Friday, September 25, 2020

Another Beautiful Day


Another page with the kit Beaches. Image was from Pixaby.

 I hope that this finds you doing well. I am ok except for this darn knee but it is a torn meniscus. This is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it:
 The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of tough, rubbery cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between the shinbone and thighbone. It can be torn if you suddenly twist your knee while bearing weight on it.
 So yes this is what I have. I ruled out having the shots in my knee. My ex-mother in law had them, a sister of mine Sharon had them and they were painful and I am not into more pain. So I have chosen Physical Therapy who will help me with the right kind of exercises and my knee brace. 
 Last night was a terrible night. I dreamed I was a character in a Steven King novel and I knew what was going to happen because I had already read the book. I just couldn't bring myself out of the dream. 
 I welcomed the trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night to just get out of the nightmare only to fall right back into the same dream over and over again.
 I also dreamed that I was running from something and this morning my son Nathan came into my room and put his hand on my shoulder to wake me up and he said I was groaning like I was in pain and I said yes I was in pain. My knee felt like it was on fire and was throbbing. He helped me sit up and take my pain meds. 
 Tonight I am going to light my candles and make some soothing hot tea before I go to sleep and I hope to be relaxed and not have any nightmares.

 The weather here is perfection right now. It is 82 degrees and tonight our low is 58 and I couldn't be happier. Our air conditioning is happy too! The unit had gone for days without ever shutting off battling the triple digits we were having. This has been a strange summer and fall. We usually don't get cooler temps until the end of October so this is really nice to have them now a little earlier.

Oh I have some new photos of my great great niece miss Jewelz. She is my sister Linda's great granddaughter and Linda and I had a great chuckle last night how she has everyone wrapped around her little fingers. 
 Linda took her to work with her yesterday for a little while or I should say that her mama brought her by where my sister works and she said that they went for a walk when Linda took her lunch. I am so happy for my sister Linda, as she has 3 daughters and they are all so very close. Her family is so supportive of one another and that is wonderful for my sister.
 So here are the latest pics of Jewelz that I will be making scrap pages of soon. 

I really love this one of her with her tongue sticking out because Linda's youngest Tabitha had her tongue sticking out since she was born. This picture is a real ringer for when Tabitha was this age. 
 I have one more of her that I am going to scrap first. I just love this blue dress she is wearing.

Our baby doll. She does look like a little baby doll with her hand up. She has a radio flyer wagon in the background. I am trying to decide what kit I want to use with this one but I am actually thinking of using one of your Quick pages Miss Edna. I most certainly have a lot of them to choose from lol.

News is slow around here. The boys are working. Karyn came over a little while ago and she is leaving October 2nd thru the 5th to go to Las Vegas. Her room-mate Tina has this resort package and so she invited Karyn to go with her so Karyn was able to get off work and is going and I get to have Miss Foxy. When I asked today if I was going to have her Karyn laughed and said.. It goes with out saying Na-Na. 
 So I will get to have my little bad girl for a few days. I can have her any time that I want her. She gets to missing Karyn tho and starts to cry so I really hope that she will be content for a while.

 I told Karyn I really miss Vegas. I lived there for 10 years when I ended my marriage. It has always held a soft spot in my heart and I really would love to live there again but I know that I won't. The kids are adamant about staying in Texas and they have too many years in with their work to leave before retiring so I have accepted that. Of course after living there for so long I knew all the best places to go that wasn't over crowded with tourists and what places that catered to the locals. 
 Karyn said that Tina said they were going to be staying down close to the Fremont so they will have fun and get to see some great shows at the same time. 
 Karyn said that I could come with them but I told her thank you for the offer but with this Covid19 virus going around I really don't want to be flying anywhere especially even just being in a air plane with re-circulated air and I also can't go anywhere with my knee even if I wanted to. So I will treat myself to a small trip later on. When I know how this pandemic plays out.

 I am going to close for now and go and elevate my leg so you guys have a wonderful evening and take care of yourself. Until next time Big Virtual Hugs.... :) BB


  1. A torn meniscus is really painful as my brother had the same, Beth. I hope that the knee pain doesn't keep you awake again or having a terrible dream. I tried to read some of Stephen King books, but they are not for me. Right now I am reading psychological thrillers and historical fiction, not at all connected. Jewelz certainly looks like a little princess and reminds me of my two great nieces, cousins Autumn and Savannah, who will be a year old next month.

  2. Thanks also for your visit and comment on my recent blog posts. It's always nice to meet new fellow bloggers.

  3. Beatrice, it is so nice that you stopped in. I am with you, I love Blogger friends! Unfortunately my knee wakes me up if I roll over or if I put my right leg on top of it during the night. I really did a crazy thing tonight. I was letting our dog out and I went to change my cane from my right hand to my left and I missed and knocked the crap out of my knee. I didn't cry but tears filled my eyes and I was gasping for deep breaths until the worse of the pain diminished. It was kind of like the worse pain you feel when you stump your toe lol.

    I don't blog every day but I really wish that I did. Sometimes I get involved with other things and never turn my computer on so I need to get back into my routine and no better time than now so I am going to really try and do better!
    Will you let me know if you get this reply. It is new on my blog and I really hope that if I reply to my blogger friends that they get these little comments.

    I am feeling sleepy so I am going to go to bed. I have my room set up with the candles and I will enjoy the few minutes of flickering candle light and my tea. You my friend have a wonderful evening, xoxoxo Beth

  4. So sorry about your bad dreams! Are you reading a Stephen King novel now? Maybe you should stop! I love the photos of Jewelz.

  5. Jewelz is a doll! Such a cutie pie! Beth, let me know if these replies actually go to the person you wrote to. I always thought they had to come back here to see if there was a reply. I'm curious now. My little learning antenna are up. I hope the pain goes away soon or at least subsides enough to be coped with. Candles and tea sounds wonderful. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.


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