Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January Is Here

 I hope that everyone is warm or as warm as they can be. I feel so sorry for the homeless and the pets that are out there in this brittle cold. These poor little animals cannot protect themselves and yet so many don't care about their pets and not to mention those that are abandoned. It makes me sad to think of it so I will move on to another subject.

 This scrap layout is for my sister. I am making her a day planner. I have some beautiful stationary that I will enhance. As you can see there is no year on this page. The reason is that when I am putting it together, this page will go into a plastic sleeve, and the stationary papers will just have Sunday thru Saturday on it and she can add what she plans with a few extras for notes and etc. She is such a planner. That girl writes down everything and she goes by it too. Never deviates unless it is an emergency. 
 I have been wanting to make her one for so long now and am feeling a bit better so I am doing a page here and there. This is to be just a gift and she will get this for her Birthday in November. I might wait until Christmas I am not sure yet. 
 I have most of the things to begin it except for printing it out and I need to find the kind of notebook that I want to use. So this page is for January and here is the page for February.

 I am not really fond of the one that I made for January. I might change it as I had corrected it in my program but obviously it didn't save properly. It is supposed to have some red berries on it and a few other things, but I am pleased with February. 
 I will share my pages here for you to see. I needed a scrap project. So my sister Linda is the one I chose.

 Car batteries seem to be taking a hit with this cold. Jonathan's car wouldn't start but after driving it awhile to and from picking up Nathan, it is working fine now. Lord knows he does not need the expense of a car battery right now. 

 I am reading a Nora Robert's trilogy. It is so good. It is called The Guardian Trilogy. I am on book 3 and I am really going to hate to see this series end. I love all of her books, but this series has to be one of my favorites. 
 I loved the first book Stars Of Fortune but when I read book 2 called Bay Of Sighs I really didn't think that book 3 could be better than book 2, but I was wrong, sooooooo wrong. It is keeping me on the edge of my seat! 
 I have such admiration for writers. How they can come up with things that you think in your mind... What else can they think of. She seems to come thru every time for me. If I could, I would love to meet her but I don't think that will happen for me. Even if I had the chance I would probably be so tongue tied that I wouldn't be able to think of anything to say lol.

 We are sitting at 32 degrees today. It is to drop again tonight to the 20's but we will be back up in to the 50's tomorrow and in the 20's at night but we have another cold front right behind this one. 
 It is really a real winter for us for the first time in several years. Last year we had 2 days that was cold and below freezing, but not by much. Then it was 50 and 60's the rest of the time. Nights were nice in the 40's but mostly a very mild winter.
 The year before that we didn't even have a winter at all. Not even one day of freezing temps so our heating bill was very low 2 years in a row. I know that it will be higher this month for sure. Maybe next month too. The boys are always cold and I am not. Right now even as cold is it is outside, I have my bedroom window cracked. I get so hot. But my room is the warmest in the house. Jonathan's is the coldest. Nathan has my small electric wood burning stove next to him in his area so they are warm, but with the heat on I have to crack the window.
 It is counter productive to me I think. I am letting heat right out the window but honestly they have the heat set at 78 degrees and it nearly does me in. I have to leave my vent open because if I don't then no heat goes into Jonathan's room. But as my room is the hottest in the house I would have changed rooms with Jonathan and let him have my room, but I have to have my private bath. I have to much meds I have stored in my bathroom and I don't want to share a bathroom with Nathan and friends that come and go. 

 Well my sisters, Linda and Susie are leaving on January 12th to go on a cruise. My sister's husband wanted it for them for some time alone and to be together, but his father has cancer and is not doing well at all right now and he is afraid to go to far. So he changed the ticket to my sister Linda. 
 They are going to have fun. 3 stops on this cruise. Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands and Mexico. 
 I am glad that they are getting to go. I will stay home thank you very much. With my seafood allergy I do not want to chance the ocean and beaches. One thing that my kidney doctor mentioned to me was iodine levels being harmful to the kidney and he stressed it as I have only the one. I told him no need. I already know. I also know not to have the contrast dye with any testing either. He was pleased to know that I was aware of the risks and dangers.

 My sisters and I have talked about a long weekend in the late spring and early summer someplace that I can go to as well. They have a reserve here with exotic animals. The hotel is based in the middle of the reserve and people can look out their windows to see the exotic animals. Maybe we can do something like that. They do warn you tho that it is a reserve with wild animals and you might be unfortunate to see prey being sought and killed. Hopefully I will not witness such event if we decide to go.

 News is getting short so I better get going. I still have to go to the store and pick up a prescription and a few things for the week. Have a wonderful day and evening... BB


  1. Your pages are pretty. How does this day planner work? Do you have blank pages behind each of the "month" pages to write on? I think your sister will love it.

    78 is a bit warm, especially at night. During the day, it is perfect for sitting out on the porch. I'd rather try to deal with that than the wicked cold that we're having now.

    Tomorrow we might be getting a foot of new snow. Woo Hoo! Oh yup, just what we need! Well, as long as we don't lose our power, we'll be okay.

    Pogo wants to know how Cisco is handling the cold weather. He says to give him extra hugs and is sending lots of woofs for him. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Yes Edna, the large pages will go into a plastic sleeve. I will make another page to go on the back side of the sleeve with something inspirational for her. A song, or a poem or something relating to her special, then I will have pages just dated Sunday thru Saturday and also a section for Birthdays, Anniversary's and addresses so she can also have a little address book in it as well and I found some gorgeous online stationary that I will also enhance so she will have extra papers. I am looking for a good grid to make a calendar with blocks so she can write in for each new week.
    Cisco is not happy with the cold. I feel so sorry for you all with the blizzard coming in. It is going to be really bad. I hope that your heating fuel comes in soon. I will chat with you later on xx. Beth

  3. Trying to catch up on blogs I have missed, I love the idea of a day planner and your layouts are beautiful what a lovely gift for your sister.
    Hope you get to go on that long weekend in the spring it will be nice to spend some time with your sisters Im always happy when mine come to visit, look after yourself x

  4. Thank you Gypsy, I love spending time with them but since I moved 4 hours south of them I don't get to see them as often as I would like to.
    I changed the bunny rabbit page. It's obviously didn't save correctly so I did another one totally different that I like better. I wanted to ask, is your name Rose? I love your user name. I didn't get a chance to do much on the computer today. I twisted my knee a few weeks ago now my entire knee and leg has been hurting. I will talk to you soon. Hugs my friend. Xxx Beth


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