Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Slightly Longer Post Than Usual

My grandson Damien. These are some of my favorite photos and I did this page in the early morning hours. I call it Treasured Moments because they are. They are also moments in time that are the snap shots of our lives. He will not recall these moments because of his age he is making a lot more of life's gifts with his mom and dad, brothers and sister that will become their own Treasured Moments.

Good Morning,

 It is 6:45am and it is a balmy 78 degrees with 40% humidity and more scattered Thunderstorms.

 I slept most of yesterday away. I don't recall waking up for any longer than turning over in bed so Jonathan could get to my right arm to test my sugar.

 He made me get up at sometime around 6:30pm to eat. I wasn't all that hungry but I knew I had to eat and so I took a good look at what I would consider quick and easy and I found some hearty beef stew with veggies. 

 I decided on that with some crackers much to his complaints that we had other things that could be made and last longer than "Just Soup" but I really wanted that soup so we compromised and I added a serving of applesauce and a lettuce wrap (My green veggie lol) stuffed with tuurkey and swiss cheese. 

 That seemed to satisfy the both of us and I ate every bite! then I crawled back into my bed and snuggled with my Foxy. I only got up for bathroom breaks. I slept so good. No dreams of any kind that have been plaguing me lately consisting of night mares that seemed to occur every time that I shut my eyes. So dreamless sleep was needed on my end.

 It's funny how I never mean to nap for more than an hour that I seem to have my best sleep. I downloaded a new book on my kindle and I got really comfortable with Foxy and I guess that was it for the both of us for she is really the ultimate cuddle bunny.

 It is now almost 7:30. Just as I finished the last paragraph Olly and Foxy decided they needed to go out. So Olly in the back yard and Foxy out front. We had a mishap tho. When I let Olly out back I guess Foxy got miffed and decided to hide from me. I had just given up calling and hunting for her when Jonathan walked down the hallway and said she is here with me. 

I opened the front door and she came running. We were out maybe 2 minutes when the Recycling truck appeared and scared her back inside. I couldn't tell which bin was ours as it looked like one was not in a position to be picked up and I had to wonder if it was our bin. It turned out not to be ours. Jonathan and Foxy came back out. Jonathan was cleaning our air conditioning vent so he could change the filters.

 Two jobs already taken care of this early hour. The a/c filters taken care of for another month and being garbage day, Nathan had set ours out last night before bed. And I guess I could add that during the early morning hours I washed, dried and folded my laundry and yes I even put it away lol. 

 When my kids were as tall as the washing machine I figured that they were old enough to help me by doing their own laundry with my supervision of course.

I taught them how to separate their colors and what considered to be dark and colors. I always added the laundry soap and turned it on but I didn't care that they had to stand on a chair to get their clean clothes into the basket and the basket to the dryer. They thought it was a game until about 8 years old and laundry day started to come with groans and a large dose of whine. When they got older I made a deal with them. Put a dollar into the laundry piggy bank. They didn't have to pay for the laundry if they were sick. They got a pass. But if they were super busy and asked me to do their laundry then they had to pay double and also add a dollar for using the dryer and mom to fold their laundry. I didn't put it away tho. That was still their job. 

 I cannot believe the excuses that other mom's I know that use the excuses that they are too young. My daughter included. The older two helped to do everybody's laundry. The excuse I heard was "I don't have the time to teach them." or "They are too young." 

 Really??? I believe it is really.... I am too lazy to teach them. When I reminded her how old she was when she started doing her laundry it was like a light bulb went off. I noticed that she actually did start teaching the younger boys. I smiled to myself and I praised them and I told my daughter... "You are a good mom. You just have to learn to delegate and stop thinking that you can do it faster. Yes you can do it faster but you don't have to do it faster, just make sure you do it right because as Mom's know, we will always have more dirty laundry than clean laundry.

 Speaking of dirty laundry, I have a bit more that I need to do but it will be saved for another day. Why? Because I am going to be nose deep into a couple of books. 

 The one that I am reading right now is a fictional book that sparked my interest on Kindle "The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis. I remember seeing this book last year before Karyn, Nathan and I made that forgettable trip to Fredericksburg. (Yes a year has already gone by since then.) I thought then that I wanted that book and now that it showed up in the Kindle app I snagged it and the other is called Witchery and it is going to be here tomorrow curtesy of Amazon and one more from Nora Roberts called The Coming Storm. So I plan on enjoying every cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate that comes my way with a lot of written words that will transform my brain into what ever city that may come alive for me with the many characters that I will meet... Now doesn't that sound like a wonderful way to spend the coming days? I think so

 I have such a love for books. 4 out of 5 of my kids are readers. Jonathan and Nathan have their favorites that they still go back to those and re-read them especially on cold winter days and nights along with new ones and Jonathan has been searching for a book for a long time. I am going to get the name of it today and see if I can get it on Amazon and give it to him for Christmas. 

 Karyn found that she doesn't have time for actual reading and it breaks my heart that she isn't the bookworm she use to be but not because she has lost the love of the story but because she has found Audible books! So still a book lover. 

 It is so strange to me that audible books are so popular and Karyn most definitely has a love for them, but I just cannot concentrate in listening to them.  But I can listen to other things like music, or a news cast or even church service and I really enjoy them. So what is it about that I cannot enjoy a book that someone is reading to me? It is sad but not something that I don't understand. It is not a big mystery why I don't enjoy them.

 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it is because I am afraid of them. I am afraid I will become to love the spoken word and it will somehow make the written book word obsolete in my world. I know that my vision is fading and that might be another subconscious reason why I am still a book in the hand kind of person. 

 Laurie loves reading. She and I read a book together years ago. One very cold and damp winter she was so sick with bronical pneumonia when she was 4 years old. The school nurse called to tell me that she was running a very high temperature. I went to pick her up from school and made arrangements for the other kids to be picked up from school and I gathered up Laurie with a Teddy Bear that was hers for the week as he rotated down the list to Laurie and also a book. 

 We must not have the correct name of the book because we cannot find it. We wanted it for her kids, especially Cathy but also for all of the kids. All thru that difficult time that she was sick, I must have worn the cover out I read it to her so many times. She was not getting any better and so several trips to the doctor and one scary trip to the emergency room that book and teddy bear went with us. Finally a pharmacist found the problem. Instead of getting 1 1/2 tsp dose ever 4 hours she was getting a half .. 1/2 tsp every 4 hours. The doctors kept saying that she was on a very strong antibiotic and I thought that the low dosage was because she was so little and so young. But finally someone caught the attention of the mistake and we had to make up for lost time as she was still very sick. 

 We thought the name of the book was called The Levity Tree but we have Googled and searched and we must not have the right name. But I am a believer in the fact that it will turn up in the hands of one of her children if and when the time is ever right.

 Cathy is a reader. She grabbed all of my books that she could and sorted thru them to find the ones she wanted to read. Somewhere in my garage I found one of the books in a series she was wanting to read and who knows where it has gone in the many packed boxes of our stuff their stuff Matt's stuff... I put it somewhere when I came across it after they moved and goodness only knows what I have done with it. I can't remember the name of it so I hope that when we organize the garage again I will come across it.

 My sweet Foxy is not feeling well. I called Karyn and she said that she would come and get her if she needed to but I hope  that she starts feeling better soon.

 It is time for breakfast and so I will close for now and get things in order for my day. I have already called my Pharmacy this morning to see if they have my insulin pump. Jonathan said that they told him when he picked up my medication the other day that they had to order my kit. When I called this morning they told me they had to order it and I told the clerk that was what my son was told last week and they needed to check with some of the other stores to get it sent to their store. We keep having  this problem with this insulin pump kit.

 I gotta get going so I will talk to you all later... Enjoy your day and stay safe... BB


  1. It sounds like you are feeling better. I love my books too. As for your insulin pump, can't you have that sent to you automatically in the mail? I hope yours comes in soon. I'm going to have me a short nap this afternoon. Then I have some things to do. I'll chat with you later. hugs and love, Edna B.

  2. I cant listen to audio books either. Perhaps you and I are visual tactile beings, and Karyn is an aural being.

  3. Great post i must say and thanks for the information. Education is definitely a sticky subject. However, is still among the leading topics of our time. I appreciate your post and look forward to more. vy tea


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