Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ocean Of Love


The name of this kit is called Beaches by a company called Pink Paradox. I don't know if they are even in business anymore. I had ordered several of their kits about 4-5 years ago and  I have Patsy to thank for cleaning them up for me. So many ragged edges and when she came to visit me she took her time and she cleaned up the images for me. It is funny but as I was making this page it sort of felt like I had been here before. I stumbled upon another page similar to this one. I am going to see if I can find it again to share.

 Hello to everyone,
 I hope that your all doing well. I am doing fine except for my knee. I talked to my doctor Friday and I see her on the 24th but I might have to go to the after hours clinic and have it looked at. It has hurt me all day but the pain wasn't real bad only because I had pain medication to take. Without the pain meds I cry like a baby because the pain is that bad. I have a high tolerance to pain and by the time that I start feel the pain then I know that it is going to be bad.

 Karyn and Foxy came for a little while today. She was going to a barbeque and she didn't want to carry Foxy. Where she was going they have like 7 dogs and we know that Foxy does not play well with others. 
 She has finally gotten use to Oliver but he cowers when she comes near him. If he approaches Foxy it is ok. But if she goes to Oliver he goes down into a cowering huddle. I wish that I knew who abused my boy so I could slap them around for awhile. I am not joking, if I ever do find out then they will get a lot of HURT from me.

 I made a mistake on the scrap page that I did for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am very surprised that it escaped your Eagle Eye Miss Edna! I can go back and fix it in Craft Artist but I will leave it be on my blog. I am slowly getting back into the grove again doing some scrap pages. I never know what I am going to create. Maybe something that struck me during the day or days or something fun. 

 Welcome to my blog Angelicastar. I was just asking Miss Edna about you the other day. I was worried about you with these hurricanes coming thru. Harvey was a Doozy to be sure of so I hope that if we have more then they stay out to sea! LOL.
 Oh sweetie I know that your really tired of all of the illness's that you have had and are going thru. 
 My heart is filled with love for you to heal and I understand about the commenting. It might be easier if you want to email me instead of commenting but your more than welcome to do both. Here is my email:
 I am so glad that you stopped by and told me your story. It always helps to know that we are not alone in this world and I laughed at how you put your son in Check... Way to go girl!

A Big Welcome to Beatrice P. Boyd Hello, thanks so very much for stopping by. I try to post when I can and I have been trying to post every day or so but sometimes I just can't but please stop by any time that you can.
 I hope that your doing well. I haven't had time to go to your blog just yet but I will go as soon as I can.

 It's raining here and my sister said that Sally is supposed to give us rain for the next 3 or 4 days. I am welcoming it as well as the cool temps we are having. We usually don't have cool days until the end of October so I am happy to have them. Our high tomorrow is 69 degrees! Whew that is  what I really like!

 I am tired my dears. I really haven't done much to tire me out but I am fighting to keep my eyes open so I will say good night and big hugs to all of you.... Have a wonderful week ahead and a great Monday to start everything off to a great start. Good Night to all... BB


  1. Beth, I don't see the mistake. And even if I did, who cares? I make them all the time. But Pogo still loves me. hahaha. Get some rest and I'll chat with you later, hugs, Edna B.

    1. Miss Edna It is the date on when she passed away. I have the year at the top of the page as 2021 and we haven't gotten there yet lol. It is still 2020 for a few more months!

  2. It's nice that you're getting some rain! Get some rest and take care of yourself!

    1. Thank You Steve, My body craved it today I guess. My son Jonathan woke me up at 2:00pm this afternoon. I cannot believe I slept that long.

  3. Beth, about that mistake you made on your RGB, it could have been a subconscious one because so many people jut want to forget about 2020 completely. I hope that your knee is feeling better. We're having cooler temps too on this 1st day of fall, but then this is NH.


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