Monday, January 22, 2018

Ohhhh Long Day

Bohemian Life, Rosie H and the embellishments from Robin Kidd "Whispers In The Wind" Little boy and teddy bear by Caroline Blue.


 Well I started a blog this morning I had to leave the computer, so I went to save it and boom, I lost it. I was like Dang it. But it will probably show up when I post this.

 So I have been so busy today. I had to rearrange my calendar for the rest of this month and February. 

 I hope that you will understand if this is a short post. Truth is I am wiped out from today.  I really didn't sleep to well last night. I did have a beautiful dream tho. 
 I dreamed that my kids were all little again and we were at an Ice Rink and it was snowing. Big fat flakes were coming down and the kids were trying to catch them on their tongue.
 Soon there was so much snow that they were making snow angels and then we went and had hot chocolate with fat fluffy marshmallows. 
 It was such a fun dream.

 Tonight Miss Edna and I were talking about our pets. I wouldn't let Cisco have an extra treat and she called me a Stingy mom lol. I told her that she was a Push Over Mom lol.
 One thing for sure is that we love our fur babies to the point that we are really the Best Fur Baby Mom's in the World!!!
 Cisco received the cutest little Dog House today. It is adorable. I am going to try and get some good pictures. Right now it is too new and he is not quiet sure what he is supposed to do, but he crawls into it head first. Watching him back out of it is just to funny. He took one of his toys in to it and he also has a bone in their too. Midnight snack you know!
 We send Miss Edna and Pogo lots of love, hugs and sniffs and some Woof's to go with a lot of Thank You's.

 I am going to bed. It really has been a long day.
 Have an awesome Tuesday. Tomorrow is another busy day for me, but I will blog when I get home tomorrow.
 Take care, BB

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  1. I hope Cisco figures out how to use his new playhouse soon. He can have lots of fun with it. It's a super place to hide when you want to sneak a treat. Shhh, don't tell him that.

    I wish I could have sent you a big bowl of the corn chowder that I made. Mmmm, it was delicious! You know I'm going to have more of it for lunch today. It's a shame that Pogo wouldn't even try it.

    It's pouring rain here today so I guess it's a great craft day. I think it's about time to start putting things into my suitcase too. Less that six weeks to go. Woo Hoo!

    Well, I'm off now to see about lunch. Pogo sends woofs and a hug for Cisco. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.


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