Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hello Thursday!

This is from Bing.... I found it and just loved it so it is not mine. It is from the internet.....


 I just love bears. My mama did too so I guess it is one of our connections. She and my sister Susie use to cuddle up in bed when we were kids and she would tell Susie's favorite story when she was little... The Three Bears and Goldilocks. I wish that I could show her this photo. She would love it... 

 So I have been meaning to blog and have just been busy. Last week I helped my land lady clean the apartments across the street from me. It wasn't much but I did help load some garbage bags of junk and trash. 
 She had most of it done before I helped out.
 I also worked in my yard, the back yard. We had lots of leaves left so I managed to get another large out door bag filled. The raking and the sweeping left me sore but the exercise was good for me and wouldn't you know it... It is raining again. It has rained all week and Old Man Winter is knocking on our door this week. Back into the 20 and 30's starting Friday. I can deal with the cold but the wind is what I really don't like. 30 to 50 mph wind gusts but by Tuesday they should die down.

 Still we have rain tomorrow so that means that I cannot put out the bags of leaves again tomorrow. The 6th day that the compost truck picks up lawn and garden refuse. I am assuming that we will have a dry summer so I better not complain much about the rain. I just hope that it doesn't flood this spring.

 My son Matthew is home. He is sick. Very sick. He has been running 103 fever off and on for several days. He has slept a lot too. He and I laid down around 2 today and took a nap. He is still sleeping and it is almost 11:00 pm. I know that sleep helps to heal. 
 I am using Lysol to disinfect and hope that we don't get sick. Since we have already had all this crud I really hope that Jonathan, Karyn, Nathan and I don't catch it again.
 But family is family. We can't kick him out in the cold! I am sure that he is going to wake up and be up all night. I hope that he will be able to sleep a few more hours tho. I think his fever has broken and I say that because he has been sweating a lot. 

 Not much news going on around here other than keeping an eye on the weather. Tomorrow is Jonathan's late night. I was just talking to him about dinner tomorrow night. 
 I am making pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy. I haven't made pork chops in ages.  We love pork chops. I got a great deal on them at the market too.

 I have been having a blast with my little granddaughter Celeste. She has learned how to call me so we can video chat. She is such a mess!
 She has an awesome sitter and her mama tonight called me and was singing her sitters praises. I am SO Happy that she has someone who is so awesome caring for her.
 Not only does Courtney come home and Celeste has had her bath dinner and in her pj's, her sitter has helped her with laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned and Courtney said tonight, that she is not paying her for all she is doing and the sitter told her... We have agreed on the pay so what I do is what I want to do for you. 
 Her sitter, (sorry I don't know her name) takes Celeste to her house, on errands, and does things with her. I told Courtney it is so good for Celeste and the sitter is an older woman. 55 years young and use to teach school so she is working on teaching her how to write and spell her name and prepping her for kindergarten and since she comes to Courtney's house she doesn't have to drag her out and into the cold every day. 
 I told Courtney that this woman dropped from heaven for her. Courtney is friends with her daughter so she has known her for several years and Celeste loves her. So that is awesome and she said that Celeste's attitude has completely changed. She was crying and having problems at her sitters house.
 I remember that she and I were talking and I told Courtney that this was not normal for her. Something was going on with her sitter. She has been in day care since she was 6 weeks old and never acted out and now she was and it was every day that something just wasn't right. 
 Celeste is now a very happy little girl and that is how she's always been and I am really glad that this woman is with my little girl.

 A lot of my time is spent also studying in my course. I am working with Crystals. Right now I am learning all types of crystals and their history. I have a test coming up on Monday so I really have to study a couple extra hours over the rest of the week and weekend. I am enjoying it so far. I never thought that I would be studying again lol... and I am also working in my Dream book that Miss Edna gave me. So I seem to have a bit on my plate right now.

 It is getting late so I am going to bed. I hope that everyone has a great day and I will be back soon.... BB

Monday, January 7, 2019

You Have To Be KIDDING!

Hello and Good Morning,
 I had a restless night last night. I tossed and turned for a long time and finally I just got up. I needed to visit the bathroom anyway and I had opened the door and Jonathan and I ran into each other. 
 The hallway was a bit dark. I had my lamp in my room on so it wasn't a lot of light. I don't know who was more startled. He gasped and stepped back and I did the same. Fight or Flight. Well he went back to bed and I was like I think that I am up now. So I flipped on the coffee pot. 

 While waiting for my coffee I was thinking that I would get a really good start on working in the yard today. I made my coffee and walked outside. I sat down in my chair and sighed. It was going to be a beautiful day. 
 Then my moment ended as rain drops started falling.

 YOU Gotta Be Kidding Me! 

 I looked at the weather last night before going to bed. No rain in sight for the rest of the week! 
 I am going to have to seriously yell at The Weather Channel and my local News Weather man/girl and ask them what the heck is going on?

 Well I guess since it is wet I will scrap those plans for today. But that is okay. It is Monday and I have my household cleaning list that I need to take care of.
 I have a pretty neat system. I clean one room a day. Monday's are the bathroom, sweeping and a light mopping. 

 I am going to work on my altar cloths today. I am not going to decorate them but I do need to wash them and cleanse them. They are baby blankets of my grandchildren in California. 
 The image at top is one that I borrowed from the internet. I think that is so pretty and I love fabrics.
 I have my tarot cards wrapped in a silk scarf and in a special box that I keep on my dresser. It keeps people from picking them up and touching them. I really don't like people to touch my things that are personal to me. The only time would be for a reading. 

 I am making some Potato soup for dinner tonight. And a pan of cornbread.  I have been wanting some for a while now. I would make chicken and dumplings but I don't have any chicken. We like potato soup on days like this. I don't mind the rain. I really don't but I am just a bit annoyed with it as I am itching to play in the dirt lol.

 I was reading an interesting article several months ago and I saved the pictures of a historical flood back in I believe 1935. I think that the one of the photos actually has the date on it so I might be wrong thinking that it was 1935.

 We have had 3 floods in 5 years. One was Halloween 2013. Then we had another that was actually over a period of several weeks. That was in October 2016 and then this last one was October 2018.
 All three floods were in October. 

 The one that was in the 30's happened in May. I have photos to share with you.

It was really bad... and very sad....

So our floods have been as bad as this one in 1935. But... the one in 2016 was heartbreaking. Not far from us is a small town. It had cabins that you could rent and this flood struck fast and during the night. I forget how many people died, but the rescuers never found the bodies of 2 small children. They still search from what I have heard. 

 Last week we had a man whose car was swept away. He was able to call for help from climbing a tree, and was rescued by a boat. With all of the hills here you can't see the water or where it is. Ok well enough of that so I will move on. I just wanted to share a bit of history. And it was in 1935. I checked.

 We need a sofa. Karyn was going to give us hers but I think that she is going to find a little studio for herself. She was thinking about room mating with a friend of hers, but she hasn't really committed to that as of yet. The reason is the woman just had a baby about 3 months ago and Karyn is not Maternal at all...She did put in her 60 day notice tho. 

 There is a really nice apartment building being built and should be ready the end of next month. She was able to see one of the models that was ready. She said she fell in love with it. But I don't know what she will decide but we are kind of waiting to see what she is going to do because we don't want to buy something if she is going to give us hers and I would hate to see her sell it or give it away to someone else because it is really a gorgeous sofa and very comfortable.  But we don't have room for 2 sofas and a love seat. 

 I just had breakfast, took my insulin and medication. I have one medication that I only take once a week, sometimes twice a week if I feel like I need it. It is a B complex vitamin and I feel like it is stuck in my throat. I know it isn't but it feels like it. I really dislike it when that happens... 
 Anyway I am getting sleepy so I think that I will lay down for a little while. Take care and have an awesome day.... BB


Saturday, January 5, 2019


Isn't this pretty?

 It was a gorgeous day. Our high for today was 73 degrees. Tonight will get chilly, down to 46 but I can deal with that!
 And tomorrow is supposed to be just as pretty as today. I have my plans already made. Raking the back yard. Every Thursday since we have been here it has rained so I have a lot of bags just waiting to go to the curb so they can pick them up. 
 Anyway I want to clean up my back yard. The rain has turned the soil onto the patio into sludgy dirt. I am not sure that I can explain it any more than that lol.

Karyn and Foxy are supposed to be coming and spending a couple of hours with us. We will see. She usually just pops in for about a hour and pops right back out lol. But I will have the Fox and ohhh her Lovey.
 Miss Edna sent her a Racoon that is just too adorable for Christmas. Karyn said once they got home, she guarded Lovey. I wish I had taken pictures. Or a short video. I never think of things until a bit later on. I hope I can get some pics when they are over tomorrow. I am anxious to see if they bring Lovey with them. 

 I have narrowed down my comforter. This one is in first place at the moment. It is purple. My walls are a very pretty medium gray for the accent wall and a soft vanilla cream for the rest of the walls. The molding is thick and painted a bright white. I have never had a purple comforter before. This is actually called Fawn. 
 Over at Macey's I believe it was, it was in browns. I didn't have a color option when I was searching. I found this one over at Walmart. It might lose it's status. Nothing is set in stone until I actually go shopping for it and I am thinking that I will wait until I get back from Florida. Who knows, I might find something I like there and mail it home. We will see. I love dreaming of things that make a house a home. But sometimes the Choices are hard to make. 
 Usually I just know what fits me and what I am searching for when I actually see it. If it speaks to me then I know it is the right choice. Intuition is such a good thing to have when it comes to things of this nature. Sometimes it isn't such a good thing, but I really think that this is the one or close to it. 

 The part to my dishwasher had to be ordered from Tempe Arizona. It came in Friday and the store owner called today to tell me that they will be here on Monday to put the part on. It is really simple. I could do it myself if I had a pair of channel locks but our land lady has already taken care of the part and the service call and he has the right tools. I would prefer them to do it in case something doesn't work right. But he showed me how to take it off and clean it for future reference. 

 Our neighbors across the street have moved out. (In the middle of the night)… It was a family of 4 in one apartment and the mother in the adjoining apartment. 
 I called my land lady to ask about the part to the dishwasher and told her that I hated that our neighbors moved and she said "Whatttt"?  For me it was an awkward moment. I thought that she knew.
 I wouldn't have known except I seen the electric company out front trying to get into the back gate. He told me he needed to get into the back to disconnect the electricity to both apartments. 
 I knew that they had a lot of company lately which was unusual so now I know why and I also seen a truck and her van there late last night. Oh well. But it is a pity that they seemed to have snuck out. 

 I was unpacking a box right after we moved in. I am going slowly. I want to make sure everything has a home before dragging it all out. Anyway I found my map colors, markers and pens. I was really excited. And I found a coloring book but not what I was hoping would be in the box. Since it was close to Christmas at the time I wanted my cards so I could send them out. I have already colored some. I am having a tad of a problem figuring out the envelopes but I will.
 I still have not found my Christmas Cards. I am sure I will find them in a box in July haha... 

 So I haven't told anyone about my latest project because I have just forgot to mention it but I enrolled in an online course. It isn't a college course or anything like that but it is an actual course for my own personal growth. 
 I am interested in herbs, crystals, and learning how to incorporate things into my life. I am especially interested in the moon and phases as well as coordinating with colors and days of the week and so forth. I chose to start at the very beginning. 
 I am very impressed with the materials. I really do need a printer because I would like to print these courses out. In the mean time I am saving to a USB drive. 
 Tomorrow Jonathan and I are going food shopping at Walmart so I will have the first lesson printed off. And the test. 
 If anyone is interested I will be glad to share the information and it is very reasonable. Just $6.00 dollars a month. I can work at my own pace. So I am glad of that.
 Now for something else. The woman doing this is awesome. She has helped me a lot with just regular chit chat. And she lives here in Austin. She sent me a couple of links to some groups for me to check out since I was telling her it is hard meeting like minded people. So I will do that as well. Right now I am saving for Florida so I have several things on hold at the moment. I can wait on some things because I don't want to rush things. 
 But after Florida I plan to get serious with my house and garden. And Dammit I want my dog!

 Speaking of which I am going to try and work a deal with my land lady and all she can say is no... so I am going to work extremely hard to quit smoking and cut out a lot of my little things like eating out and just keep saving as much as I can. But I think that she will go for the deal that I am going to propose to her. I will let you know....

 Alrighty  am getting sleepy. It is almost 1:00 in the morning, so I will close for now. I do have a couple of cute things I have gotten off the internet, mostly Facebook. 
 I wish you all a wonderful Sunday....

Don't you just LOVE those 5 seconds? Today I did my laundry and walked into my room and found my fuzzy robe that couldn't be washed with my clothes. I usually wash it with my sheets and towels. I didn't even get the 5 seconds before it hit my laundry basket lol....

I really love this one.... This happened to me last weekend... Jonathan snuck in and got the last mug or cup which ever you call it.... I am glad to have a coffee partner.... :)

I just love this.... Remember the commercial? Wow it brings back memories... She's a beauty!

Now this is just too adorable.... Ok so this is it for me tonight.... Take care! Please forgive any errors. It is late and my eyes are seeing double. I don't know what happened to my plans to have an early night haha....  BB

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Cold, Wet And Buds?

Buds? Maybe

 It has been raining for days here. We are being flooded all over again. The week prior to that was warm and balmy and so a couple of trees out in the back are beginning to have tiny shoots on them. I took several photos but this is actually the best of them. It was cold and windy so I did the best that I could fighting the wind and shaky hands. 
 It is really amazing. I suppose it is how our climate is changing. We are getting warmer and warmer it seems. Then wham out of no where winter arrives and messes with our trees and flowers. 
 It is way to early for flowers to be blooming... (Yes I have white and red roses in full bloom) and tender shoots on trees trying to bud. If this freeze doesn't kill my flowers I will take photos the next warm dry day. My back yard is flooded. No surprise there. The rain has just come down so hard for so long that they had to open one of the dams and more flood gates. 

 I am walking around in a Zombie like state. I just can't seem to rest. I do sleep but it is not the restful kind of sleep. It is a toss and turn sleep with the cover thrown all over the bed or floor. 
 I have been having night sweats too. Sometimes I have to get up and change into dry clothing and that is miserable. I get chilled and then I get warm then have the night sweats again. 

I think that this sums it up! LOL.

 I need to work on taking the tree down today. I was going to do that yesterday but I had zero energy. Plus Nathan was home and was being a brat so I just stayed away from him.
 Then the same with Jonathan when he came home from work. I was like sheesh what is wrong with the two of you today? So I just watched a movie and let them be. Sometimes that is the best way to go.

 Anyway, this is about all of the news I have for today so I am going to start taking down the tree before I get the I don't want to's… You have an awesome day... BB

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope that this finds you doing well. I am better. We had some kind of a respiratory bug that hit us all pretty hard. Karyn is still really sick. I think that her illness has turned into bronchitis. She is not running fever anymore but she sounds as bad as I do. 
 Nathan went to the store just a little while ago and bought me some mints to suck on for my throat. I have some sugar free cough drops but they have something in them that makes me sick to my stomach so he got me a small package of mints so they seem to help.

 People are blasting their fire crackers and fireworks tonight. It is after midnight and they have been doing the fire crackers since before dark. It is time for them to put them away and go to bed lol.

 So I decided that I am going to do things differently with my blog. I am going to post photos of things of interest instead of a scrap page every day. I don't know what will come to mind but I thought that it would be fun to try things a little different. 

 I am on a mission to find old and interesting bottles so that I can use for things that I make. I have some great blends of teas that I like to make and I also would like small bottles for my moon water and so forth.

 I have a lot of privacy here at this house that I didn't have elsewhere that I have lived in the last several years so I can practice some new things, grow my herbs and charge my crystals and hold my rituals. Unless your looking over my 7 foot wooden fence your not going to see anything and if you are looking, your still not going to see much lol.

 I found a few photos of the types of bottles I am going to look for. I think when Karyn gets well we will go over to some of the thrift shops. They always have so much interesting things.

I know that I can probably find these kind of bottles at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, even JoAnn's. 
 When I was a kid we had all sorts of old bottles that things came in. I sure wish I had access to them now. But these with stoppers are pretty easy to find. I also have a few interesting canning jars but I don't want anything too big. I would rather have the smaller ones.

These are perfect for all sorts of uses. Here are a couple more....

I just love the fat round ones. I think that they are fun! And Fun makes me Happy....

I wanted to put this in... I was thinking that this would be a great way to gift my flower seeds to friends. I could write down the care instructions, manipulate the paper by adding tea or coffee water, wad it up a bit here and there and straighten it back out, include my seeds inside and fold in sections and then tie a dried flower like they have here. Or even a fresh flower or herbs. Anyway it looks like a neat little do it yourself project. 

 I am sorry this is rather short tonight but I am still trying to get over this bug and I have been up for several hours so I am going to close for now and try to sleep.

 Have a wonderful start for our New Year... Out with the old and in with the New... or so they say. I found something else to share... it is a new year so why not lol.....

I think that this sums it up pretty well.... I especially laughed at number 7.... That is me... Have a wonderful Tuesday. In our part of the world we eat Black Eyed Peas for New Year's day meal... For luck, health and prosperity. I had mine for our meal tonight. I will have more tomorrow.... BB

Thursday, December 27, 2018

I LOVE Pintrest

If I could have a wish come true regarding my bedroom I would love something like this.. not so much the furnishings but the windows. Looking out over the ocean would be a gem or even the mountains. Those high ceilings and crown molding is so pretty too and even the color paint samples are right on. Ahh but I can enjoy anyway. I came across this on Pintrest.

 I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice. It was a laid back day. 
 I received some really nice presents from Miss Edna. I love my toilet tissue Doll. I am still trying to find a name for her. 

 I received a notice in the mail today concerning a gift I had ordered Miss Edna that she has still not gotten, but not to worry you will be receiving it in a couple of weeks. It is only almost 2 months over due, but better late than never I suppose. You should also be receiving another package as well. I will let you know the delivery date. 

 Nathan came home from work tonight and shared his dinner with me. I was really happy as I was hungry for some reason and this burger and fries he brought home is enough for 4 people lol... well 4 small bird eating people lol. But I just had a small piece and some fries. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner tonight. I wasn't very hungry and I didn't want much. I feel like I am catching a cold so I had a glass of the Airborne Miss Edna sent to me and then a little later on I had the cereal and it held me over until Nathan came home and the scent of his burger hit me. 

 So I was going to ask earlier who all uses Pintrest or just go over and have a look around? If you don't know what Pintrest is, it is just boards with things you like. You can name your board what ever you like and topics or ideas will come up and if you like them and want to Pin them to your board you just hit save and select your board. Right now I am searching for some ideas to decorate my house. My bedroom first.
 I have been on Pintrest I guess 5 years now. I  have a lot of boards and pins. I can get on easily with my cell phone but for some reason I haven't been able to connect with my original account and I think it is because I used a different email and it was a yahoo email so I will contact them and see if they can help me to get onto it with my computer. Until then I made a new account. I don't have as much in it so far but I will share some things.

I have a small corner in my room and I would like to decorate the wall something like this. I have lots of framed photos I would like to put up of when the kids were younger and on the other side a wall with the grandkids.

I really like this. I have a small reading lamp that would look really nice right there and a small night stand. My room is small so I cannot put much there but I saved this image for the black wall. 
 Home Depot has some really pretty mirrors but I am going to look at thrift stores first but anyway I really like this image. It is so soothing although Pink is not really my color. I wish the space was big enough for a chair or a lounger but it isn't.

My blog is short tonight. I am tired and ready for bed. I have to be up early in the morning because someone is coming to look at my dishwasher. I talked with the landlady tonight and it is possible that she is just going to get me a new one. If she does I really hope that she gets me one as nice as the one that I have. It is really spacious and can accommodate the large pans that I have. It has a lot of nice cycles on it too but beggar's can't be choosers so I will be grateful for one that works and cleans my dishes.
 I actually use it more for the sanitation because the hot hot water will kill off a bunch of virus's and germs.

 One more thing before I go. I almost went out on the truck over the road with my son yesterday. There was a problem getting my safety pass. Today I realized what was wrong with the paper work I submitted. On my new address I forgot to put the street name. I was focusing on getting the numbers right and totally forgot to put what street I live on. No wonder the address would not come up and be validated!
 But I sent Matthew the correct address tonight and he text me... That figures... oh well... don't worry everyone makes mistakes!
 Uhhh It seems that I have been doing things like this for a few months now. My memory is just not what it use to be. 
 I at one time had a memory like an elephant but lately I cannot remember anything... like the street where I live... duh.

 Anyway this is all from me tonight... Have a wonderful day and take care of you... BB

Saturday, December 22, 2018

One Day Closer

Kit from Bellisima Designs called Christmas Delights…

 Are you being good? Are you on Santa's Naughty or Nice list? I am on the naughty list this year according to Santa but I will try to be better this coming year lol. 

 This new kit is from my friend Patsy. The image is a free one  from Caroline Blue. The rest of the embellishments are from Christmas Delights.

  I was sitting outside just a bit ago listening to the sounds of the neighbors behind us barbequing and playing music. I was also looking to see if I could see my bats and sure enough they made their nightly exodus. It is so amazing to watch them.
 People say how can you tell them from black birds? Well bats sort of flutter and they have a small point on their backside... like a small pointed tail. You can see birds wings as they fly in an up and down motion. Bat wings sort of flutter like an over grown butterfly. But they are fast!

 Jonathan has just left to take Nathan to work. By the time he gets home it will be almost time to go and pick him up. He just works from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Saturdays. Then tomorrow he will work an entire 12 hour shift. His work week will start all over again. So I get to have Nathan home most of Saturday.

 I promised you guys Christmas Tree photos. I am sorry that they are not very good. We were in the car and traffic was a nightmare and coming and going so I didn't get a chance to really get any good pictures.

 The story or I have been told is that this was started by one person. He wanted to decorate a tree so he found one on the loop here in Austin and he decorated it. He took a ladder and 3 large boxes of ornaments and made almost a hundred trips up and down the ladder. 
 Before he was even done there were people stopping and offering to help him and he said.... Go find a tree and decorate it. Come back after Christmas and clean up and take your decorations home so you have them for next year. 
 So that is how the tradition started back in the late 60's. 
 Since then people go out and they decorate a tree. Hospitals, schools, individuals, school groups such as FFA FHA and Bands, football teams, cheerleaders and others. 
 Some are simple and decorated with artwork from pre-schools and elementary and others from even Texas A&M. 

 My camera for some reason had a delay which caused some of my pictures to be delayed by a few seconds and that made me miss a whole lot of them. But Jonathan and I are going back one day this week and park along 360 so I can get some good photos. I will make sure my camera is in top working condition before I go tho... lol.

They have a tree that just cracks me up... It has big huge smiley faces with Google Eyes... then they have one with the M&M little men with arms and legs. 
 They also have one with stuffed animals, Santa hats, Rudolph horns, wreaths, candy canes, and some with lights. Others have the reflective tape made into ornaments so when your headlights hits the tree it lights up in orange, green and yellow. Awesome idea.  I am going online now and see if anyone has an update on it this year. Who knows, I might find a different story than the one that I was told.

Oh wow, I found a bunch of photos.... These trees are really a lot larger and taller than they look. I hope that you enjoy them. Mine are horrible in comparison, but again I was in a car going down the highway lol.

 Isn't this a cute idea? As long as people clean up it will be a great thing to continue and it must be working as this tradition started in the 60's so.... 
 I think that next year I would like to do this. I think that I will make mine with things that the birds and animals can eat so there will not be a lot of clean up to do. 
 I could make some peanut butter pinecones, and figure out some other things to go along with it. Peanuts for one. I will have to search this out and start putting a few things together. 

 News is running short here. The boys did help me today with the back yard. We loaded some more bags and I found 5 more so that will make 15 bags of leaves. Still have a pile in the back yard and the front and side yard hasn't been raked yet. 

 I believe that as soon as Jonathan gets home I am going to shower and call it a night and watch a movie. 

 Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Sunday! Before I go I thought that I would share a few funnies I found online... :)… BB

I really enjoyed this one....

I love beagles. They can just flop down anywhere and be happy. My Cisco was half beagle and he was such a wonderful laid back little man....

Have a good one!!!!

Hello Thursday!

This is from Bing.... I found it and just loved it so it is not mine. It is from the internet.....  Hi...  I just love bears. My...