Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do You Recognize This Kit?

The top page is from Kyra (With A Russian Dutch Heart) The bottom note paper from my stash of Serif Craft Artist 2 kits.

Hello and Happy Saturday,

 I am happy to say that I am feeling much better. The medication may actually be working!
 I was very busy yesterday and it felt great to be up and doing something productive.

 I have a question. Do you recognize these dolls and or the kit? I know that I made this page when I discovered Kyra's blog. I fell in love with the dolls. I can not remember if the dolls were in one kit or of several. When my computer crashed, these were not backed up for some reason. I have been lucky to find a lot of my favorites but not these. Kyra said she couldn't remember, but hoping that Miss Edna may have these gorgeous dolls backed up. I am going to email this page to Kyra and see if she may have it. I came across this page on my Facebook memories.  When I asked her about it I didn't have this page to send to her. Now that I do, I am hoping that she may remember it.

 Well we are in a Government shut down. No big surprise there. Trump has been calling for a shut down for a long time now. He wants to blame it on the Democrats but both sides are really to blame. 
 While I have been sick, I have taken to researching some videos from the election campaign. Interesting stuff actually. 
 He wants to end DACA and this is the best way to do it. Shut down the Government and the DACA will expire March 5th and he can say "Democrats To Blame" while he gets what he wants in the end. And he can keep rejecting all proposals to end the shut down and in the end the DACA issues will be a moot point.
 I am not dissing the President. I am just saying that the blame lays on all sides, not just one. Nope I am not a Democrat or a Republican or a Liberal or any of those groups. I just try to choose the right one for the job but I am really thinking that they are all a bunch of blow hards and crooks.
 Isn't it funny that so much is shut down, people are being furloughed and some agency's will be back paid, but a lot will not, but Congress who is paid heavily will still get paid but our active Military might not be if this goes past February 1st. 
 No one is expecting it to go more than a week, but I think that they would work harder in Congress and do away with the CR's if their wages were in jeopardy. 
 I hate politics but have taken more of an approach of learning and being more involved in policy than I have in the past. I don't trust ANY of them. Not a single one. To me they are all Crooked. They don't care about any one really, no matter what they say. And I don't think that Senators and Congress or any of the Government elected employees should get a pay check. They are elected to work for our country and should work for free until they get things worked out. 
 Our Military can barely make it on what they get paid. They have families that depend upon there paychecks to pay their bills, rent and food and utilities. I am sure that members of our Government has really nice savings accounts and money in the bank to cover their living expenses. 
 I am done whining now. No one wants to ask my opinion anyway lol.

 While I am feeling a lot better, I still find myself getting really tired and weak at times. I haven't slept as much in the last couple of days and that makes me feel better just knowing that I have been up even if it is for a couple hours at a time. More up than down yesterday and today so far.
 I do plan on laying down and having a rest later on. Maybe even read for a while. 

 Karyn was here at 7:00 this morning to work until noon and Jonathan took her home on his way to work. He will get off around 6:00 tonight. Nathan and Matt are off work today. I haven't heard from Matt today, not really. I woke him up around ten(ish) this morning. I am not sure he was ever awake at all when I talked to him lol. 

 I have some things to do so I am going to go and try to accomplish a few things.
 Have a great weekend... BB


  1. I don't recognize the kit in question, but I will have a look through my stuff. Your journal project is coming along nicely. As for the political stuff, I have no comments. No one wants my opinions either.

    I'm up early this morning. I think I slept away yesterday afternoon and evening. I woke up finally around 2:30 this morning. Now I'm hoping for a less strenuous week ahead. That will be really nice.

    It's good to hear that you are feeling much better. Hopefully you'll be back to your old self again really soon. Pogo sends woofs and a big hug for Cisco. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Hi Edna,
    I had to chuckle at your no comment on political stuff lol, but I read last night that a few of our Government people are donating their pay to fund some charities and I could actually say... "That's Good" lol

    Cisco is sending hellos and woofs and hugs to you too... So am I for my handsome sweet Pogo. You have an awesome day too. xxx Beth


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