Thursday, January 11, 2018

Flu, Rest And Fluids With Fever Reducer

 QP from Miss Edna, Image from Carolina Blue, Stationary Paper kit, Dark Beauty by Rosie H....

 Hi everyone,
 This post will probably be a very short one but I had slept so much today that my body had to wake up and move around just a little bit. 

 I did manage to get to the doctor last night and she said that the common thread is all of my symptoms and that the only thing that they are prescribing is Tamiflu, rest and fluids along with fever reducer like Tylenol. 
 I should have figured since this is what I have been hearing but the visit to the doctor was not a waste of time by any means. It ruled out a Kidney or bladder infection so that was good news. I did not have one.
 I was and am still pretty much down. I have really been weak, but had a bit of energy today. I had a bowl of soup. The first I had actually eaten in a good while as for dinner last night I didn't want anything but I had to eat something because of my insulin. 
 Jonathan got me a Marie Callender's dinner but I only had half of it as my throat is so sore. 
 Breakfast was some oatmeal or I should say a little bit of oatmeal and so I was actually hungry by this afternoon so I enjoyed the soup. But by dinner time tonight I was back to not wanting anything to eat, but I had a cheese and ham sandwich. Ok Cisco and I had a ham and cheese sandwich. 
 My appetite is just not with me. I am trying tho. I just have to get over this and then I will eat like a crazy person lol.

 It is all over the news how people are in hallways at local hospitals with the flu and waiting for beds. Several are in ICU and so many have already died. It is not to be messed around with and I should have gone to the doctor days ago. 

 We are expecting 3 cold fronts back to back. It could possibly bring freezing rain and sleet and snow. The sleet and snow is more north of us where my sister and the rest of my family is at. Down here for us, freezing rain and ice is possible Saturday night. Mainly we will just be cold with some high winds. 

 Nathan goes back to work tomorrow but Karyn should be here working so I will not be alone thankfully. Both Karyn and Jonathan may be working mandatory over time so the only day that I should be by myself is possibly Friday. Not sure if Karyn has to work in office or not. She usually does on Saturdays but we will see. 
 I will have to have the boys take Cisco out for me and they can do that since they will be up and out the door before I am. Jonathan usually takes him out before he goes to work and if not then Nathan does. I take him in the afternoons if he wants to go out. He lets me know. 

 I am going back to bed. I just wanted to pop in for a few minutes so I did. I downloaded Miss Edna's QP and made a page to go with the paper I had already made. It matches pretty well I think. 
 If I feel up to it tomorrow I will make some more pages. I am glad that I had something backed up just for sick days. I have to have another eye injection on the last day of the month so it might take a couple of days to see better so I will stock up so I don't get behind. 
 My sister is so funny. She wants to see the pages now. I said "Nope" and she said I was no fun... lol... I told her if you see it now it wont be a surprise to you later. 

 Goodnight to all. Heading to bed. I am ready... BB


  1. I'm so sorry that you are so sick, but at least now you know what you are dealing with. The Flu is not to be taken lightly. This year, it hit pretty bad all over the country. Cisco is such a good boy to be helping you eat your food. He really does take good care of you.

    Pogo and I are still just trying to keep warm. For some reason, the furnace is not sending heat our way. So, every now and then we take a walk out into the house and sit by a radiator for a couple minutes.

    You do what the doctor says and get well. Get some sleep this morning. I'll call you later today. Pogo sends woofs to Cisco. Hugs, Edna B.

    1. I am trying to rest, but every time I lay down I have this horrible coughing and my head is all stuffed up and I can't breathe well. I am trying to sleep sitting up some but that only lasts for a little while and then I wake by up coughing again.
      I am getting super tired tho. I am going to try and lay back down again.
      Oh yes, Cisco is so good to me, helping to eat my food and sharing my bed for a part of the time lol.
      Gosh Edna, I am worried that your going to get sick from this cold. Something has to be wrong since your not getting much if any heat in the house.
      Please stay bundled up and put on several pairs of socks and a pair of mittens when your at least sleeping.
      Hugs to you and Pogo.. xxxx

  2. Hi Beth sorry your still not feeling so good get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better very soon, x

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