Monday, January 8, 2018

Sugar And Spice

 Is there anything more precious than watching our little ones grow? This is my great niece Kennah Rose. She just turned 6 so for my sister's planner I am adding all of her kids and grandkids a page for their birthdays. Kennah is the only one in January. 

 This is the note paper that I made for her. The kit is called Artsy Anne by Rosie H. 

I used the same kit, thank you for looking.

 So I have had a lazy weekend. Not by choice. I haven't felt well. I still don't feel well not really. I had trouble on Friday or Saturday getting warm. I was just bone cold then I started running fever Saturday night and yesterday I was just miserable. 
 It all started with a headache that I couldn't shake and then it progressed from there. I wrapped up in a blanket and stayed in bed most of the day. Jonathan went to the store for me, bought me some soup and orange juice and made me a grilled cheese. It is not good for me to skip a meal, but I just couldn't eat. I did drink some hot teas and took Tylenol and slept off and on. The fever would break and then come back and it would start all over again. Around midnight my fever broke again.
 I am not sure what is going on but I keep getting this cold/flu like thing every other week or so. I know my immune system is low, but geeze I am tired of this. 
 Anyway I don't think that it is a cold or flu, although I have been sneezing, but I do that a lot anyway. I was exposed to something Matthew had, but I am beginning to put two and two together and I think that I have a kidney or bladder infection. I am calling my doctor today to see if I can get in. If not then I will go to the night clinic tonight. 
 My pain management doctor told me the last time that I had a kidney infection that with my pain meds I have to look for different symptoms as my pain meds will mask the pain. Sure enough last night I noticed some of the symptoms that she told me to watch out for. 
 I was like... hmmm I wonder. I know when I get a bad one then I run fever and chills and so forth. It usually has to be bad before I do feel sick, but it is a giant possibility that is what is going on. Especially since feeling ill comes and goes. 
 I just took a small break, called my doctor and no appointments today. So it looks like I will be going to the clinic tonight. I don't have to have an appointment for that. I can go in from 4 to 8 pm so when Jonathan gets home from work this evening I will have him take me to the after hours clinic.

 So needless to say I did not get a chance to go to church yesterday. I called Matthew early to tell him not to come so he said that he was going to go back to bed and sleep in for a while. I will be going back again myself in a little while. I just had to get out of bed for a little bit and move around. I made myself some breakfast and did some blog reading and decided to update my own since I took Saturday away from the computer and the same for yesterday. Not that I have much to say.

 Cisco is feeling better. He had a warm nose one day and a hot nose the next, but he is much better with a cold wet nose and has been running around playing, eating and now he is in bed with his toys. It does my heart good to see him playing and eating. I worry when he feels bad.  He is such a sweet boy. He is stretching at my feet now. He wants his bone treat again. He has already had it this morning but could always try for at least one more but not this time. I want him to stay on his feed and if he gets too many treats then he scoffs at his food lol. Silly boy.

 Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I watched the highlights but that is all. I was happy to see that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won at least one thing. It looks so delightful. I don't have Amazon Prime streaming so I can't see it but the previews look fun. 
 They said that it was a year for the women to win and a lot of them sure did.

 A funny story.... Apparently Oprah Winfrey gave this huge speech on sexual abuse. It was received well from what I have heard. Then there was an article where she is thinking of running for President in 2020... Then I seen a video where President Trump said he would chose her for Vice President back in 1999. Of course he didn't but wouldn't that have been a hoot?

 I don't usually say much about politics on my blog, but I wish that they would get their acts together and start working on important matters and stop this crazy talk about that dang book. I mean really! There are at least 3 more books about him out there that says basically the same thing.  Lies or Truth, they all tend to have a negative tone. He should just deny it once or twice if it is not true and move on to do the job he was elected to do and quit letting what people say about him get to him. He talks about distraction taking away from his agenda but it seems to me that he is the one that is distracting himself from his agenda.
 I would think that he would have more important things to be thinking about than worrying about what someone said because people say things all the time about who ever is in office. Let it go and work on real issues.
 I understand that no one wants to have someone criticizing them all of the time. I get that because it is hard to hear and harder to hear day in and day out, but we all know that you cannot please everyone and he should know that from all of his years as a business man, and I understand that the people in his White House want to keep their jobs, but they too should just say we are moving on, next question. Don't keep trying to defend twitter remarks. That is nothing but another sort of distraction.
 My opinion only. I don't mean to open a can of worms, but darn it our country elected him and he needs to be working on the issues that are of real importance.
 Rant Over...... 

 I guess that I am crabby in a way. Lack of sleep makes me cranky and out of sorts. The weather is gorgeous but I don't feel up to going out and enjoying it. I do think that I will take a nice hot shower and lay back down. My sister for Christmas gave me this body butter and it is heavenly. There are 3 of them. One is Anti-Stress Eucalyptus, Balanced Mind with Rosemary and Peppermint, and Calming Sleep with Jasmine and Lavender. 
 They really make the skin feel so silky and smooth and they really do seem to work and relax me. The Eucalyptus is awesome at helping with little aches and pains. My favorite is the Rosemary and Peppermint. Oh wow...  When I put it on it is like my entire body just lets out this deep sigh.

 Karyn gave me a body massage for Christmas. One full hour. I cannot wait to use it. I know that it will help me with my neck. Ever since that car accident 4 or 5 years ago my neck gets really tight and knotted up. I know that I will enjoy the massage a whole lot.

 On that note I will take my leave and go and take my shower and pamper myself a little. Then wrap up in my warm blanket and lay back down. Have a super day to all.... BB



  1. Beth, I'm so sorry that you are not feeling very good. Gosh, I hope it's not an infection of the kidney or liver. That's all you need. I'm glad you're going to the clinic tonight. The sooner this sickness gets treated, the sooner it can go away.

    I'm so glad to hear that Cisco is feeling so much better. It hurts my heart when our fur babies are not feeling so good. Pogo sends big hugs and woofs for Cisco, and even a great big lick.

    I was going to call you today, but I'll wait a bit. If you're feeling up to chatting a bit after your clinic visit, then you can give me a call. Otherwise, I'll wait until tomorrow to call you. Get well my friend, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Edna, I didn't make it to the doctor last night. I was just so sick I didn't feel like getting out of bed even to go to the doctor. I will for sure tonight. I do think that I have a kidney or bladder infection but I must have the crud too because all day yesterday I kept losing my voice, my throat and ears are hurting and I am aching from head to toe. I just cannot stay in bed any longer. I have to move around a little bit but I am just going very slow. Right now I am sitting at the computer and having some coffee.
      I will call you in a while. It is too early to call right now. Hugs, Beth

  2. dont know whats happening to the comments I leave they seem to disapear will try and see if you get this one .
    Im sorry you are feeling so ill I hope they will find the reason tonight and get you well quickly, I love you layout and the planner page how do you get such pretty layouts I think i need a new programme but all so expensive what are you using, take care of yourself and feel better soon x

    1. I use a very cheap program called Craft Artist 2 by Seriff. I think that I spelled it right. You can google it and just add Craft Atist 2 in the search engine. I paid less than $10.00 for the CD and it is really so easy to use. Thank you so much for your comments.
      I am not feeling much better. I will work on my blog in a bit. I had to get up and move around. Talk soon. xx

  3. Thank you Beth will see if I can find it your layouts are much nicer than mine take care x


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