and Foxy and all of my furbaby friends from all of my friends. From all of you and friends I have yet to meet.

 Miss Edna,

 Thank you so much for all of your prayers and I will call you tomorrow if I can. I am not feeling my best right now. Fibromyalgia is having a field day with me at the moment.

 Steve YES that was crazy right with Matthew running into his dad. I spoke to him this morning and he is doing a little better.  He did have meningitis but he is home now. He can go back to work tomorrow if he is feeling up to it. Yesterday he said that he is feeling a little better but his energy and appetite was still really low and he is not sleeping well. 

Paddy Girl that snow was CRAZY!!! Do you know what was even crazier? Even tho many Texans were out of power, the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council Of Texas) which controls like 4 states were charging $9,000 us dollars a Kilowatt hour! Some people were charged after one day, before anyone had their power restored receiving bills for $25,000 and up. We read yesterday that the powers that be are not going to reimburse their customers. Not one penny.  My daughter said that this fight will probably go to the Supreme Court and I agree. Our electric company is only giving us a $10 dollar deduction but it was bitter cold and no electricity for days was hard. We wore so many layers and every blanket we owned was used but thankfully we do not have a huge huge bill that we can't pay. 

 You guys have been wonderful keeping up with my sporadic posts and I have been working on days with this one post but everyday I plan to finish it and something happens to where I can't. Thank you all so very much.

 I want to get this posted and not leave it as a draft as I had it for so many days. The problem is with my left hand. My thumb and index finger from the knuckle all the down into the palm is swollen and very painful. I have no idea what happened to it. I just woke up with it throbbing a few weeks ago and it has gotten worse every day. Jonathan ordered me a Copper hands compression glove and it does help but today he is going to try to find me a thumb splint when he goes to Walgreens to pick up my Glaucoma eye drops. 

 Have a wonderful day and take care of yourself always stay safe!!! BB

Monday, February 22, 2021

I Will Never Take Hot Showers For Granted Again!!!



 Just a quick update so I wanted to post while I can. I am waiting for some calls to come in and I have 2 that I have to make today. It has been so crazy here but all of the snow has melted thankfully and we have water but very low water pressure as they are filling up our reservoir before they can turn the water up to normal.

 We are under a boil water ban and we have ran out of bottled water to drink and none of the stores have any in stock at the moment. The ones that did have water had to put a 2 case limit and one place has bottled water but not spring water and even tho we really don't like to drink the other bottled waters, at this point if we can get drinking water we will get what is available. 

 So speaking of water, I was able to take a hot shower last night. The pressure was low but OHHH it was so wonderful. I will not ever take having a hot shower for granted again. I really wish our water pressure would return to normal so that the next time I get a chance to have my shower that I can have the water pressure with it but once again I will take what ever I can get with no complaints and be Thankful.

 I am a very worried mother right now. My son Matthew is in the hospital. Last week he was told that he had strep throat and he got a shot of antibiotics but he started running a high fever while in Louisiana and so we got a call from him where he had been admitted to the hospital and they were doing a spinal tap to check for meningitis. He doesn't have his phone charger so we couldn't talk long as he needed his battery power until he can get his charger.

 This is one of those stranger than fiction stories.

 Matthew was caught in this massive snow storm and he stopped at one of the casinos in Louisiana so he could park his truck because it was getting unsafe to be on the road. He hoped that they had rooms available as he was really needing a shower as well. But if not he could just sleep in his truck. I never found out if he was able to get a room or not. I forgot to even ask the day that I talked with him.

 He went inside and decided to get something to eat and as it was a buffet he walked up to the buffet line and he recognized the man in front of him. That man turned out to be his dad! So how strange is that??? That has happened to Matthew twice now.

 The first time that it happened was a few years ago when he was working for the railroad. He was driving to his next job site and he recognized the voice of the trucker on the CB radio. He pulled up next to the truck and asked the driver if he was so and so and the man replied "Who wants to know?" and Matt said "Your son wants to know." Matthew pulled up along side of him and said stop at the next exit.

 My kids don't have a great relationship with their father for one reason or another. They have gone years without speaking to him and it works both ways. Sometimes he will send the boys a birthday card but he will not send the girls one at all and the last time he sent a card to Nathan and to Matthew but skipped Jonathan, Karyn and Laurie. But back to my story Matthew and his dad were able to spend an hour or so together that day. 

 Anyway this time I am thankful that his dad was at the same casino and that his dad was able to get him to the hospital. He is supposed to be taking Matthew his phone charger so I am hoping to receive some news soon. I have been so worried since last night. Today's phone call hasn't helped my nerves either. I didn't get to talk to him but maybe 5 minutes if that long. 

 Well I guess that this is about all of the news that I have so far so I will close for now and talk to everyone later. Please be careful and as always wear your masks and social distance and I am sending lots of virtual hugs... Oh, Paddington Hi girl! I wish that you could have sent me water too lol. It is the thought that counts and I am thinking of you too. Take care of you and that awesome family of yours. 

 Steve, this snow storm was crazy as heck. We are just thankful that we had everything that we needed to see us thru the hard days and even longer nights. Nathan was totally our Knight in shining armor. We slept in shifts but he Bless his heart slept more in the day so he could stay up thru the night. Many times letting me and Karyn sleep for longer periods of time. Funny thing is that my insomnia did not hit me lol. Any other time I would have been up all night from just having the insomnia hit me. This time I was actually able to sleep!

 Miss Edna, I just tried calling you. I hope that all is going good for you. I have been worried about that storm heading your way. Call me when you can... BB

Friday, February 19, 2021

Snowed In


 It is super cold out. I am hoping that I am posting the right picture of my neighbors roof edge and icicles. This is day 5 of our adventure and it is really has been a adventure for millions of people. One that millions of people are not prepared for and does not want to ever repeat again.

 We have been without power since late Monday night. We got power back on after 80 hours plus a few more. Nathan stopped counting how many hours in total because it wasn't on  constantly as it would come on and go off.

 It all had to do with a power grid that is rather hard to explain. The way that I understand it is that they were going to do a roll out like 45 minutes on and 15 minutes off. They do this in the summer time as a controlled measure to avoid massive outages by shutting the power off at certain times of the day in places that have these smart thermostats. 

 When we lived in the apartments (Ridge Point and San Paloma) they did this. It was fine because it was usually cool enough that we didn't even notice it. By the time it was getting warm in the apartment it was coming right back on. It didn't interfere with our tv's or other things, It just shut off our air conditioning for 15 minutes each day so that it wouldn't cause blackouts like it did in California.

 But as they were taking us off line they were actually trying to take the big establishments off line and OOOp's... it caused Texas to fall off of the grid completely. One of the news stations said that we were minutes to seconds from a total catastrophe. One where we could have suffered months of no power.

  Then to have topped it off yesterday morning (Early) they took our water off line supposedly to protect our Nuclear and Power Plants. So long story short we have no water. The boys have been shoveling snow to melt down so that we can have water to flush the toilet with but it is melting so fast that today will be the last day of that. 

 I am sorry that this is so short but it is almost supper time.. I mean choose our can night lol. Thankfully we have soups and crackers and things to make sandwiches with. I think that I spotted a can of chili in the cupboard. If not I am sure that I can find something that I can eat. One good thing is that we do stock up when we go to the store. I had one of those Mac and Cheese cups for lunch today so I do have some options.

 Take care to all and to all a good night... BB

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Ten Of Wands

 I'm sorry that this photo is slightly blurry. I am going to see if Karyn can take a photo that is less blurry with her Iphone.


 I really hope that everyone is staying warm and that everyone is staying well. I haven't fallen off of the planet but I have been trying to get things lined up for the move to Reno and it is taking me a lot longer than I thought that it would.

So the Wands in Taro mean a lot of different things. From new ideas, growth, creativity to being constructive in confidence, determination, and strength that we need for everything that comes with life. As we grow so do our responsibilities and the higher that we go in the Wands the harder that we need the other wands to be able to succeed.

 Take a look at the Ten Of Wands once more and what stands out for you?  It seems that I have been pulling Wands from my deck all month long and today as I looked at the other cards in my deck and then the last of the Minor Arcana I really looked at the card and I saw why I have been so all over the place. And why am I NOT surprised that I have been drawing Wands lately and I am emotionally all over the place and so damn depressed. 

 Look at her, she is carrying a very heavy burden and she is struggling to climb that damn steep hill and even her little familiar is hanging on for dear life. 

 While the Wands are a great set of Minor Arcana there are so many variables. From the wonderful to the other things that bring the not so wonderful things.  Like her familiar I feel like I am just barely hanging on. 

 I have had some sad sad sad news in recent days, I am really worried about my kidney and the news that I will receive from my doctor in the morning when he and I have a telemedicine visit. I have had a raging UTI infection. I only had a couple of the antibiotics that my doctor called in for me on Sunday  until I went in for labs on Monday and my lab guy called late yesterday and said no signs of a UTI but that I have lots of protein in my urine which is really bad. It just means that my kidney disease is worse and Karyn is afraid that I am going to have to go on dialysis. He said if my labs didn't look any better this month then I was going to need a kidney biopsy. I will know what he says in the morning. I have been nervous about it for a few weeks now. 

 The good news is that my kids Laurie, David and my grandkids surprised me the other night. I haven't gotten to spend any real time with them just yet because they are looking for a house and they tried to call me yesterday but I was in the shower and Karyn said that she forgot to tell me until last night. They are having phone problems. We are having internet problems. So I guess that evens us out a little bit but she is supposed to come tomorrow and maybe bring the kids. 

 I am really tired and so I am going to get off of here. Take care and stay safe until nextime... BB

Friday, January 29, 2021

I Am Going On A Trip

Ollie relaxing at home! He is such a lucky dog! I will be taking his place Sunday as I am going on a trip.

Hello everyone, 

 As always I really hope that everyone is doing fine. I am doing great. My son Matthew is here and he and I decided that I am going to go with him for a few days on the truck. We will leave Sunday for Laredo where he will pick up a load for somewhere in Florida. I called today to find out any upcoming doctor appointments. I had all of my appointment cards in my phone case. The front inside cover has slots for credit cards and such but I never use it for that as that kind of thing could be stolen or worse, my identity stolen and so my credit cards and ID is in a separate location away from prying eyes.

 My phone case opens like a book with a magnetic flap so the inside flap is perfect for when I have to go in to see my doctors, they just write my appointments down on these little business cards.

 Today I wanted to confirm my appointments and I was amazed to find that I have only two in February. A Telemedicine on Monday the first and the second one is for my yearly check in with my pain specialist on February 12th so I was like? Is this right? I seem to always be going in to the doctor but I called to make sure that there was no mistake and sure enough I was lucky enough to only have those two. 

 I sent Courtney a text today and told her that I was getting some use early for the luggage set that she got me for Christmas. 

 My granddaughter told her daddy tonight... "When is it my turn to go on the big truck like Nanna?" Hmmm her daddy hem and hawed but her mama rescued him and said that she had to be older and she said "Old like Nanna?"

 Yep she even knows I am old. I have felt it this past week too. One of my doctors called me back today about a cholesterol medication that my endocrinologist recommended and I told her about the pain I am having in my left hand. I just took my glove off. Tomorrow I will put my brace back on. She thinks that it is arthritis and I agree with her. I am just glad that it is in my one hand, I feel so very sorry for those who live with this horrible pain.    

 So Karyn and Foxy are supposed to come and spend the night with me tomorrow night. I miss my little girl and my big girl too. 

 Karyn is making plans as well as I am. We  both have not had very much time to talk and hang out together and even a phone call has been hard to manage with all that she is dealing with and her job. I know that Jonathan is off work tomorrow and so is Nathan and I am not sure if Karyn's office is closed or not. If nothing happens I will have 4 of my kids at home with me even if it is just for the day. 

 I miss Laurie and her family. They are thinking of moving back to Texas. I wish they would move closer to Reno but it is where they want to be that is important but going back to where we use to live is not a good move. The schools are terrible. More terrible now than when my kids were in the schools. They had the means to be a great school but they were way behind in offering the kind of classes that the larger cities like Dallas offered. I never knew why they didn't have a more varied curriculum. I just think that they didn't want to pay the salary for teachers that the larger schools paid. I'm sure that is debatable with whom you ask, but my nephew pulled his 4 kids out of there and enrolled them in a town over. Oh well it is not up to me anymore but I really wish that I had done the same when my kids were younger.

 I hate to cut this short but I am ready for bed. Past time actually. It is after midnight and I have a lot I need to do tomorrow. 

 As always I wish the best for each of you and I am sending virtual hugs and to ask you to all be safe, practice social distancing and wear your masks... BB

 Oh before I forget what do you think of the vaccine? Do you believe it to be safe? Does anyone plan on getting the vaccine or not? and why? I am still undecided and trying to find out all that I can about it before I make a decision. Good night to all.... BB

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Home Safely


Ollie relaxing at home lol. Matt says that he is very content and slightly becoming spoiled lol.


 I hope all are doing well. I am ok. I got home about 9:30pm Sunday night. We had a huge snow storm to hit Texas while I was in Reno starting Saturday night and becoming a big event on Sunday. I had to fly into Denver from Reno and Courtney's mom just outside of Denver and she told Courtney that it was so white from all the snow that the night looked like day. I remember seeing that effect when I lived in Indiana.

 It was just really crazy to see snow here in Austin and watching the weather seeing how big the storm was.

 Well like a lot of people I am just stunned and heartbroken of the events that happened at the capital. It was just horrible but really not unexpected for me.

 I had told my sister that I was afraid that someone was going to get killed if Trump kept up these rally's and a while back I watched one of the Governors of Alabama or Georgia who was very angry at the death threats that his family was receiving after the attempted kidnapping of the Governor of Michigan and he said "It has to stop now. Somebody is going to get killed."

 So I am reminded of the conversation that I had with my sister. Courtney was on her lunch break when we both got notifications on our phones. I was busy doing something and I didn't look at my phone anytime soon. I am hoping that our country heals and that Unity will be restored and that we are not heading for a Civil War as my son Nathan and daughter Karyn fear. 

 I had a doctor appointment yesterday. It went well. I have appointments all the way to Feb11th. It is the first of a new year and so I have to get all of them done before I leave so I will have my referrals that I need to start health care in Nevada. 

 I guess I need to get off of here and get some work done and start going thru some things that I want to take with me. It is going to be a hard job. I am torn in between staying and going, but I was only home 3 days and yesterday I asked Jonathan a question about something that happened 20 years ago and I wasn't prepared for him to get so angry at me. Even Nathan said he was out of line and I walked outside and I heard him yelling at Nathan why I had to live in the past? I told Jonathan we are all defined by our past in one way or other. Our past, our mistakes make us who we are today and he just continued and of course I started to cry and that is when Nathan joined Jonathan and criticized me for not having control of my emotions. I was so upset for several hours and I still get teary eyed when I think of some of the things that were said to me. Why do my son's hate me? I would have never dreamed of talking to my parents in the way that they speak to me.

 The thing is I taught them to treat people with dignity and respect. I remember when the kids were growing up that No One would sit down to the table until Jonathan pulled my chair out and seated me at the dinner table. 

 I remember how they used their manners and believed in respect. I don't know what has happened but I feel that I have done something wrong somewhere along the line. 

 Karyn said No that they have just had so much that they have had to deal with that they just hold in all of their emotions and then it all comes out, like bottling up all that bothers me.

 So I guess I will get off here and get busy. Take care and stay safe! BB

Monday Night

Hello Everyone,  I chose this photo that says Joy is in the simple moments and it is certainly very true. It is the small moments, the littl...