Thursday, August 22, 2019

It Looked Like Rain

Image is from the internet

 Surprise! I changed my blog and after working and searching and spending at least an hour on Google I fixed my reply button. Now when someone comments I can reply. What a relief.

 Yes Miss Edna you told me to leave it alone but aren't you glad that I fixed it and that I learned something new?
 I am a happy camper right now. 

 So the dreaded eye appointment is over. He did a lot of other testing, especially checking for Glaucoma. I don't have to go back until October 14th. The pressure in my eyes were 21 in each eye which had me a bit worried as it has always been down to 11 or 12. I think that it got up to 15 once. 
 They said that it  fluctuates daily, even hourly and that it was still in a good range. 
 My right eye is better and I can see pretty well out of it but my left eye has is really been foggy and things appeared kind of milky. It is a reaction of two medication drops and it is normal. It should be gone by tomorrow. Already I have been able to tell a difference.

 I haven't been up to much because it is just so dang hot. Some people are pulling out their sweat shirts and sweaters. I will be so glad when I hear that we can do the same.
 I posted the photo of the sky because today I just knew we were going to get a rain shower but nope, it moved on and perhaps blessed someone else with some rain. I expect come fall that I will be complaining about all the rain we are getting.

 I really hope that it isn't like last year with all of the flooding in my back yard, my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and garage. It got us good. It rained for days on end. Now we are not seeing a single drop of rain around here. 

 Oh I am really loving reading The Old Farmers Almanac. Thank you Miss Edna. It has a lot of valuable information in it and such great topics and conversation starters.
 Nathan enjoyed it as well and said tomorrow before he has to go to work he is going to go outside and check our weeds. Ha. I thought that was funny but he is really serious about getting them out and especially the crab grass. Well they can certainly go to. It is hard to keep it from growing. He pulls it up often for the compost bin but it seems like it is like rabbits and keeps multiplying.

 Also I have a mini zapper, a big huge THANK YOU Miss Edna, and I have been zapping away. It really works and it has made a huge difference in keeping the mosquitoes away. 
 This house is really odd. When we looked at it we didn't see all the little things that could be a deal breaker. That came after we signed the lease and got settled in.
 First of all there is not a water spigot in the back yard. There is one in the front yard but not the back. In order to water my plants I would have to open the garage and attach another water hose and drag it all the length of the house and then water everything and then wind it all back up, out to the front and disconnect it and wrap that one back up.
 I just cannot do all of that. So thankfully the plants in the back are drought lovers. But even they need water at some point so I fill a few gallon jugs of water and hand water them. I try to do it slow so the water sinks into the ground and not run off.

 The second thing is there is not a electrical outlet in the back. No way can we connect one of those big mosquito zappers or even have a fan out there. We would have to run an extension cord but wouldn't be able to close the sliding glass door. 

 The last thing I will tell you about tonight is the kitchen. I thought that I checked everything well when I was here but how I missed this is beyond me.
 We have 3 plug outlets in the kitchen total. One is for the stove and fridge. We have one at the back door and one over by the dishwasher.
 That is really annoying. I bet I will be checking from now on if we move again, which I think that we will. I seem to be the only person here that actually likes this house. It could be great if they would just try and vision it. But they will see only what they want to see I guess.

 Well it is getting late so I am going to head to bed. I didn't realize it was as late as it is. I should spend at least a half hour and study but I think I have used this eye enough for now. I took the eye patch off last night when I went to bed.

 Take care everyone... BB  

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Feeling Under The Weather

This is a page I made when working for a CT several years ago. I was learning how to use mask. I didn't submit this one as it was one I was learning to use but I did love that lion. The designer was a friend of mine named Heather. She lives in London and decided to give it up and just works on teams now. She is really phenomenal at what she does. I wish she would start designing again.

 I am feeling rather puny. I woke up yesterday morning and thought.. Nope not happening. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I stayed up only long enough to have breakfast and take my insulin and back to bed I went. I was in bed early last night too. As soon as it was getting dark I was yawning so back to sleep I went.

 Today was mostly the same. I had to be at the doctor at 3:00 today and I did get up and get my shower and dressed but I told my daughter Karyn that I just didn't feel like going and so when I said I wanted to re-schedule it she didn't argue. Turns out she had an unexpected case land on her desk and really couldn't afford the time off so it worked out for the both of us. I hung my clothes back up and put on my nightie and went back to sleep. 

 Well tonight I wanted something for dinner that I hadn't had in a long while. I wanted a burger and a chocolate shake. I got it too. My appetite has been down and I guess Jonathan was just glad to see me eat so he let me have what I wanted. 
 I haven't had ice cream in ages so I really wanted something sweet and cold and a shake just sounded so good to me. My throat is a little sore and I feel like I am trying to get a summer cold. I hate getting a summer cold. They seem to take forever to get over with. 

 There really isn't much to talk about tonight. Other than the heat and that is still with us but today wasn't as hot as it has been. Only 98 degrees today.

 I don't have the luxury of canceling my doctor appointment in the morning. I have to go and have another eye injection and I have to be there at 8:00am. We are going to his downtown office this time. It is actually closer for us and we didn't know he had another office so we were really happy to get in. The receptionist told us last time that she didn't have an opening at this location where we were but she had one at the downtown location and we were like... Ok this is great. Where is it? And so Jonathan said we would give it a try. 
 It really doesn't matter which location we go to because that damn eye injection is going to hurt regardless. 

 Well I guess that I am going to go and lay back down. I know that this is a short post tonight but I really am feeling puny and I am ready to call it a night.

 It might be a couple of days before I am back since I will not be able to see and will need to stay away from the lights so I will talk to everyone when I get back. Have a wonderful Wednesday! BB

Sunday, August 18, 2019

UGH This Heat Is Getting To Me!

I threw this page together from my mix and match elements. I go to a lot of free sites and get these tubes and they are always free. The women I bought from Lynn Anzlec designs. She is still in business but she has changed her name so I didn't put the link in because it is a very old kit. Just the ladies. The rest I got from blog trains back when I was working for Designers. 
 The Quote says "She has a way with Words Red Lipstick and making and Entrance" by Kate Spade. I really miss Kate Spade! I hope that you enjoy this page.


 It is so hot. It is just a little after 11:00pm and it is 99 degrees out there. We didn't get as hot today as we did yesterday. We topped out at 103 degrees but it was miserable if I was out more than 5 minutes. 
 I really hoped that the nights would start cooling down more but it really isn't and the humidity is hanging around too.  UGH... 

 There isn't really very much to talk about tonight. I have been staying off of my left leg and Saturday night I had Karyn look at the bottom of my right foot and I have a blister right at the pad and the arch. It isn't a big blister. We found it early so I am wearing thick padded socks on that foot and today it looked really good. I really hope that it stays that way.
 I had to throw my slippers away. I had put so many miles on them and it was way past time to go. Actually that might be why I have the blister on my foot! 
 I see my doctor Tuesday so I will have her take a look at it.

 I got a notification on my phone a minute ago from my news app. It said "Melania Trump Boards Airforce One.... and I clicked on it thinking it was a worthy article, perhaps an important news article.
 I just let out a disgusted sigh... It was about what shoes the woman wore!
 Now come on, why is everyone obsessed with her wardrobe? Here I thought that maybe something had happened and it was about the woman's shoes. Sheesh.
 Give the girl a break!

 About this time last night I was already in bed with Foxy and Karyn was asleep and I was fixing to go to sleep when Foxy ran to the door just barking her little head off and growling. 
 She knows the sound of the car so it wasn't the boys coming home.
 I went to the window and I could see someone bending down looking at Jonathans car. He was not supposed to be there!
 I flipped on the porch light and yelled at him that I was going to call the police and he ran off. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. 
 Right after that I heard a loud crash and I could see several police cars. They were out front for over an hour. 
 I was going to call 911 but someone had beat me to it. I don't know if it was the same guy involved or not. I didn't go out. I was in my night gown and my robe is a winter robe. I didn't think that I could stand to put it on.
 Nathan kept watch but all was quiet. So that is all of the excitement on our end. I talked to the neighbors but it is very hard to communicate when others don't speak English and I cant speak Spanish.

 I hate to run but a friend called and I had to stop my blog typing and I got off  the phone finally and had to help Nathan with something and then I got hungry so I had to have some watermelon and now I am about to fall asleep... so I will say goodnight and you all have a fantastic Monday and thank you all for stopping by... BB



Friday, August 16, 2019

I Am Slacking

This page is made with a kit that I received years ago from a friend. She is now in business for herself but does not remember making this kit for me. It is called Friends. I think that the relationship between mothers and daughters are ones that have many roles and the one that I love most is the role of friends. No better friend than your mother, no better friend than your daughter. Enjoy this scrappage Miss Edna of you and your lovely daughters.... Audrey and Deanne.

 It is late here. It is a little after 1:00am. I have been slacking.
 My leg has been hurting most of the day and I have just stayed off of it and have napped on and off most of the day.
 I am still ready to go to sleep early but I am making potato salad for Jonathan. He has to take it for a work luncheon so he was really exhausted when he came home.
 He worked late Wednesday and Thursday and was so tired that he didn't even want to eat dinner. Since I am up usually I told him I would make the potato salad for him. He was much appreciative and he ate a little bit and then he went straight to bed.
 The potato's are cooling so all I have to do is peel the jackets off and add the ingredients. 
 Oh Damn, I forgot to boil the eggs.

 Ok so the eggs are now boiling. I cannot believe that I forgot to boil the darn eggs. Oh well it isn't like it is a major goof. I at least eventually remembered lol.

 With my leg hurting as bad as it has been on days like these last few, I have wondered how much longer I am going to be able to keep it.
 I accepted the fact a long time ago that it is probable that I will lose it at some point.
 When Laurie and her family was here I packed up a lot of my glass altar things. I am not sure what box it is in. 
 I did know but Nathan and Karyn rearranged the garage and now I am not sure exactly where it all is. I packed it up because I didn't want curious little fingers and hands picking up and possibly breaking my things.
 I should have had Nathan get the boxes down for me yesterday but I forgot and today I was alone so I couldn't do it myself so my Moon altar is going to have to wait.

 One of my friends wrote in our group that she was drinking elderberry wine and sitting on her patio soaking up moonbeams lol.
 As for me I have sat outside looking up into the night sky and admiring the moon from my front driveway. 
 Clouds are forming and passing by occasionally but it is really pretty with the cloud shadows. One girl in the group shared a childhood memory and I thought it was so sweet.
 She said when she was a little girl her mother would give her a empty brown sack and tell her to talk to the moon and fill up the sack with dreams. 

 It reminds me of when my kids were little. I would wake them up when we had some night show in the sky.
 They still remember the year that I took them to the planetarium to see the sky laser show that scientists had gone back to the year Jesus was born to what the sky looked like and the star of Bethlehem. It was a Christmas present. We did things with them that we considered gifts and that they would remember.
 Every year we went to a town called Los Colinas up in Dallas. 
 Each year they did fireworks synced to Christmas music. It was really gorgeous. The very last song every year was Elvis singing Blue Christmas and the sky would light up in the most dazzling shades of blue.
 Most times we were freezing our tushies off but it was always worth it and then we would stop some place for ice cream.
 Yeah I know, freeze our butts off and drinking hot chocolate but stopping for ice cream lol. They were good memories. We tried to give the kids good memories or at least I did.

 Going east every year we also went to a drive thru park that lit up with all kinds of characters. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Grinch were some of the displays. Of course there were lots of Santa's and elves and reindeer and snow. 
There were so many displays but there was one that was called the Precious Moments display at the end of the drive. There was a Precious Moment child figure with the name of a child that had died and that was no longer with us.
 The parents bought the land and donated it for a Christmas display. At the end of the trail we would always donate for the upkeep of the park for future displays. It opened the night after Thanksgiving and stayed open until New Year's eve.

 Oh wow, I don't know how I got on this rabbit trail. I was talking about my moon altar and ended up talking about Christmas.
 It is on my mind. We are in the middle of August already and so it is right around the corner. I have gotten a few gifts already. I need to get one or two in the mail.

 Well it is time that I get that potato salad made and get my tired body into bed. I hope that I can sleep tonight.
 Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all later on...  BB

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sorry No Pictures

Isn't this the Truth? Yes it is. It really is....

Boy this hits the nail right on the head... a dead shot!

 Well we made it to Fredericksburg. We loved the scenery and it was really beautiful. Around each bend another beautiful scene to greet us. It also brought on a sense of anxiousness to see what was next.

 We left here around 12:30pm and we had a great drive. Nathan went with us but Jonathan decided to stay home.
 We had a sad moment. Karyn and I went to Jonathan's work to get something and he decided not to go.
 On the way home I spotted a new business, it was a tropical fish store and I said to Karyn "I bet that they would know what was wrong with Cappy", our beta fish.
 She said "Mama we already know that Cappy is dying."
 I agreed. In my heart I knew but I said that I hated to see him suffering. 
 As soon as we walked into the door Nathan told us that Cappy had died.
 Of course I was sad but so very glad that he wasn't suffering any longer. So we had to do the sad thing and bury him before we left.

 So we were off and we did enjoy the ride and decided that we would come back when we had longer to explore.
 Our first thing was to find out just which winery to visit. Every time we found one we wanted to visit the next one we came too was just more awesome than the last.

 And so it went until we actually got into Fredericksburg. 
 From the minute that I made the reservation I had been nervous.
 We originally had reservations at the La Quinta but Karyn canceled them after looking at the online website I had found while looking at things to do while we were there. I posted the photos in my last post.
 Our theory was that we were just going to be there one night that even if it was a dump it was do-able.
 Well yep it turned out to be a dump. Our room didn't even resemble anything on the website but it was alright... until you opened the bathroom door. 
 Karyn was the first one in as she needed to go and she came out and said.. "Well the bathroom is old and outdated and a hot mess so just keep the door closed."
 Karyn and I laid down to nap and Nathan hooked up his game to the tv and she and I slept probably a good couple of hours when I woke her up. My leg was throbbing so bad I had to take a pain pill and that did not a thing to help. It was different. A hot sharp pain.

 It was beginning to get dark so Karyn and Nathan went to find him something to eat for dinner and I decided to walk on my leg. No better time I thought than to check out the courtyard. I might get lucky and see some wild life.

 Well they did have an old decoration of a windmill. But the birdbath had no water in it. I never saw any flowers or bird feeders.
 But there were benches in the yard but the walk area and around the benches were covered with English ivy. So much of it I was afraid to walk in it because of spiders and other not so nice critters, let alone sit on the benches.
 They had 2 picnic tables at the other end. Needless I was very disappointed but life went on. I would really enjoy the town the next day.

 Karyn and Nathan had gotten back and she and I decided we had better take care of our own meal. We decided on chicken from Church's fried chicken and they had a good deal going so we got that as a carry out and headed back to the hotel.

  Karyn's eyes became red and swollen and she developed a head ache and sore throat. We assumed that since the window unit a/c was right next to her bed that was the cause. I told her I would trade sides with her.
 She seemed better while we were out and I asked her how she felt and she said she was feeling ok.
 We made it back to the hotel and walked in on Nathan having a full blown asthma attack.
 My child had not had an asthma attack in years. I swear I don't know what made me think to pack my inhaler. I don't use it often but I have kept the prescription up just in case I needed it.
 While I was packing my meds I seen a brand new inhaler that hadn't been opened and I grabbed it,
 I had put in with my med drawer and I just tossed it in with my meds that I was taking with me. I just don't know why but the fates did I guess.

 I grabbed it for him and he used it. I was a nervous wreck asking him if he thought that he needed to go to the hospital. 
 Finally he seemed better and I didn't hear the tell tale wheezing and the rattle. I begin to relax a little.

  Karyn and I sat down to eat our dinner. Afterwards she laid back down and Nathan went outside for a bit and I read. I was just falling back to sleep when Nathan came in and I put my book down.
 My leg was hurting again. BAD! I was getting worried about it and it was too early to take another pain pill so I decided to go out and take a walk.
 Some of our neighbors were out and we said hello but that was it really. Some were grilling hamburgers and a couple more were talking on the phone. I sat down on the bench in front of our door and just sat there rubbing my leg for a good while.

 It stopped hurting and I went back inside. Nathan said "Mom I can't breathe in here and Karyn was awake and said she was itching really bad on her scalp and her head was hurting.
 She had changed shampoos and said that it had dried her hair out and probably her scalp too. 
 She went to take a shower and came back out and said asked if we had looked at the shower and we said no. 
 She said she wasn't stepping a toe in it and said for us to go and look. 
 The second I pulled back the shower curtain I knew what was wrong with my kids. Black mold ran up and down the side of the wall, all over the caulking and around the baseboards.
 While I was looking at the bathroom Karyn took the front off of the a/c and when I went back out she said.. "Mom there is mildew all in this a/c."
 I looked and shook my head. "I know what is wrong with you and Nathan. Black mold."

 While they were growing up we lived in a house that had black mold growing from the outside brick of our house and into the inside. We didn't know it for a few years because we couldn't see it. Rain water would hit the wall and run down between the brinks and eventually it led to black mold.
 We were all sick all of the time and no one knew why and this experience brought back lots of memories. Like Nathan having 2 or 3 bad asthma attacks every week and Karyn suffering from headaches. All the kids had sore throats and complained of feeling tired and sluggish. 
 I found all this out when it started coming into the house and I was washing the wall with bleach. Not a lot was known to us about the black mold. We heard about it but didn't really think about it.
 The guy that was my pest control man actually is the one that told me about it. He said you really need for someone to come out and seal this brick. When I asked why he told me about the black mold and how bad it could make people sick. I told him my family is always sick and I told him about the wall I was constantly bleaching and he came in and took a look.
 Next was the expensive repair of the brick but I actually think that it had grown under the house and was no way to get rid of it. 
 But I left my husband and I moved so I don't know if he repaired it or not. I do know he had the floors ripped out and replaced at one time.
 We agreed that we couldn't finish the night out. We decided to go out and see the meteor shower and see how we felt when we got back.

 The meteor shower was a bust. We got there and I had trouble with my walker because all of the rocks were not packed in the ground from where we parked, they were loose so my walker wouldn't roll over them. The wheels were sinking into the rocks.
 We left my walker at the car and Karyn and Nathan helped me to one of the picnic tables. But with the near full moon and the park lights we couldn't see anything and I couldn't walk the trails. I had my cane with me but I wasn't able to move around a lot without help. I guess we stayed a couple of hours and just enjoyed the evening. It had been so hot during the day. 107 degrees so it had cooled down after midnight. 
 Still we didn't see a single shooting star let alone several. We were disappointed about it and I told the kids they should go onto one of the trails and I would go back to the car and wait on them. But they wouldn't hear of leaving me alone. 

 We went back to the hotel and decided to sleep for a little while but a half hour or so into our sleep, Nathan had another asthma attack.
 We were afraid of putting him at further risk by staying so we decided to leave. I guess we got home around 4:00am this morning. 

 Karyn and I decided that we are going again but we are going to stay at the hotel that she had booked us at originally. 

 I didn't take photos. In fact I had turned my ringer off of my phone and I never gave it another thought. So unusual for me!
 But Karyn took photos of the room and especially the bathroom. She will send them to me. 

 Anyway I learned a great lesson. I will let other's book our rooms lol. 

 The trip was not a waste of time. Just riding thru the town was awesome and seeing the buildings up close was interesting. 
 Karyn said that it would take 2 days just to walk it. One day for each side of main street lol. 
 I agree. It is really nice and clean town and the place where we got our chicken was the cleanest that Karyn said she had ever seen.
 We are not sure why that hotel is still in business. That bathroom was really disgusting. No cute shower curtain can ever hide that. 
 I don't know why we didn't pull it back and take a look. I would have insisted we get our money back if I had checked it right after we got in. We did check for bedbugs tho and thankfully no evidence of those horrible things.
 But the bed was really super comfortable the pillows were downy soft and I had no trouble falling asleep. Karyn didn't either. 

 I am happy to report that since we have been home that Nathan is not wheezing or showing any signs of an asthma attack.
 Karyn's head is better, sore throat gone and her eyes are fine.
 Knock on wood, I haven't had a single pain in my left leg at all today.

 And with this I am going to say goodnight. I think that I can rest and so I am going to bed. Goodnight everyone...  BB

Sunday, August 11, 2019

It Is Almost Mini Vacation Time

Dawn breaking over the hill country. Isn't this a spectacular view. Hopefully I will be able to see this sky at dawn on Tuesday from our motel...
 Speaking of Motel... This is where we are staying...

This is the Frederick Motel and it is close to where we will be going. I grabbed a few shots from the web site.

The Lobby

A small quaint room... Ours will have double beds. It also has a full coffee maker and mini fridge as well.

Part of the bathroom... It is a full bathroom.

Hello everyone,
 Talk about a scorcher it is so hot out today. My phone says it is 103F outside. It sure feels like it. 
 It is 7:25pm right now and it hasn't cooled off at all. 
 We had a beautiful morning with a nice cool breeze. I took my tea out and sat on the patio and just enjoyed the morning and it was really nice until about 11ish and then it started getting really warm. Then as always the warm turned to down right hot as blazes.
 It was actually hotter to me today than yesterday. It is funny how humidity plays such a huge part in our temperatures. 

 Tomorrow is supposed to be 104 for the high and 79 for the low but it is supposed to be clear. That is good news because I have not gotten to see anything this year because it was always cloudy or overcast.
 I am really looking forward to going. We were going to go to Enchanted Rock State Park but we changed our minds. I called to find out the fees and such and they close the park at 10:00pm every night so the Park Ranger recommended that we go over to Cross Mountain State Park which is actually 7 miles closer to our Motel.

This cross lights up every night. Isn't that pretty?

This is main street.. At least one side of it. The other side is below in the next photograph.

Another view of main street from the other side.

 This photo is of the Frederickburg Library. I noticed that a lot of the photos I came across on the internet was taken around Christmas. My daughter Karyn said that they have a huge Christmas parade and decorate the town so she and I are planning to go back in December.

Another Christmas photo of a shop. I was going to look up some information on it but I was in the middle of doing laundry and some cleaning and I forgot but that building is just gorgeous!

This photo said this is the Bank.... I am assuming it is on the upper floor(s).... It looks like a shop is next to it. I cannot tell but I guess we will find out tomorrow. :)

We can only choose one museum because of time. We are going to have less time than we had originally planned because we have to leave later. I have a doctors appointment and I cannot miss it and it is at 11:20am.
So we chose to go to the Admiral Nimitz Museum above instead of the National Museum of the Pacific War Below.

Both look like fun and it doesn't stop there... They also have the Pacific Combat Zone and The Japanese Peace Gardens.

 So this is a small itinerary of sorts of Fredericksburg but we are also planning on going to the wine country and work our way down to Bourne and Lukenbach as well so we are going to be busy.

 Speaking of which I am a bit tired and still have one load of laundry to do so I will say goodnight for now. 

 Have a great Monday to all and I will be back late Tuesday night or Wednesday... Be safe and Be Blessed... BB

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just A Short Post

A page that I made back in 2015 from several free kits from friends.

 Just a quick post. I am very tired. I have been cleaning my house and trying really hard to get things back in order after my daughter and grandkids were here.
 We all have our own routine and things that we enjoy and we packed up some of those things to make sure that they didn't broken accidently.
 I guess we really didn't need to do all that because the kids didn't meddle but we really ended up liking the minimal look. It was easier keeping the house cleaner, but little by little we begin to need our little things of comfort.
 I know that I did. So I spent the day sweeping and dusting and then I began cleaning my room. Oh gee I didn't realize how much stuff Karyn has. I didn't realize how much stuff I had! But I started little by little taking away some things and putting back some other things.
 Now I am Tired.... More tired than I thought that I would be because I didn't really think that I did that much. Also my blood pressure meds do tend to make me tired at times.

 I found the cutest  motel to stay at on our trip. Karyn had reservations at another place for $126.00 but I told her about this one and she said she would see if she could cancel.
 Anyway when she got home tonight I showed her the place I had found and she said book it mom so I did. I got a 2 queen size beds with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi for $51.00 and some change. So I saved us some money.
 I read the reviews and there were more positive than bad. Some of the things people were complaining about was really dumb.
 It was too small. The bathroom didn't have many shelfs etc... But I told Karyn that we are going to be there for such a short time that it should be fine.
 I really hope that it is. It is really a quaint place. The building is over 75 years old but the pictures online were really nice.
 Everyone did say in the reviews that it was small but it isn't like we are a lot of people. Just me, Karyn and Nathan. I am not sure if Jonathan is going or not. He probably won't but I got us double beds instead of a single and a pullout bed.
 It has a pretty courtyard and private entrance from the parking lot and benches and tables to sit at. They have several bird feeders and one of the reviews said that it was really nice to take their breakfast and coffee out and watch the birds and squirrels.
 The room also has a mini fridge and microwave and a full coffee pot with complimentary coffee. So I will enjoy that.

 Tomorrow I have to find out what shops are open on Monday and Tuesday. We have to check out at 11:00am and we plan to go home the longer way and check out a few other tourist places along the way.

 But right now I am ready for bed so I am going to say goodnight for now and have a great Friday everyone...  BB

It Looked Like Rain

Image is from the internet Hi,  Surprise! I changed my blog and after working and searching and spending at least an hour on Googl...