Monday, November 11, 2019


Does This Look Familiar? 

This post is dedicated to our Brat Girl Foxy and to Stalker Stormy.

 I cannot declare them innocent because both of them are guilty of fighting like Cat's and Dogs and that is the truth.
 Today was gorgeous, almost 70 degrees and the sun was shining and it was really a beautiful day.
 Stormy was outside somewhere. I don't keep tabs on him much. As long as he meets curfew which is my bedtime all is good.
 Anyway Foxy needed to go potty so out we went. I am not sure where Stormy was at this time, but suddenly I saw a flash of gray and white.
 He was laying in the grass and up he stood and in two seconds he transformed into a LION....and Stalker mode at that. 
 Then he pounced! 
 I kid you not, I think my heart stopped for a few seconds but everything was fine. 
 Stormy didn't attack Foxy but he stalked her all around the front yard and back to the doorway. 
 It was so funny but scary at the same time.
 Later I am sitting on the sofa looking thru a magazine with Foxy on one side of me and Stormy on the other. 
 Everything was fine until Foxy spotted Stormy. My Brat Girl went after Stormy and the fight was on and I was in the middle of it.
 Have you ever tried to break up a hissing and snarling cat with claws and a 41/2 pound chihuahua? 
 Cathy grabbed Foxy and she squirmed up in the air while the cat was lunging for her. Dante opened the front door and I ran, ok hobbled to the door as fast as possible and down he went and disappeared around the side of the house.
 5 minutes later I was still in shock and Brat Girl Foxy was looking at me with those eyes that spoke volumes. I could just hear her saying... "But mom HE started it".
 Stormy isn't all that innocent either. 
 He will hide and since it is so quiet we forget he is in the house. He waits for just the right moment and then he will pounce! Usually without the claws baring. But he must think that it is funny to scare someone and watch them jump and hear them scream.
 So far he has gotten Karyn, Laurie and Cathy. I'm sure that my time is coming. 
 I told Foxy today that Karma was a bitch. "How does it feel being stalked like you stalked my sweet Cisco?"
 She use to be so mean to my little boy. He was a few years older than she was when Karyn got her. Cisco was so protective of her and taught her how to eat from her bowl and would cuddle with her and then Karyn had her spayed and she did a complete 360.
 Everyone says that spaying her had nothing to do with her temperament but we disagree. 
 She needs hormones. Problem is we cannot find a vet to give them to her because they are really not good for her. They are given as a last resort.
 Karyn and I took her to Pet Co a few weeks ago and I had to take her and go back to the car with her. She wanted to eat a Great Dane... wait I think that the dog was a Wolf Hound. What ever he was he could have swallowed her whole in one try. Silly dog. (Foxy I mean).

 Speaking of Pet Co I was in that area today. Karyn and I went to Red Robin for lunch. We were so easy. We ordered the same thing. The Southern Charm burger and bottomless French fries and Mai Tai's. Yes indeed we each treated ourselves to a cocktail and had a wonderful time.

 We planned on going to Walmart but changed our mind when we couldn't find a parking spot after ten minutes of driving around in the parking lot so we went to Dollar Tree instead.
 Mainly I just looked around but I got each of the kids a little something. Puzzles and a hockey disc launcher that is pocket size. It even came with batteries. I found some chopping mats and I got Karyn some hair scrunchies and combs for both of us and really that is about all.
 We came home and finished working on a couple of boxes out of the garage and watched a movie. Cathy and I did. The baby took a nap and Adrian and Dante played a video game in their room. Karyn went home and Jonathan took a nap and Nathan was at work..
 Laurie was busy working in the garage and David cleaned the back yard and played with Oliver. 

 Oh Cathy and I were outside this morning when we heard this woman yelling at the top of her lungs. We walked around the side of the house and this woman was screaming at this man who was trying to get away from her. He was across the street walking towards a convenient store. 
 Suddenly there were like 7 or 8 other people surrounding her. We couldn't tell if they were there to jump the man or to keep her from jumping the man.
 The man headed into the store, the woman was right behind him and all of the group went into the store. 
 I am sure that the owner called the police and told them to leave because they all came out and the only difference was the woman started hitting a different man and a woman got between them and he put his hands up like he was disgusted and started walking with the man to a small Mexican place.
 The group dispersed really fast when they heard sirens. Everyone went in different directions. 
 It wasn't the police tho. It was an ambulance. So that is the only news I have.
 It is 2 in the morning so I am going to sleep. I should have been in bed a long time ago but I did want to work on my blog post.

 Take care of yourself and I will talk to you later. Have a great holiday if your in the USA. Take time to remember our great Military and those that gave their all for our Freedom... Good Night, and have a great day. BB


  1. Having both a cat and a dog sure does make life interesting. Sounds like your days are very busy. Good, it keeps you young. Just don't overdo. Today I think I'll wrap for a little while. I need to get busy on my mailer boxes. It will be December really soon. You have a super day, and I'll chat with you later. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. A Mai Tai! I haven't had one of those in AGES. Sorry about the feuding pets, but nature must take its course, I suppose. (Well, within reason!)

    1. That Mai Tai was delicious Steve. You and Dave should go out one night after work and have one or two... :)


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