Saturday, October 31, 2020

A All Hallows Eve


Image borrowed from the internet


 This will have to be a short post. I have a lot to say but I have a hangnail that embedded underneath the nail and has become infected. I can barely type with my right hand which is my dominate hand and my doctor called me in a antibiotic to hopefully will help to heal it otherwise I will have to go in and have the nail removed so it doesn't grow into the skin. It seems like there is always something wrong with me. It just sucks too.

 I will do a quick update as much as I can. We are  doing ok. We have been busy. The kids working mandatory over time and Nathan is going to work tomorrow and then he will be offf a few days before he goes back for his shift. That really just leaves me so I will tell you that I have been having some fun with ny birthday present from Miss Edna. Thank you so much for the  fun gift.

Itt us a deck of beautiful Tarot cards and a workbook. I am not sure if I shared it the last time that I posted on my blog. I am not going to be able to top this fun Miss Edna but I guess I will try to come up with something.

 I will have to hurry tho. I don't have much time before your birthday is here. I have a few days to work on it tho.

 Yesterday was my granddaughter Celeste's birthday. She and her mama has a tradition that she started with her. They go out for a Birthday Breakfast. Usually to IHOP or Denny's. Then they go home and Courtney works to do the last minute things before her party.
 Our time together last night was just precious. We had a FaceTime party since Covid19 has mandated it as such so it was just her 2 brother and his wife and their kids and another brother and the rest of us was all on FaceTime. Her grandma and grandpa in Colorado and 2 sisters in California, Her brother in Colorado and his family and me in Texas and Matthew (Celeste's daddy) in Salt Lake City Utah. We had so much fun singing happy birthday to her and watched her have so much fun opening her presents.
 Then today Courtney sent me pics and a couple of videos so I was happy.

 It is really hard for me to peck the keyboard so I am going to close but before I will share my Samhain altar that I had and I also have a small one in my room ready for me when I get ready to go to bed.

This last photo is an older one but the set up is the same except I haven't made my tea. I can't decide on which one that I want tonight. 
 I hope that everyone is doing well and I will talk to you all as soon as I can. BB

Friday, October 9, 2020

Warning A Tiny Bit R Rated


A page I did for a Days Gone By kit from my friend Kyra. The puppies are from Pixaby.

Good Morning,

 Yes I am a day behind. Yesterday I woke up later than normally and I didn't feel well but I got dressed because my physical therapist was coming and we were going to work outside. 

 When she got here she was dressed in her PPE with even a face shield so when she was taking my vitals we were talking and she asked how I was feeling and I told her that I really didn't feel good and well wouldn't you know it but I was running a temp.

 By law she is obligated to contact my doctor and she also said that I needed to contact them as well. By the time that I took my meds and changed out of my clothes and made the call she had already done so. 

 My doctor called me and said that I needed to come in for the Covid19 test. They had plenty in stock but they were completely booked and no way to work me in but suggested that I go to the after hours clinic. She put me on the schedule for 7:30pm but I guess I should have talked to Jonathan first because he informed me that instead of getting off at 7:00pm like normal that he had to work until 8:00pm. So I called the after hours clinic and scheduled the test for tonight.

 Since I am not feeling well my doctor wants me to see the doctor for a work up. I discovered this morning that I think that I have another UTI.

 I don't believe that I have the Covid19 virus. I think that a UTI is the cause of the fever. So my post is going to be a tad short today but I did tease at the R rated thing that I was going to post so here it is....

So a little suspense here.... My daughter went to Las Vegas last week for vacation. I have made this page for her.

 And what do you think is behind curtain number #1? Well I guess that it is time that I let you find out...

LOL I hope that I didn't offend anyone but the significance meaning behind the photos are priceless to me as a mom. My daughter Karyn is very modest. She does not engage in anything remotely racy. Until last week lol.

 She and her roommate Tina got up early the first morning they were there and took off to find some fun. About a block under the canopy they ran into this guy. 

 In the photo that she sent the sign read "Keep America Naked" and I don't know if this is a new slogan going around Vegas or what but she took these pics and sent to me.. Yes I was shocked. Her first text to me was "Good morning mom" and these two pics! Yes from my little non racy girl. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas!

Here are the original photos. I cannot read the sign completely but maybe you can if you want to lol but I don't blame you if you just scroll on past.

 I am tired now. I think that I will go and lay down and try to rest a little while.

 I will make regular scrap pages from here on out. I just had to do those for the Vegas 2020 album I am making Karyn for Christmas.

 Y'all stay safe and I will see you next time... Hugs, BB

Monday, October 5, 2020

Crazy Daze


Celtic Moon kit given to our former group. I have just loved this kit and I am so excited to get a new kit from her store. I will post it and the link soon. Perhaps with an update to this post as I am probably going to go and buy it tonight, If you want to you can search Rosie's Designs and see what she has at her stores. I know Etsy for sure and I want to say... Nope I might get it wrong but I am excited to tell you that the name of the kit is Frozen and it is just beautiful.


 I hope that where ever you are that your enjoying the crisp coolness that our Autumns bring. We are having some wonderful Indian summer days and at night we are loving the dip into the 50's. The humidity is down and it is just really nice out here in my neck of the woods Austin.

 I really wish that Blogger had emoji's because I just want to add a bunch of happy faces in color lol... Oh well I just don't get everything that I want lol. 

 I have been busy doing a few things but then not doing a darn thing. This stupid Gastroparesis has hit me again and my doctor on Friday called me in some medication that has kept the worse at bay but it has still been a hard few days. I am feeling better tonight and I am taking advantage of it.

 I am going to give you a sneak peek into my next blog post. It is going to be slightly R rated with a couple of xxx's lol. It isn't going to be to bad but partial nudity might be involved... So are you wondering what I have up my sleeve? 

I just have to wait for the pics that my darling daughter is going to send to me from her recent trip to Las Vegas and I thought I would spice up my blog a little and OMGosh the Bellagio hotel has there Autumn theme up and Karyn and Tina went to check it out.

 The photos are so awesome but I would have loved to have been there to actually see it. Karyn said that seeing it once was just not enough and they had to go back once more to see it again. 

 I cannot wait for the photos because I really would love to see them in my scrapbooking program. I am going to put them into a Album so I can work with them a little at a time and for my birthday I splurged and spent a whole $14.00 with tax on a new software program called Gimp. If I can learn this program then I will be able to know my way around Photo Shop. I love my Craft Artist but I do need to upgrade myself and learn some new techniques and it will keep my brain a little sharper I hope.

 My beloved Craft Artist has evolved into some other types of software and if I am not mistaken they have branched out into Affinity and I am not even positive that they are related but I want to say that I read that they were. 

 Anyway Craft Artist is going to be outdated one of these days and I have had it for over 6 years now so I really have to figure out how to work other programs and if something happens to the only copy I have of Craft Artist I might not can replace it so I am going to try my darnest to learn how to use this Gimp program. It has videos and support help and a manual so I am sure that I will manage it just fine. Or I better haha.

I am a member of one of the Facebooks for Beginners for Craft Artist so I should go and ask them the in's and out's but when I do sit down at my computer I am busy doing things that I enjoy and by the time that I am finished I am to tired to go back and think I will do it tomorrow and well we all know that tomorrow there are other things to do and then time flies and I don't think of it until later. 

 I had Foxy while Karyn was on vacation and she was really a good girl. Last night Jonathan bathed Ollie and then this morning Nathan was in the middle of bathing him when I peeked in and said "You know that Jonathan bathed him last night." Nathan was like Really? "Well he is getting bathed again." 

 It is good tho because he had some fleas and so he got de-flea'ed twice. He is such a good boy but I am surprised that he doesn't like to get a bath. I wish there was a way I could bathe his sofa LoL!

 The moon was so pretty tonight. My friend Patsy lives in a small desert town in California and she said that the moon the other night was big and orange. A gorgeous Harvest Moon but ours was not big but even now has a orange glow and it makes me wonder if it is reflection from the wildfires in California. Patsy said that on their news it said the wildfires are 75% contained. I feel so very bad for the people and animals. It all just breaks my heart.

 I have Physical Therapy tomorrow morning at 9:00am. I still need to get a shower and get some sleep but I have a feeling that I will not sleep well because knowing I have to get up early in the morning will not let me rest fully. But I need to try. 

 I know it is a little early for our yearly ride Miss Edna but I thought that you would really enjoy this photo! 

Annnd she is Offfff...... LOL enjoy!

Take care everyone and have a fantastic Day/Evening where ever you are. 

Oh Steve and Edna, Yeah my cousins and I always considered ourselves lucky when we became adults about the Monkey Blood. Cuts and Scrapes but... swabbing throats?

 I didn't know the ingredients Steve but I thought Iodine never Mercury! Now I can see how it got it's name. OMG now I am very surprised that we are alive to tell the tale! Thank you for letting me know that.

Hugs to all and a Goodnight from me.... BB

Friday, October 2, 2020

Hi Welcome To October


I borrowed this from the internet. I just love October not just because of Halloween or that it is my Birthday month and that is also true for my niece Tabitha and my granddaughter Celeste bur I have always loved watching the changing signs of Autumn as the trees burst in wonderful colors of red, orange and yellows,  the smell of leaves as we ran into large piles to play in and the smell of those leaves later burning. So many things that I love about October and I anticipate the crisp air, the plans of the approaching holidays and that just leads to more things to love.


 I really hope that this start of a new month is as awesome for you as it is for me. We seem to be drawing closer and closer to the end of 2020 and it has been such a fast year. 

 Today Karyn and I went to register to vote. Karyn had to update her information and I had to register as it was time for me to renew and since October 5th is the deadline Karyn and I wanted to make sure that we got to the Tax Office early and hardly anyone was in line so it went really fast and now I am all legal to vote YAY!!!!

 I was a little worried about going today. I should say yesterday as it is a little after 2 in the morning. I was just getting drowsy but Foxy needed to go out to potty so I took her out and now I am just not sleepy but halfway thru this post I know that my eyelids will just get heavier and heavier lol. Oh well I will take my rest as it comes.

 I had a nasty flare up of my stomach issues. It is rather a complicated illness so I will give you the name of it and you can Google it if your interested in knowing more about it. 

 It is called Gastroparesis or Gastropareses I am not sure of the correct spelling and my spell checker gave me 2 so I listed them both.

 The short story is that in 2012 I had surgery for the muscle that when you swallow a small flap opens and allows food or drinks to go into the stomach. I have what is called Achalasia and obviously I had this problem for many years until it finally became so bad that I had to see a Gastrologist and at the time my health care team and I decided to try some less invasive procedures that included Botox injections, medications and dietary changes but after all of that I had to have surgery. 

 I know that I have told Miss Edna about this but I really haven't addressed it in this blog. I did in the one I had previously before Blogger banned me and I had to make a new account because I couldn't get it resolved any other way so I will tell you a little about the Achalasia.

 My surgeon was awesome. He came to meet with me the night before the surgery and again the following morning. course there are things that I don't remember but I had my daughter and sister tell me stuff that happened. What they did was make a small incision and went in with a camera and cut the muscle that is at the end of the esophagus in 4 places. While he was in there he used the camera and found not only did I have this Achalasia but also 14 stomach ulcers! I was in the hospital for 10 days. I could have nothing. Not even a sip of water. I had these lemon sponge sticks that would produce saliva but that was a long 10 days. I was able to go home but I couldn't eat anything for another 10 days but broth and Jell-O and water. I seriously thought that I was going to starve. The night of my 10th day I was sitting at my dining room table and glancing up at the clock. When it was exactly midnight I went to the kitchen and I made me a scrambled egg and a piece of toast. I kid you not I still remember that meal and it was so good. But I had made it the 10 days! When I went back to see my Gastrologist he said that he had talked with my surgeon extensively and that I needed to have another scope to see the condition of my ulcers. Nearly everyone of them had healed. The ones that remained was also healing. I have a medication that I take on a daily basis that helps prevent ulcers so I am so glad. I figured I had ulcers but I thought maybe one or two. Not 14 of them. If you ever had a stomach ulcer then you know how your entire digestive tract feels like it is on fire. When I lived in Arkansas a gentleman that lived behind me brought me a cup of goat milk every morning from his female Sally but he called her old Sal lol. EEEEWWWWEEEE Yuck that is some of the most nasty tasting crap I have ever tasted but I have to admit that it did help me a lot. Enough that I could continue working so even tho I dreaded it like I was going to be getting a huge dose of Castoria or Cod Liver Oil or anything remotely like it I puckered up and I drank it down!

 I promise that I am not a Hypochondriac. I know I have a lot of medical problems. Most all of my illnesses started when I was a kid and I swear my mom and my Aunt Lilian swore that for every sniffle we got a huge dose of Mineral Oil, Cod Liver Oil and my Aunt would go and get her bottle of Mercurochrome. Did I just throw any of you back to the past? Or the Good Ole Days? LoL.

 My aunt saved our popsicle sticks and she would take one of my uncle Cecile's white under shirts and cut them into strips. She wrapped a strip of the cloth around a popsicle stick and stick it in the Mercurochrome bottle and line us kids up and we didn't sass. When she said Open Up every one of us kids opened up and wide. UGH... I can still taste that to this day. Back then we hardly ever heard of it called Mercurochrome because to us it was called Monkey Blood. Now that stuff doesn't wash off. It has to wear off. We walked around with red orange mouths, tongues and lips and if you moved or jerked or gagged then you also had monkey blood on your nose, ears or anywhere else that the stick met your flesh. We really tried to avoid coughing or sneezing in ear shot of my Aunt during the school term. How embarrassing to go to school with our faces looking like a clown ha.

 What about good old Mentholatum? We all got the rub every night before bed. Our chests were and we even got a glob of that stuck up our noses, under our noses and we even used it for chapped lips and mosquito bites or chiggers. It is a real wonder that all 6 of us kids survived the monkey blood because it is actually toxic if swallowed. It is meant to be used for cuts and scrapes because it has a lot of Iodine. I am not sure of the rest of the ingredients but years ago when my kids were little and one of them was getting sick I took myself down to the local drug store and Bless His Heart Mr. Hillard  the owner and I just loved him and his wife Jean and her daughter Cathy. Just wonderful people and on this day Mr. Hillard was behind the counter and he asked me "What can I get for you Missus Reed?" I told him I was looking for some Mercurochrome and Mentholatum he had a funny look on his face and he stood slowly rubbing his chin as if he had a beard which he did not but he said "Now those are two words I haven't heard in years and to hear both of them on the same day... Do you mind if I ask you what you want with them?" Of course I didn't mind. He was always so friendly and he excused himself for a minute and went and got his wife Jean and the other pharmacist that was on duty took over and I thought that this was all very strange but I had some time so I followed him up to the front and he said to his wife with a smile and said "Jean Missus Reed is looking for a couple of things and when she told me what they were I just knew that you would be very interested."

 I don't know how I managed to come down this rabbit hole, but I guess when a memory hits ya, at least at my age then it tends to take on a life of it's very own. Anyway Jean gasped and Hobert (Mr. Hillard) chuckled and said that they took the Mercurochrome off the market years ago because it was toxic. That led Jean to tell a story of someone who knew someone and a story and Y'all I lived in a very small town. One of those towns that everyone knows everyone and you could always count on either the drug store or the old Dairy Mart coffee shop to find out what was going on in your town and about anybody that might be the talk of the town. I was the talk of the town for a little while. 

 I have actually spoken to one of my doctors about how my Aunt Lillian would swab our throats with the Mercurochrome and asked if perhaps since I was getting regular throat swabs if that could be why I have a seafood allergy now. I will never know but it is possible. Just my luck lol. We don't lose the iodine in our system. The levels go down and each time your exposed to it by eating or other means like Contrast Dye for certain tests then your levels go back up until they hit the top and then that is when I have a reaction. 

 I told them about how my nom and Aunt would swab our throats with it and how we were slathered every night with the Mentholatum and they just laughed. I did too, and I miss those kind of chats. 

 I don't know about the Mentholatum but it might still be on the market but I think that it is called Vicks Vapor Rub. That is what I think that I ended up getting and Mr. Hillard said not to put it on the kids chests because it could cause them to have pneumonia. He said to rub it on their feet and put socks on them at bedtime. 

 Oh my gosh I have so many things to tell you but it is almost 4 in the morning and I am ready to fall out so I might have to finish the rest of my story about how I was sidelined by this stupid Gastroparesis for another day. 

 Thank you all for tagging along with me down memory lane and you all stay safe. Virtual Hugs  BB

Memorial Day 2023

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