Saturday, September 19, 2020

Rest In Peace Justice Ginsburg


This kit is called Artsy Anne made by my sweet friend Rosie when we were together at Daisy Trail. Thank you for looking.

Hello Everyone,
 Last year I was working on a day planner for my sister Linda and I really liked how hers turned out so I decided to make another one. I was sort of in my mind thinking I would enjoy having one and or maybe I could do a couple for friends. I wouldn't have time to get them ready for Christmas but there are other reasons to make them that don't require an end date so we will see. I need another project so I think that these would make nice gifts. I need to make a new front page for the year 2021 and send to my sister so she can insert her planner.
 So this is what I was doing when I heard about Supreme Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing.
 To be honest I had not ever really paid attention to politics until about 5 or 6 years ago so I didn't really know who she was until I started listening to conversations, watched the confirmation of the last guy Kavanagh and having some deep conversations with Karyn and Nathan. 
 When her documentary came out I think that is when she caught my attention.
 I am so sorry to hear her passing away. I was hoping she would have lived another 87 years but I guess the Good Lord needed her more and called her home.

 I wanted to make up for the couple of days I missed but I am way to tired tonight but I will catch up soon. I just wanted to post this scrap page and say a few words but I am going to bed. It has been a really long long day and Foxy is here waiting on me lol. She has already been down the hall looking at me twice now so I will close for now. Good night and Blessed Be... BB

It's almost 6:00am and I have been up for almost an hour already. After I uploaded my blog last night I went straight to bed and fast to sleep. I woke up to go to the bathroom and I just stayed awake so I decided to get on up. I will probably drift off again in a little while. At least I hope so.

 I had to go and have a Covid19 test done yesterday. It is a requirement for my procedure on Tuesday. I am having a endoscopy done so maybe we can decide on treatment plan to help with the Gastropareses. At least we know what the problem is, we just have to figure out how bad it is and what treatments will benefit me in the long run.

 Remember a few weeks back when I was going thru a tough decision about cutting ties with someone?
 That someone is my sister and the actual decision was taken out of my hands.
 My sister Linda called me and told me that my younger sister Susanne had unfriended me from Facebook.
 I went straight to my computer and I deleted and I blocked her. I guess that upset her but I can't help that.
 I am not as active on FB as I use to be. I might go once a week or so, see my notifications and maybe share a thing or two but it doesn't control my life.
 If I am going to hang out anywhere then you will find me in Spaces on Quora. I really like it because I don't have to be friends with anyone.
 I guess to tell the truth I felt relieved. I didn't have to make the decision but it isn't just about FB. No it is so very much more.

 My daddy was a great man when he wasn't drinking. But if he was drinking he was a totally different person. He was the type of man that it was his way or the highway and sad to say but my sister Susanne is just like him. 
 Just because she and her partner for 35 years decided to break up, well that doesn't have anything to do with me. He has done nothing to me and for her to tell me that if I didn't delete him and his new wife then I was choosing his side is a child's game. He hasn't done anything to me and it is my page and I can be friends with whom ever I choose. 
 I guess she didn't think that I would find out that she unfriended me and that she could snoop on my page and see if I communicated with him and his new wife. When she couldn't get on my page she called my sister Linda and said... She Blocked me and deleted me. My sister Linda said "Well I'm sorry but usually that is what a person does if they find out that they have been unfriended. Your the one that did that but if it was me then I would do the same thing. What gives you the right to go to her page and see her posts, or her friends and what is going on in her life but she can't do the same with you?"
 So day before yesterday I got a text message from her saying "Beth just because I deleted you from Facebook doesn't mean that I don't love you. We are sisters."
 I had to re-read that text twice, three times. Even now she can't admit that she isn't the one that Deleted me... I am the one that deleted her, but I really didn't expect any different from her. That is just her way. She has to be in control of every aspect of her life, her kids, her family, her friends and co-workers and the list just grows.
 My mama use to say when someone was interfering and a busy body mama would shake her head and say "If they just minded their own damn business then they would be busy all day long." That is totally true. 
 Karyn asked me what my response was and I said "I am not responding back to her. I 
 will send her a birthday card and I will send her a Christmas card but that is the extent of it. 
 Karyn said "But mom she is your sister."
 I looked at her and said "Well Karyn you know Laurie is your sister...." If it had been a ton of rocks that sentence hit Karyn hard and she finally got it.
"Ahhh yeah mom, I get it."

 Rifts are hard and especially when it is a member(s) of our family. I expect a heartfelt apology and I am not going to settle for a lot of crying and blubbering where the tables will be turned and I be the one to make the apology. I will meet her half way and I think that is fair.
 Well I am going back to bed. It is Saturday and I think that I can get a couple more hours of sleep so take care and I will talk to you all later.
 Have a wonderful Weekend.... 
 Oh Steve the James Comey book is really good. At least I think so...BB


  1. RBG, what a loss to us all. And family rifts are painful. We have one on my husband's side of the family, that I have come to accept cannot be healed. Acceptance of such a fact is a bitch, but sometimes, that is what we must do. I hope that is not the case with your sister, though I understand your actions perfectly.

  2. Beth, I read your blogs all the time but I never comment. I really have stopped commenting because the readers want to comment on your comment. Let me let you in on what's up with me. 2017 I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months and came out of a coma. I had to learn how to walk, eat with a fork or spoon. My sister here is a mess maker and her 3 daughters. She would call me on a daily basis when she discovered I was awake and talking and try talking about my son girlfriend. She would also call him and start harrassing him about something. She told me if something had happen to me, she and my sister in Louisiana would come here and put her out of my home. My sister in Louisiana didn't understand why she included her because she has nothing to do with this house. (lol) I got tired and the stress had my vital signs out of order and they knew I had acute kidney damage but they wanted to make sure. I told her not to call my son, nor call this hospital again. She got angry and got ready to tell me I don't have to call no one. I hung the phone up. (lol) When I finally made it home she kept it up. August of 2019 was the end of our contact. My sister and her daughters came here from Louisiana and lord and behold she started at my son girlfriend and lied with it. I told her not to contact me anymore as long as I live and she live. There 2 of her daughters started emailing and sending me threatening text messages. I responded and told them if they keep on They are going to meet my shotgun. I wasn't playing with them. I told them I am fighting everyday to live and I doesn't needed added bullshit. I blocked them off my phone and email. I hope not to ever see those people again. Beth I am on dialysis, (acute kidney damage) I have osteoarthritis, Lupus, and Microscopic Polygitiis vasculitis. 3 autoimmune diseases and if I doesn't watch it, stress can take me out of here. I never talk about it but Beth sometimes we have to move on off to ourselves and Keep waking up

  3. Beth, I think a birthday car and a Christmas card is more than generous to a family member or any other person who is making one's life miserable. You need to do what is right for you. Your sister has made her bed. You don't have to crawl into it with her. It's really hard to go through these types of family issues. But sometimes we must do what we must do in order to keep on making through our own days. Hang in there kiddo. Life has more super days coming for you. Hugs and love, Edna B.

  4. I came back to tell you that I told you my story because you are not alone when it come to family drama. That is a reason I left face book and all the social media. I had a niece on facebook starting up mess. She passed away 2 years ago. Do I miss her. No because I stop having anything to do with her also. This is my brother daughter. I know by reading your blog what you are going through. Make your contact with certain people as less as you possibly can. Stress is not good. With all I have going on, I feel brand new. Not to tell you I have to take chemo twice a year and has been since 2017. That is a maintenace chemo to keep the Microscopic polygitiis vasculitis in remission and also the lupus.. You don't need anymore drama in your life. We have enough waking up everyday dealing with health issues. I have only one sister that I communicate with. She is in Louisiana and call me daily to see how I am doing. I also had to put my 49 year old son in check. I end up knocking the shit out of him coming in my house talking back. (laughing hard) We were outside and he told me I embarrassed him. I told him no matter how old you get I am still mother and not your sister. so be careful how you talk to me. Last month was chemo month and I didn't recover as fast as usually. I've lost a lot of weight and became depressed. I am now on depression meds and my primary care doctor is prescribing me some meds that you take after chemo to build your appetite. So beware and be safe and take care of yourself. If you don't, no one else will.

  5. Hello Beth from a blogger new to your blog and I know that family rifts can be so hard. For many years my brother and his wife and I were at odds so much that it really upset my late mother. I'm not sure why it all started, but it wasn't a good situation and we couldn't all be in the same place. we made peace more or less in time to celebrate at my mother's 90th birthday party which we jointly sponsored. I'm glad as my mother died 2 years later and since then my brother and SIL and myself have not been at odds. Just wish there wasn't such a period of being at odds. Other people have also had long-standing family issues so much so that they never speak to one another, which is really sad. So whatever works for you to not cause you stress is the best way to go as you already have enough other things doing that. Good luck on your upcoming tests. We had a COVID-19 test last week and are negative. unfortunate

  6. I'm glad to hear the Comey book is good!

    Rifts ARE hard, especially within a family. I don't think it's so bad to send birthday and Christmas cards and leave it at that. You're still in touch with each other and perhaps someday, when the situation has calmed, you can strengthen the ties again. Relationships ebb and flow!


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